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  1. I live in Southern Cali--and I think it's an awesome option. However--the cost of living here in general is pretty brutal. This could possibly be offset by the investment potential as I hate to think what a nice piece of So Cal land would be worth in 20 years. If you had a big enough budget to keep So Cal in the mix--I think it's a great option. If you are looking for something that is relatively budget friendly--it certainly does not fall into that category. Henderson or Summerlin, Nevada--very nice cities in the greater Las Vegas area. Great food options and plenty of medical care professionals. Sure--it can get hot there during parts of the year--but my guess is that in 5-10 years--solar panels will be work amazingly well and be very affordable. In terms of a third option--hard to narrow it to one. I'd consider options in states like Utah, Colorado and Arizona.
  2. The night tour of Alcatraz is pretty amazing. My gf and I took that tour together several years ago and we still talk about how fun it was. When the dark of the nighttime hits and the evening gets cool and foggy--it almost sets Alcatraz up as a perfect combination of romantic and sinister. You should definitely do this--but as another poster said--get your tickets now.
  3. I think he's done a great job as a broadcaster so far. With that being said--I thought he was pretty damn good football player too. Sure--he had some negative memorable moments--but sometimes I think people forget how good a qb he was.
  4. Damn. As others have already posted--thank god that you and your family are safe. I wish you the best in your path back to normality when it comes to restoring your home and trying to replace some of the material and sentimental possessions.
  5. One of those songs that I was unsure about when I first heard it--and it turned into my ear worm by the 3rd time I heard it. Faded Heart by Borns. If you are going to listen to it--make sure you give it a chance until you hear the chorus. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd_nfwzdts8
  6. Yes--I watched the game--and Sammy didn't look bad. You have to remember that Goff is a relatively inexperienced qb that is showing improvement--but still has a long way to go. You also have to remember that Sammy came to the Rams at the very last minute and him and Goff are still trying to develop chemistry. You mix that in with the fact that Norman was shadowing Watkins a lot--and the only way Watkins would have had a good game is if he had one really big play on a busted coverage or something of that matter. Heck--look at how quiet Norman kept Alshon week 1.
  7. That's a very good point. As I stated earlier--I'm not boxing expert--but I thought that GGG was the better fighter for most of the fight. However--Canelo did finish strong and did land a lot of power punches. I don't think it would have been super egregious if a judge had Canelo winning by a couple points--which still would have ended in a draw--I just don't know how anybody could have watched that fight and had Canelo winning 118-110. I personally enjoyed the fight enough to be suckered into buying a rematch.
  8. I'm not a boxing expert but seemed to me like GGG got robbed. He easily seemed like the boxer in control tonight. Either way--I very much enjoyed watching the fight.
  9. Wow- that's pretty bold. I'm not sure I could start him over garcon and martavis in a ppr format. Good luck
  10. I'm personally a bitcoin skeptic--but I admit that it's performance has proven me wrong up to this point. However, for me--it very much seems that bitcoin is an investment that will have a very binary outcome. Either it will skyrocket (which is what your prediction seems to indicate) or it will crash big time. My biggest concern with bitcoin is that it has skyrcoketed soo much up to this point--that it's almost inviting governments to intervene and or add regulations to it or for trading it. This is a giant question mark. I think if you are believer in bitcoin--just don't over invest in it. DIversify investments and create hedges so that if it does crash down--your ability to live comfortably doesn't crash down with it.
  11. I see where you are coming from--but I disagree. The Bengals have played against the Ravens and the Texans--two pretty dang solid defenses. The Texans have played against the Jags and the Bengals--again 2 very solid defenses. I think the fantasy potential for the studs on both of these teams is more likely to point up for the rest of the season than it is to drop further. I wouldn't be looking to avoid these players right now--I'd be looking to buy them low. Green, Hopkins, Miller, Mixon, Eiffert (if he's not hurt) are all guys where I think sending low ball offers on is the shark move.
  12. I mainly play redraft--so my answer is for a redraft perspective. I generally like to draft guys with high floors in the early to mid rounds--and then target guys with high ceilings or high potential ceilings in the later rounds where I'm stockpiling my bench. This does generally end leaving me teams with a higher concentration of rbs on the bench. With that being said--I never rule out drafting backups at TE/QB if the draft dictates that the highest ceiling player happens to play one of those positions. For example--I own Austin Hooper as my backup TE in a few of my leagues this year. I essentially use my bench for two reasons--for insurance to my starters when necessary and as a cache of darts looking to hit a fantasy difference maker.
  13. Jacquizz rogers ranked as the 22nd best RB in ppr this week. I think he could be closer to top 15. based on espn rankings
  14. If it's on the outside part of your knee I don't think it's meniscus. I used to run a lot and the edges of my knees would burn--and one doctor told me that I did something to my IT band that caused inflammation. He said it was most likely because I was running on asphalt or cement-which was true. I had to stay off of running for a bit to give it a chance to heal, ice it--and there was some excercises that he had me do. With that being said--I'm not a doctor---and I know that burning sensations can sometimes be attributed to infections too--so hopefully you get some more opinions in here.
  15. Very good call here--this one slipped my mind. Full agreement. Amazing live act as well. The way they grew on me is very similar to how Alkaline Trio grew on me. I liked them--and then saw them live--and then liked them much more. Also--I am on the side of the fence that thinks that Deftones is very underrated. Their music is very solid--but their lead singer is not the most marketable guy--and I think that has impeded their ability to be more well known than they are. Also--much of their music is not what I'd consider the norm for typical radio friendly stuff--so that also makes them fly under the radar compared to many other bands.