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  1. Be more cool if you want to keep posting here. If you don't agree you're being uncool, find a new board.
  2. Last post on this. To be clear, this isn't a request. Drop it if you want to continue posting here. If you see posts that are clearly offensive and over the line, please report them. Do not waste the moderators time reporting every time you see a poster spin something to make it seem worse than it might be. Don't report every time you see a poster spin something to make it less than it might be. Talk about the issues and why you think what you think. Way less about how terrible the "other" side is.
  3. Good. Because that's encouraged here. Please do your "combat" with less trolling sweeping generalizations. And drop this. TIA.
  4. Don't ever post anything close to that again.
  5. Nope. And nobody says it is. In the meantime, you can focus on you being way more cool. TIA.
  6. Please drop this. We try pretty hard to keep the Shark Pool NFL Only. Not public mediation.