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  1. Rob Fred Hampton, Dr. King, and Brother Malcolm were murdered precisely so they wouldn’t be around to help organize when this exact moment in American history came to pass. We will honor their legacies by organizing anyways, in solidarity.
  2. They're already sowing the seeds for it with the underlying conditions stuff. I won't be surprised.
  3. Everything you've seen to this point is child's play. Wait til they acquit him.
  4. I think the biggest danger like you said is ratings. The NBA's audience is eons younger (avg age 42) than NFL (50) or MLB (57). That's not the audience you want if your league is going to play its season through the summer.
  5. Oh god....can't be a full 82 game then, right? That would probably be their experimental season with the 60 something game season then.
  6. I don't get this on the players end agreeing to this. They want the playoffs. Let's say the July 31 date goes thru. Playoffs usually take what, a month, month and a half? That bring you until early/mid September. Then they're gonna start up again training camps/preseason another few weeks later again for a new season? I thought players today whine about 82 games and "player safety".
  7. And Jordan stills blows all of them out of the water.
  8. Just watched Uncut Gems last night Fuuuuuuuu I don't think I noticed until after it ended that I was finally able to take in a full, deep breath. But yeah def fast paced. I remembered checking the time like 25-30 minutes in, and I'm like "where's the plot setup, what's a character's background here?" It just kinda places you full sprint in the middle of the story and I guess somewhere along the 2 hours you kinda just pick it all up.
  9. Titanic is a great freaking movie, and I get a little emotional at the end. ....... Don't @me