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  1. I've been in the jewelry and watch business for over 25 years. I think a watch is an awesome wedding gift and you can actually find some really great timepieces for that price point currently. Jomashop has some really great deals on Glycine right now. They fit the description of your son perfectly. Most of them have a sporty but elegant style. Most are at least 40mm in diameter--which means they will have decently larger case sizes. They are also Swiss made and most have automatic movements--which is really nice. Here are some that stand out to me: https://www.jomashop.com/glycine-watch-gl0091.html?nosto=productpage-nosto-1 https://www.jomashop.com/glycine-watch-gl0054.html https://www.jomashop.com/glycine-watches.html
  2. I wish you and your family the best of luck with this. It certainly sounds like a very tough situation that won't be getting easier anytime soon. A 12 year old that has been with five families in seven years? It took many years of turmoil and instability to get to the point to where she is now--and it will take many years for her to hopefully get to some point of normalcy. I'm not married and I don't have kids--but I think that if I was married and had kids--that I wouldn't have the courage or strength to sign my family up for the obstacles that you guys did by bringing her into your family. I commend you and your family for that. You guys are all sacrificing your own comfort and resources to help this girl in need---which is very admirable.
  3. Good luck with everything. Just remember to try to be as positive as you can--as there is no negative news yet. It's very possible that the doctor wants to conduct a secondary medical procedure that could involve meds that would impede her ability to drive. Whatever the case is--we are all certainly hoping and praying for the best for you and your family.
  4. In my predictions--I had picked Phi to win a tough feisty Miami team in 6--and I still stand by that prediction. I had thought that Miami could maybe win game 1 knowing embiid was out for that one--and that Phi would come back and win game 2--and would then go to Miami and get a split. In this case--Embiid also missed game 2 and they lost that game. I don't think the return of Embiid guarantees that Phi just sweeps the rest of the series--as Miami has effectively been playing without Whiteside so far. Once Embiid comes back--I think Whiteside "comes back" and plays a bigger role--so Embiids return is not as one sided an advantage as one would project it to be. Miami is a feisty, good, scrappy team that tends to lose big at times and win ugly at other times. Even with their game 1 blowout loss--people forget that Miami was up pretty decently big until the flood gates opened and Phi took over. With all of that said--I see Phi winning 3 of the next four games and wrapping this thing up.
  5. On quick glance at my tv screen--Rubio looks like a "mini-me" version of Steven Adams.
  6. Did you just see the Cory Joseph call on clarkson? Clarkson clearly initiated the contact and Joseph gets called. Every coin flip call has gone in favor of the Cavs so far. It's crystal clear.
  7. Refs already showing the Cavs some love. Free throw violation called on Lance? They could make that call 80% of the time. Bookers screen on Hill was clean. I picked the Cavs to win this series in 5, and apparently the league wants them to win too. As a Pacers fan--I'm happy to see them play hard--but my confidence level on them beating the Cavs and the refs is very low.
  8. What a great game—but I have to say that I really question a lot of Stotts decisions tonight. When Dame and McCollum started the game cold—instead of featuring Nurkic—he effectively pulled him. Davis will have an advantage over anybody defending him—but at least Nurk would have made him work much harder on the defensive end of the court. Stotts made things far too easy for Davis for a large portion of the game. I also agree with your assessment in regards to his play calls towards the end. You have very solid 3pt shooting—and you ask a bench guy to come in for a two? In my western conference predictions post—I said that for New Orleans to win that Mirotic, Holiday, and Davis would have to combine for a total of around 75pts. They got 72 on nearly 50% from the field (30 for 61 shooting). Great win for the Pels. Even with all of the mis-steps the Blazers made—they still were in position to win this game. I still think the Blazers will find a way to win this series—but I hope to be able to watch every game. This one is going to be fun.
  9. Wow. I haven't seen anything mentioning this. Do you have a link that you could provide?
  10. Hey All--so I posted my Eastern Conference first round playoff predictions earlier and these are my Western Conference predictions. For those members who aren't fans of predictions--I apologize in advance and I ask you to just scroll past this post. Rockets vs Wolves- The chemistry, coaching and "style of play" gap between these two teams is far bigger than the talent gap in my opinion. The wolves have legit talent with Kat, Butler, Wiggins, and Teague. They have nice role players in bjelica and dieng as well. With all of that said--they seem to lack any sort of consistent identity even with that talent pool. I feel like both teams can score--but the Rockets shoot the 3 better and are better at getting easier buckets in my opinion. With that being said--I do think that the potential of not having mbah a moute for the first round could hurt the Rockets a bit. He's a versatile defender that gives them flexibility. Also-I could see KAT getting Capella (not the fine FBG that started this thread) in foul trouble for a game or two. I predict Houston in five--but would not be surprised at all to see the wolves push them to six. Warriors vs Spurs- Kerr said earlier that Curry was not expected to play in the first round--so I'm going to assume that he won't. I'm also going to assume that Kawhi is also out. I can't believe that I'm going to say this--but the Warriors probably got the best opponent that they could have hoped for playing without Curry. I think the "Kawhi-less" Spurs are probably the least dangerous of all of the teams that made the Western Conference playoffs. With that being said--we are talking about a well coached team that plays smart and hard. Both teams are missing an elite player--but the Warriors are just deeper. If there is such a thing--I think the Warriors win this in a competitive five game series. Blazers vs Pelicans- this series could be very fun to watch. I could see some very high scoring and competitive games. As many of you guys already know from last season--this series features two players that I personally feel are very under appreciated in the NBA-Jrue Holiday and Jusuf Nurkic. Last season I argued with a few posters that Jrue Holiday was a top 15pg in the NBA--and I still stand by that. He's a great two way player and has quietly had a wonderful season. AD is an absolute beast and matchup nightmare. For the Pelicans to have a chance in this series--I think that AD+Jrue+Mirotic need to average close to a combined 75-80pts per game. The blazers have their elite guards in Dame and CJ--and when their shots are falling--they are very tough to beat. I think the x-factor for the success of the blazers was their pick up of Nurk last season. He gives them an interior presense--but he does have a tendency to get in foul trouble. If there was a player that can get Nurk in early foul trouble--it's AD. I like the Blazers in six here--but would not be surprised at all to see this thing to seven if Nurk gets into early foul trouble in a few games. Thunder vs Jazz- This series is really hard for me to predict. I think Quinn Snyder should easily be a candidate for coach of the year. While Ben Simmons should win ROY--I think that Mitchell should be in the conversation. The Jazz have been a juggernaut since Gobert has returned from injury. Gobert really challenges any shot in the key and can create matchup problem on the offensive end as well. Adams is a very strong center that will certainly battle Gobert tough. I think that Russ will put up big scoring numbers--but on very low fg percentage over the series as he's not a great perimeter shooter--and gobert will make his drives to the basket tough. I really think that this series has the potential to where each game feels like a true battle. Believe it or not--I think that George/Melo might have more to do with OKC's potential success in this series than Russ might. This one is a coin flip for me--but I'm going OKC in seven here. I see the home court advantage and possibly some "home court calls" coming into play here. Besides that-HOU vs OKC would be a nice second round series. Here is the link to my eastern conference predictions https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/756703-2017-18-nba-thread-wolves-players-devastated-to-discover-they-need-to-spend-two-more-weeks-in-minnesota/?do=findComment&comment=20975408
  11. I apologize for the length of this post. I know some people in this thread frown on predictions. If you are one of those people--feel free to ignore this post and scroll past. Being this is an NBA thread--I figured I'd post a few thoughts on each series. East Raptors vs Wizards--I have a hard time ever trusting the Raptors in the playoffs. They always show potential in the regular season and find a way to collapse in the playoffs. I like Derozan--but he's made a living mastering the worst shot in basketball--the mid to long range two pointer. The Wizards have been a dumpster fire this season. They have decent talent but have showed very little cohesion and heart. I like the Raptors in 5 here. Boston vs Milwaukee- It's a shame that Boston has suffered so many injuries this season. With that being said--they are still a very good and very well coached team. I do think that Milwaukee gives the celts some matchup issues-especially with Giannis. I think this will be a solid series. I like Boston in 6 here. 76ers vs Heat- I really like the 76ers squad from top to bottom. They have the most complete roster in the Eastern Conference in my opinion. Their only flaw is lack of experience and possibly Embiids health (apparently he might miss game 1). Miami has been criminally under the radar this season. Coach Spo has done a masterful job working with an injury depleted roster for much of the season. I think Miami is a scrappy and feisty team that has the ability to give the sixers some trouble. I take the 76ers in a very competitive 6 game series here. Cavs vs Pacers- full disclosure--I'm a Pacers fan. While this Cleveland team has shown major flaws during the regular season--I do think that they will look better for the playoffs. These few days of practice/rest will give them much needed time to work out kinks with a fairly new roster. Lebron is playing at a very high level and I think Love will step up his game for the playoffs. As a Pacers fan--I'm very surprised and proud of their regular season. I thought the George trade was ridiculous at the time--but Oladipo has really proven me wrong. McMillan has done a very nice job this season--and even Lance Stephenson has shown some signs of life. It pains me to say this--but I see Cleveland taking this thing in 5.5 games. You read that right--5.5. My brain thinks Cleveland wins it in 5--but my heart wants Indi to play tough enough to take it to six--so I'm cutting it right in the middle. I'll post my western conference predictions later today.
  12. I'm a long term believer in cryptos but it's hard for me to consider something that requires the presence of electricity/power to be considered a true "currency". A power or internet outage would completely paralyze the crypto world. Regular currencies would also struggle in these circumstances- but they would still be able to be used to conduct commerce. In regards to todays bitcoin price jump--I don't have much insight to how or why--but it does seem suspicious to me. Regardless--congrats to anybody who is profiting from it.
  13. I went with a 9. A 10 to me would indicate beauty at the very top of the "food chain" where there was zero room to improve. A 9 to me would indicate that she's really beautiful and at least in the top 10% of attractiveness on a real world scale. She definitely seems to fit that bill based on that one grainy pic.
  14. Happy Birthday to a boy and a family that touched my life without ever meeting me. I really send my love and support to you and your family on what must be a day filled with mixed emotions. Please let me know when the next Myocarditis gala is—as I would really like to continue support of their (and Connors) cause through fabricating and donating another piece of jewelry.
  15. Jack white's new single "over and over and over" is pretty catchy. Definitely has a Rage Against the Machine kinda vibe to it. The first time that I heard it I really wasn't a fan of the backup vocals. After a few listens, they kinda grew on me. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8n0PUXewaC0