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  1. Dont forget to list your low fantasy baseball scores and overvaluation of bad Padres second basemen over the years. Is there a large hs near you with a decent baseball team? Go to a gm and take notes. Sit down one of the foul.lines and announce things to yourself.
  2. Anyone been to Strasbourg? SofaPrincess is studying there Winter 2020. Looking forward to a visit to the area.
  3. May he rest in peace. Happy Easter!
  4. Agreed. Melted cheese in a doughy crust. No specific flavor.
  5. Perfect location to get to Greenfield Village quickly.
  6. Greenfield Village most bang for the buck with kids. Weather should be ok. Enjoy!
  7. I received a text from Thorn today. More than made up for my brackets burning in the fiery flames of trumps soul.
  8. Hulu is free with Sprint apparently.
  9. Boathouse in Ossining was not open. They were planning on it but pushed it out a weekend. Went to Westerly Bar and Grill just down the street. A bit slow for a late lunch in early March but I pretty cool view of river for spring summer fall. Had pizza at Fortina in Rye Brook. It was fine. Service was a bit off but food was good. Rye Ridge deli next door had decent selection of sandwiches but pretty expensive for what you receive. Cheesecake was solid.
  10. I'll be the fat guy with the midwest accent, drunk, in a corner, alone. P/W is "Otis"
  11. Yes I know the diff since my wife is jewish. I fumbled. Actually not even sure if it is a boy or a girl. I actually encouraged my wife to go as I wanted the day off from school!