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  1. Yup. I'm not doing any of the hunting crap. I wanna get on those Arkham remasters at some point too. Still got HZD and Witcher 3 to jump into.
  2. ShamrockPride

    Why is music so magical?

    It's just one of those universe things, man. Don't overthink it. Just let it be.
  3. Lol, it was Rock as I'm reading it. Rock got a whole thread going criticizing and bashing Joe & Co for nothing. We love ya, @rockaction
  4. I was playing a few nights ago and I was at the Emerald train station...pull in with my horse and get off. I turn around and there's a dog sniffing on the train tracks. No sooner do I take a couple steps off my horse does a train pull right into the station and eviscerates the dog. All you hear is a quick squeal and blood shoots out from under the train. I sit there Seconds after, life resumes amidst a competitive dominoes game under the roof of Emerald Station.
  5. Sorry, but I'm not buying it Joe. I can't tell you how many times I've seen here and in PF the numbers of times someone gets suspended and a reply from a certain FBG moderator, aptly named @FBG Moderator, and the response is a simple "Don't." How's that clear? Andif the guy controlling that account isn't you, then you need to up your communication with your team in becoming more clear to posters.
  6. Joe! First off, appreciate the recognition lol. I feel a little special now. On point however, and I think EG did a fantastic job breaking it down more eloquently and articulately than I could. I don't entirely remember the quote now as it appears according to EG have been deleted, which IMO proves my point, which was just a tongue in cheek criticism of the seemingly overly PC culture you have been trying to curate here. I have no problem with PC, but as with anything else, it has its limits before it becomes overbearing. I too like EG, have had to rethink and keep hitting backspace on many posts which I think could give many users a laugh, which is what most people in the FFA are here for. Obviously at the end of the day, they're your boards and you choose the direction that you want to take these forums, but I do get concerned at times that you value the PF these days over the FFA.
  7. Just finished up RDR2 couple nights ago. Now jumping back (again) to finish up AC Origins. I tell ya, once I'm done with this damn game, never touching another AC ever again. It's very good, and fun, but it's just way too big a game/map. I probably sound crazy for that, but this thing makes Skyrim look small. Been working on it intermittently for 9 months.
  8. ShamrockPride

    The Rise and Fall of ESPN

    ^^^ and this my FFA friends, is why the PF people get their own castoff corner of the forum.
  9. Have a nice season guy. This is a holy forum now.
  10. OUT per Rap just now on Twitter Not a surprise, but… looks like the #Chargers will wait another week for RB Melvin Gordon.
  11. ShamrockPride

    Dynasty & Redraft: Tim Patrick, WR Denver

    A real life #1? Yes. Fantasy, no. He's better than any WR currently on the Bills, Niners, Ravens, even the Bears. Teams just off the top of my head.
  12. ShamrockPride

    Dynasty & Redraft: Tim Patrick, WR Denver

    Hmmm. I own both in dyno myself. If I had to choose only 1? I think I'd take Ty. He'll extremely likely be on a new team next year that features him at wideout (think any # of teams: Ravens, Bills, Jets, Cards, Niners, Skins, etc). Lot of WR hungry teams. He's already proven he can put up a 1,000 yard season. There's just less guess work.
  13. How's the free roam play? Pretty much just everybody shooting on sight?
  14. Finally finished the whole kit and kaboodle last night. Damn that epilogue is long. Now time to jump into online and see what that's all about.