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  1. But I thought WWE doesn't view AEW as competition...
  2. This was an interesting read. Biggest general finding for me was that people have to stop doing horror remakes. The scores always have a big drop off from the original. I also had a good laugh at The Wicker Man. 1973, 7.6. The 2006 remake with America's favorite worst actor Nicolas Cage, 3.7. He's so bad but I'm obsessed with his movies.
  3. I would not listen in a war I would not listen if I was poor I would not listen doing chores I will not listen @gbill2004
  4. Wut? I used to work retail at one of the heavyweights in the retail picture. From what I saw over a considerable amount of time, retail workers (outside of management) really don't much care about their or other's work. It's a mindless, repetitive job day after day. The large majority clock in, do their job, keep their heads down and mind their business, and go home.
  5. What's the longest time between official sequels in the same series? 34 years has gotta be up there.
  6. Johnny Knoxville is one of the unsung Hollywood geniuses of our day. Johnny: "Let's get a gang together, do a bunch of stupid s### and put it on camera." Hollywood: Who tf is gonna pay to see that? Millennials:
  7. Eh, it's a sequel to a 20 year old film. They're aiming for the new age of LeBron loving kids just as much as they're looking to bring back older nostalgia viewers.
  8. I just took "identity" in his post as a comparison to what it has been in recent history. He never even mentioned good or bad. In fact if anything, he insulted his own heritage ("boisterous" Irish) more than anyone else's.
  9. This post confused me. I imagined you wearing pants, taking them off, putting them back on backwards, and scratching your balls...
  10. Heh, this makes me like RR slightly more. Ballsy. He knows his voice has weight and isn't afraid to throw it around a bit.
  11. Sitting out in my backyard enjoying this 95 degree humid a## NY heat with a brewski. A weird small little green/yellow fly just landed on my hand and we're chillin.
  12. I like the upper card of AEW. There some good guys that can carry the company I think. Main event picture it's shaping up like Jericho (idk how long he'll keep wrestling tho), Paige, Kenny, Spears I'd hope, maybe Cody but I feel he'll stay away from the title to avoid looking like HHH, and eventually they'll get MJF in there as he develops.