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  1. It's the ambiance, plus bud lights at midnight.
  2. I go to LCA for the first time last night. Social Kitchen, game then Lafayette. It's fun going downtown now. SK had $5 Tito's for happy hour.
  3. What do you guys do with whole pork loin? So little fat, I find it's a tough cut to prepare.
  4. Holy #### that looks good! Crosstown from me but i'm headed there directly from airport for lunch!!!
  5. I think my daughter just hit the send button on her 10th application. Looking for direct admit to nursing programs. Wife is on top of it thank goodness.
  6. My daughter graduated from here two years ago. Admins are onsite for the pics and while its a neat tradition it is a bit trivial.
  7. I need a recipe for my Weber kettle this weekend. Fattie recipe or what not. Max 4hrs.
  8. Taking all of my social studies classes to Scholastic Book Fair today. Not sure if "Magnolia Table" by Joanna Gaines is in the K-8 reading wheelhouse.