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  1. So 55% were 55 or older. I don’t really know the demographics of Nevada but it looks like we all snarked our way into a legitimate insight. Good job, internet!
  2. He pleaded guilty. He then changed counsel and began claiming a conspiracy between the government and his former counsel (who he has claimed was conflicted). For a while, he did that without revoking his guilty plea. I think he has now moved to revoke it. FULL DISCLOSURE: I knew and did some work for Flynn’s former counsel as a young associate. .
  3. It’s explicitly NOT what murder is. Or more precisely, it’s not what homicide is. Which is the unlawful killing of a human being. Lawful killings (self-defense, government executions, etc.), are not, by definition, murder. And thus, neither are abortions. Your position is that abortions are legally equivalent to murder. Fine. But it is worth pointing out, for the millionth time, that it was the very faith you espouse that created the doctrine that has, for centuries, excluded abortion from the definition of murder.
  4. No that I think it’s relevant, but it’s kind of funny that the AARP did the poll. Surprised Matlock didn’t break 10%.
  5. Ok, I’m just struggling to understand the consequences of what you are arguing. I like some of the current candidates better than others, but I don’t have any information to suggest that any of them represent anything close to a Trumpian level threat to Democratic governance. So we have to make our decision on other factors. We’re not in the general election yet. We don’t have to pick the least bad option. And thank god, because if it comes down to a Giant ##### v. Turd Sandwich election, we end up with a nation of matsukis who thinks everything’s an equivalent manifestation of partisan rot.
  6. I mean, Bill Clinton was admittedly awful about that stuff, but Bloomberg’s comments seem to go beyond praise of laws executing drug kingpins.
  7. Ok, I wasn’t talking about the general election. Let’s say we have two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination. Pete Buttigieg and Evil Mirror Universe Michael Bloomberg. By the metric of your choice, head to head polls, betting markets or whatever, Pete is about a pick em against Trump and Bloomberg is a 60% favorite. We should pick Bloomberg?
  8. So if (Hypothetically) the candidate with the best opportunity of defeating Trump supports draconian policies like the death penalty for drug charges and has a demonstrated history of sexual assault or sweeping sexual harassment under the rug, Democrats should support that candidate?
  9. I can’t count the number of politicians who have, without controversy, cited high-risk loans as a cause of the financial crisis. It’s a very easy point to make without invoking redlining, a term that explicitly refers to treating racial/neighborhood characteristics as a proxy for risk. When the same guy who says that says that you can “Xerox” a murder suspect so as to look for African American males, I just don’t see how anyone can believe it’s unfair to ask him to explain those statements. Maybe he believes, as fantasycurse believes, that this just reflects reality. But if so, we have a right to hear that.
  10. I don’t think Bloomberg has been smeared more than any other candidate. I understand that Maurile, as a libertarian, likely objects to attacks on his self-funding strategy. But I don’t think it’s a smear to point out that his strategy is to have the biggest megaphone on the street corner. I also don’t think it’s a smear to point out his use of stop and frisk policies, much less his full-throated defense of those policies until shortly before launching his campaign. Or his comments about the financial crisis stemming from a decrease in redlining. Those are pretty provocative statements. I also don’t think it’s out of bounds to point to evidence of the corporate culture at Bloomberg toward the end of the last century. Voters are free to conclude that it was a different time 20 years ago, but when your message is explicitly that you’re the guy who can restore gravitas and dignity to the office, it’s worth pointing out the evidence of the times you behaved like the stereotypical misogynist finance bro. I certainly don’t think Bloomberg will be as bad as Trump, but forgive me if I set the bar a little higher than that.
  11. This is what you get when you let the Papists in the Mayor Pete thread.
  12. I can't claim to be world's authority on democratic socialist thought, but what I've read has largely viewed nationalization as a long-term goal that the authors concede to be impractical now. As you know, there is a dissonance between Bernie calling himself a democratic socialist and Bernie advocating programs and usually citing exemplars that suggest he is a social democrat. I'm just saying that that even if I thought that Bernie's goal was to nationalize all industries (and not just public goods as in the Nordic model), I wouldn't be particularly worried about his ability to meet that goal through the Democratic process. He is, after all, 78. And whatever else I think of Bernie, I'm pretty confident in his commitment to Democratic governance and the rule of law.
  13. He’s absolutely in the vein of the Nordic model. All of his policies copy the Nordic model. Because he honeymooned in the Soviet Union he’s a Bolshevik? I mean, by that metric Trump is absolutely a totalitarian dictator considering all the nice things he’s said about Kim Jong Un Let’s assume Bernie really is a Democratic Socialist with all that label means. No, I’m not worried about that either. That movement envisions state control of the means of production as a goal achieved through Democratic consensus.
  14. My wife and I are highly educated lawyers and neither of us could have worked a remote control in the 24 hours after my son was born. I was just tired from the constant crying. My wife was exhausted and in severe pain.