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  1. The job market is robust and the number of skilled employees looking for work is pretty limited. Right now companies should be doing everything they can to retain good employees and your company obviously doesn’t understand that. I’d have a conversation with the big boss and just tell him that you deserve more than how they are treating you and that you are willing to leave unless you get some guarantees. You cannot count on others in a workplace to fight for you—as he’s already had a chance to fight for you—and failed to produce any results. Either they cater to you—or they suffer the very expensive task of trying to find somebody and train them to do what you already do very well. If you are a superstar at your current job—-you’ll have no problem being a superstar for a different company that will compensate and treat you better.
  2. Was working during the dunk contest but had a chance to re-watch the highlights on YouTube. Great contest—but really should have ended with co-winners in my opinion. Each judge should just put their own scores down without communicating with one another. Sometimes it took so much time to get their scores in that it seemed like they were conversing with each other trying to manipulate the results. Love the new format of the all star game. It really blends organized basketball with the three timed quarters with street ball with the “first to this score” wins dynamic. If I had to change one thing (especially since charities are involved)—I do wish that if the teams should have a tied quarter in the first three—that they should just split the $100k price money for that quarter between the two charities instead of doubling the prize to the next quarter. Regardless—I really enjoyed the format In regards to the result of last nights game-I do put the loss of Team Giannis on Nick Nurse. He basically made little to no changes on his fourth quarter lineup even though they were getting grossly outplayed by team Lebron. Going into that quarter with a healthy lead—he could have put his best offensive players in (Trae, Donovan for example) and even if they ended up trading buckets—they win the game. On the final possession after that timeout when team lebron had the ball-Nurse should have put his best defenders in (guys like gobert) knowing that team lebron didn’t need a three to win. I thought he did a nice job coaching team giannis through three quarters—but he really did a terrible job managing the fourth. The fact that I’m even analyzing an all star game goes to show that it was pretty awesome.
  3. You have lots of people that care about you and value your opinion. This place is more than a forum—it’s truly an online community. You should consider starting your own thread and post about your thoughts and experiences on any given day. I assure you that you will find that lots of people value and care for you. I for sure would love to follow and see a thread like that.
  4. Oh I agree. Ive been slowly moving some of my assets into precious metals for many years now. You and I have been mentioning that play for a while here on this thread. It’s done me well so far—and I do think that once the market loses some of its momentum from the Coronavirus, once people realize the financial engineering that you brought up from the central bank side, not to mention that there is still a lot of geopolitical risk out there—that something has to give. I do think that if the market pushes its way past the $30k Dow level, that this possible correction might happen later rather than sooner. I’m not a chartist by any means..but it seems like anytime the market gets close to that $30k level—it kinda bounces back and reapproaches it again. That could be a natural resistance level for it to go through—but it also could be a resistance level as a pseudo-floor should it clear it.
  5. He got banned for like over 6 months? Good god --what did he say? Lol
  6. Just some information on the possible ramifications of the coronavirus on the global economy. The four largest economies on the planet are the US, China, Germany and Japan in that order. We know for a fact that the Chinese economy has been completely stalled by it. Some experts project that Chinese GDP will drop from a 5-6% growth rate to a -6% growth rate. The Germans just released numbers that show that their economy has stagnated. This also would be an indication that the majoirty of the economies in the EU are also probably stagnating. Japan has already gotten some exposure to the coronavirus--and the number of cases seems to be increasing there. If this thing manifests into anything of concern in Japan---we're talking about 3 of the 4 worlds biggest economies suffering downturns or treading water. In a global economy--there is no way that this wouldn't result in some collateral damage. It's already causing some supply chain issues here. Our markets have effectively brushed this thing off so far in regards to pricing--and I don't see how this won't catch up at some point . There have been many days where our markets are down in the pre-markets as that's when metrics and risk actually play a larger part in being factored in prices--but by the end of the trading day--the market is flat or up. That's a clear sign that the market is being irrational and being primarily propelled by momentum. Momentum can only last so long and at some point the markets will have to acknowledge and factor in risk. This might not happen for a very long while--or it can happen next week--so I don't want to come across as being a fear monger or a pessimist. I still have a lot of exposure in the market myself -- but I've also been cashing in on some profits.
  7. It’’s not even about the food—it’s about showing some respect to people that are losing fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, and friends to this thing. There are soo many things on this earth that are fair game to joke about. The fact that somebody would choose a plague that is killing thousands of people to be the subject matter of a prank is morally reprehensible.
  8. Yup—and thats exactly why this market is marching on very scary territory.
  9. Disgusting. How would people feel if somebody tried to make light of the lives lost on September 11th? The fact that the people that are dying are not on our soil doesn’t make it fair game to be dismissive about it. It’s a modern day plague that a tyrannical government is doing everything it can to hide the details of. It shouldn’t be mocked our joked about.
  10. Did you wake up today and immediately start to drink? Jk.. Lol. I’m not sure what your point is—but our markets are not up due to earnings—our valuations are extraordinarily stretched and the earnings multiples for many stock are at crazy high levels. The vast majority of the reason why are markets are doing so well is financial engineering and a news cycle that caters to the markets. Corporate tax cuts have led to an environment where companies can purchase their own stocks and keep their prices high. There will always be people that are willing to put their heads in the sand and choose to be naive/ignorant as long as the result is more $$$. That’s the predominant driver to why our markets are doing what they are—the earnings metrics don’t justify our levels at all. Anyhow—we should take this too the stock thread if we want to continue this discussion.
  11. I’ve said it before in the stock thread—our markets are primed to go boom or bust as our markets refuse to price in or react to risk. When we killed the Iranian general and they retaliated—the market hardly reacted even though tensions in the Middle East are crazy high. We have the second biggest economy on the planet effectively shutting itself down for what will be months—and our markets don’t give a crap. At some point our markets will start to care and this will catch up to us. When it happens —our interest rates are so low that the fed will be limited in what they can do. I pulled 10 percent of my stock investments out of the market a couple weeks ago and I don’t care that I missed out on some earnings. My portfolio has been doing great and I feel a lot more comfortable with some earnings on the sidelines. I firmly believe that even with the new numbers that the Chinese are releasing with the Coronavirus that the actual numbers are easily 10-20x that.
  12. Drummond is seriously one of the only players that can land on a bottom of the basement team and make them even worse. Lol.
  13. In general I think this is sound advice across the board. I’m not saying this specifically for this stock as I’m not familiar with it—but soo many people think that a market should do nothing but go straight up—and that’s not the case. A market that goes straight up with no peaks and valleys is set up to fall meteorically. If you truly believe in a company-you don’t let day to day price fluctuations freak you out. If those fluctuations freak you out—you’re probably not a true believer. It’s healthy for a market to have a few bad days sprinkled in—its no different than when we in Southern California have a minor earthquake. While it might not feel comfortable—its better that the earth releases a bit of energy instead of building it up for something catastrophic.
  14. Looking at the way giannis picked-I definitely think he was shooting to create as close to an East/West matchup. His three western conference picks came in the late mid to latter part of the draft. I’m guessing he went in with a plan and had to slightly adapt it as it went along.
  15. I didn’t see the draft pick by pick—but when I saw the full rosters—it seemed to me like it was almost like an east versus west game with a few exceptions. I wonder if that was something that he had intended.