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  1. Then the voters have to hold them to account. In 2020 and 2022. Up and down ballot. Or we get the government we deserve.
  2. Take out the synths and Mercury in Retrograde would fit right into Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. That’s the one song that I can feel that influence in. Anyway, I’d have probably been happy for Sturgill to make 10 more outlaw country records, so it’s a minor miracle I still like what he’s done instead.
  3. Peach is an underrated Prince track and first ballot Strip Club Anthems Hall of Famer.
  4. This is a situation where I don't think it is at all surprising that she didn't go to the police. Or even that she had subsequent consensual relations with Lauer. The power imbalance was massive. She thought Lauer could ruin her. And she didn't know if people would believe her considering she was intoxicated and apparently voluntarily in his hotel room. There is a difficulty in all of these situations in that there are rarely witnesses. What happened is kind of unknowable. But I don't think her account is rendered any less credible by this, particularly as she apparently told several low level co-workers the truth contemporaneously.
  5. In fairness, the whole lot of them look to be pastry lovers, so it checks out.
  6. If Abramovich is tied up in all of this, the least these jokers could have asked for is some ******* playing time for Pulisic.
  7. I'd be surprised if a majority of Trump supporters really think all these allegations are Fake News. I think they just don't care. They knew he was a gross poon hound when they voted for him. Probably well before that. It's just baked in.
  8. The memes are fantastic. I’m particularly enjoying the ones employing the VAR review motif.
  9. Hey John Brook's hammy shreds like perfectly cooked pulled pork when Berhalter even Googles his name.
  10. My only regret is sleeping in too late to be the one who gave Colleen the moniker WAGatha Christie.
  11. We made the poor guy divest from his peanut farm.
  12. I have a pretty boring life, so I might hire him to do what he does best. Go on television and talk about me while he's high. Might make me sound interesting.