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  1. I mean, he's an ideal squad player if he can play both fullback positions (and probably on either mf flank in a pinch). If he could get a few spot starts and some subs for legs it would be a nice audition, because we know Ajax will sell an established player if they like the price and feel comfortable with who's coming up behind.
  2. I see that Skyfall was the first "billion dollar" Bond film worldwide. As near as I can tell, Craig's Bond films are a decent franchise figuring by US Box Office. They tend to gross over $300 million, but they also cost over $200 million to make excluding advertising (which tends to equal production costs as a general rule). They have proven more successful globally. So I guess the question is whether the audience in China is going to care.
  3. Were Skyfall and Sceptre huge moneymakers? I don't really follow this stuff anymore, but I'd be surprised if anyone under 30 considered the Bond franchise iconic in a way that say, the Fast and Furious franchise (which I think is more financially successful now) isn't.
  4. Arsenal sign Brazilian starlet Everton. 60% chance someone wanted "that Brazilian guy from Everton" and they meant to put a bid on Richarlison.
  5. I just hope she meets a bunch of mysterious dudes with names like Hugh Hardstaff or something.
  6. My understanding is that she will be “007,” not “James Bond.” Daniel Craig is supposed to be in handoff picture. The same way there are multiple “M”s in the series. It’s a title.
  7. I imagine he wouldn't wear a white hood without sticking the Trump "brand" all over it.
  8. I don't think it changes anything either. But we'll still have people in the NY Times OP/ED telling us that if we call him and his supporters racists and fail to engage with their "economic anxieties" then we're the problem. I don't think my position has changed in two years. I'm not interested in engagement with awful people. I don't think it works. If they can't be reasoned with, they should be shamed.
  9. The question isn't really the base. The question is whether we can finally dispense of the self-appointed reasonable centrist police's hand wringing when we state the obvious fact that our President and his most ardent supporters are racists. Or do we actually have to catch him wearing a white hood or something.
  10. Saw a guy yesterday rocking the vintage Cisse Senegal jersey. AFCON fever running wild in the nation’s capital.
  11. OK, I obviously blinked and missed the Saieff in Cincinatti era.
  12. I was about to praise Miazga and then he gets beat by a guy he must have four inches on.
  13. Never would have guessed he’d outplay Kemar Lawrence by miles.
  14. Gyasi and Mattocks going to have a ####tiest finisher contest.