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  1. Best home defense outside of a firearm or a dog is probably a nice alarm system and surveillance system with cameras. Couple that with maybe a baseball bat or a taser--that's pretty solid. Another possiblity is learning a martial art or taking self defense classes. One can make themselves the "self defense weapon".
  2. The biggest obvious challenge is still Covid. The protests have pushed it aside--but its still here and it's still burning through the population. I still believe in the markets long term--as you personally know--I've been touting amazon, big tech, disney long term, @TripItUp (thank you by the way--I'm not sure if I gave you proper props for that recommendation) for draft kings, I dipped my toes into some Winnebago and Thor today--but I'm not all in yet. I'm investing--but investing cautiously. I still have my precious metals which have been really good for me--and my investment properties--which have also been good. I would kinda track the covid numbers--as we basically just had days of mass gatherings with no social distancing and not everybody wearing masks in many of the biggest cities in the country. If the numbers start to spike--that could be concerning. Also--for me--I think the second biggest worry is the election. People in this country are very emotionally charged and politics is like gasoline to a fire in regards to blowing these emotions up. I want to make clear--that I'm not bearish--I'm bullish long term for our markets--but instead of being "all in"--I'm investing as if I'm cautiously optimistic. We cannot count on the government being able to do anything close to what they just did in the case of another unexpected meltdown or interruption. After what we went through--I think we all just found out how fragile our economy and markets are. I know it's not super fun to be a disciplined investor--but that's kinda where I'm at.
  3. I voted ok--as Joe has a right to run his business the way he wants. If I see something in an email that I don't want to read---I just skip over it and move ahead to the areas that I want to read. With that said--I don't think that a letter from a CEO to its employees is remotely parallel to a communication that a buisness owner sends to customers. Businesses have policies, stances, and cultures--and their owners/CEO's need to let their staff know where the business stands on things. I'm not sure how that is relevant to what is being asked here.
  4. I don't think the civil unrest would necessarily have a huge impact on big market stocks tomorrow. Unfortunately a lot of the business casualties of the unrest will undboubtedly be in the small business sector. Certainly--you'll have some large retail stocks that could have some negative effects-Target and things like that--but a lot of them have web based platforms that they can still keep going. Don't get me wrong--I do think that general disharmony in the public probalby can and will bleed into our stock market---but I think any major move tomorrow would probably be more symbolic than truly fundamental. However-it is still relatively early in the evening and there is more time for things to get really bad.
  5. Yeah--and lets not forget low interest rates. These are very expensive vehicles--so low fuel prices, low interest rates, socially distanced form of travel--and frankly--I could see people buying them as temporary forms of housing. I know 3 different people that have all purchased plots of land in rural areas--and they plan on building homes on them. Granted--they already own their own RV's--so they won't be buying new ones--but the plan is that they will reside in their RV's while they build their homes. I agree that it might be a little late to go to the party--but part of me really feels like that sector has more to give in the medium term.
  6. Totally agree. Already have been investing in tech/cloud stocks and if I get any more--I'll probably a bit too tech heavy for my liking. Just looking to diversify a bit.
  7. Between covid, the riots/protests, the general issues with cities these days (higher cost of living, traffic issues, the politics)--I think the motivation of people to leave highly dense areas and move into rural areas and just accelerated even more. I know I'm very late to the game in regards to RV stocks--but I'm thinking that there still might be lots of room for stocks like Winnebago and Thor to go up. Any thoughts--and does anybody have a preference out of those two names?
  8. Our culture has definitely trended towards becoming more binary. Very generally speaking--many believe that you are either with one side or the other-- and the grey areas in the middle where there are many shared common interests are being abandoned or looked over. When people only look at the differences and ignore the commonalities---it makes having conversations nearly impossible as they become instant stalemates. No conversations means no progress or solution--and the issues will continue to devolve and spiral out of control. The key to moving forward is to invite civil conversation so that people can discuss both their commonalities and differences and move forward from there. That's going to be very tough to do with technology and our availability for positive affirmation. If somebody believes in something--it is very easy for them to find groups of people who share the exact same interests and completely rid themselves of anybody or anything that god forbid looks at the same issues but has a slightly different point of view. It's possible that the internet was designed to invite a more efficient way of exchanging ideas--but in reality--it's become a major driver for the opposite. The times are definitely crazy.
  9. Yup--and have you seen the price that Panini is going to be asking for National Treasures basketball? Dutch auction that is going to start at $30k a box--and the lowest that it will drop down to is $7500 a box. My guess is that it sells out in the $10-15k a box range. Just nuts.
  10. I voted OK---as it is your business. With that said--I think there is a difference between asking if it's okay versus asking your customer base if they'd like to see it there. I just skip stuff over that doesn't interest me--but I know that there are a lot of people that prefer that the businesses that they patron just stay in their lanes and don't try to inject any political or social justice stuff in there.
  11. The social unrest and the growing divide between the haves and have nots might not effect the markets on Monday or even the short term in general. However--it is a huge concern moving forward--as this country is ready to explode. Wait 2 weeks and see what happens with the covid numbers in some of these major cities. If it spreads among police and first responders--that changes everything. With all of that said--I know this is a stock thread--but god bless us all. Some of these protests are in the streets where we have offices and our friends have businesses. It's hitting close to home for me.
  12. He's definitely towards the top of inept CEO's. Thanks to @chet I got into some cydy when it was really cheap and I unloaded some along the way to where I'm basically playing with the house's money at this point. Keep in mind-- I kept my investment in it really small--so it's not like my opinion really matters relative to the rest of you guys that are heavily invested in it. With that said--I want to get back in and own more CYDY but NP's ineptitude is what is keeping me out. For reasons that fantasycurse and chet know--I'm not a believer in Remdesivir medically against covid. Perhaps it might help slightly in some cases--but it has some really bad side effects--and without going into detail--I think there are behind the scenes reasons why our government was quick to endorse it. Even with that endorsement--I think it's clear that we are thirsty for other therapeutics and vaccine candidates --and Leronlimab has shown some fantastic potential. To me--in the world that our government seems to be throwing money and opportunity to any decent pharma company with a potential vaccine/therapeutic--I find it insane that leronlimab isn't getting far more exposure than it is now and thats a direct indictment on NP. This is the quandry--how often does a good product succeed under bad leadership? I personally don't think that happens very often. In fact--I think the opposite. I think that bad products can be made successful under good leadership. NP has to have some self awareness and let go of the reigns. The company needs a different and more eloquent person as the front man. His leadership is inhibiting the company—their product isn’t.. However--I have a sneaking suspicion that NP might be old school Persian. I'm over half Persian myself so I'm speaking from experience--old school Persian people tend to be very stubborn. If he could replace that stubborness with some self awareness-I really think this company has upside. The problem is that is a big "if".
  13. This does make sense. And @TripItUp also kinda summed things up well--"china is important to our markets". It certainly had a symbolic toughness to it--without much action of toughness--which is probably what he was hoping to accomplish. The lack of major action helped the market--and the symbolic toughness probably helped his base. My only concern is this--China has not responded all that well to tough symbolism. The Daryl Morey thing kinda stands out to me. I guess there is a small chance that they could over react to the tough words--but if they don't--I think your nothing burger thing probably applies.
  14. You finally bit the bullet and got into draftkings? Nice man!!
  15. He came out strong--announced the US was withdrawing support for the WHO. Kinda went through a checklist of all of China's wrongdoings. It felt like he was going to possibly drop a hammer sanction and tariff-wise--but kinda finished his speech with no real major policy announcements aside from the WHO thing. Symbolically his speech could draw some reaction from the Chinese--but in regards to the markets (as I want to keep things in line with the thread)--I found it hard to figure out.