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  1. Need 11.8 points out of Britt tonight. Why do I have such a bad feeling about my playoffs depending on Britt?
  2. McFadden going off vs KC this week! Any owners still in the playoffs with McFadden....START WITH CONFIDENCE!
  3. I am having a difficult time starting McFadden tonight. I am not doubting his health, it's the matchup that worries me. Broncos defense has been very good vs RBs. Earlier this season when Oak played Denver, Denver got up and McFadden was taken out of the gameplan with Palmer slinging it around. Also, McFadden wasn't getting the receptions that Reece got prior to his injury. I am considering starting Bilal Powell over McFadeen. Can't believe I am considering this, but Powell's matchup at Jax is much better. Jets will pound the ball and I think Powell is the safer play this week.
  4. I really doubt he suffered a high ankle sprain. If he did, he would not have been able to continue playing vs SD. Granted, It may be a bad sprain. I think they are using this as a smokescreen. I think he plays on Sunday and does quite well. If he is active, I am starting him on my team. Learned my lesson when I benched Hernandez last week.
  5. McFadden did better than expected on the road, cross country, in Atlanta. Trade for Mcfadden now!
  6. Dez is looking like a must start going forward with the amount of targets that he is seeing.
  7. Tenn def is horrible. They will be passing alot the rest of the year. I like Britt's upside. I think he is a must start WR3/flex going forward and I think there is a good chance he moves up to WR2 category in the near future. Owners looking for bye fill ins or to help injury problems (Amendola) should turn to Britt.
  8. The TD saved Britt's stats last night. It seems that he is finally getting healthy to make a difference. My question is whether or not the QB change back to Locker will help or hurt his fantasy value. It seemed as though Hass was looking his way often Thurs night.
  9. Bennett has established himself as a TE1. Congrats to all the owners who picked him off the waiver wire this week!
  10. I love how everyone talks about McFadden is going to get hurt. You can't predict injuries people. Aaron Rodgers could get hurt Thursday night, Arian Foster could get hurt, Calvin could get hurt, anyone can get hurt at any given point and time. Smart fantasy football owners have depth on their benches for if/when players get hurt. When McFadden is in the lineup, he performs like a high end RB1. Plain and simple. His PPG for RBs will be Top 5 this year. And in PPR, he may finish #1 overall if his passing targets stay high. When Moore and Ford come back that will only help McFadden's numbers because defenses won't be able to key on him. The way that he was featured in the short passing game last night reminded me of Westbrook when he played in Philadelphia. Heavily involved in the offense.