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  1. This is me in a couple of mths, just need to find some clubs
  2. Hit Terry Black's BBQ during my visit. Very solid. One beef rib, one sausage, green beans, potato salad(meh) and two Fire Eagle IPA's. Damn fine eating. Lunch at Caroline's on Congress was good. Sat outside table on sidewalk, only accosted by street walkers twice during lunch. Had Italian at Really's in the burbs which wasn't far from Balcones Country Club. Really enjoyed the city. Walked from convention center to Texas campus and visited capitol building. Really cool city and wished I had brought a dozen Voodoo Donuts back on the plane with me!
  3. Enjoyed a Russell's 10 year reserve last weekend. Pretty good! A friend in Kentucky gave me a bottle of Angels Envy Finished Rye. Going to save for Xmas vacation. Also gave me a bottle of Willett XCF ECF. Going to save that for....awhile.
  4. Cool, headed to Austin on Thursday until Sunday for a conference. staying at residence inn downtown
  5. It's the ambiance, plus bud lights at midnight.
  6. I go to LCA for the first time last night. Social Kitchen, game then Lafayette. It's fun going downtown now. SK had $5 Tito's for happy hour.
  7. What do you guys do with whole pork loin? So little fat, I find it's a tough cut to prepare.
  8. Holy #### that looks good! Crosstown from me but i'm headed there directly from airport for lunch!!!