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  1. Been looking for a last minute league, can't find anything so decided to create my own. I've been with LeagueSafe since 8/23/2011 and have collected dues for 17 leagues, and been commishing 3 other leagues, all 3 running for over a decade. So, an experienced commish. This is 1st come, 1st serve. If you want in, pay Leaguesafe dues ASAP. Leaguesafe is 100% free for refunds in case the league doesn't fill. Hosted on fantasy, and drafting at 8:30pm EST. This is full point PPR league. Scoring and setting are below. League Payments are through Leaguesafe (they hold our funds and distribute to winners at end of the year), and must be paid today. So, if you want in, just use this link to pay and then I will send you the link to the league via the Leaguesafe messaging app, or PM you: Payouts are: $700 for 1st $350 for 2nd 3rd- $100 Toilet Bowl winner (nonplayoff teams playoff)- $50 League Settings Divisions3 Weeks Per Playoff Matchup1 Week PlayoffsWeeks 14, 15 & 16 - 6 teams Teams12 Viewable to PublicYes Max Adds per SeasonNo Maximum Max Adds per WeekNo Maximum Max Trades per SeasonNo Maximum Trade Review TypeLeague Votes (by team owners) Trade Reject Time2 days Trade DeadlineNovember 22, 2019 Waiver Period1 day Waiver TypeWaiver Acquisition Budget Seasonal Budget1000 Post Draft PlayersFollow Waiver Rules Free Agent Lock TypeYes (player locks at game time) Roster Lock TypeGame Time Start of SeasonWeek 1 Winners LeagueNo Keeper SettingsNone Standings TiebreakerHead to Head Record Allow Matchup TiesYes Undroppable Fantasy Starting Roster Positions & Roster Limits Quarterback:1 Running Back:2 Wide Receiver:2 Tight End:1 Kicker:1 Defensive Team:1 Running Back / Wide Receiver / Tight End:1 Bench:9 Scoring Settings Offense Passing Yards:1 point per 25 yards Passing Touchdowns:6 points Interceptions Thrown:-2 points Rushing Yards:1 point per 10 yards Rushing Touchdowns:6 points Receptions:1 point Receiving Yards:1 point per 10 yards Receiving Touchdowns:6 points Kickoff and Punt Return Yards:1 point per 50 yards Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns:6 points Fumble Recovered for TD:6 points Fumbles Lost:-2 points 2-Point Conversions:2 points Kicking PAT Made:1 point PAT Missed:-2 points FG Made 0-19:3 points FG Made 20-29:3 points FG Made 30-39:3 points FG Made 40-49:3.5 points FG Made 50+:5 points FG Missed 0-19:-3 points FG Missed 20-29:-2 points FG Missed 30-39:-1 point Defense / Special Teams Sacks:1 point Interceptions:2 points Fumbles Recovered:1.5 points Fumbles Forced:0.5 points Safeties:2 points Touchdowns:6 points Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns:6 points Points Allowed 0:12 points Points Allowed 1-6:8 points Points Allowed 7-13:5 points Points Allowed 14-20:2 points Points Allowed 21-27:0 points Points Allowed 28-34:-1 point Points Allowed 35+:-4 points Less than 100 Total Yards Allowed:10 points 100-199 Yards Allowed:5 points 200-299 Yards Allowed:3 points 300-399 Yards Allowed:2 points 400-449 Yards Allowed:1 point 450-499 Yards Allowed:0 points 500+ Yards Allowed:-3 points Team Def 2-point Return:2 points Individual Defensive Players Def 2-point Return:2 points Other Use Fractional PtsYes Use Negative PtsYes
  2. Yeah, I can't do Yahoo leagues. Stupid state of Washington classifies it as gambling.
  3. Looking for $50 to $150 league drafting TODAY. Required: PPR. 12 teams. Leaguesafe. 100% payouts. If it is on fantasy platform, that is preferred but not required. Post here or email me at, I'll be checking this site hourly.
  4. Have run this league for 9 years now, always competitive. $100 buy in via Leaguesafe, we draft Tuesday, Sept 3rd, at 6pm PST (9pm EST). 2 spots available. $700 to 1st. $350 to 2nd. $100 to 3rd. $50 to toilet bowl winner (non-playoff team champion). Email me at if interested. League Settings Divisions 3 Weeks Per Playoff Matchup 1 Week Playoffs Weeks 14, 15 & 16 - 6 teams Teams 12 Viewable to Public Yes Max Adds per Season No Maximum Max Adds per Week No Maximum Max Trades per Season No Maximum Trade Review Type Commissioner Veto Trade Reject Time 2 days Trade Deadline 2019-11-24 Waiver Period 2 days Waiver Type Waiver Acquisition Budget Seasonal Budget 1000 Post Draft Players Follow Waiver Rules Free Agent Lock Type Yes (player locks at game time) Roster Lock Type Game Time Start of Season Week 1 Winners League No Keeper Settings None Standings Tiebreaker Head to Head Record Allow Matchup Ties Yes Undroppable List Fantasy Starting Roster Positions & Roster Limits Quarterback: 1 Running Back: 2 Wide Receiver: 2 Tight End: 1 Kicker: 1 Defensive Team: 1 Running Back / Wide Receiver / Tight End: 1 Bench: 8 Scoring Settings Offense Passing Yards: 1 point per 20 yards Passing Touchdowns: 6 points Interceptions Thrown: -2 points Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points Receptions: 1 point Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points Fumble Recovered for TD: 6 points Fumbles Lost: -1.5 points Fumble: -0.5 points 2-Point Conversions: 2 points Kicking PAT Made: 1 point PAT Missed: -1.5 points FG Made 0-19: 3 points FG Made 20-29: 3.2 points FG Made 30-39: 3.5 points FG Made 40-49: 4 points FG Made 50+: 5 points FG Missed 0-19: -1.5 points FG Missed 20-29: -0.5 points Defense / Special Teams Sacks: 1 point Interceptions: 2 points Fumbles Recovered: 1.5 points Fumbles Forced: 0.5 points Safeties: 2 points Touchdowns: 6 points Blocked Kicks: 1 point Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points Points Allowed 0: 10 points Points Allowed 1-6: 7 points Points Allowed 7-13: 4 points Points Allowed 14-20: 1 point Points Allowed 21-27: 0 points Points Allowed 28-34: -1 point Points Allowed 35+: -4 points Less than 100 Total Yards Allowed: 7 points 100-199 Yards Allowed: 5 points 200-299 Yards Allowed: 3 points 300-399 Yards Allowed: 0 points 400-449 Yards Allowed: -1.5 points 450-499 Yards Allowed: -3 points 500+ Yards Allowed: -5 points Other Use Fractional Pts Yes Use Negative Pts Yes
  5. Hey "el centro" posted this: I have unfortunately taken on a few too many squads in recent years, and need to lighten my load. I have three teams that I'd like to pass on. They're paid up for the season." Does paid up mean it's a money league? Or just a fee for playing? Anyway, which ones are the PPR leagues?