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  1. I'm not justifying it at all. He absolutely deserves criticism for it. I don't really care what he calls others, words aren't killing anybody. His actions like what you just mentioned do.
  2. It actually does. You mentioned military. We get the chance to criticize Trump. We also get the chance to bring to light legitimate criticisms dating back 3 administrations. It's something that should be talked about more, that isn't right now because people aren't able to singularly pin it on Trump. But I digress. I just got off overnight, I'll address anything further this afternoon.
  3. You know what's disrespectful? Keeping our troops stranded in the Middle East for 18 years to keep an illegal war propped up.
  4. Not everything needs to come back to Trump. Not yet at least. Biden hasn't even win the nomination yet.
  5. @unckeyherb I am not nearly, nor do I think I ever could be as eloquent and articulated as you just posted. But if I could be, I'd have written exactly what you just did. You somehow managed to mirror my exact thoughts on everything about this situation. So for that, I would like to thank you, whatever that is worth.
  6. Unless we have actual models and/or numbers (which I don't think we do from Liz but correct me if I'm wrong), it's all speculation. Yes taxes will inevitably increase for everybody. We don't know or have an estimation of how significant a trade off it will be compared to paying zero out of pocket at POS.
  7. Judging by how most of this board thinks, not nearly as much damage as Trump is.
  8. I haven't watched a late night show in about 3 or 4 months now. Just couldn't handle the Trump obsession anymore. Entire monologues now are devoted to politics. It's insane. I've watched late night shows my entire life. It makes me really sad to think this is going to be the new standard.
  9. When I was younger I was too paranoid to use my parents own stuff in case they noticed or somehow kept tabs on the levels lol. If I was gonna drink at my place underage/throw a party or something, we'd just get an older friend/sibling to buy our own stuff.