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  1. Yes like Fred Savage said I’m spending my entire FAAB for a 2019 1st rounder... the rest of the players that would be on redraft wire throughout the year are rostered due to deep benches..
  2. I was just as shocked dropped my remaining $149 on him and not sure it gets it done
  3. On the topic of Tyreek here’s a trade.. 10 team PPR Team A: Tyreek, Goedert Team B: Golladay, Montgomery, 2020 Mid 1st
  4. Was just dropped in my dynasty league.. I think he’s still worth dropping a lot of my $150 FAAB on.. he will get an opportunity at some point
  5. Starting him in my dynasty league.. it’ll be a rollercoaster this year but the big games will be fun. I’m planting my flag on this thread as well.
  6. Interesting. I thought I’d put it in this thread because it seemed like an even trade and was trying to discern what a general consensus would be.. I think it depends on whether you think the difference between Chubb and Conner will be enough to off set Mahomes and Ryan..
  7. 10 team dynasty ppr Mahomes, Conner, 3rd for Chubb, Ryan, McLaurin
  8. I got him at 5.01 in a dynasty start up.. I’m excited to see him in action... just posting this so it’s easier to keep tabs on this thread 😎
  9. A thousand eyes and one1001 eyes? The Crow Euron Crowell's Eye does not sow. Fixed. amiright? amiright?Nailed it
  10. Starting Golden Tate over him. The Seattle/Sherman matchup doesn't give me any confidence.... Cue the 2 td game
  11. I added him in a 10 team 2 keeper league. The "out" designation allowed me to sneak him on to my IR. Worth a stash to see how it unfolds when he's back.
  12. Yeah he's just a little boy hoping to be a big boy someday. I hope he becomes a big boy too! What a little boy!