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  1. I feel like it would be more of the Darrel Williams show if things go South for the starters. They seemed to use him in the preseason (albeit a small sample size) similar to Damien Williams' usage.
  2. Just want to have it on record...I 100% guarantee Cam will have a career after football in broadcasting in some fashion.
  3. Man. If Darnold isn’t back until the end of that 2-7 week frame, the Dolphins/Jets game on Nov. 3 may be the worst nfl game in a very long time...
  4. "Hindsight at its finest" more so applies if Mahomes and Watson were 5th round picks or something, not the players that were taken 8 picks and 10 picks later. We all know Mitch was projected as the top QB of the draft, but both Mahomes and Watson were projected to be 1st rounders, so I'm sure part of their plan involved assuming if they didn't trade with SF, they would be missing out on Mitch, and if they wanted a QB, the other guys would be there.
  5. Passing on Mahomes and Watson to draft him must hurt for the Bears...
  6. Traded Waller to get Singletary in a league where I have Ertz. Not sure if I could've gotten more, but that was the only owner who was really hurting at TE.
  7. Are we anticipating the imminent return of Gates? What was the story regarding him being currently a FA? Did they just not sign him?
  8. So what are people's initial thoughts on Virgil Green?
  9. Ok I have whittled it down to two. .5 PPR...AP or Hockenson. I have no idea what to do.
  10. Anyone with the #1 priority thinking that since this is such a juicy week...not taking anyone in hopes of someone who you value higher than any current FA getting cut?
  11. Also Chris Thompson maybe with the Guice news?
  12. So with a fixed #1 waiver priority, and John Ross, Hollywood Brown, and TJ Hockmandzadeh available....would you act on any of those or hold?
  13. Honestly, what more would an elite rb have been able to do with those touches? Aside from the run at around the 1:00 mark, which top tier guys would’ve put in the endzone.
  14. Anyone who watched the game care to share some insight on what the usage was like today? He had a goose egg for a while, then only had the reception (I believe)...then suddenly had 70 yds on the ground.