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  1. I went Freeman here. I do think that Aaron Rodgers/Cam/Russell might be names that should maybe be considered adding to the list within the next 5-8 picks or so.
  2. I do think that they could maybe navigate around having to target some of those big name 4's that you mentioned. For example--if they went for a guy like Mo Speights (who is relatively cheap compared the guys that you mentioned)--but in turn used the money they saved to target a really legit PG and maybe a sharp shooter like Reddick or Korver..etc. While I certainly agree that the guys you mentioned would be awesome--I don't think they are the only options. I think the point is that replacing Nurk with a guy like Plumlee essentially duplicated the same roster problem that they have always had. I think you were absolutely spot on with your assessment there.
  3. I don't know the legality of the situation--but my gut instinct is "too bad for Walmart". Everybody on the planet knows that there is risk involved in accepting/cashing checks. Walmart is certainly aware of this. Walmart is hoping that people cash their checks there and in turn purchase their goods/household needs while doing so. People stop payment on checks all of the time, people write bad checks all of the time...etc--so Wal-mart must know and factor this into their decision when it comes to allowing themselves to cash checks in the first place. Your only obligation was to pay the employee--and you did so--and it looks like you can prove it. If somehow the system forces you to pay Wal-mart (an entity that you never made an agreement to have a transaction with)--I think that's very flawed.
  4. I totally agree with you on the Plumlee trade not looking good for the Nuggets. I actually think Plumlee is a pretty solid player--I just don't think that he's a great fit for the Nuggets roster and the way that the Nuggets roster is coached. I think Jokic is a great player--but I do think that he is the type of player that thrives when playing with a certain roster type. If he's essentially going to play as the "big man" on a team--he's going to leave you some deficiencies on the defensive end. Look at Willie Caulie-Stein last night--goes for 29-10 against him. KAT also had a big game against him. Even Porzingis and Hernangomez combined for like 29pts against him--and if I remember right--Malone actually called Jokic out on getting outmuscled by Porzingis. Essentially---when Jokic plays as the Nuggets big man--they tend to do well when they surround him with 4 other players that are offensively skilled and that can stretch the floor--and keep the paint open for him- Nelson, Gallo, Chandler, Harris, Barton, Murray...etc. There is a reason why Malone has had a hard time integrating guys like Faried, Nurk and now Plumlee with him. Essentially--if the Nuggets are going to win games with their current roster--they are most likely going to have to do so being poor defensively--but being great offensively. The ideal type of player for the Nuggets would be a stretch 5. A big man that could protect the rim and be a presense of the defensive end--while spreading the floor and leaving space for Jokic to operate on the offensive end. Somebody with a skill set of Myles Turner, possibly even a guy like Pau Gasol who can hit open shots, or Brook Lopez (who has added the 3pt shot to his game)--would do well.
  5. Absolutely keep us posted. Also--let me know if your fund raiser features a silent auction. I'm in the jewelry industry and I'd be honored to custom design and donate a piece for the foundation (on top of a cash donation) to help you guys raise more funds for this cause.
  6. Wow---such an insanely tragic and horribly unfair course of events. My thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences to your entire commmunity. With that being said-- you informing as many people as you can about this "Myocarditis" is great because I can personally tell you that I have never heard of it before you mentioned it. I'll certainly do my best to inform my family and friends about this disease.
  7. So far--the Nurkic to Portland dynamic is looking really good. Dude has played two games with Portland and in each has over a +20 in plus/minus rating. Nurk has some solid skills for a big man--but is a bit raw and undisciplined. If he can get "coached up" at Portland--I could see him becomming something special.
  8. I've had the pleasure of seeing both bands live in concert a few times--and for me--the clear answer is Radiohead. With that being said--it pains me to say that I preferred the older Radiohead albums to the more recent stuff they have released. I preferred when their music sounded more like actual sounds than "soundscapes"--but they are still damn good.
  9. For me personally--I think Danny Carey is on the top of my Mt. Rushmore of drummers. I have to admit--that I'm not a musician myself--but good lord--watching him and listening to him drum is like audio artwork. I had the pleasure of seeing him drum with a terrible band called pygmy love circus at a tiny venue--and his drumming was soo shockingly good--that it actually made watching that terrible band a very amazing experience. I've been to several Tool shows and his drumming still sends chills up my spine.
  10. No--my point is that beyond 2 years--it's nothing more than a shot at a dartboard for many of the guys being discussed in here. Nobody can definitively say that cooks/thomas will be in a better position than Jordy will after 2 years. To say that Jordy is worth only a 4th round pick in a dynasty format because of his age alone is too big a discount in my opinion. I have no problem with anybody taking any of the guys mentioned above Jordy--but I think that discounting him all the way to the 4th round is absurd. The guy just came back off a major injury--and was 6th in the league in receiving yards--and led all wr's in receiving td's this past season. He'll have one of the best qb's in the game throwing him the ball for at least the next 2 seasons--and my guess is that the Packers will end up making him retire a Packer. Again--I have zero problem with anybody taking cooks/thomas ahead of Jordy--but I do think that the notion that some of the guys being mentioned are worth 2 full rounds more than Jordy is absurd. We are at a point in the draft where drafting Jordy should at least be considered. Whether or not not somebody wants to take him here is all subjective.
  11. I agree that Jordy would be the perfect pick in the 4th round--because he would absolutely be a steal in the 4th round--but I disagree with your premise. If you look at the guys that we are looking at--I think their outlooks for the next 2-3 years are just as questionable as Jordy's. Who knows if Brees will still be in the league (or even on the Saints) in 2-3 years--so it's hard to say that Thomas and Cooks are locks to be head and shoulders above Jordy. Watkins has obvious injury concerns, qb concerns, and concerns with his franchise. Gronk has major injury concerns and is playing with a qb that also might fall off a cliff in 2 years. I think that Jordy will continue to be an elite WR as long as he plays with Rodgers--which will be at least the next 2 years--and I think he easily could stay there longer. In a sense--I agree with you--if he's there in the 4th round--he's a perfect pick. I however would easily start considering him in the early to mid second.
  12. Agree on Jordy. He probably should have been added a cpl picks ago.
  13. I think it's time to start thinking about adding Jordy Nelson to the list.
  14. I apologize for my complete lack of computer knowledge. I'd like to actually try this website--but the thought just occurred to me about the possibility of a site like this to be a pub for data breachers to accumulate email addresses. I was just wondering if a computer savvy person would comment on the safety of a site like this before I try it out. TIA.
  15. It's funny that David Stern vetoed a deal that would have sent CP3 to the Lakers, Pau to Houston, and Dragic and a 2012 first round pick to the New Orleans back in the day. However--that was when the Pelicans were essentially ownerless and controlled by the league. With that being said--this trade looks far more lopsided than the one that was vetoed years ago.