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  1. Full disclaimer here--I'm a big Indiana Pacers fan--so my opinion might be biased. While I think that George is a great player--I do think that he had a terrible season. First of all--he played very pedestrian like (up to his standards) the first 1/3-1/2 the season. The Pacers schedule was very easy to start the season and very difficult to end the season--and George did not turn his game on early enough in the season. The Pacers barely made the playoffs this year--they literally had to win their last game to clench a playoff spot--when they easily had enough talent to be a top 5 seed. That was horribly frustrating. Secondly--George has always categorized himself as being one of the best two-way players in the league. His defense was nothing short of empty stats this season. To put in perspective--in the regular season--the Pacers played the Cavs 3 times. While I think it's impossible to stop Lebron James--I do think that somebody that claims that they are one of the best two way players in the game should be able to make life a bit more difficult for him. Well in the 3 regular season games against the Pacers--Lebron averaged 32, 8rebs, and 8 assists per game--on nearly 60% field goal percentage and 47% from the 3pt line. Thats nearly 6pts better than he averaged on the regular season, 5% better fg percentage better than he averages, and 10% better from the 3pt line--AND Lebron averaged one fewer turnover per game than he usually does when going against George and the Pacers this season. In the playoffs--Lebron averaged nearly 33-10-9 against George and the Pacers on 54% from the field and 45% from the 3pt line. While George is still a great player--he choked big time this season. He did not start the season in an engaged fashion, his defense was laughable when it counted the most--and he settled for far too many jumpshots. On top of things--he had no problem pointing the finger at his teammates for his failures. If you want to blame somebody for losing a game--how about looking in the mirror and blaming yourself for allowing your opponent to essentially nearly average a 30+pt triple double against you on amazing shooting percentages? If they can move him for some firsts and start a rebuilding process--I'm all for it.
  2. Thinking about taking some money out of the market. Have done really well with names like Tesla, Amazon, and a fairly diversified mix of others. I read some stat that 8500-9000 stores are expected to close in the US this year--and the stock market seems to be neglecting the impact of that long term. I think companies like amazon, google, apple will probably turn great products and earn even more market share--but I don't know if this success will be wide spread among the entire market like it has been doing. While I think the market still has moderate room to go up in value--I can't help but think that it also might be moving towards a pretty large correction. The market is acting far more optimistically than what I think is reflective of our actual economic conditions. Is anybody else thinking of doing the same? Was thinking about monetizing maybe 20-25% of my portfolio and taking advantage of some profits.
  3. I'd probably skip shake shack, earl of sandwich, and the Henry. Don't get me wrong--they are all pretty solid--but I don't think that they are like pillars to build your trip upon. I do think that yardbird is a must. I'd probably recommend against doing the helicopter ride over the strip if you are already doing the high roller (which you should do at night by the way). In regards to the limo at the airport--it's all about what your wife would appreciate. I'd personally recommend saving the money you would spend on that--and use it to see a second show instead--maybe absinthe or Michael Jackson One. I think the best way to see the strip is to actually experience it and walk it--so I'm not a big fan of spending lots of money for basic transportation in vegas (and this includes to and from the airport). If you guys are into shopping---I'd also recommend checking out the Las Vegas premium outlets that are in close proximity to downtown. You could do that before you go to do the zip lines at slotzilla.
  4. It all depends on how much you value your time and stress. I'd easily pay $300 to not go through the rigors of filing a court case and spend hours of time filling out paperwork and going to court. Pay the $300, get the stupid tag, don't turn your property manager into your arch enemy by taking them to court as that will make your life far worse. Sometimes life is unfair. Even if this wasn't your fault--a $300 hit is not going to kill you. Pay it up and move on.
  5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is pretty solid although Golden Grahams is up there for me to.
  6. There is actually a company called Ducti that has been making accessories out of duct tape for a while. They were a big thing out here in Southern cali like 5-9 years ago but I think the trend wore off a bit. Definitely an interesting look https://www.amazon.com/Ducti-Triplett-Silver-Trifold-Wallet/dp/B01LOSW1FI
  7. Drug or alcohol abuse. (Actually only a partial joke). I know several highly intelligent people that are conspiracy theorists---and I'd venture to say that 2/3 of them had some issues with drug or alcohol abuse. Certainly my group of friends is not a large enough sample size to draw any conclusions--but I wouldn't be surprised if drug/alcohol abuse could magnify ones chances of being a conspiracy theorist.
  8. I got my last wallet by a company called All-Ett and I couldn't be happier. Their wallets are designed to carry lots of stuff while maintaining a slim profile and most of them have RFID protections. For the money---I cannot recommend them enough--as they are affordable, are very well constructed, and have very smart design.
  9. I never carry less than $200 and I typically carry closer to $300. Right now--I'm carrying about $350. I live in an earthquake zone so I always like to have some cash in hand and I generally like to always have at least a half a tank of fuel in my car at any given time.
  10. What makes the Celtics a good team this season is their pool of talent and solid coaching by Stevens. What elevated the Celtics to being a great team this year was the swag and confidence that their floor general Thomas infused into them. While Thomas is still putting up numbers in this Bulls series--he is clearly and understandably not playing with the same confidence and swag. Thomas is uncharacteristically turning the ball over in brain fart fashion and he missed SIX free throws last night. He's clearly playing without full focus---and who can really blame him? On the Bulls side of things--let's not forget that the 5 seed and the 8 seed were separated by two games. Lets also not forget that the one seed only won 53 games this season--so the gap between this 1 seed and this 8 seed is far tighter than it normally is. Heck--look at the Western Conference and look at the gap between the Warriors and the Blazers. The Bulls had to play smart and hard to work their way into the playoffs and are peaking at the right time--while the Celtics were dealt a tragedy that essentially drained that team of their confidence and swag. I still would not be shocked to see the Celts wake up and win this thing in 7. With that being said--if the Bulls hang on to win this series--I'm still not willing to crown them as being the David that took down Goliath. That's just not the case this season --with these two teams--under these circumstances.
  11. My only concern would be if the owner of the vehicle ran a carfax report on his vehicle and there is now a report on the vehicle that occured while under your care. I'm not a lawyer so I don't know if that could sting you--as the re-sale value of a car with an incident would be effected in a negative way. My guess is that it's probably safe to keep the money--but I also think it's definitely worth doing some due diligence.
  12. If you like Cuban food- eat at Versailles restaurant. The Churrasco is on point there.
  13. What a terrible story this is. My thoughts and prayers to the family of Isaiah Thomas. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/19167406/isaiah-thomas-sister-chyna-thomas-killed-one-car-accident
  14. Just some 1st round playoff predicitons: Golden State over Portland in 5. (If Nurkic is healthy and plays--I expect it to be a hard fought 5 games) Clippers over Jazz in 7 Houston over OKC in 5 (I wouldn't be surprised to see OKC win 2 at home and push it to 6) Spurs over Memphis in 4. Eastern Conference: Boston over Chicago in 5 (I do think that Chicago has sleeper potential to push this to 6 if they play their hearts out) Cleveland over Indiana in 6 (I don't think this series will be the steamroll that most people predict it to be. I think Cleveland will win a game or two in a big fashion-but I do think Indiana will scrap together a couple of wins) Washington over Atlanta in 6- (I just like Washington as a team, Wall is playing great, Beal is legit, Porter is shooting great from distance, and Gortat is a big that can help against Howard). Toronto over Milwaukee in 6--(I think that this series has sleeper potential all over it. I would not be surprised to see this series go 7--and I would actually have picked Milwaukee to win this series if Jabari was healthy)
  15. If there was a shoe--that means it wasn't continuous shuffle--which means that a true gambler would vary their bet based on some sort of primitive/general form of card counting--not just betting randomly and hoping for a win streak. Nevertheless--congrats on a nice run.