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  1. Vegas—I own properties there and visit there often—but my primary residence is Southern California. I love Vegas for the variety of entertaining and dining options it has. It’s also vastly underrated for the things it offers off of the strip. San Francisco—a fun culture filled city. I enjoy visiting it very much—but I do not enjoy driving around it (and keep in mind I’m from Southern California where driving conditions are pretty brutal). I really enjoy the vast amount of micro-communities and neighborhoods. New York—i’ve only been twice—but enjoyed myself both times. I enjoyed how brutally honest the people are there. I also enjoy the energy of the city. I am a bit weird in that i really enjoy walking when i’m In a city that I don’t live in—and I really enjoyed walking around in New York. Great entertainment and dining options as well. New Orleans—wouldn’t be anywhere near my top 5 as a place to live—-but I very much enjoyed visiting there. I was there for Mardi Gras a couple times and I really had a wonderful time. The food is amazing and I thought the locals were very hospitable and courteous. I have a log jam at #5–basically torn between Miami, Atlanta, Park City, and Austin. I’ve enjoyed the 4 mentioned cities here in different ways. I’ve partied my butt off in Miami and Atlanta big time. Like legit probably have done some permanent damage to my liver there. One of my buddies owns one of the finest sushi restaurants and ultra lounges in Atlanta—so anytime I visit—it’s always an experience. Miami is also just plain fun and I find that the women there are absolutely beautiful. Park City and Austin are more laid back or refined fun for me. They are far more chill—but both have great atmospheres.
  2. If a company has a contract with an agency---I'm not sure that it means that the company "owns" that agency. In your case--it seems like the word "client" might just be the more accurate term
  3. I don't think anybody means it as if they own a portfolio or a person. In regards to fantasy--the only thing that "ownership" implies is only that players statistics and nothing more. It's ownership of that players statistical performance in the leagues that you play in. Thats why context I think is the key. If somebody says they own "8 shares of ____"--it just means they are believers in the production and on field performance of that particular player. I just cant fathom how anybody would find it offensive to say "i own the statistical production of ___ player in my fantasy league"--because that is all that drafting players on a fantasy team means.
  4. I personally believe that part of it is that as a society we have glamourized being victimized to the point where people are effectively creating new reasons or ways to claim to be offended or "victims" of something or another. We are distracting ourselves with stupid crap while our society continues to devolve. It's just like using our energy to re-organize the deck chairs on the Titanic as it's starting to sink.
  5. Joe asked posters in this forum their thoughts on the use of the word "owner" in a thread. He obviously wanted feedback from more than just the "paid employees" as he could have just emailed them privately. I never said Joe was "entitled" about asking his employees or his patrons for feedback-so I don't know where that is coming from at all.
  6. I'm just wondering when things changed to the point where people seem to expect to live a life that is completely void of being offended. Life is filled with billions of moving parts--some of those parts will make you happy, some will make you sad, some will make you feel empowered, and some might actually offend you. That's called reality. Anybody that expects the world to change because something might be slightly offensive to them ---is most likely guilty of cognitive dissonance and extreme entitlement. Intent and context need to be evaluated when establishing if a particular word is acceptable. The term "fantasy owner" to me is clearly not used with a mean spirited context or anything close to that. If somebody truly believes it's a terrible term--they have a choice to stop playing and their voice can be heard that way. Forcing an entire community of people to change their diction for a phrase that is being used with no ill will or mean spiritedness is arrogant and entitled behavior. The solution to this problem is not to enable these kinds of thoughts (people) but to rather remind that them everybody at some point is offended by something. It's just life.
  7. The entire NBA is going to be nuts next year--but especially the West. With that said--let's not forget the impact that a few injuries can make on the landscape of the NBA. I agree that San Antonio might not be a top 4-5 team in the West--but they could easily grab a 7-8 seed. OKC could very well fall out of the playoffs. One injury to steph or De'angelo--and even the Warriors might miss the playoffs. I do think that the Jazz, Clippers, Pelicans, Lakers, Blazers, and Spurs all have better teams this season then they did last year. I do think that the Thunder, Rockets, and Warriors have declined. I don't think there will be a dramatic difference between Western Conference teams that end up with the 5-8 or 5-9 seeds.
  8. Spurs are an interesting sleeper team with all the free agent and trade splashes dominating the headlines. D. Murray was primed to have an explosive season last year. If he's fully healthy--that is huge for them. Also--I really think Lonnie Walker could end up being a solid piece. Don't get me wrong--I'm not saying they are favorites to be title contenders--but they are stealthy strong.
  9. I agree with you on Young. I think he'll have a wonderful season. I'm not sure if I'm a bigger fan of his game or his attittude. The dude seems to "bleed" basketball and has such a positive mental approach to the game. Dude is just constantly motivated to grow as a player.
  10. Yeah--as I said-"pie in the sky"--I don't see it happening. Like you said--they don't really have many contracts to get rid of--and secondly--it's not really their style to go after a big name guy like Westy. I'd love if they could find a way to make it happen---but it certainly doesn't look like a real possibility.
  11. I know this is a biased "pie in the sky" type of post--but as a Pacers fan--I'd love if they could find a way to land Westbrook. The Pacers even with Oladipo were prone to going on cold streaks where they would go several minutes without scoring a point. I like the prospect of Russ pushing the ball and attacking the basket to help alleviate those cold streaks. The Pacers also have pretty good offensive rebounders in Domatas and Turner that could benefit from Russ's penetration. I think it would end up being a good fit--but I'm not sure how they could make it work number wise. I'd think that OKC would want aaron holiday as part of any package.
  12. I went with "mostly proud". I answered based on the entire history of our country. While I do think its the best country to live in--I do think that our past and present actions are not as glamourous and pride instilling as our history books and spin doctors make them out to be. Our hands are not nearly as clean as we try to make them out to be.
  13. I think identifying it as a burger topping is misleading or misdirection at best. The vast majority of the US public would interpret the word "burger" as implying some sort of ground beef product. Seems to me that the establishment was perhaps trying to prove to typical "meat eaters" that they could be "fooled" by a plant based product. It's not a food establishments place to try to fool their customers into being involuntary guinea pigs through misdirection.