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  1. I think the South Rim is also pretty close to Williams, Arizona. If you guys get tired of hiking or checking the canyon out--Wiliams is a pretty eclectic town. You could definitely spend a couple/few hours there.
  2. Shake your head all you want. If that hollow machismo makes you feel cool--more power to you. I'd rather shake my head at you for thinking that personal attacks on somebody or their family is something that shouldn't be reported. I have no desire to go back and forth with you--so enjoy your evening.
  3. I've reported three or four posts total and I have zero regrets about doing so. If I remember right--three of them made personal attacks at me and/or my family members --and the other was a disturbing personal attack against another FBG. The shame is not in reporting people that don't understand that a difference of opinion in a fantasy football forum is not grounds to make personal attacks on others and their families--rather the shame is in allowing those people to believe that their behavior is acceptable and okay.
  4. You can go to a waxing salon--as I've had my eyebrows waxed in the past--but I personally found that waxing wasn't as effective as threading for me. The waxing would maybe last 3-4 weeks for me--while the threading 6-8 weeks. Out here in Southern California--there are threading salons all over the place--and my guess is that there are probably some in your area as well. Most of the threading salons that I've gone to are run by people of Indian or Nepali descent, so my guess is that threading is probably more prevalent in those cultures.
  5. Wow---what a fascinating, interesting, and potentially disturbing situation. Whatever the results end up being--I applaud your decision to take the DNA test as the results will end up doing a lot of good regardless of what they be. If the results rule your biological father out--you taking that test will force them to investigate other leads that will hopefully end up bring some closure to the families of the victims. If the DNA proves that your father did indeed commit those crimes--your taking that test directly will bring closure to those families. Bravo for doing that. With that being said--I can totally see how this scenario could be mentally draining, exhausting and potentially damaging--and I certainly wish you the best.
  6. I'm not sure how my stance is getting blurred here--so let me make it crystal clear. There are some personal hygiene things that I don't think are disgusting if they are done in the privacy of ones own cubicle or office using their own equipment. Trimming nails, brushing hair, applying makeup, blowing their nose and taking medication (even if it involves injecting insulin) are all things that I would put in that category. Would I encourage people to do these things in their cubicles--no--but I wouldn't be absolutely disgusted by them either. There are some personal grooming habits that should be done in the restroom. Trimming nose hair, brushing teeth, using mouthwash would all fall into that category. Some of these habits--I would not endorse doing at work--some of them I would--but I would not find any of them absolutely disgusting. That's all I'm saying. Is that crystal clear?
  7. If it was up to you-it would be considered gross for co-workers to brush their teeth after lunch at the workplace restroom. My point about a diabetic injecting insulin wasn't a comparison about trimming nails to managing diabetes in regards to level of importance. It was in regards to the claim that people like you have in regards to thinking that somebody trimming nails with their own personal clipper, in their own personal office or cubicle, over their own trash can is somehow repulsive in the sense of it being gross biologically at the workplace. If that angle wasn't completely clear--it should be now. People with your stance think its okay for a sick co-worker to blow their snot into tissues all day and throw them into their trash cans throughout the day if they have a cold--but think that a healthy person taking 3 minutes to clip their nails over the same trash can is gross? Secondly--I'm not the one that is wishy washy in regards to my stance. You went from saying that clipping nails at the work place is an absolute no-no to now saying that maybe it would be okay if it was done in the restroom--so I'm not sure why you find it necessary to continue a snarky tone. Anyhow-I appreciate the back and forth.
  8. Read through the thread. I made my position clear--and then somebody asked me my opinion about trimming nose hairs--so I commented on that--and then he commented on brushing teeth and dealing with corns--so claiming that I'm the one that is changing the subject is absolutely incomplete. So yeah--you're wrong.
  9. Me changing the topic? That's pretty lame considering you are the one that brought up brushing your teeth at work (which by the way I have zero problem with people doing in work restrooms). I guess your stance is that when somebody shoots down your opinion and you are out of defenses-just resort to "eh eh just do it at home". C'mon man. I've read several of your posts and even I know that you're better than that.
  10. You also understand that employment law dictates that employees are entitled to personal and lunch breaks? You want to tell somebody that they can take a dump in a shared bathroom but can't use an electric trimmer in a restroom or a personal nail clipper in their own personal office or cubicle? How about if you have a diabetic co-worker that has to inject himself with insulin with a syringe in the restroom or in the corner of his own office? Are you going to be offended by that too? The employee mentioned here wasn't shooting his clippings across the room and was doing his best to keep any distractions to a minimum. I bet that you are an absolutely wonderful employee--but I also would be that even you easily take 5-15 minutes a day tending to personal matters. This whole "work is for work" argument carries no merit in this argument being that EVERY one of us probably takes more time than it takes to trim their nails doing personal stuff on work time. Again--this behavior should not be endorsed or promoted--but grown adults being offended by it is completely immature.
  11. First of all--asking if "I do it" is totally different from asking me if I'm disgusted by somebody else doing it. I already made clear in my original post that doing this kind of stuff shouldn't be promoted. Secondly--everybody here is guilty of doing personal things at work. We all answer personal phone calls, emails, set our fantasy rosters while on the clock--so lets not act like a good employee taking 5 minutes of a work day to tend to a personal manner is some sort of indication that they are failures at time management. Thirdly--because we all are guilty of doing personal things at work to a certain extent--all we can ask is that these personal things are kept as private as possible and don't interfere with other peoples work as possible. The OP mentioned the person was doing it in their own cubicle most likely over a trash can. How anybody else on the planet could be disgusted by somebody using their own personal nail clipper, in their own personal cubicle, over most likely their own trash can--is beyond laughable. In regards to your nose hair question--I would personally would not do it. However--if I walked into the men's room and a fellow coworker was freshening up his hair, washing his face and using an electric nose clipper in one of the stalls or in front of the bathroom mirrors--I wouldn't care in the least bit--and I certainly wouldn't be offended. I think the point I'm trying to make is that I don't think clipping your nails is not necessarily a "bathroom only" type of grooming--whereas trimming your nose hair would be in my opinion.
  12. While it should not be enouraged--it's shocking that grown adults are so disgusted by somebody clipping their nails over a trash can or in their own cubicle. I said the same thing in the last thread. People apply makeup at work, they comb/brush their hair, you have workplaces where dozens of people share the same restroom--and somehow somebody clipping their fingernails in their own cubicle is somehow "disgusting"? If I invited a friend or relative into my home for a few days and I saw them clipping their nails over a trash can--I wouldn't be like "omg--how effing disgusting!!". While I personally wouldn't do it or encourage it--the level of disgust that some grown adults feel about it is laughable in my opinion.
  13. Meh--I'm not sure that matters here. We've had hollywood actresses mentioned in here and that didn't make them any less eligible. If you were to look through the range of google images for her and judge her based on appearance alone and (disregard her occupation) my guess is that most FBG's would probably say shes maybe a 6 or under on a hotness scale of 1-10. However--I personally find that there is something really attractive about her shyness that bumps her up well past that--but images really wouldn't show that. Here are some google images. https://www.google.com/search?q=nikki+monninger&tbm=isch&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiuvqGJ_eLSAhUJ3WMKHXpzBCsQ_AUIBSgB&biw=1024&bih=672&dpr=2
  14. Nikki Monninger from Silversun Pickups https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol4Dko3rw28
  15. I understand your point of view--but my counter would be that the Western conference has also devolved this season. OKC losing Durant took them out of contender mix. The Warriors had a pretty solid lead over the Spurs when Durant was healthy. The Clippers suffered injuries to some of their major players. The Spurs have had some injuries here and there--(Pau did break a finger)--but I don't compare that to the clips losing blake/cp3, the thunder losing durant, then the warriors losing their new acquisition in Durant. Yes--pops is being his typical excellent self--and sometimes the expectations are "baked in" due to his coaching. However--he does have a pretty vast talent pool on his team. While I think he's one of the best coaches in the game--I don't think that this season is his best coaching job. Heck--I wouldn't be offended if pops got replaced by Quinn Snyder for COTY consideration. A team that has lost Favors for much of the year--and even Hill has missed significant time. Again--Pops is excellent--but for me--I feel like other guys are coaching really well with less talent.