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  1. Agreed. Maybe not 3 TDs like last week, but the potential for RB2 numbers in PPR if they're constantly in their turbo package. If they're able to get a lead, it might flip around to where they use Mo to kill the clock, but I don't like their chances on the road. Agreed (again). I was going to no doubt start him for this very reason over Ellington and Steven Jackson but then I look at rankings and they all have him super low. What gives?
  2. I want to dump him but then I watch him run hard and I just can't do it. Brown's familiarity with the O is going to limit him all year though
  3. Whew, close call. Thanks for your advice on Moreno over Graham...I would have been kicking myself. Hernandez and Graham were the sexy picks but I looked at your sig and thought, "damn, this guy knows what he's talking about." haha thanks again.