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  1. This dude seriously drives me crazy. He shows flashes of upside that make him look like a good start. You start him and he does nothing. You then bench him and he goes off. He’s too good to drop but not consistent enough to start with confidence. Just an annoying fantasy player to own .
  2. Generally you tip when you pick up the vehicle and I'd say that at a super fancy place--you should stick with $5. However--I can tell you that I personally also tip the person that takes in my car as well and I usually say something like "if possible--can you park it kinda close?". For places where there are lots of cars parked by valets (for example--vegas strip hotels)--that extra tip to the person taking in the car can easily save you 10+ minutes.
  3. I hope that this isn't the case as I still don't believe that Mandalay Bay could have prevented this from happening. With that being said--do remember that Mandalay's business has also been quiet because they have toned down their advertising until the dust settles a bit. Time is the best healer of things--and it's still too soon. Even if things get really bad--I don't see how they tear down the place. If anything--they re-brand it and re-decorate it's facade. The facilities are too nice and not dated enough to justify completely destroying because of some gun toting idiot who took out a bunch of innocent people because he went on a terrible losing streak.
  4. Super wealthy people are very interested in asset accumulation. Go back through time and you will see that currency generally loses value while certain types of assets gain value. Look at a 30 year old chart of the stock market vs the dollar, real estate versus the dollar, gold/diamond market versus the dollar, classic cars vs the dollar, major works of art versus the dollar..etc. That painting could easily be worth a billion in 20 years. While I would never spend that kind of money on a painting even if I had the money--but I'd certainly rather buy that painting than a yacht. A yacht is an asset that eventually will depreciate to the value of the scrap metal that it is created from. On top of that--a $450 million dollar yacht would cost millions/tens of millions of dollars per year to maintain/staff/register/fuel and own. An intelligent super wealthy person would just charter a yacht for the few weeks of the year that he/she would want to use one.
  5. I’ve never met you—and I’m sure that you are probably a really nice person—but I really effing hate you. (Jk).
  6. Wow—I could easily see Lebron turning it on second half and making a push for MVP. Greek freak is also criminally low.
  7. He specifically said that reading emails does not count but that answering them does in his original post?
  8. Tough one for me to answer--as I am a manager and I'm constantly answering work related emails/text on days off and even during vacations. I also generally pick up supplies for work outside of my regular scheduled work hours--so if I factor all of those things in--I probably average 55 hours per week. Come holiday season--it's probably well over 60 hours a week. Edit--the above only describes my full time job which is what I assume the OP is asking. I also have a couple side gigs of being a landlord and owning my own company which probably add another 5 hours a week--but those are in addition to the above.
  9. Foster the People-sit next to me- not super new--but I love it. Great 80's vibe. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BKLVpDTZOPQ Soffi tucker-best friend. I hate that I like this song as I'm not a teenage girl. Uggh. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=grQDRC6aYFM
  10. I don't want to go into guessing about if the dude is a scammer or not--but I will comment on this. If the damage is truly minimal and if you can get things taken care of outside of using insurance--it might be best for both sides. The issue is this--once you report it on insurance--your car will now have a history of a collision on its car fax report. This will hurt the future resale value of your car. If I were you--try to get the estimate asap--and try to collect the money from him asap as well. If he resists/stalls--you then report it through insurance before any statute of limitations becomes an issue.
  11. Imagine if it was a black man who didn't comply with police--had to be carried out--and ended up slapping a police officer. You think he would just suffer from a slap back in his face? It's amazing how much color and gender can blur peoples opinions on what proper police tactics are reasonable .
  12. My point was that any commerce (not just commerce directed at vets) is something that our vets have and still fight for all of the time. I think celebrating and promoting commerce on a day where we celebrate the people that have a major hand in our ability to conduct business is absolutely fine for anybody and everybody (not just the vets). I don't find it distasteful at all. On top of that--I think it's even better that some companies that take things a step further and give vets additional perks beyond what the average citizen gets during these sales.
  13. I don't find it offensive at all. Our soldiers have fought to preserve and protect lots of our rights and liberties--and commerce is one of them. I agree with the above posters that giving veterans extra perks is even better.
  14. This whole "punishment" dynamic is nothing more than a selective choice of words to cater to the people that are trying to victimize the detainee. There is a difference between a rogue cop randomly punishing an innocent citizen versus trying to get an unruly detainee to comply with police orders. This woman resisted arrest to the point where it took a gang of officers to physically remove and carry her from her seat--and then continued to be unruly and not comply to the point where she struck an officer in the face. If you don't comply with police officers during an arrest--they can and will forcibly make you do so. Don't blur forced compliance into being him taking it on himself to punish her.