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  1. Don't
  2. Please drop this.
  3. Please be cooler to each other.
  4. Have a nice season Hoffman. We tried to ask you as nicely as possible. Sorry it didn't work out.
  5. Don't
  6. This isn't going to be a thread to stalk or threaten Zangrilli or anyone else. Stop any threats or stalking type stuff now. That should be obvious but we'll say it to be clear. For an update, can someone that knows give us an update on how all this shook out? Questions: How much money was owed to people in total? How much in total was paid out? For getting paid, was there a formal process? If so, anyone still in the process?
  7. Please be way cooler if you come back.
  8. Please don't
  9. One last time. Non bird avatar. 

    1. HellToupee


      Could you kindly suggest he puts me on ignore. I would really appreciate it . Thanks

  10. Please pick a new avatar. Thanks.