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  1. Harden with 3 fouls in 12 minutes. Scott Foster officiating. Now I get it...
  2. ShamrockPride

    Anyone playing OOTP 19?

    Yeah the 10 point thing is different lol, but you adjust. I can't tell you how it is compared to a solo league, I bought this game only to play online with the guys we have. I think that's how most of us were. That first season was a big learning curve for all of us, so it's not like you'll be too far behind compared to us all. We sim 1 week at a time. Sims run Mon/Weds/Fri. So a season usually takes somewhere between idk 3-4 months real time. We don't manage. Pure sim. And it's not a huge amount we spend in it. There's just such minor adjustments throughout the season that there really isn't usually a reason to export your game file more than once or twice a week. But it really comes down to your level of commitment. You could export after every single sim if you really wanted to microtinker with things.
  3. ShamrockPride

    ***Calling all Sneakerheads, The Thread***

    Let me know how the shox are. I never got the OGs back in the day. Heard they were murder on the knees.
  4. ShamrockPride

    ***Calling all Sneakerheads, The Thread***

    SNKRs sucks. I know multiple people that are like in the 0-for-20 to 30 range on that app.
  5. Shredded buffalo chicken. Wheat crust.
  6. Oh look, we've predictably reached the ad hominem segment of the thread. Time to move it over to the Politics Forum. It'll fit right in there.
  7. For all the Jordan/Nike/Penny/Yeezy/etc collectors out there. I did some searching and couldn't find a thread for this, so hopefully there are some people here who follow this stuff. Feel free to discuss the recent and upcoming releases and your collections, wish lists, stories, and whatever else.