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  1. This is it. PPR, 1 PT/10 rec yards, 6 pts all TD's need to start one of following in flex spot Shepard vs Ariz Ginn vs Atl Kupp vs Tenn Kearse vs LAC Duke Johnson vs Chi starting Gurley/Riddick cooks/Crabtree tia
  2. My status from yesterday----thought it was pretty good if I don't say so myself-------Today's my 11 year anniversary. It's been filled with a lot of holding, some roughness and a little penetration into the backfield....Thanks to my wonderful wife for letting me watch football all day!
  3. OK, done with 2 weeks. I'm down 6.4 lbs (started at 186) and the physical results are getting pretty evident, especially in my stomach. Some notes; I have yet to do the cardio reovery workout. During week 1 my calves were so sore I couldn't physically do anything that day. This week my body was so exhausted that I felt a complete day off was more beneficial than the recovery workout. I tend to dog it a bit during stretching. I do it but not for as long as they allot for it. I will say that I have never sweated so profusely during a workout as I do during these videos. I am following the meal plan pretty closely as far as calories etc (not necessarily the meals that they suggest) and I have been taking one day as a cheat day. I'm not restricting myself at all on these days. Overall I really like the plan because of the results and the fact that it's not too much of a time commitment but the workouts are definitely tough to complete as I definitely take more breaks than the one's designated on the dvds. I easily drink 3 20 oz water bottles during each workout. My second fit test is tomorrow so I'm curious to see what my improvements are.
  4. I had it done in November. One thing that I would recommend (although too late if you are going in the AM) is that you be put out for it. I opted for being awake with a local and I actually almost passed out from the pain. The feeling of a doctor pulling your vas defrens is inexplicable. No pain meds could prepare you for the feeling as the nerve endings are not where they numb you. It took a good 72 hours before I could walk without a limp and a week to feel good . Also, the appearance of a third ball is apparently normal (although it scared the #### out of me) and easily treated with an anti-inflammatory pill. Prepare for alot of swelling and black and blue. It looked like a plumb dangling between my legs. Good luck! Ice it down and report back after
  5. Ahrn, just a thought due to the fact that the storyline contains the FBI poking around and also that Carmella is still dwelling on the "disappearance" of Adriana. She mentioned hiring a private investigator to find her a few weeks back. I just think (my opinion) that Carmella will realize the truth and realize that if Tony is capable of killing family he is not the person that she thought he was
  6. Some thoughts- I believe the reference that Silvio makes to Tony about playing both side of the fence could be in regards to him finding out that Tony is sharing info with the feds There is no way that with only 2 episodes left that AJ could be considered a legitimate mobster (it's not even conceivable that he could be boss) Just a thought but as an ultimate slap in the face to his associates, Tony gives info to the Feds about Phil and the rest of the NY crew as the only way to protect himself and his family Carmella ultimately realizes that Tony "took care" of Adriana and she finds it unforgivable Some funny links in regards to the sopranos Scroll down a bit and click the link in the middle (Hooked on Paisonics) Hooked on Paisonics