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  1. They are all right especially because its redraft. if you had contracts i think it would be different. I have RG3 he will comeback but i 'm thinking it wont be till the end of the year or next year. i have him for 8 yrs lol. But definatly go for Graham. Please check mine out
  2. oh yea one more thing that matters Fred Jackson only has 1 yr left on his contract so after this season anyone can bid on him. and take him away if i don't out bid them
  3. Please help to make this decision I must tell you I also have Pierre Thomas, Trent Richardson, and Alfred Morris, Pretty much lost this week Because of Sproles performance. I'm making a go at the S.B. this year here is my lineup. Griffen III---- 8 yrs Trent Richardson--6 yrs Alfred Morris---5 yrs Sproles --2yrs Pierre thomas--4 yrs AJ Green--6 yrs Cruz-----4 yrs james jones---2 yrs Gonzales---1 yr I think i got a pretty good team to be a contender for a few yrs and i dont wanna F it up by trading to much but im torn on this one Fred is def. putting up some numbers. Please give me some insight? Thanks guy's
  4. funny I have the same problem. I was second thinking putting jennings. now I see i made the right choice ty Jennings it is good luck