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  1. Same here in Ppr. Here’s my thinking. Jones has the higher floor. Hilton higher ceiling but higher risk of really low score. So depends what you need. Right now have Jones in but scouting Twitter for reason to go w Hilton.
  2. He seems TD or bust. Considering going with McDonald or Ian Thomas this week. The former has a higher floor and the Steelers will be passing and the lattter is getting a ton of looks.
  3. I have a banged up TY Hilton in over Jones and Ware at this moment. At Chicago has me very worried but if TY is still hurting I might be forced to go with Jones.
  4. Sitting Mack (and Chubb) behind Kamara and Connor at RB and Tyler Boyd at flex in PPR league. Mack's injury has me believing that if the game is a blowout, which may happen, there's little incentive in coaches trotting him out there.
  5. Searching the WW for a RB in PPR. Need a bye week filler but ideally someone I can keep ROS as my 3rd RB. Currently got them ordered as follows Mack, Ekeler, Ito Smith, Barber, Smallwood. My sense is that Mack and Smith have the most upside while Ekeler will offer consistency.
  6. Playing him at flex over Olsen. Everyone else hurt or on bye.
  7. No trade takers so dropped him for Coutee in Ppr league
  8. Not asking a question. Rather giving perspective on my thinking wrt Henry. Maybe helpful to others.
  9. Henry, AJones, or Cooper for my ppr flex. Leaning towards Jones since his star is headed up and I’d love to see positive consistency from the other two. Henry is intriguing for expected positive game script but just not sure I can trust him.
  10. Assuming he can stay healthy (insert your favorite caveat) what to expect? Top 5 TE status ROS?
  11. Picked up the Jets but feel very unconvinced. I keep coming back to wanting Cinci given Burfict’s return, or GB? Not obvious.
  12. The dirt brings a spark to my heart. Reminds me of 1) ‘the olden times’ when many stadiums had this feature and teams, especially kickers, had to adjust 2) that the As are still playing