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  1. Man, Bari wanted to be fired so much. If I worked as hard at succeeding at my job as she did in trying to provoke the Times to fire her, I’d be a partner.
  2. Cohen's wording makes it sound like he was an "active and eager participant" in golden showers. I hate to kink shame, but Ew. Much like with Bolton, I refuse to pick a side between two equally morally reprehensible people (and to the extent that Cohen is betraying at least some attorney/client confidences he's obviously not a hero). For what it's worth, however, a lot of these allegations are things that we already have a lot of evidence of. We know that Trump Org. stated radically different values for its assets when dealing with creditors versus when it dealt with the IRS. We obviously know about the catch and kill arrangement with the Enquirer and the NDAs. The "deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union" could relate to either the Trump Tower Moscow project or the property in Baku. I'm not sure anything has been built in Baku in the last three decades without deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union.
  3. Nelly shedding a single tear because they didn’t pick St. Lunatics FC.
  4. Saw a pick of that Otasowie kid from Wolves and he looks like he should be defending the tag team titles with Traore at SummerSlam. Kid is swole.
  5. Me and the Spanish language announcers all started chuckling at the same moment, proving that Neymar mockery is truly the universal language.
  6. Bacon actually replied to the tweet. Said it was a dead leg and not serious.
  7. Total F1 newb, here, but I'm not sure I see the upside of Ferrari bringing in a replacement just to finish the season. Say that Niko does well and even breaks his podium duck. That puts Saenz in a terrible position next season with absolutely no room to start slowly before people are calling for his head, right?
  8. Am excited to see Pirlo become the first manager to enjoy a vintage Barolo on the touchline.
  9. Juve clearly couldn’t compete with the opportunity to fulfill all his ambitions with The Five Stripes in the ATL.
  10. Nobody post the gif of THAT goal against Arsenal.