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  1. Just catching up on AEW. I was 2 weeks behind. Just watched the strapping episode last night and am going to watch this past weeks episode tonight. After watching that strapping segment (amazing btw), damn I hyped for this upcoming week to see if Wardlow can throw down in the ring. Dude's got the size and the look to one day be a Heavyweight champ. Eventually they'll break him onto the mic, and see if he has the verbal chops to be a potential champ, but I think this is gonna be another home run this week with him and Cody. AEW is really starting to hit their stride. Only thing that's puzzling to me is why AEW is blowing their Pac/Kenny load before Revolution. They've been building that for like 2 months now. Also ETA: I haven't seen it yet but heard Nyla won Women's championship. Love that decision, I thought she should have been the first. If the next women's feud isn't Nyla/Statlander AEW is messing up. Those are probably the only two women on the planet I actually WANT to see wrestle. Usually I treat the women's segments as a bathroom break, but when those two are on TV, you better believe my ### is planted in that seat.
  2. .....really? Way to torpedo your own campaign. This is exactly the kind of out of touch decision I would expect from a billionaire with zero pulse on normal Americans. He deserves this forthcoming L. And people will try to discredit your post cause "Drudge", it's being reported by all major sources.
  3. Yeah a flex is a pretty standard feature these days, so it should be something your doc can adjust. All a flex does (it typically has 3 different levels) is it senses your exhale, and the pressure very gently (much lighter than a full BiPAP) drops the pressure so you can breathe out easier, usually will drop the pressure anywhere from 1-3 cms/h2o briefly. It's subtle, but most people I've worked with find it useful.
  4. Do you know what your flex setting is at? That could also help your exhale issues.
  5. A lot of people think they will hate the full facemask, but end up loving it. Depending on the model you get, some just find it much more spacious to take big gulps of air from. Doesn't feel as restrictive. And is the "hefty strapping system" a chinstrap? Those things generally A) suck, and/or B) mostly don't really work.
  6. Oh look, a religion debate has broken out *Leaves thread*
  7. Real socialism, the kind you're talking about, doesn't make it 10 feet in the US. Too many checks and balances for it to get that far.
  8. I live in NY. I know a few years ago we started statewide giving free tuition to any in state full time student to attend a state school as long as income is <126k/year. The caveat is that you agree to live and work in NYS after graduation for as long as you take assistance. There are a whole bunch of ways to do this thing.
  9. Like someone else said last night, I'm sure the DNC is begging her to stay in it through Super Tuesday to keep the progressive vote split. Obviously not all of her vote will go back to Bernie at this point, but a decent portion of it will.
  10. 1. Don't listen to a millionaire professional sensationalist establishment talking head for political opinion. 2. No.
  11. Political Polls @ppollingnumbers #NewHampshire CNN Exit Polls: White voters: Sanders 26% Buttigieg 25% Klobuchar 21% Nonwhite voters: Sandrers 32% Biden 16% Buttigieg 15%