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  1. I'm going to take a stab and try to translate--but I could easily be wrong. In Vegas--you can order drinks that come in these super tall long neck plastic containers. Many of them are soo tall that they actually come with a neck strap--and you would wear it like a guitar or necklace in order to make it easier to move and carry while you drink it. I go to vegas many times per year--and I've never heard of them referred to as "neck drinks"--so this is just my best guess.
  2. You'll be fine. In my experience--leaving Vegas on a Sunday can be a bit stressful because a lot of people come into Vegas for a weekend bender and fly back home on Sunday. Arriving on Sunday won't be too bad. Also--since you are going to Vegas in a few months when the weather should be cooler--you should have far less turbulence than you would now in the hot weather. Breathe easy--it's all good.
  3. I definitely fall in that "drink too much" coffee category. I'd probably average 30-35 oz per day. I always have one large cup in the morning--and typically another medium size cup in the afternoon. On top of that, about once or twice a week I'll have a small or medium Vietnamese iced coffee on top of my hot coffees. I probably should start to lower my coffee intake
  4. Damn. Listened to Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory. Loved the combination of Shinoda and Chester--a true yin-yang balance of sounds and singing styles. The rock/metal side of me absolutely loved when Chester would scream like a madman--but I also loved when he didn't scream his lungs out. I think his reputation as a screamer overshadowed his immense talent as an actual singer. This link will probably get my man card revoked in the FFA--but this cover of Adeles Rolling in the Deep shows some of his vocal range as a non screamer. RIP to a person that played a big part in my life not only in regards to entertainment ---but to playing a part in triggering my emotions through music. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dHtwZ07N1ic
  5. Meh- not a fan of ranch on pizza as pizza is already oily/rich enough. I prefer my pizzas with light cheese and if I use a condiment- it's hot sauce or sriracha
  6. Portugal. The Man--Rich Friends. First time that I heard this song--I loved it. The first time that I saw the video for this song--I loved it even more. The video is frigging great---a great concept and super funny at the same time. I do have to disclaim that the video does feature some alcohol and drug references (trying to comply with the new manifesto)--so do not click if those types of references offend you. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GN-xVSlnWKQ
  7. I'm not a fan of those things. I find the shows about them interesting but I think it just caters to the new millennial type of thinking. Save as little as you can for a house and spend all of your money on traveling, food, gourmet coffee,and craft cocktails. Don't get me wrong--I like all of those of those things too--but I prefer doing them moderately while owning a comfortable home that is bigger than a storage unit. With that being said--it's all about point of view. I like the comfort and long term value of owning a typical size home--but some people prefer to live based on the pleasure principle.
  8. Huh? Could you expand a bit more?
  9. Props to JB and any of the rest of the FBG staff that came up with this new manifesto and set of guidelines. This place was getting pretty toxic and chaotic and I think that these are well timed and well needed changes. Nicely done and well written.
  10. Have a nice day and enjoy being enabled by the enablers. It's obvious that you have no clue when people give you advice that's actually helpful. Enjoy your existence of being a constant victim of circumstance and braising ground beef. It's obviously done wonders for your build.
  11. Do most new employees find it to be their role to participate in dissension in the workplace weeks after getting hired? If the guy was soo bad--other employees that are there probably have quietly complained to management about him. If he was yelling in front of customers--I'm sure it was documented and noticed by other employees. Know your role and stay in your lane. You are the lowest person on the totem pole at that job. Be grateful for the paycheck--so document the incident--quietly speak to a manager if it was that bad--and move on and mind your business. We all have junk that happens in our lives and in our workplaces--we don't all have to treat them in a manner that somehow makes us the center of attention. You acting like a peacock-and acting like you are some protector of morality and professional business practices is beyond laughable. Worry about yourself. You are a 30 plus year old dude that is admittedly possibly an alcoholic, is not in a great financial situation, and is galavanting around having unprotected sex--and you think that ruffling feathers at the one good thing that you have going for you (your new job) is a good idea? Sometimes it's okay to stay quiet and not draw attention to yourself--I know that's something that is not in your DNA.
  12. You're totally right. Most of us speak super professionally and eloquently when we are angry and emotionally charged. The guy must be a complete loser. Thank god you have him by 40 pounds and are built like a well conditioned football player.
  13. I know that I'm a bit late to chime in on this--but I like what Orlando did by signing Simmons. Seem like pretty friendly contract terms for a nice young wing player with upside. I'm a bit surprised that San Antonio let him go--but my guess is that they have something in mind for next season. I'm not sure how well Orlando will do next season--but I could see them being a sleeper team in regards to being fun to watch.
  14. If I had to choose an actual item--I'm a watch guy--so a cool watch would be rad. Maybe a vintage Omega speedmaster or something of that nature. If there was the option of receiving the gift of an experience--I'd say maybe a "buy in" to one or two of the World Series of poker events would be super cool.
  15. I'm very surprised that this road rage themed song hasn't been mentioned yet: Bad Habits by The Offspring. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_wMa_t5cBgY Many times I drive through the desert from So Cal to vegas really early in the morning or really late at night to avoid traffic--and listening to the Lateralus album by Tool will make that drive through the desert into a spiritual voyage. Behind the Wheel- Depeche Mode https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DZtDFIJqRv8 Never let me down- Depeche Mode https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=snILjFUkk_A Cochise by audioslave https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KDMvN45sjo4