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  1. Speaking of Foles: Gave- Nick Foles Got- Stefon Diggs Dwayne Allen 12 tm devy league - 1 QB May be a little light for Foles but I have Brees and wanted to get some value for Foles without just giving him away. Hard to get a lot of trade value for a QB in this league typically.
  2. When he makes it thru the offseason incident free, the odds of you getting him are slim to none, unless you offer a kings ransom you get him for less now if you want to take on that risk. depends how much less. Give me an example of what he costs now compared to what you think he will cost before week 1, and I can tell you which I prefer. On Dec. 31 gave: Gordon Finley 2.11 for Harvin Eifert 1.2 I would guess whether you think Harvin is still around WR 6-10 will probably decide how you view this trade.
  3. Hard to find a lot of information, but has him as a 5 star recruit and as a player comparison he reminded them of RB LeSean McCoy RB Johnathan Gray Watched a few high school games and many games at UT. Put up record HS numbers for a powerhouse team. Never really saw the appeal though. Lots of big runs in HS doesn't always mean anything. Good player, but never gives you the wow factor. Not in the ballpark with McCoy on elusiveness/agility. Doesn't seem big enough to be a workhorse either. Nice player, but nothing special IMO.
  4. Anything to see here with Texas RB Malcolm Brown? Was the #1 RB out of high school. Injured last year, came on late this year after Gray got hurt. Averaged 100 & 1 TD over last 8 games. Not seeing much on him for the draft this year, assuming he declares. Seems like a player who could be a better pro than college player, especially playing with the trainwreck Texas has at QB these days.
  5. Gordon Finley 2.11 for Harvin Eifert 1.2 1Q / 2RB / 2WR / 1TE / 1Flex