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  1. I kinda agree on it just being beaten, soundly, by a very good team. I fully expect the O-Line to be really pissed off and take it out on the Cardinals on MNF next week. The injuries to the secondary are really, really concerning.
  2. Byrd is the worst judge (and has been) for years. How the #### she continues to get championship fights is criminal. She is doing her part to ride boxing into the dirt. I had it 116-112and have a real hard time seeing it close than that. 118-110 Canelo is criminal.
  3. Overall, the defense gave up 3 points. Really hard to find fault with the production on that side of the ball. And was that a legitimate pass rush we saw?!?
  4. 3 points. Awfully impressive by Dallas's D.
  5. Whoa...
  6. Be safe, y'all. Looks like it's a monster.
  7. Horizon: Zero Dawn. Loving it. First non-Steam game I've bought since Skyrim. Having it on my 75" P75 Vizio w/HDR on is breathtaking.
  8. Firefly - Spanish tapas. Really amazing food.
  9. Board games
  10. ??? Im confused. Why is that funny? Sure it's a bummer of a loss, but to come back from 21-3 and tie the game...amazing 4Q by Dak and they have an amazing team coming back next year. When Romo went down in preseason, everyone (myself included) thought it was a lost season, so huge house money with the rookies and they have been all-timer rookies. So yeah, super excited for the future.
  11. It was a bummer of a loss, but I'm more excited about the future than I am bummed about the loss. We have an amazing core. Shore up the D a little and wreck shop in '17!
  12. Great, surprising season by my 'boys. Bummer, but man, I'm sure as hell excited for the future!
  13. Don't abandon the run and trust in what got ya there. Cowboys win by 10, 27-17.
  14. That was really great to see for Tony. Genuinely happy for him. Beautiful drive.