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  1. fasteddie_21

    Best Board Games

    This thread is an excellent reminder of how niche the heavier side of this hobby really is. I'm often surprised at how light the games that folks want to play and are playing in here. This is by no means an indictment of people's gaming (I live by the adage of, 'Play what you dig'), I'm just surprised that folks don't play heavier games here.
  2. fasteddie_21

    Best Board Games

    Just got a few games from GMT including SpaceCorp. Looking forward to playing that. Also recently played a dice drafting, tableau builder that is heavier than its theme (going on a penguin watching tour of Antarctica): A Pleasant Journey to Neko. Good game.
  3. Let me preface that there are obviously some exceptions to this, but it seems that a number of offenses that sat a lot of their starting skill positions for most of the preseason really looked rusty and had a lack of cohesion in Week 1. Its seems that teams are more worried about avoiding injuries with their star skill position players than they are getting them ready for Week 1. At least it seems more this year than in year's past. Thoughts?
  4. We have a fairly successful podcast and YouTube channel (not videogames) where most of the $5,000+ we make per month is through our I get it. But $6,000 is kinda insane. It's about enjoying the content that the creator is making, regardless if streaming video games or something else.
  5. Someone just donated $6,000 to him. wow.
  6. fasteddie_21

    Seattle at Dallas

    So let's see...the O-Line can't pass protect to save their ####### lives w/o Smith in there...1st and Goal... yeah, let's not give it to the all-world RB. Why in the ####### world would they give the ball to guy who is 6-weeks fresher than everyone else in the game?!? #### ME MAN!
  7. fasteddie_21

    Dallas at Oakland

    Close. Red-headed Jesus. His nickname from us 'boys fans.
  8. fasteddie_21

    Dallas at Oakland

    Serious balls on RHJ to run the fake punt deep in their own end. Good game.
  9. fasteddie_21

    The best binge watches of all time

    Narcos has been really, really good (to me at least) the last couple of weeks.
  10. I kinda agree on it just being beaten, soundly, by a very good team. I fully expect the O-Line to be really pissed off and take it out on the Cardinals on MNF next week. The injuries to the secondary are really, really concerning.
  11. Byrd is the worst judge (and has been) for years. How the #### she continues to get championship fights is criminal. She is doing her part to ride boxing into the dirt. I had it 116-112and have a real hard time seeing it close than that. 118-110 Canelo is criminal.
  12. Overall, the defense gave up 3 points. Really hard to find fault with the production on that side of the ball. And was that a legitimate pass rush we saw?!?
  13. fasteddie_21

    NY Giants at Dallas

    3 points. Awfully impressive by Dallas's D.
  14. Whoa...
  15. fasteddie_21

    Hurricane Irma Roll Call

    Be safe, y'all. Looks like it's a monster.