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  1. ShamrockPride

    50 topics on a page vs 25

    Correct, but I've noticed sometimes when clicking to the next page the little loading wheel gets hung up for a bit on occasion. So needing to do that less makes it all slightly quicker.
  2. ShamrockPride

    Vote on your top 5 post "Reaction" emojis

    Like: 👍 Haha: 😂 Sad: ðŸ˜Ē Confused: Cool: (â€Ē_â€Ē) / ( â€Ē_â€Ē) > ⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) YEEEEAAAAHHHH.....or you know, just a 😎
  3. ShamrockPride

    The emojis are changing again

    If you think you ever gonna be getting that response in the PF.....I can't help you bruh.
  4. ShamrockPride

    The emojis are changing again

    ðŸĪš idk about yall but I sure can't wait to use this fencer ALL THE TIME ðŸĪš
  5. ShamrockPride

    The emojis are changing again

    Probably, but instead now just to laugh at somebody, someone creates a new post of just , which draws more attention than just the laugh reaction.
  6. ShamrockPride

    The emojis are changing again

    ^^^ @Joe Bryant might want to rethink again. When you took away the "haha" reaction, if we find something funny, it's back to this. We know you've long had issues with this one. Also, I'll be honest, I can't think of a situation where I'll ever use that "thinking" reaction. I know you guys were probably thinking of a good set with mainly the PF in mind, but pretty sure that one will rarely be used.
  7. The way Embiid was getting bodied last night and how defeated he sounded after just 1 game, the Buckaroos may just have a chance to sneak into the ECFs.
  8. Also said "Tatum is special and they're lucky to have him." Lol, wonder if this could be a shot at Fultz.
  9. ShamrockPride

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Why does a trophy represent "thanks"?
  10. Yeah, idk why we have Gucci repping Boston. It's embarrassing. Dude is better known for being in and out of prison than for his rap career smh.
  11. ShamrockPride

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Oh yay, reactions/"likes" are working on mobile now.
  12. Leggo! I would not miss this with my NBA FFA amigos. Happy season opener everyone, and to @modogg, enjoy your Sixers first official L in about another hour 😁
  13. ShamrockPride

    50 topics on a page vs 25

    I'll take a bit more scrolling than a bit more clicking. Having to load the next page of topics takes more time, so less is more with regard to that.
  14. ShamrockPride

    What do you call...

    Just googled "rear deck car bees" for clarity sake, and came across this story. Truly horrifying.