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  1. Isn’t the arrested question usually followed by “have you ever been convicted?” Seems strange to have one without the other.
  2. Pizzly Bear - grizzly and polar bear hybrid
  3. Created a private league: FBG FFA NASCAR (league ID 1686) password: fbgffanascar My team is Go Fast Turn Left
  4. I’m in a group on Driver Group Game website It’s similar to how Yahoo ran their fantasy NASCAR. 3 pools of drivers, start 1 A, 2 B and 1 C driver each week with a max of 7 starts per driver. You earn points based on the drivers performance, including stagepoints. I believe it’s free. We could have more than 10 teams since we wouldn’t be drafting drivers.
  5. Miami Dolphins fan since the early 70"s (I was about 7 so clearly started as bandwagon fandom, lol). Stayed with them all along. However, I currently have absolutely no faith in this organization doing anything positive. Won't give up on them, just very low expectations. Luckily I live in the Philly area and can rout for the Eagles to succeed.
  6. Well it's been an interesting 6 months. Today (Christmas Eve) marks the 30 month point since my wife's passing. Medically I think I'm doing good. In July routine blood work as part of the post kidney cancer surveillance program my iron and hemoglobin were low. The Oncologist sent me back to my GI doc for testing to see if there was any microscopic GI bleeds. Also her sent me to an Endocrinologist for evaluation of a few nodules they saw on my thyroid. He also had me start taking iron supplements. So in the months of August-October I got to enjoy the following procedures: Thyroid Ultrasound Thyroid Biopsy (results were benign) Repeat Colonoscopy Repeat Upper Endoscopy Small Bowel series X-ray Capsule Endoscopy. All of the test came back as normal with no GI bleeding sources found. The iron pills seem to be working as my iron and hemoglobin are still low but much closer to normal than in July. The CT scan in November did show a couple of lung nodules that had been present the entire time had gotten slightly bigger. Still very small (less than 5mm). They are to small to be biopsied. The radiologist is concerned that it may be a recurrence of the cancer. The Oncologist stepped up surveillance from every 4 months to every 3 months so I go back for new scans in March. Trying not to whig out about it but it's still a scary proposition. Personally, the past 6 months have been a roller coaster. Shortly after my last update, the relationship with the woman I was dating started to unravel. By the middle of October we had broken up. Looking back after the fact I really don't think there was long term potential so it was for the best. It was a mutual decision so it was a very amicable parting. Black Friday I got a friend request from a woman I dated for couple of months in the fall of 2017. We started talking again. We went out Wednesday night and have started dating again. So we'll see what happens but it's all been very positive so far. Overall, I'm in a good place. Feeling optimistic about the coming year. Merry Christmas Everybody