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  1. Ray Barboni

    Songs with counting - list your favorites Not a favorite ... but my 6th grade self thought it was *Coolio
  2. Ray Barboni


    Love Kamara, but I’d take the KJ/DC/1st here
  3. Ray Barboni

    AFC Wild Card - Chargers @ Ravens

    So I was right
  4. Ray Barboni

    AFC Wild Card - Chargers @ Ravens

    It’s the worst ... I think it’s a kazoo, or an idiot.
  5. Ray Barboni

    AFC Wild Card - Chargers @ Ravens

    What are you even talking about? Lots of spaz happening in here. He’s in the game. Stop with the “Blew out his knee” and “RIP to his career” It’s weird, man.
  6. Ray Barboni

    AFC Wild Card - Chargers @ Ravens

    Back in
  7. Dynasty league with IDP Starting Kiko Alonso over Deon Jones cost me the ‘ship. Sucks. But I’m looking forward to now just watching football like a regular person.
  8. Ray Barboni

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    Starting Damien Williams over Gurley. It feels gross, but I just can’t risk a the chance of a 2-3 carry early exit
  9. Ray Barboni

    ***Championship Week Thread***

    Benching Fournette and David Johnson this week, for Henry and Carson. I don’t trust LF at all.
  10. Ray Barboni

    Why Bother Saying "RPO"

    220 ... 221, whatever it takes
  11. Same. No kids, but I can usually find enough things around the house to fill the rest of the bag. not voting
  12. I think I’d rather him develop with Darnold
  13. Ray Barboni

    Weather in SF today

    No other options for me. Gotta stick with Russ ... Foles and Driskel are the o my available QB’s
  14. Ray Barboni

    RB start help

    No PPR I’ve got both David Johnson and Leonard Fournette in my lineup right now - pretty cool right? Nope. I’m surprised I’ve even made it this far with them this year. woukd anyone swap out DJ for: Derrick Henry @NYG or Tarik Cohen v GB Thanks guys WHIR