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  1. Is Gregg Jennings calling games now? ... man oh man, Sam Darnold on the Rams would be so great.
  2. They don’t feed him enough. Maybe I’m completely off base - but he is one of those backs that needs a legit 30 touches a game. tou would think he could get that instead of the rookie QB throwing 69 times a game
  3. I mean ... he was horrendous early last year - but ended up being a league winner in the second half. full disclosure, I don’t watch the Bengals. But is it REALLY Mixon Being the issue? Or is it faulty play calling/ poor run blocking? Mixon is one of the most talented backs in football imo. Hard to believe that he just “sucks”
  4. Has Ramsey been shadowing anyone in this game?
  5. Thought the Titans would be a sneaky late round pick up this year ... great early schedule. They suck.
  6. Nope. ... but my only other option is Juedy. WW is super dry.
  7. 3 for 45 ... he looks good on the field. Had a TD chance taken away because of PI. game script isn’t helping us here though ... we need Minshew to start slinging it - keep the Dolphins in pass mode
  8. Faust is the guy to give us updates that we already are aware of ... why are you doing it as well? stay in your lane dude ... or make a new one at least.
  9. I’m sensing a slow changing of the guard in ATL ... reminds me of when Reggie Wayne took over as the WR1 in Indy ... Marvin Harrison was still damn valuable - but it was obviously at that point who the WR to own was. we are not there yet ... but the time is coming very soon. Next big game from Julio? I’d be selling.
  10. No doubt. This week 2 of 2020 has been a bloodbath.
  11. Hey Sig, Appreciate what you do around here. Thoughts on my FLEX? .25ppr Robby Anderson at TB or John Brown at MIA