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  1. I’m just messing with ya bit pal - I’ve got no allegiance to either team. I lean towards MSU only because I’ve spent the most time up there with friends. Im a lawrence tech nerd ... that partied at state 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. You throw it in the nearest trash bin - but be courteous about it. Don’t throw your dogs mush into a semi empty trash can. Find one that’s full ... that way it’s guaranteed to make it into the truck without incident. Don't leave your neighbor with poop smear in his can because you did a bad job of choosing the appropriate can to litter in.
  3. No no lol ... he needs to give dad a break! He’s thee most difficult, stubborn, spoiled furrball ever - my fault I’m sure. But still. Trying to give this guy a pill? First attempt: spits it across the room. Second attempt: holds it in his mouth, then spits it across the room. 3rd attempt: put the pill way down in there .. hold his mouth closed, rub his throat a bit telling him “good boy” ... I hear a *gulp* let him loose ... And then he flicks the pill out of his mouth. Pretty sure he gave me the finger after that one .. luckily he forgives me so quickly after our wrestling (time for treatment times) matches. If it wasn’t for him forgiving me so soon - I don’t think I’d be able to keep on poking, prodding, and sticking pills and drops in his face everyday.
  4. Hey friends 👋🏼 So for those that are following along - just a quick (not quick) update. Holy French words!!! This “sick kitty” thing is a full time job. I’m up for for it, but the kidney failure disease? It’s tough. Everyday is different. Daily Subq fluids ... kidney supplement drops. The hills prescription food. That’s all fine and dandy. But when he decides he’s not going to eat? Continue to get weak? That’s a kick in the rub ☹️ (Hell, I’ve been feeding the little jerk by spoon because if I don’t? He just licks the gravy - and the chunks just smear around the plate! So yea ... I’m his bench. I spoon feed the sick prince.) So then I took to google. I've started giving my guy 1/4 tablet of Pepcid AC. Its worked wonders. I was frustrated because I was “doing all the right things” ... but he still was struggling to eat enough to put some healthy weight back on. Of course he’s got an upset belly! He’s on a new diet - and dad is squirting kidney drops in his mouth twice a day. So ... 3 days in to supplementing some Pepcid AC - and my little dude is so happy. Eating all the food. Gaining weight. Still taking the kidney treatments with no issue. lol it’s funny how the simple things sometimes get looked over. “I’m doing everything right, why is he not eating?” upset belly. Duh 🙄 Im still waiting to turn “that corner” ... meaning, I’m still not able to skip a day of treatment. Which form what I’ve read/heard is that once a CRF kitty gets somewhat stable - you can adjust to a 3x a week fluid treatment type schedule. It’s a daily thing right now 😒 I’m so thankful I’ve got a wonderful lady in my life - it’s springtime, and she wants to travel - but she also understands that I’m gonna take care of my 15yr old son, until he tells me it’s ok to let him go. Sorry for the storybook. Thanks for listening 👏
  5. Of course I drink alone. Is that supposed to be a bad thing? I’ll also go out to dinner alone - AND drink. Are there people that believe doing things alone, like eating or drinking - is wrong? I’ve traveled all over the US, and been overseas on business many times - alone. Should I not be drinking or going out to dinner by myself? Cause that’s dumb. Even when I’m not traveling. Sometimes I just enjoy eating and drinking (at the bar) with strangers. Sometimes I need the meaningless conversation. Knowing that you’re never going to see this person again, mixed with a couple drinks ... has led to some of the most entertaining solo dinner nights I’ve been on.
  6. Voted P F W ... because of the consistency in which they are made. I will say though, there’s something great about how a waffle captures different pockets of flavors. Oh this bite has more butter! Oh the powdered sugar clumped up in this bite etc etc ... Also. I rarely eat any of them lol. I’m mostly a non-sweet breakfast eater.
  7. Nothing worse than getting your time wasted while wasting your time.
  8. A bit of a roller coaster... started off great, well sorta “great” after his first week home. and then we had a set back. I blame myself though. He was taking to the treatment so well ... getting stronger. Which meant he started fighting me when it came time for his SUBQ fluids ... which I understand, who likes needles? so I skipped a day of fluids. He was fighting me so much - so I got frustrated 🤷🏼‍♂️ That turned out to be a really bad thing. He then went 3 days without eating, extremely weak again. But I’ve got a nice routine down now. Soaking the subQ bag in warm water, really makes a difference - he’s taking his treatment so well again. His appetite has gone through the roof! 2 1/2 cans of the hills K/d wet food ... and than munchies on the dry food whenever. he's gaining weight, and actually jumped up on the top shelf of his cat tower this evening ☺️ Its been a struggle. But I’ve realized that as long as I’m consistent - he’s going to be ok. Ps: sorry I haven’t sent pics ... as soon as I can get a good one, Krista will have it - and she can post it. lol buddy isn’t so photogenic these last couple weeks.
  9. Left-thumb, Left-handed Right-arm, Left-handed Left handed. But thee only things I do with my left hand is write, and fork/spoon.
  10. I’ll Be taking a current pic .. or few if you could post them again that’d be great. hes feeling a bit self conscious - both front legs have been shaved because of the hospital visit. im so happy he’s still with me though. Pics coming soon
  11. Hey friends, my guy has been home for about a week now - it started off really bad. He was home, but still couldn’t walk. Wouldn’t eat. kidney failure 100% but I’ve stuck with the treatment. SUBQ fluids every morning. Renal supplements. My conner boy is almost back to normal. He’s regained the strength in his hind legs - he’s eating and drinking. Producing huge dumps in the litter box lol - and being the little jerk that I fell in love with. He’s doing great. Thank all of you 🙋🏼‍♂️