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  1. Steelers DST v Buffalo or Chiefs DST v DEN I’ve had the Steelers slated all week, but just saw the weather in KC. Lots of snow, Drew Lock on the road in Arrowhead. what say you Sir Bloom? thanks
  2. Added In my main dynasty league. Super deep bench. Cant hurt to add if you have an empty spot. Looked good on his carries so far. I think Samuels and the rest of the backups are trash.
  3. Not watching ... but saw Jared Cook had a 42 yard catch taken away? was that just a prior miscue by the scorekeeper?
  4. Lions need to run the ball if they have any chance to win. I think they realized that last week. Fat Patricia is going to coach to win. Which means run the ball I believe Bo is good for at least a TD. Whereas the same can not be said about Sony.
  5. Same. except my options are shyte. Starting Bo over Michel and Mostert
  6. Starting over Carr in a super flex. Both should produce, I’ll take the home QB.
  7. 0.5 PPR Deebo v GB DeVante Parker @ CLE Non PPR Mostert V GB ( Breida doubtful) Sony Michel v DAL TE Premium Gerald Everett v BAL Jared Cook v CAR Standard (-3 for INT) Aaron Rodgers @ SF (Own DeVante Adams) Jameis Winston @ ATL (Own Godwin) thanks for the help bloom!!
  8. Bo Scarborough RB Lions worth a look in redraft AND dynasty leagues, IMO
  9. No PPR huge underdog, need a win. Marquis Brown or Sony Michel opponent has Lamar 😔
  10. Not sure how FFPC works ... or even whet the hell it is - but as a Gordon owner, I’d take ANY 2020 1st. Congrats
  11. CHI defense even worth rostering anymore? They’ve been bad, and the upcoming schedule is trash.
  12. ... think it’d be easier, and maybe just as effective if they traded for Robbie Anderson. Jets want to trade him. And he’s give Arod a legit option as a deep threat / complete WR along side DeVante.
  13. Some dork on the NFL network was on the field. Saying 25-30 mile hour winds, with possible 50mph gusts. He had a broken umbrella as a prop. Couldn’t tell whether or not he was dorking around for the camera ... or doing actual work. Im still starting John Brown. Might switch to Robbie Anderson. But not just yet.
  14. Not sure. I think I’d lean on the side of them keeping Mixon (cheap, supposed stud RB) and build up that offensive line. Maybe I’m high, but I swear there was tons of hype around this offense coming into the season. Yes we all knew/tonight the OLine was going to be an issue - but we were blinded by the coaching change. What’s his face coming from the McVay tree ... blah blah blah great things for Mixon. It’s still always going to be the Bengals. So I wouldn’t expect any trades. Best we can hope for is an influx of offensive line help, perhaps a top QB in the draft. sucks right now. But I’m still a big Mixon believer going forward. Not this year. Excellent buy low dynasty buy IMO
  15. Love this post ... Except you should add in your personal thoughts going forward. we wanna know what to do with this guy. Redraft and Dynasty.
  16. Ty Johnson can play RB. McKissic is a decent pass catching option, but he can’t run the ball. Lots of love and preseason chatter about Ty Johnson as well. (I’m unfortunately a Lions fan - so I listen to all the talking heads on our local sports radio) doesn’t mean he’s worth a dang ... but he’s the pickup, IMO
  17. Is “riffing” a good thing? ... I’m it so sure. Anyways. AJ brown is the better WR.
  18. Can’t believe he’s still in the league. But no, I’d pass.