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  1. I think my escrow covered this past period? I'll be sending some funds next week...sorry for the delay
  2. Kee, just want to make sure that I am still good and do not currently owe...
  3. Any money left in the slush for some Powerball tix? $450mil is a nice jackpot
  4. Just sent $20. As always Kee, thank you for organizing this!
  5. Am I too late Kee? Sorry about falling behind...
  6. Just sent for 3 periods, hope I am still in time...
  7. Ditto. I am in agreeance with icon and Controller...your call
  8. No money needed from me? Nope... you were paid through next period... so I just took your pre-pay and applied it to this special drawing. You will owe again for next period (starting March 3) No worries, thanks for staying on top of this. Good luck to all of us!!!
  9. Make a reservation for brunch for 2 at Mon Ami Gabi for April 19th/20th. Arrive a few mins early and explain the anniversary situation, slip the concierge $10-20 and request a table along the railing on the patio. Trust me. She will LOVE it. Nice, thanks for the recommendation! The restaurant looks amazing and I know she will love it, definitely her style.
  10. Just booked my trip for April 18th - April 23rd. Late honeymoon for the wife and myself. I have been to Vegas 3 times, wife has never been. Staying at the Mirage in a One Bedroom Penthouse Suite for the price of the basic king room rate. I originally e-mailed the Mirage about my upcoming trip and received a rather cold e-mail back from someone. I brought it to the attention of the person who oversees their reviews and she was very apologetic and offered a free upgrade. We cannot wait! We are renting a car and plan on doing some sightseeing...Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Mt Charleston, Grand Canyon
  11. Kee, I believe I am still good...correct me if I am wrong? And I am with icon on the PB tix....your call
  12. Make sure the gun is cocked...if the hammer is in the forward position the lower receiver then the safety selector will not switch back to safe. If the hammer is in the rear cocked position and is still not able to switch...then we got a problem... Other than that it could be a problem with the selector detent or selector spring which are located in the pistol grip... I had a feeling that was the problem...glad you got it fixed... How do you like the AR10?