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  1. Opened Diamond Creek 1979 Cabernet from Volcanic Hill vineyard yesterday It was excellent, very smooth, but still had good flavor and finish - can still be held a while too
  2. Each? That's a hell of a great price on those. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> restaurant cost. snuck a case through on the invoice for $$, can't do it all the time but it's fun when we do. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Intresting. I just landed an account with a local beer distributor at work, and was contemplating this very idea today. They carry alot of stuff we don't carry, which means theres lots of stuff they have that I want, but can't slip it past the invoices/paperwork without the main office raising an eyebrow...I was thinking about adding a case here or there "off the record" for cash...Do you have a deal with the delivery guy or the distributor itself?? The way I was thinking was I just tell them I need a case of <whatever> on a seperate invoice, and that I would pay cash for it, since I am the one who enters the actual invoices into the computer to the main office....The distributor's copies of invoices are for their record only, and the only way the main office knows we got a delivery is if I enter it and send it to them...IOW, theyd never know that I received the cash invoice... I really wanna try it but am a bit leary...think this method will work? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, it will work fine and is done all the time by restaurant owners or employees or even good customers if they have a good relationship with the owner or manager.
  3. Had the new cabernet sauvignon from Whispering Dove last night - its a 2003 from the Stag's Leap District. VERY nice, more tannin than the previous two vintages and not as up front, but still a very nice Napa cabernet at a reasonable price.