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  1. Is he more Drew Bledsoe, Dan Marino or Peyton Manning?
  2. Vick leads the NFL in Fantasy Points this week. And quite possibly in a few of the next juicy matchups...
  3. Homo audibles out of rushing plays whenever he can near the goal line because he likes seeing himself on highlight reels.
  4. Weeden is #5 in the NFL in Passing Yards so they're going to go somewhere. Little disappoints, but he stays in. Massoquai seemed like the early season target favorite. Then Benjamin looked like his speed would set him apart. This situation is worth keeping an eye on because there will be plenty of yards to be had.
  5. Should the fact that AJ Green is playing vs DAL, @PHI, @PIT for FF playoffs be a concern?
  6. Numbers are in: 2 targets on 46 pass attempts.
  7. Here's my theory: Flacco and Pitta are best friends. Flacco makes Pitta the 3rd most targeted player in the NFL through 2 weeks. By doing this, he leaves out other weapons in the Ravens passing game (Rice, Boldin, Smith, Jones). Coaching staff and execs take notice. Players take notice. Players complain that their QB can't just throw it to a guy because they're best buddies off the field. Flacco says, "OK, I won't throw it to him as much." Closing in on the end of the first half of week 3 game, Flacco is true to his word. Not many targets for Pitta. They move towards the red zone. PITTA! Harbough shakes his head. He gets a few more looks in the second half. Another good game for Pitta. Another bad game for Boldin and Rice from a receiving standpoint. Flacco is castigated. Flacco needs to get other players involved. Flacco gets Boldin 6 balls for 120 yards. Flacco gets Rice 10 meaningless catches out of the backfield like hes become accustomed to. Flacco gets Smith downfield. Flacco even gets Jones involved. Boldin, Rice, Smith like. Jones too busy dropping key punts to like. Everyones happy. Flacco doesn't get castigated over the long week. How will the rest of the story unravel?
  8. ####### horrible. Not even a single point in PPR.
  9. Is Pitta the best option in the Ravens offense? NE is famous for taking their oppositions best option out of the game, as they did with Fitzgerald last week (1 catch, 4 yards). Or does Ray Rice receive a knock this week and Pitta a boost?
  10. U got workedI still had 4 other good starting workhorses. Traded another for Fitz. Can only start 2 RBs and needed WR help badly in a start 4 WR mostly TD league. Pretty excited to have Fitz and Julio while still having a solid stable of 3 RBs to rotate with.
  11. Just traded him for Julio Jones. Non-PPR.