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  1. Didn't it come out that he's bipolar? Or was that unsubstantiated?
  2. Good morning! I need to pick 3 out of Devin Singletary, James White, Joe Mixon, and Raheem Mostert. And at QB, Tannehill or Rodgers. PPR. Thanks!
  3. Pick 2 (1 WR, 1 FLEX) in PPR Beasley, Cooks, Snell, Breida, Mostert, Duke Johnson, Laird, John Ross Yeah, it's a mess.
  4. Mack is targeting a week 14 return, adding to the confusion.
  5. They probably relied more on Williams because Wilkins was hurt and inactive. So yeah, off base is one way to put it...
  6. Just spent the rest of my FAAB on this guy (10%) while the rest of my league scrambled for Williams.
  7. Wow wearing silly cleats what an absolute monster. Put this nut job in a psychiatric hospital.
  8. Michael Thomas sure yaps a lot on 8-yard gains.
  9. Brilliant. Might make this crap watchable again.
  10. Yeesh is this drive going to last the entire Q? Edit: Just as I say it...
  11. Good morning! PPR FLEX Ito Smith vs NYG or Peyton Barber vs CLE?