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  1. Heavy Cardboard and, honestly, war games should have their own weight scale. We occasionally cover war games, but heavy Euros & 18xx games are our main wheelhouse. I have a pretty extensive war game library, just haven't been making it a priority to get them played. Usually during the slow time of the year (February-July) is when we have more time for those and older games. Starting last month, it's 'Cult of the New' esp w/Essen around the corner.
  2. No, I host a BG podcast dedicated to the heavier-end of the hobby. The interviews are with designers, publishers, and such. Also handing out our physical awards at our meetup. Going to be a very exhausting, but exciting trip! Just gotta make it another 3 hours here at work....
  3. Yup, great game. Heading to Essen next week for Spiel. Have 28 interviews lined up. Should be a blast, albeit crazy busy. Best games of late: Forged in Steel Vinhos Deluxe Edition Terrafirming Mars 1822
  4. I ####### hate people. That is all.
  5. The next leap in TV that folks need to be aware of is more along the lines of HDR & Dolby Vision. More and more content is going to be made available utilizing the new abilities of TVs and if contrast and a wider range of true colors is important to you, make sure you are ready for that content. 95% of new TV under $4,000 only have one or the other formats, but If you're in the market for a new TV and OLED is out of your price range, the best TV on the market (under $4,000) is the Vizio P-series. Both HDR & Dolby Vision and does better across the board than Samsung & Sony. We are finishing our basement and next month, I'll gleefully have a 75" P-Series on the wall. I've done about 20 hours of research and reading and it's a no-brained for me. Just trying to help some folks out. :thumbsup:
  6. No one has input here?
  7. I think the Cowboys may surprise (in a good way), assuming they stay relatively healthy. Maybe it's rose-colored glasses, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Should make for an entertaining year, regardless! Go 'boys!
  8. We are in the process of having our basement finished and framing is almost done. We have to decide on what type of fireplaces we'd like. We are having 2 fireplaces installed and we're struggling deciding between electric ones w/ 'faux' fire or ethanol fireplaces. Gas is not an option due to the placement in the basement. The main feature wall in the basement will have built-ins on the bottom and sides and the bulk of the wall will be stacked stone. In the center of that, is where the main fireplace will go. It's more for aesthetics than for heating the space, but that's a bonus, esp in the winter. This will be 5-6' in width. The second fireplace will be near the bathtub in the master bathroom. This will only be about 30-36". Does anyone have any experience with either electric or ethanol-burning ventless fireplaces? We'd love some firsthand feedback, thanks!
  9. I know that there are quite a few on here that travel often for work (and chet, for leisure), so I was looking for advice. I have an overnight flight from Chicago to Heathrow and then the return flight is in the afternoon/evening in October. Suggestions on how to make it thru the flights (esp the overnight flight)? I'd love to sleep, but not sure how easy that'll be, even though I did pay to upgrade to an exit row window seat. I'd appreciate advice.
  10. Who are we kidding. All 3 are smoking hot. God bless airbrushing. Went 2
  11. So Gregory is out at least 10 games. Freeney? Other help?
  13. Just to follow up here... Our appraisal was last Monday and I took the advice of those that said to leave him alone and have everything printed out. He was very professional and answered all my questions at the end. Having the CMA done gave him a couple of comps that he didn't have and he ended up using them. In the end, the appraisal came back exactly where we hoped it would and by going thru this process, we added $56,000 to the value that we could use for the equity loan! Thanks to all that gave us great advice!