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  1. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    Arsenal and Barcelona legend.
  2. I thought he was the most underrated player in the CONCACAF U-20s team. Dest was tons of fun, but Gloster was just solid. Locked attackers up, was very clean on the ball even when pressed, and got forward fine (if not with the same flair as Dest). Thought he was a huge upgrade over when Real played LB (and I didn't think Real was all that bad, just not special). I definitely agree with Tab that even though Bello is probably good enough for the U-20s, there's no reason to bring him up with Gloster there. Let him be an important player in his own age group. By 2022, with a healthy Gloster and Bello? I think LB will be fine.
  3. I don't think it's that big a disconnect. My kids were baptized. They don't currently go to church or any religious education and I doubt they'll take communion, but if my wife wanted to take them to church, I wouldn't care that much. I might actually get to watch a ####### soccer game on Sunday morning for once. It's not as if my kids aren't going to be exposed to religious beliefs. And I'm an atheist, not a vampire. I don't believe they'll burst into flame if they hear a psalm or something. Eventually, they'll make up their own minds about this stuff. And by the time, they'll know that I don't really care what they have to believe in order to try to be a good person. Whatever works for them. I'd be pissed if they became homophobes or something, but my wife and I agree on all that. We don't disagree about how to live ethical lives or the value of kindness or any of the important stuff.
  4. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    Man management. Imagine that.
  5. I suppose it depends on what you mean by true believer. Obviously, my marriage isn't perfect or I wouldn't have the experience with the therapy. But my wife is a believer (if not particularly churchy) and I'm obviously a big ol' atheist and that isn't really a source of friction at all.
  6. Yeah, that's him. Must have missed the discussion or been overcome by Zelalem flashbacks.
  7. Sorry, didn't notice this. Not a counselor or therapist. But have been in marriage counseling with an EFT certified therapist and I tend to read everything I can find about anything I get involved in. Sue Johnson has published a lot. Both for general audiences and for professionals. I don't think that individual sessions after the first ones are considered part of the program, per se. In my experience, they come up because sometimes one or the other can't make a session.
  8. Saw an intriguing video of a triple-national (US, England, Nigeria) kid in Arsenal's academy playing with the U18s. He has 13G in 13 games and looked pretty impressive. Both physically (big and quick) and technically (very clinical finisher). Unfortunately, I've banned myself from here at work and I'm not sure I can find it on Twitter anymore. He's apparently played for US and England youth teams in the past. Those USYNT prospect Twitter accounts are my crack.
  9. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    How has DJackson not given us the full update on Icardi being stripped of the captaincy and left off Inter's Europa League team yet? I need my DiMarzio cut and pastes! Also, I know nothing off Mauro's agent/wife, but the reaction to her reeks of misogyny. Pretty gross.
  10. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    I think I read that the only top half team that Chelsea has beaten on the road this season is Watford. They're still pretty good at the Bridge, but they're an atrocious road team.
  11. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    I'm just sad that this doesn't mean Tuchel will be trotting out a CL lineup with Timo Weah and Lucho Acosta.
  12. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    Son would have been a far better buy for Barcelona than Coutinho. I will die on this hill.
  13. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    I would watch a documentary on Mancheseter City hair. How did David Silva grow all his hair back in like a week?
  14. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    Hope Pulisic enjoys playing for Avram Grant next season.