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  1. Not quite right. FBI knows you did X. You lie and say you didn't do X. You don't plead guilty to doing X (doing X may not be illegal). You do plead guilty to lying to the FBI about whether you did X.
  2. Not to toot my own horn, but you're missing some pretty clever puns now and then.
  3. Always going to happen when you get looting situations. Because people aren't really discussing whether kneeling on some guys trachea for nine minutes or looting a deli is right or wrong. They're arguing about which wrong we should be discussing.
  4. The biggest shock of this situation , to me, is seeing statements from police unions condemning the officer's actions. That's just unheard of.
  5. It's weird to be judging soccer and hearing comments like this. Perhaps because the competition has so historically been scattered, there's really no better way to judge it. I've seen Maradona. I know he was a great player. But he might not even be on this list, much less in competition for the top spot if he had been properly red carded against England. And World Cups are way flukier than most "championships."
  6. I don't think there's much debate that Michael Flynn didn't tell the FBI the truth. Flynn's defenders instead focus on the idea of it being a perjury trap. A situation designed by the FBI to trap Flynn into making a false statement about something they already knew about. So it isn't really a question of whether Flynn did what the FBI said he did. He did. And of course he admitted he did. It's a question about whether that's a crime. I don't think it's a very good argument, but whatever.
  7. I think the differing nature of the crimes alleged makes the comparison less than ideal.
  8. How the hell is Greg Jarrett a legal analyst? Yes, the trial court is typically represented in extraordinary writ cases.
  9. I think you're giving him too much credit. I just think he's super racist. It's not as if he researched 40 year-old quotes from some Bull Connor type in preparation for this opportunity. He's a guy who took out ads about the Central Park Five being animals well before he was a candidate for office (and who participated in his father's denial of leases to minorities in the 70s). This is a guy who says the quiet part out loud. That he views "some people" as savage, violent, and frankly less than human. And feels the only cure is force.
  10. Brendan Rogers talking about recovering from the coronavirus and casually dropping in that it made him feel as fatigued as the time he climbed Mt. Kiliminjaro is pretty much the most Brendan Rogers thing ever.
  11. Sorry, we save that type of rhetoric for the atrocities that really deserve it. Closing tanning salons and making us wear masks to go Wal Mart.
  12. Back to the soccer-ers. I hate myself for doing this, but I keep trying to put other guys here and I can't bring myself to do it. No. 13 (4 pts) -- Paolo Maldini This will probably be the shortest write-up. Because there's not really much analysis I can hang my hat on. The blot on Maldini's resume is that he never won a major international tournament. But he was in the Team of the Tournament in 5 international tournaments. He helped the Italians keep five consecutive clean sheets at home in '90. He deputized for much of USA 94 for Franco Baresi, slotting in at CB instead of his then customary LB. He, as much as Baggio, IMO, helped pull that team to the final. As a club footballer, he played in 8 European Cup/Champions League finals. He won 5. He won the Scudetto with Milan seven times. He helped anchor defenses that gave up 14 goals, 15 goals, and 19 goals in three respective Serie A seasons. But is the nature of great defenders that they play on great defenses. And great defenses tend to feature other great defenders. So Maldini went from playing alongside Baresi, Costacurta, and Tassoti to lining up beside Nest, Jaap Stam, and Cafu. And the curse of Maldini's bad luck in international tournaments is that Italy under Cannavaro and Gigi would go on to defensively dominate Germany 06 right after Paolo resigned from international duty. Beckenbauer has a bit more well-rounded resume and contributed more to his team's control of possession. There are a couple of guys who could be the other defender on this list. Maldini's case is as good as any. I don't know if he was better than Baresi. Heck I don't know if he was better than Thuram (I really, really loved Thuram), but I do know that he was phenomenal. Unfortunately, so's everyone left on the list.