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  1. Vereen is Darren Sproles. That's what you expect this year period. Non PPR leagues will dissapoint. Flex play in PPR leagues unless its a small league. Woodhead's role plus spelling Ridley. Darren Sproles role in NO. Blount threatens Ridley more than Vereen. like Ingram vs Pierre in NO.
  2. I still think that Barkley has a chance to win this Job. Foles and Vick have bigger arms but Barkley Clearly gets the ball out quicker. Pre snap recognition will be the x factor for these 3 guys. Chip's offense has a lot of option calls based on the defenses alignment.
  3. NO Cooper is clear number 2 receiver especially for his Blocking. Johnson, Damaris is the only player that offers a surprise on our team. He has been great in camp and very crisp route runner. there are a lot more short option routes in this offense than there was with Reid. Desean and Johnson will excel barring injury.
  4. Donnie Avery in a shoot out is my plan B!