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  1. The next few months are going to be a roller coaster ride for the markets. A lot of different moving parts and information for the markets to digest. At this point--I think you just need to be in the stocks you really believe in long term and just try to ride it out. There will be big moves in both directions imo and I fully anticipate the short term norm to be characterized by volatility. I own Amazon (not nearly as much as you)--and I'm sitting tight as well.
  2. I basically only ever order 4 types of donuts--apple fritters, maple bars, sugar twists, and raspberry filled. If I had to choose one as my slight favorite--I'd probably have to apple fritter--but it'd literally be by a nominal amount
  3. Agree with the others--let your wife handle it how she deems is the best way. Your role is to be completely supportive of your wife. On a side note that is nothing but pure speculation or gut instinct on my part--MIL didn't act the way she did or say what she did because she thought you wanted to watch football. I would bet the underlying reasons why she said what she did is because you guys have political differences and football was just a convenient scapegoat to mask the real reasoning that she was implying.
  4. Was looking like a decent group of selections before the falcons did what they always do. And this folks is why I don't bet on sports more than maybe once or twice a year. Lol
  5. Boston cream strawberry banana cream pie razzleberry pecan If savory pies are allowed-- meat pie
  6. So far--2-1 in my posts here. Let's see if I can transform that into a hugely losing record. I like falcons -2 against detroit. The falcons are just a completely different team with Julio jones healthy and playing I like the panthers +7 against the saints. No michael thomas, no emmanuel sanders..etc. I think the saints most likely win the game--but I think their offense not being at full power makes the 7 point spread hard to cover. I like Dallas +1. I don't see zeke fumbling twice in a row again, and i think a second week of practice does a lot to improve Dalton's chemistry with the wr's. Frankly--I just don't trust any facet of Washingtons game enough to bet on them and give up a point. (Unless they are playing the Jets).
  7. You've never had fruit cake, have you?
  8. I feel like it's hard to name a best "type" of cake as there is a wide range of qualities and tastes for each and every kind of cake. For example--I generally like cheesecake, carrot cake and tres leches cake---but I've had bad or average versions of all three of them on several occasions. However--the best versions of those cakes are amazing--so the range of my experiences with those cakes is probably anywhere between a 5 and a 10 out of 10 based on if I'm trying a good or bad version of each. On the other hand--I've never had a bad ice cream cake and I've always enjoyed the butter cake at Mastros--so my experience with these cakes has always been a solid 8 out of 10 every time.
  9. I posted months ago why our government was motivated to pimp Remdesivir as the Covid miracle drug even thought it isn't. This was from before there was a separate thread for cydy . I don't think there will be an investigation into this as I don't think any country or government will want to expose that the virus very well could have been a result of a scientific mistake/accident. That could lead to a complete erosion of funding and faith to future scientific studies.
  10. I agree that people’s buy in levels absolutely plays a role in whatever decision they make in regards to selling or holding. I also think that people enter a stock with a plan (quick flip, long term hold,..etc). The reason I posed the question is that the decision to sell for me was tough. I ended up turning a slight profit- but upon objectively looking back at why I had a hard time finally deciding to sell- I realized that I kinda bought into the stock with no exit strategy (which is not really smart investing). Part of why I bought in and frankly stayed in too long enough to where I ended up sacrificing additional profits is because of FOMO. I just wasn’t sure if FOMO is still a dynamic in those who are still in this stock and is what is keeping them in. Seems to me that most of the answers that people responded with seem to contain reasonable reasons/strategies to why they are holding.
  11. I got completely out of the stock a while ago. Just a question to those of whom are holding---what exactly is your motivation? When I exited the stock competely--I did so knowing that the door was still open for me to buy some back if my confidence grew in the company (namely management) or there was more transparency in the outlook of the drug. To the people who are still in it--are you guys of the belief that if the stock were to rise again that it will happen in such a quick and violent way --a way where cashing out and watching from the sidelines for a potentially better time to jump in----might not be possible?
  12. I only use instacart and I absolutely still wipe down or put my groceries in a uv-c chamber. I also disinfect my phone, remote controls, ipad and mail in the uv chamber While a majority of the spread is still most likely caused through respiratory droplets--there has been peer reviewed studies that came out last week that show that the virus can last up to 28 days on surfaces. They actually conducted these studies in the dark as the scientists concede that uv light does kill the virus--in case some of you are thinking about investing in a uv chamber. The cdc also finally admitted that the virus is somewhat aerosolized --so be careful going into stores. If you have access to an N-95 mask when you are in places with lot of people--its a good idea to wear one. As time goes by and they find out more about the virus--a couple things are becoming more transparent. The disease spreads really fast and is highly transmissible. Frankly--its an easy disease to get if you aren't diligent. On the other hand--it does seem like doctors and scientists are learning how to treat it better with each passing day--so the mortality rates should drop. I am more careful than I was before--but I was so diligent before--that the steps I take have become second nature. I even got a cordless atomizer (its a machine that basically takes sterilizing liquids and turns them into a fog/fine mist) that allows me to sterilize larger items and surfaces very quickly. I know that being diligent can be annoying--but the next couple of months are very important when it comes to trying to control the spread of it.
  13. They say that bad things happen in "threes" so hopefully that means your luck is about to change for the better. Positive vibes your way.
  14. Both BGS and PSA have a history of grading trimmed cards as not being trimmed. Either graders there were incentivized to do it--or they didn't take the time to notice and examine them (which would arguably impune their reputation more than bribery would). I'll throw a link down at the bottom of this post that is a quick summary of that particular scandal. There is also many instances where people send a card in for a grade--they don't like the grade--so they break the slab and re-submit the card as if it was a new submsission and will end up getting completely different grades than they got the first time. Also--until recently--people would be sending in cards that were cleaned with liquids or waxes and it wasnt mentioned on the slab or reflected in a grade. It's considered standard to very carefully wipe a card down with a micro-fiber cloth before submitting it--but people were literally waxing some of their cards with chrome finishes to mask surfaces scratches and such. Your experience with BGS (or PSA) is not uncommon. Months ago--lots of people in the hobby felt as though PSA seemed to be giving out a large amount of 10's--and now people seem to think that they are grading things too harshly. Both PSA and BGS recently had to hire lots of new staff to deal with the massive influx of submissions. Make no mistake--this means that there is a great chance that if you send anything in soon--that your cards will be getting examined and graded by people with not very much experience. If you do decide you want to submit through a group submisison service--make sure that they are 100% legit and established--as even some of them have been involved in scandals. Some of them are submitting 40-50 of the exact same card in with each submisison. Let's say you have 3 Rickey henderson rookies you want to submit through them and they all look decent. Let's also say they have 4 of their own that they want to submit that also look decent. When they get 7 of them back--and all look decent--most likely the grades will vary--they might get 3 that are an 8, 2 that are a 9, and 2 that are a 9.5. While they might know which ones yours were--most likely you would not be be able to tell--and a dishonest submission company could cherry pick the nicest graded ones for themselves. This is why I'm a bit torn on how much the hobby is leaning on graded cards right now. The grading process has lots of warts to go along with a lot of benefits imo. a different scandal involving steve grad--who most of you know from pawn stars--but he was one of the lead guys at PSA and went on to work with BGS. You'll have to scroll down the article until you get to his bulletpoint.
  15. The answer to this question is completely subjective and varies based on who you ask. One great thing about collecting sports cards is that there is no "one way" to collect. Some people collect players from certain teams, some collectors like prospecting where they try to target players before the hobby becomes privy to them, you have set builders, you have collectors that just love the thrill of hitting a big card in a pack or a break--those collectors are almost part gamblers..etc. Just as there are different types of collectors--they are different beliefs in when it's appropriate to grade cards. For me personally--I think the market has fallen way to in love with the notion of grading cards. PSA and BGS are swamped with submissions and ten day services and taking up to a couple of months--even with them dramatically raising prices for grading services. Regular services are taking several months. People are literally sending 2020 Giannis base cards in for grading. I'm not against grading cards--and i think grading cards makes sense for sellers. One of the biggest benefits to getting a card graded is that the card is encapsulated professionally---and this certainly gives the owner of that card confidence that it won't deteriorate. Secondly--for sellers--grading cards does offer protection especially if they are selling cards that are not individually numbered. Many scammers are buying ungraded cards that are not individually numbered that look to be in decent condition and then file returns with the seller saying that the card they received was bent or had soft corners. Effectively what they are doing is replacing their own damaged card with a good condition card through scamming. Because graded cards are encapsulated and have serial numbers--it makes that scam virtually impossible. Those are just a couple benefits of grading. The downsides are this in my opinion. Neither BGS or PSA have a perfect record and both have checkered pasts. There will inevitably be a future scandal (s) involving them and if the hobby is putting all of its eggs in the baskets of their integrity---I worry that it could cause a big regression in price once that future scandal occurs. Secondly--you can do a fantastic job preserving your cards very inexpensively through putting cards in penny sleeves first, top loading them second, and then sealing each top loader in a team bag. One of the reasons why I don't grade cards I'm not looking to sell is that I'd far rather use the money that I'd be spending to have a bunch of my cards graded to actually increase and improve my collection. I literally have 500-700 cards currently that most people in the hobby would absolutely recommend getting graded. Even at $20 each--thats $10k-14k in grading costs. I'd rather get $10k worth of great cards that I am more than capable of preserving properly--as I can always grade them at a later date.