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  1. I know that there are quite a few on here that travel often for work (and chet, for leisure), so I was looking for advice. I have an overnight flight from Chicago to Heathrow and then the return flight is in the afternoon/evening in October. Suggestions on how to make it thru the flights (esp the overnight flight)? I'd love to sleep, but not sure how easy that'll be, even though I did pay to upgrade to an exit row window seat. I'd appreciate advice.
  2. Who are we kidding. All 3 are smoking hot. God bless airbrushing. Went 2
  3. So Gregory is out at least 10 games. Freeney? Other help?
  5. Just to follow up here... Our appraisal was last Monday and I took the advice of those that said to leave him alone and have everything printed out. He was very professional and answered all my questions at the end. Having the CMA done gave him a couple of comps that he didn't have and he ended up using them. In the end, the appraisal came back exactly where we hoped it would and by going thru this process, we added $56,000 to the value that we could use for the equity loan! Thanks to all that gave us great advice!
  6. I'm going to be in the minority, but I dig the pick. I do think we could have tried to trade back to mid-2nd if he was the pick or move up from the 3rd round, but I'm good with the risk. If you don't trust your medical staff, what good are they to you? No team would have more info than Dallas on this and I have zero problems trusting them. 3 rd+, we go defense and go with it. Cool with that.
  7. Heard late 2nd, early 3rd was likely spot.
  8. Listening to the audio of when Cowboys called Smith before he was drafted. Dude sounded very happy. I trust the medical staff.
  9. I had asked about Smith about 3 mins before the pick...but figured late 2nd for our 3rd & 5th.
  10. WOW!!! Well, I kinda thought so but NOT yet!
  11. Thoughts on trading 3rd & ??? for a late 2nd round for Smith and let him Redshirt this year?
  12. Not a bad pick, don't get me wrong. I get how he helps the D...but I just think Ramsey helps more. Gonna be fun to watch though:)