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  1. Hey, I have hardly posted in 5 years - do those warnings ever expire?

  2. Wait until you hear its voice. Newspaper, not radio.
  3. No it was merged into this already existing Sanders thread.
  4. Don't care about your politics. We have fewer posts on the front page now. Multiple threads on the same candidate makes no sense. This is no different than any other thread getting merged. Sida got a timeout because he was told this and chose to respond by bumping a bunch of old threads and trying to create new threads on it like you're doing here.
  5. Knock if off. There's not as many posts on the front page anymore, we're not doubling this up.
  6. Anything and everything about your teams. The fact your injuries this year "hampered" your chances at a title in one of your leagues is fascinating. We can't believe you are down to Ivory and Blue. It's incredible. While I think you're adorable for the way you're trying to mock this poster to prove that no one cares about other people's teams, this is kind of the entire premise of this thread. To speak about all the injuries and how playing the waiver wire was so important this year. I bet we see a lot of it here. There is a thread for that. Or you know, you could just choose not to read this one? How's he supposed to be a troll that way? The lamenting, please give us more. Can't wait. Ugh. if you just ignored the one post, we could all be spared reading the next 10 that came from your dumb response. I never understand message board police. You are adding to the problem that you are complaining about and making it all worse. If this type of post bothers you THAT much, you probably need some therapy. Likewise. The mirror is an interesting place. The difference is I wasn't crying about the post and I wasn't all butt hurt bc it wasn't in the correct forum Mr. message board police man. I think my 5 year old could understand this. for every one post about a specific person's team we get 15 replies about how its in the wrong forum. so dumb. don't you just skip over things you don't care to read about? it's real easy, you just look one post down. if that one doesn't interest you, rinse and repeat. YOU are the problem, not the other guy posting about his RB troubles. If you pay little attention to things that you aren't interested in you will be a much more pleasant person. I promise. Now next time, you won't start this whole dialogue (like you did this time), and everyone will be happy reading about dead running backs. Now let's take all this information, let it soak in. Then when the next situation like this occurs, you can try to ignore rather than flame. it's a win-win for everyone. thanks. The rest of the posts have been cleaned out and Kook is on a month-long timeout now, but wanted to address what went on more than just sweeping it away. Yes a thread like this runs the risk of turning into something that is more appropriate in the pinned grieving thread. But it can also turn into legitimate conversation about lessons learned from this year. If it goes the grieving route it can always be merged. But we'll take that over running a thread into the ground the moment there is a post that is more about one person's team than about useful strategy. Attacking people like this isn't the answer. Be part of the solution and either help steer it back towards useful conversation, or else stop reading it.
  7. You have made some good takes in here Dr. Brew and I agree particularly with the notion that everything that has happened suggests the Cowboys do not have faith in Michael. However is it really necessary to go out of your way to call out other posters directly? I think we all agree that something like that won't end well. This is very good advice. And not only because there was a recent post in this thread asking for it to stop.
  8. A few people got messages of a more private nature, but wanted to make a general post. I know we don't have the moderators available to stop every insult and slight, and I wasn't about much for a stretch which didn't help. But there's no reason the blowups in here should have gotten as far as they did. If you're going back and forth repeatedly with little to do with football, or find yourself typing an insult, just take a deep breath and stop. Use the Ignore list if you need to. The rest of the community here doesn't want to have to read it.
  9. Let's everyone tone it way down please. There's no need for this kind of attitude towards other posters.
  10. When you get back, let's knock off the trolling.
  11. Cleaned out a bunch of arguing. Let's take it easy on calling other people out. We're here to discuss football and have people share opinions. No one is ever right on everything. We'd rather people share their view with some reasons and let others take it into account and come to their own conclusions.
  12. Been around here 2 weeks and already ripping people for a consensus value play in SS against a soft defense who disappointed (yes, I had him), then gloating over it. That's like the DFS equivalent of jumping for joy over an injury in season long leagues because it benefits your guy. Been around here since the beginning actually, just not on the boards. But thanks for the timeline. Had no idea you or anyone else had SS, it was not a shot at you. I could not care less about your lineups so nothing is personal mate. SS was a dumb play to me as he is very old, been slightly bruised, playing the Steelers at home, been held in check by them in the past, and playing a short week. It was nothing personal, dont be so sensitive. But I am glad you played him, I have been eating from the Fanduel trough for a long, long time playing guys like you - you alon have probablly bought me a car. Now that was ripping, nothing said before was ripping - it was just you going into some Beta-male gibberish and being butt-hurt for not being good at the game. Last post for me ever here and will not revisit the boards but I do love FBG, and will continue to feast on your ilk. You is for FD dinner as we say son. Laterz. Lets everyone take it down a notch please.
  13. What's wrong with you? Yes, georg013, you're on the verge of joining Banzinga in being kicked out of this thread for good. I'm sure many of the people coming in here have no special feelings about Michael and didn't even follow the thread when he was behind Lynch. He's just one more option that the combination of situation and potential makes him fit in one of their last roster spots. They want news and meaningful opinions, not childish crowing. You don't need to have a high opinion of Michael to post in here. But you do need to contribute something more constructive than needling and laughing at CM owners. And should Michael ever start and become elite, drowning out useful posts with I-told-you-so's back the other direction will not be welcomed either.
  14. Your last day's worth of posts are exactly what we're asking to stop. When you return from vacation, don't post in this thread again.