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  1. No. It's the guy who used to host the show where people ate deer wangers and bugs and stuff.
  2. And now Spotify employees threatening to strike if they can't censor Joe's podcast. Give me a break.
  3. Also, just wanted to emphasize.....Eddie Kingston is ####ing GOLD on the mic.
  4. Lance being held out for Covid might be the best thing that could have happened for AEW. Hopefully Tony can rethink his approach here, absolutely no reason to hotshot what can be a great program to Full Gear in November.
  5. Crazy to think this is the same dude I picked (and eventually cut) as my final round rookie pick ages ago.
  6. Wow I think that boy was sleeping for a couple seconds after that holy ####
  7. People don't watch Joe Rogan to laugh.
  8. Same. The earliest I'd need a PS5 is like 2022. My backlog is like 20 deep smh. In reality, I'll probably wait til Spring, just cause I'll play my multiplayer games with buddies on PS5. My story based games I'll stick to PS4.
  9. If Gase isn't fired by Week 8, management has completely given up on Darnold.
  10. That second one was even worse. He could have a career in WWE after basketball selling those bumps.
  11. It always entertained me how MNF uses CGI circa 2008 instead of the quality you see in video games today.