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  1. Did the same thing while in Australia ... works great and didn’t notice any change in service. Seems to be the easiest route; wouldn’t bother with SIM cards etc.
  2. The first two that I can remember, unfortunately of course - was the UniBomber and then OJ. Shortly after was the columbine shooting. i was maybe around the age of 10-15 for those though. 9-11 was really the biggest one for me. 18years old and legit scared and aware of the world at that point
  3. Oops. i voted wrong. Im not sticking my hand in my pants ... I’ll adjust, over the pants, discreetly
  4. I figured horrible bosses would’ve been an option.
  5. “You said what?” no ... I didn’t say “what”. I said words - a full sentence actually. If you didn’t hear, then just simply say “what” or “I’m sorry?” Even “huh” is acceptable. I’ve been getting “you said what?” from a particular co-worker lately ... and each time I daze off dreaming about bricks being dropped on her or his face. Whats that now?
  6. Have you never seen a toilet seat covered in pee? How do you suppose it got there? The scenario I’m talking about specifically is in the workplace. While I’m in a stall, and have some mouth breather come into the stall next to me ... and piss all over the place, flush and leave. i know exactly who to disrespect. It’s the adults peeing on toilet seats.
  7. Pee on public toilet seats. do you behave this way in your home? Or a family or friends home? You’re too shy to use a urinal, ok fine. But could you at least lift the lid? I hate you.
  8. Compliments out the ###? shoes though.
  9. Fla-Vor-ice Easy to forget about, but so great on a summer day.
  10. I’m Ray Barboni, from Miami 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Morgan Wallen - Chasin’ you its your pretty typical new age country song. No pipes or strings. But I’m liking it right now ... could be the wine
  12. Great song btw ... pipes and strings. Awesome 👏
  13. Well, it’s what I’m listening to now