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  1. One thing will be for certain come January next year regardless who wins. It will be a full 8 years after next presidential term since we've had a president who can think and act on his own accord, without any "caretakers" working from behind the scenes to make sure things don't go completely off the rails.
  2. "I only sexually assaulted one woman. It's fine, I'm still a good person." Sounds like a winning argument for Joe.
  3. Hell will freeze over before the DNC gives Bernie the nod.
  4. An absolutely awful way to look at things, however so goes the increasingly typical American mindset. "My sides not as bad as your side! HA!" I'm indeed starting to think there's something behind the "Stupid American" stereotype.
  5. Guys can we go back to the entire past month when this thread didn't have a single post in it? Was actually quite peaceful.
  6. I believe the women's accusations were treated as gospel. That is certainly the standard in society today at the least.
  7. I think he knows. I also think part of him low key getting even is to stick around and expose their ### when they do pass right over him with someone not even in the race.
  8. REALLY? I haven't heard about this on the news at all. Odd.
  9. Watched the Bret Hart Broken Skull Session for the second night in a row yesterday. Amazing episode. They gave a full 30 minutes just for the Screwjob. Hearing him tell it in depth was some of the most gripping TV I've watched in a long time. On the edge of my seat the entire way.
  10. Why do Joe Biden, the DNC, and every MSM establishment hack like Carville hate democracy?
  11. How can you say this with a straight face when even Booker questioned Joe's mental faculties?
  12. If it's gone by election day it could be even worse for Dems, Trump can actually start claiming success that his plans to combat it have worked, that he WON (cause you know he'll say that), and make his case he is what's best for the country vs Old Joe who hid in his house during a global health crisis. So yes, based on those factors, I don't think people will care enough vote him out.
  13. If this thing has been reined in by election day, not many people are going to care. And Joe, from the looks of it, is going to be significantly worse by November. He's deteriorating quickly.
  14. At this point he'll be able to create a new reel every couple weeks.
  15. And here it is....this is literally all Trump needs to do for the next 7 months. And the material is only going to grow in supply.
  16. 3 from this one Wallace interview today. Painful to watch.
  17. 3 painful moments from the Wallace interview today. Just in one interview. And again I state, this is with him being coddled by the interviewer. He's going to get lapped in a debate with Trump.
  18. Probably one of the most cringey segments I can ever remember. That dancing dude...omg I wonder if he felt like an idiot doing that to no reaction and no crowd.
  19. Imagine being the company's top merchandise mover and never having spoken a word and having one match.
  20. Keep with it. You'll improve even just by understanding the gameflow. I'm no god by any means, but this game is so big I've won a number of games by just hiding out playing snake in the grass until the final couple circles. Then it's just a matter of winning a firefight or two. Running Ghost and Cold Blooded are pretty much necessities cause almost everyone has a thermal and/or heartbeat sensor at the end.
  21. Just lets you get to the final circles quicker than most others. You get time to scope out the area and find the high ground before anyone else.
  22. Those recon missions are so important for that. My crew and I won a bunch of matches that first week cause we picked up early on the importance of those, then everyone else caught on and it's been tougher recently.
  23. Right here bro. You'll find PSNs/Gamertags spread throughout the thread.