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  1. Same. I’ve got Godwin, Conner, Juju and an injured DeVante Adams and Hollywood Brown. Also expecting a loss, but Lazard and Auden Tate will be rounding out my ragtag lineup this week. Looks like Kamara is going to be out as well, if that’s the case - fml and on to week 8
  2. On Zach Zenner? Do you really have to “buy” anything?
  3. Speaking of those ... have you found one that you use exclusively? Seems they all have some variance, and really don’t take into account the recent performance/trends of certain players. Joe Mixon for example still commands a heavy price, but yet DJ Chark or McLaurin a valued very low.
  4. It is strange that they don’t try to get him in those same spots - could also be that although he’s got the best hands in the game, he’s just not the burner that Fuller is in order to make those routes really work.
  5. Drafted him as a rookie, in my big money dynasty league. he’s gotten me 2 ‘chips ... I’m not complaining. Sure they could set him loose, but at what cost? A few more BIG games? Nah. I’ll take the longevity - Pete is keeping his franchise QB safe. i love it. shame on you for wanting MORE from the MVP. What you are asking for? Would lead to him getting hurt. So, shush it up. 😇
  6. During the playoffs? Yes, I agree they should be more aggressive on offense.
  7. Because they were/are winning. It works. Pass first offense would lead to more hits and wear on Russ. He’s just unbelievable though, the fact he’s producing at an elite level with a run first game script - really show how good he is.
  8. Picked up Fairbairn (sp?) with the thought he’d get plenty of opportunity in the shootout. Kept Slye, but benched him. Now I’m going to loose because of the last minute kicker swap. Now I’m stupid enough to have to hold Slye, through the bye - after benching him. And loosing because I did that. kickers are fun 🤮
  9. I just offered two 2020 3rds, and a 4th. solely because of the earlier “2/3/4” trade. I’d step it up to a 2/3/3 Chark is fun right now. But he’s far from a given thing. Take that rookie draft value, IMO. yes I’m buying. But I’d never offer a 2020 early first lol ... really?
  10. I’ve got Kittle and Hooper ... need to trade one of them. Market for Hooper seems pretty weak unfortunately.
  11. Tom Brady is an #######. ... that’s basically what happened here bro’s. Sony could’ve easily scored on the first GL try. But “Mr. Terrific” decided to take 2 goal line carries!?? Frick that.
  12. Default during the day. Dark mode while before/after sleep while still in bed.
  13. People ordering food like this: ”I’m gonna do the gyro combo” Or ”Can I do the the western omelette?” You’re going to do your food? Like by eating it?
  14. Tessitore is money. And booger is going to be great. also, you shut up.
  15. Yea same here. 49er’s are a really interesting team this year. Ate they legit? Is Cleveland for real (lmao 🤣) im hoping for big SF win tonight ... I’d like to see JimmyG sling it all over. Deebo and Kittle eating. .... is also like to see the whole Cleveland Browns melt down - maybe Odell spurts off at the mouth, Jarvis try’s to break it up ... then Chubb and Myles suplex them all? Ps: just looking for Deebo