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  1. CJ was my 2nd pack after Antonio Brown. It's a PPR league so i had to take AB at 7th pick. I'm worried about CJ but only about 2/10 on a scale. I think it was just a bad game by the whole team and he was still on the field for most of the passing downs. He'll be fine but they play KC this week which may be a struggle again on a short week. I just traded for J. Bell so i'm considering playing him unless DEN says CJ is 100%
  2. I picked CJ up once he signed with the Arizona but I've been burned by him before. I traded him today in a PPR league for Joique Bell. I feel the Lions just wanted to make sure he was 100% before really using him much. Bell said he feels alot better this week and should get his workload back up to normal in the coming weeks. I just don't see Chris Johnson doing much more than the occasional big run here and there.