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  1. Third place gets $85,000, according to Wikipedia. There is a sliding scale for the rest of the participants and they also get an appearance fee for attending the reunion.
  2. Big Ben being injured worries me. I don't love Luck's matchup. Which way would you go? Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  3. I can start either Hilton or Kittle in a PPR league in a WR/TE spot. The game projected pretty close to even after Thursday and Saturday games.
  4. Me too. Though I play against him in a third league, so I guess there's that.
  5. I would play if we are able to get a game together.
  6. I am able to choose any draft spot I would like in a 10-team redraft PPR. It is a typical snake draft, so I'm wondering what spot everyone would pick.
  7. I like Crabtree, Evans and M. Bryant. I'd also go with Dawson.
  8. 1/2-point PPR WR: AJ Green, Keenan Allen, Tyreek Hill or Juju Smith-Shuster Flex: Alex Collins or one of above WR I am starting Gurley and McCoy as my other RBs, FYI.
  9. 1/2-point PPR Start two: Alex Collins, A.J. Green, Tyreek Hill
  10. 1/2-point PPR I've got to start two between Alex Collins, A.J. Green and Tyreek Hill. One WR spot and one flex.
  11. Considering starting Alex Collins in my flex over Tyreek Hill (1/2 pt PPR).