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  1. I love when people say there’s too much money to be lost to cancel the season. Um hello, the economic cost of coronavirus is measured in trillions. NFL overhead is a drop in the bucket and they will of course figure out a way to remain solvent. Franchises are canceling team activities due to positives left and right at the moment. Not looking good unless they move the league to New Zealand. ETA- Jerry Jones owns a $250 million yacht. That’s in the ballpark of the total construction cost for some teams’ stadiums. The NFL can and will weather this issue without risking lives.
  2. .75ppr 1qb Best #1: Gave Gurley, Aaron Rodgers Got 2020 1.10, 2.10, A.J. Brown (pre-breakout) Best #2: Gave: Julio Jones, some filler Got: George Kittle, 2020 1.3 Worst: Gave 100% FAAB dollars Got Josh Gordon 🤮
  3. This is a big buy low opportunity imo. People are saying “I told you so” after he finished RB15 when the whole Rams offense basically imploded. If I’m a contender I don’t hesitate to give up a late first rounder, like Edwards-Helaire or what have you, for the proven commodity.
  4. I’ve heard it bandied about during bama broadcasts that Smith had the talent to be considered in that range. Obviously he would have declared if that were true today but this is also a loaded class so maybe the draft grade isn’t absolutely reflective of his talent. My point was, sharing an offense with three other potential NFL starters easily explains his and Jeudy’s less than eye popping dominator ratings. ETA- try a quick google search for “Devonta Smith first round” I think you’re underselling his talent and reputation
  5. He was part of a receiver trio that had an outside shot of all going in the first round (4 including Waddle?). 28% of his career touches went to the house. If he goes to say the Broncos or a similar situation I’d say he’s a strong candidate for rookie WR3 behind Lamb and Jeudy. He seems to be valued as a late first dynasty pick which I think is a steal.
  6. Aging studs can be had. Use 2020 draft capital to buy older WRs: Julio, OBJ, Evans, Adams. I think the luster of this class will help to get some really favorable deals done.
  7. My reasoning is that I took singletary in the 2nd round as an underwhelming athlete but good situation and potential to make some noise on an ascending offense. From what I had seen up to the time of the trade I really liked singletary but I expect the bills to invest in another competent rb if not a true feature back through draft or FA. Singletary could lose value between then and the draft, and not likely to emerge as a bonafide stud worth a top 5 pick, whereas the 1.8 will have a constant value which fits my goals in a rebuild. Can’t say I wouldn’t love to have the Motor on my team but I wanted lots of bullets to fire at this acclaimed draft class.
  8. 12-team QRRWWWTF 0.75ppr Trade 1 - made just prior to playoffs, I'm rebuilding he's contending Gave: Devin Singletary Got: 2020 1st (8 overall) Trade 2 - Made just after this guy was eliminated from the playoffs. Gave: 2020 1st (will fall between 9-12) Got: Odell Beckham Jr. I know some of you will kill the guy who gave me OBJ, but I can understand his desire to move on. And yes I realize it's crazy I got more for Singletary than I gave for Odell. I'm sure Odell is very available in many leagues right now.
  9. Not every league is 30 man rosters with IR slots. In a 1qb league Lock could easily have been cut or undrafted. Butler and Hurd were both fringe 3rd rounders in many drafts including mine, then they went on IR. These guys get dropped in dynasty all the time. But I agree with you they should be owned.
  10. I'm tanking this season (have accumulated 4 2020 firsts) and have a bench full of these guys right now. Some of my favorites: Jalen Hurd - high-ish pick, new to the position, excellent athlete, good offense. I'm interested. Hakeem Butler - Fell in the draft but great production in college and interesting measurables, huge team need at WR. Drew Lock - Big arm and decent nucleus for an offense in place with their RBs and Fant/Sutton. Finding a WR2 shouldn't be an issue. Decent dart throw imo.
  11. 1. Deandre Swift 2. Jerry Jeudy 3. Tee Higgins 4. Ceedee Lamb 5. Jonathan Taylor 6. Travis Etienne 7. Laviska Shenault 8. JK Dobbins 9. Henry Ruggs III 10. Cam Akers 11. Jaelen Reagor 12. Tyler Johnson My way too early and fairly unsubstantiated top 12. I have four firsts in 2020 including the 1 overall so I’m interested to hear others’ opinions!
  12. 1. Jacobs 2. AJ Brown 3. Marquise Brown 4. Metcalf 5. Samuel 6. Sanders 7. McLaurin 8. Singletary 9. Hardman 10. Kyler 11. Hockenson 12. Preston Williams
  13. 12 team 0.75ppr qrrwwwtf gave Alshon Jeffery got 2020 3rd (top 4 potentially), Preston Williams