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  1. That doesn't sound right. When was this? How have you "seen" that? Do you have moderator access so you're able to see what people post and are suspended for? Or better, please let's not turn this into the ancient version of the PSF Moderation thread.
  2. We've asked people repeatedly not to do this. Stop.
  3. It likely will. People listen about as well as you'd expect them to. But you need to get thicker skin and be more cool yourself. We know you act like you do nothing wrong and you're always the victim. That's not accurate. You bring a ton of this on yourself. If you disagree with that, it's probably best for you to find another place to post.
  4. Condescending snark is unfortunately part of life for many. It's the insults we're trying to limit. Thanks.
  5. Agreed. Everyone drop it and move on.
  6. The snarky fake compliment that everyone knows is a "let's point out how wrong you were" insult shtick is lame. Please stop.
  7. That's lame. Please don't do it again. If you see something over the top, like the offending post was, please report it as others did. And drop the accusations of " laying down the red carpet for you to make pedophilia jokes/unfounded accusations." TIA.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Thanks for positive contributions while you were here. For those of us here that want to keep it on football and not taking shots at each other, thank you. It should be a great season.
  9. Both of you please stop acting like children and drop the back and forth. It's tiresome from both of you and annoying. Drop it. If that's not acceptable to either of you, please find a new board.
  10. Did you miss: If you can do that, you're welcome to post. If you continue to ignore it after you get back, you won't be posting here.