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  1. People are really not going to use him? He's so far and away their best play maker and in his 1st week back against a horrible Falcons passing defence, he might get 15 targets.
  2. He might end up leading the league in receiving yards in the 6 games he plays. He's that good.
  3. 2 things I want to know (I've accepted the 10 games). 1) Where is this 4th violation coming from? All we've ever heard is 3rd violation, than today 4th comes out? Does it have to do with the DUI? The speeding incident with weed in the car? 2) I don't even know why I'm asking, but is there a released suspension length for a 5th violation?
  4. Should have started him over P.Thomas. Damnit.
  5. I agree that he's definitely accepted it and moved on. If he gets reinstated due to the drug policy change, great. Otherwise he'll attempt to get back for 2015.
  6. Will this be another big let down? I hope not. Stop toying with the fantasy football world's emotions!
  7. Assuming after Sunday, if Gordon hasn't filed anything, it's 100% safe to drop him in re-draft? I mean, it's 99% safe now .. but there's always that chance.
  8. I was ALMOST ready to call it a season for Gordon. Now I have new hope..
  9. Guys, that photo is so old. His back is COVERED in tattoos now. That image has like 5% of what his back looks like now.
  10. Right now I've got Pierre in over him, but I'm not positive on it. Same decision I have to make.
  11. I wonder if the switch will ever go on in Gordon's head. He continually says that being on the football field is his home, or that it feels like joke or whatever. But he continues to do dumb #### that keeps him off the field. This is probably his last shot to make it right and I hope this time it hits him. With no reduced suspension, no TRO, no CFL. Just living with the suspension. I always felt in interviews last year that he was fairly well-spoken and seemed much smarter than his actions has indicated thus far in his career. Oh well we will see..
  12. LaVon Brazill just signed with the Argos so it wouldn't surprise me. If he signed with the Argos I might actually go to some of my hometown CFL games..
  13. I've heard All-or-Nothing a bunch of times. IMO, it's going to be 4-8 games still.
  14. Moreno and Miller aren't exactly studs. If Williams can get a bit of time and outshine them, I think he's got a shot to have value later in the season.
  15. I'm going to allow myself to believe this 100%, even though I doubt a decision today and a reduction #freejoshgordon Agreed.
  16. There are about 130+ pages in here where an 'all or nothing' verdict has been discussed regarding appeals. Also, Florio and others have reported that no settlement talks have occurred. It's either 0 or 16. If nothing is announced today, I bet the NFL is hoping Gordon's camp caves and looks for a settlement. I know
  17. At this point I'd be quite surprised if he got 16 games.