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  1. I'm not sure if I should say "yikes" or "too soon".
  2. Good luck Megaton. Seriously rooting for you
  3. Watches (currently collect) and sports cards (previously collected).
  4. It's a thread discussing the NBA including thoughts, predictions and even long shot possibilities. If a longshot topic in this thread offends some of you- feel free to ignore them or pass over them. Commenting rudely and being snarky about NBA thoughts in an NBA thread is beyond ridiculous. As a longtime fbg member maybe you should focus more on inviting discussion and less on acting like a doosh.
  5. Where in this thread has anybody said that Lebron going to San Antonio is probable? Nobody said they "think it will happen"- we just speculated that it's a very long shot possibility. Lebron is a smart player- no chance in hell he doesnt consider playing for one of the best coaches in history if it becomes an option for him.
  6. Cleveland isn't quite Miami Beach or L.A. either. Lebron has more money than god and will have plenty of years to live in whichever pleasure principle cities he wants once he retires. Until then, I think any city/team that has a chance to build upon his basketball legacy is something he could and would consider.
  7. Just pure fun/speculation here--but I wonder what the odds of Lebron going to the Spurs is. This whole Kawhi thing is getting more and more weird--and while I wouldn't say it's anything close to probable--I would not be shocked to see Kawhi leave and see Lebron wanting to play for Popovic. If the betting odds were a super long shot--I wouldn't mind throwing $20 down on it just for kicks.
  8. Thanks for doing this northern voice. Just thought I’d post my submissions now that everything is unveiled. Portugal the man 25pts Kendrick lamar 20pts, foo fighters 20pts, k. Flay-15pts, joywave-15pts, st. Vincent-15pts, drake-14pts, lorde-14pts, royal blood-13pts,, foster the people (sacred hearts club)--9pts, imagine dragons-10pts, arcade fire-7pts, coldwar kids-8pts,, LCD soundsystem-5pts, beck colors-4pts, spoon-3pts, rag n'bone man-2pts, sundara karma-1pt.
  9. You started a thread about an issue regarding a basketball organization. You get a couple responses and instantly you are now transforming it into some liberal/conservative rant. This is not the political subforum. If you wanted to start a liberal/conservative thread--start it there.
  10. Did you start the thread to actually discuss this particular issue with the Mavs--or to just transform this into some liberal/conservative haven for trolling? If it's the latter--this should be moved to the sub-forum.
  11. The Clippers situation is not the parallel precedent here. If anything--the Knicks (Dolan) situation with Isiah Thomas is more similar. A jury found that Thomas sexually harassed another employee --and Dolan ended up firing that employee unjustly. The harassed former employee got awarded nearly 12 million dollars--but Dolan was not forced to sell the team. In this case--I can't imagine that Cuban be forced to sell the team unless there is clear evidence that he knew exactly what was going on and decided to do nothing about it.
  12. Just chiming in on the Kawhi situation as I don't really seem to have a read on the situation. Rotoworld put a blurb up saying that the Spurs medical staff has cleared Kawhi to return to the team and the court and that "kawhi has elected against doing so". Something doesn't seem or smell right about this. Kawhi doesn't seem like the type of player that would voluntarily elect to sit out if he was good to play. What is everybody's thoughts on this situation? I know the Spurs tend to be very cryptic in regards to injuries--so is this a case of the Spurs trying to downplay his injury by saying he's cleared--but telling Kawhi to remain sidelined under their breath--or is Kawhi actually sitting out even though he's healthy enough to play?
  13. Apparently the regulator of cryptocurrencies in South Korea was found dead in his home. They are calling it a heart attack but there seems to be some ambiguity about the cause of his death across the web. Strange stuff. https://www.wsj.com/articles/south-korean-cryptocurrency-regulator-found-dead-at-home-1519093020
  14. This is not really about any one commercial--but rather about an entire series of commercials. I find the new State Farm agent in the Chris Paul (NBA) commercials to be horribly annoying.
  15. Draymonds reaction to Fergie’s national anthem is effing beautiful. Lol. https://mobile.twitter.com/KingJosiah54/status/965398888998842368?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet