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  1. So sorry GBK. May he rest in peace
  2. Damn. Thoughts and prayers for Jack.
  3. Good luck! FBGs could use a BBQ process and develpment guy. They are giving it away for FREE!!! Crazy.
  4. Yes, back in the old migration from old yeller. #tips40oz
  5. Genesis is up and running. Will get new Weber mastertouch 22in kettle up on Friday. So excited! I know kettle has an ash catcher but i'd like to put something below it on my wood deck. Suggestions?
  6. They look like they would be comfortable in a patagucci jacket sleeping on a bamboo mat for most of their trip. That's not me.
  7. Built a new deck with a bit of a smaller footprint. Also have a new Weber Genesis in the box in garage. I'm currently without a grill. That will be fixed by 4pm on Saturday.
  8. Have a Bose bluetooth that is 3 years old. Ok to fill a room but deathmetal heads will probably think it comes up short.