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  1. Sorry if this has been covered... but, I have a quick question... I am confused about the “Draft other teams by ADP” box in the DD setup General Tab... Do I want this checked in my Live Drafts for my League or only during Mock Draft practicing?? Also, I am not importing any ADP List's only using the List's available on the DD... I have been switching the "ADP List for Mocks" to CBS SportsLine while I Mock Draft, but should I do so in my Live Draft??? If not, what should I put in the drop-down??? Thanks for the Help!
  2. Quick question for the DD: When setting the "Roster Spots" section on the General Tab of the Setup Screen...Should I set the number to something like this: QB: 2 RB: 5 WR: 5 TE: 1 DST: 2 K: 1 Flex: 0 Essentially making the total roster spots equal to the number of rounds in my draft and how most teams in my league draft their teams? Also, on the "Team Names" tab in the setup what drop-down box do I choose for "ADP List for Mock's"? it defaults to Consensus, but I wasn't sure if I should use Expert? (I do not Import any ADP List's...I use whatever the DD offers...I also Check Mark the "Draft other Teams by ADP" in the Misc Box on the "General Tab" of the Setup Screen). Thanks for the help!
  3. DD Issues PLEASE HELP!!!.. I have inputted all of my ESPN Standard League scoring and when I go to do a Mock Draft with the DD the applications "Suggested Player" that I pick is not making any sense... In the first draft I did this morning the DD suggested I take C. Kapernick in the 2nd round and then Cam Newton in the 3rd round??? Obviously this is not going to help my team... In the second draft I did the DD suggested I take J. Graham in the 3rd round and then Gronk in the 4th round...again not very helpful... PLEASE HELP, MY DRAFT IS COMING UP SOON! I have checked and re-checked that all my info was inputted correctly... Thanks, Ben
  4. Can anyone tell me what tool on the FBG's site is the BEST to use during my draft?? I am in a Standard 12 Team League and I not sure which tool to use?? VBD Tool, Projections Tool or the Draft Dominator Tool??? Also, should I just try to get as many players from the Top 50 Section?? Or should I pay more attention to ADP??? How do you go about utilizing these tools while you are drafting?? Any help would really be appreciated?? Frist time FF player lookin for some help!!!! Thanks!! Benny227