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  1. Thank you for the compliment. If Olajuwon was playing in his prime today--I personally think the dude could be an efficient triple double threat--along with probably being in the top 3 in the league in block per game---and possibly top 10-15 in steals per game. For a big man--he was pretty swift and had some of the best footwork that I have ever seen. In todays era--where the best defensive big man might be Gobert--I see no opposing player really giving him a hard time on offense. I could seriously see him easily averaging or exceeding. 22+ pts, 10+ rebounds, 5-7 assists, 2-3 blocks, and 1.5 steals per game. I also think that he could easily surpass that if he was the only great player on a team (similar to how Westbrook has it in OKC).
  2. I'm not a Trump fan at all--but I would still mourn his passing when it happens. While I might not share any of his views-- the dude is still a husband and a father. I don't even wish death to my enemies--I just believe in Karma. The only peoples whose deaths that I don't mourn are those who deserve it through committing crimes like rape or murder--as they aren't worth mourning over.
  3. I said this in the NBA thread and I will repeat it here. Jordan put up crazy numbers during a time where defenders were allowed to harass offensive players far more than today, even the intensity of how hard the fouls were back then were exponentially greater than that of today, there were far more defensive oriented teams in the league back then than there are today--and the league was filled with far more rim protecting big men than there are today. Jordan was getting to the rim in keys that are far more congested than they are today. Jordan would absolutely beast in if he was in his prime playing in the NBA today. Today's NBA rule changes has led to changes in the actual game. The game has essentially phased out big men that occupy space in the key and has went to a style that favors stretch 4's and 5's. This is why today's NBA is essentially layups and 3 pointers on offense. The stretch 4's and 5's also pull their defenders away from the basket--and current hand checking and foul rules give offensive ball handlers an advantage over their defenders. These changes to the game have clearly benefited a player like Steph--and I do think that his game would suffer if he were to play back when the rules weren't so advantageous to his game. I also think that defensive minded players like Pippen and Rodman could bother KD's game if allowed to play with the physicality of the rules back then. This is why the answer is dependent on which era the game was played--and what the rules are. The notion that modern day teams would beat teams from previous eras based solely on athleticism alone is ridiculous. Basketball is a sport were the victor is largely dependent on chemistry, playing intelligently and how one teams playing style matches up against anothers. While athleticism might be one small factor--it certainly is not a major factor here. Curry and Klay are not superior world class athletes--but they are both damn good basketball players. If I had choose a winner--I'd go with the Bulls. I think that Phili Jackson would come up with ways to run the Warriors off of the 3pt line and force them to try to beat them with 2's playing a more physical brand of basketball. I think this style would favor the Bulls slightly. However, if the parameters are that they play today with todays softer rules--I could very well understand how many would pick the Warriors to win because they were essentially constructed for today's NBA style.
  4. Let's tone down the negativity and bring it back to discussion level. Nobody needs to get riled up or angered over having differing opinions and discussing them. That is kinda the entire point of this forum.
  5. I can't say that I've lost any interest in watching sports. I can however say that I picked up new interests or prioritized other interest enough to where I don't feel the need to watch as many sporting events as I used to. I can just check scores, stats and sports news on my ipad or phone. I find that I'm more selective in the sports that I do watch as I grow older my interests expand. I pick and choose the sporting events that appeal to me the most and will watch those--but I won't waste my time watching random events or sports for the sake of watching them. This same dynamic has occured to me in fantasy sports as I've really scaled back the number of leagues that I participate in.
  6. If Wow--I'm surprised theta Creep didn't make the top 10 at least. Do you mind if I roll another guess by you? With the passing of Cornell (who I loved)--I wonder if that could have bumped up a song like black hole sun to the top 5?
  7. While I understand and respect your opinion about lebron vs Michael--and do not want to debate you on that---I do want to say that I do not agree with this. If you look at Lebrons career--he has always excelled when having a stretch four on his team--and never a truly dominant post up player that clogs up the lane. Chris Bosh had to change his game up and add range to open things up. Kevin Love is also a modern day quintessential stretch 4. While Lebron does have size, speed, and handles--I don't think it's safe to assume that he's the same threat in a half court style of game with a congested key. One of the reasons why Michael was so dominant was because of the triangle offense. That offense was revolutionary for the time because it really helped create spacing for Jordan to have proper mismatches--and gave him the space to make a play. You have to remember--back then--it was not just about the defenders taking up space in the key--it was also your own offensive players. There weren't as many long range 3pt shooters back then--and many times teams would have their PF and their Centers playing offense around the key. Each of those guys would also have a defender on them--so right there--you're looking at 4 bodies in the paint. You then have your defender that could sag off--which is something that would be very possible when defending Lebron--so now you are looking at having to navigate around 5 people in order to get to the basket. I still think Lebron would be a dominant player back in Jordans era--but I don' think he would have been as dominant as Jordan. Lebron complains about physical play in todays game--and todays game is FAR less physical than play in the Jordan era. In any case--both guys are elite and while it's a time wasting discussion--it's still a fun one.
  8. You might have a point. While I have satellite radio--I hardly ever listen to that station. I just assumed that because Satellite radio came out in the 2000's-- that any station translating the biggest rock hits from the 90's would have to integrate the biggest alternative hits from that decade. I listed to a ton of Kroq in the 90's--so my list is probably based on my experience there--which probably makes your assessment about my guesses correct.
  9. Interesting question. If I had to guess songs that might make the top 5--I'd probably have to go with--I might include the following choices. I'm not going to rank them because I would have guessed Smells like Teen Spirit at 1--and the OP already said that was wrong. Smells like team spirit wonderwall by oasis creep radiohead I'd have to think a Pearl Jam song is in there--so I'd probably go Alive wow--coming up with a 5th is hard-- under the bridge by the chili peppers was a song that came into my mind when reading the question--but I'm not sure if it'd make top 5 of a decade.
  10. So subjective to compare players from different eras because the game and the competition are not the same. The rules back in the day allowed for defenders to harass offensive players far more and players were more physical. There were far more defensive oriented teams back in Jordan's era and there were more rim protectors in the league. The power forward and center positions in the league currently is filled with jump shooters that draw their defenders out of the key--so that opens things up for modern day players more than it did back in the day. Players were also allowed to foul harder back in the day without the the threat of being called for a flagrant or getting ejected--so the game not only required physical toughness--but also mental toughness. For me personally--I think both Jordan and Lebron are physical freaks. I think Lebron probably has more basketball "tools" than Jordan-- (probably quicker, better court vision, his ball handling skills are more like a point guard..etc)--but Jordan was probably the most mentally tough player that I have seen. As a whole--I'd put Jordan as my number 1 because even if Lebron is arguably slightly better physically and in regards to basketball tools--I think Jordan is moderately better when it comes to mental toughness. When a player got under Jordan's skin--Jordan generally got better and stepped on their throats. When Lebron gets rattled--he tenses up. With that being said--this is all subjective and this is just my opinion. I don't really care to argue back and forth as there are valid points on both opinions and much of it is personal taste.
  11. I think the answer to this is multi-faceted. There are several factors that have led to the slow down of ESPN. However--for me--it all comes down to one major category--poor business decision making and poor business planning. I'm sure that many of you have watched the show "Shark Tank" and are familiar when the "Sharks" pass on a pitch because they feel that the pitch is more of a single product than it is a business. In my opinion--this dynamic is where ESPN started it's trend downwards. ESPN was the biggest fish in the sports broadcasting eco-system for decades--but basically did absolutely nothing to plan for or to change things up when that eco-system started to evolve. In fact--they actually did the opposite--they contractually obligated themselves to massive long term deals based on them continuing to dominate market share--without considering that the changing eco-system could diminish how much money they were pulling in where they were the clear biggest fish. In conclusion--I agree with many that have answered "the internet" (followed by whatever punctuation mark that they like)---but I think that only is a partial answer. ESPN mistakingly assumed that it's "single product" was strong enough to translate super well in an evolving business eco-system--and this was terribly misguided. They showed zero ability to change, transform and exhibit a modicum of nimbleness when this happened.
  12. I am not looking to argue politics with anybody. I'm not a Trump guy--but now that he's the president--I just hope and pray he does a good job. I'm just looking to comment on something that stood out to me while he made his speech today. When he was campaigning--he seemed to be highly animated and energetic. I know that he's not a spring chicken--but it seems to me that he has aged considerably over the past few months. He looks and sounds very tired and it really showed today in his speech. He also looks like he may have put on a few pounds too. Obviously being the Potus is a highly stressful job--but man--he's only been up there for like less than 6 months. Has anybody else kinda noticed the same?
  13. With all due respect--I think you are being a bit short sighted. With the way that you are looking at things--you are making it seem like the moment that Golden State lost game 6--the series was over. In reality--that is very far from the truth. Golden State got to go back home with Draymond back. My guess is that they were probably the slight favorite to win game 7 under those circumstances. If somebody were to have told us that Draymond would come back and essentially have a huge 30+ pt triple double--GS would have been considered a huge favorite under those circumstances. While Cleveland was not a bad defensive team--they were not the defensive juggernaut that could be counted on to keep Steph, Klay, and Harrison to 33% field goal percent shooting from the field on the road. Call a spade a spade man. Had Klay, Steph or Harrison remotely showed up game 7--GS probably wins that series.
  14. While I respect your opinion-- I disagree with you. GS did not lose that series because Draymond missed game 6--they lost the series because Steph, Klay and Harrison essentially did not show up at all game 7. With the construction of that team--when Draymond goes for 32-15-9--GS easily wins the game if any of their other main guys has even an average game relative to their standards. Steph, Klay and Harrison went a combined 15-46 from the field that game. Blaming the series loss on Draymonds not being there game 6 is just a way of giving Klay, Steph and Harrison a giant pass for coming up invisible in game 7.
  15. I'm all for polite and civil behavior on this forum--but honestly--you deserve every bit of grief that you get for this thread. People appreciate riddles and mental exercises--but we don't appreciate getting our time and efforts wasted. If you don't want to catch grief--don't waste peoples time. There was zero reason for you to go absent for days when you could have revealed the ridiculously stupid answer fairly immediately in a hidden comment format. With that being said--I actually find you to be a pretty entertaining and solid FBG. I think you just had a major lapse of judgement in the way you handled this particular thread.