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  1. I remember that one! No Kurt Russell but it did have one of the brothers from Simon & Simon. Cool ending IIRC, but can't remember whether he actually touched the mirror or if it cut to black right before his fingertips reached it. I do remember thinking it was the most John Carpenter'y music of all John Carpenter's movies (and that's really saying something). 😀
  2. Definitely a tough call on Kirk. I was a major believer that he'd step smoothly into the #2 WR role this season (and with that offense set to hum, my expectations were that the #2 role might even match the WR1 in fantasy points with Hopkins drawing the tougher coverage). Now I'm struggling with the notion of keeping Kirk (don't overreact) vs swapping him out for a guy like Brandon Aiyuk who could possibly take the reins as the top WR in SF...but who knows if that's worth more than the WR3 in AZ? Guys like this, do you cut bait and take a shot on another rising star (before their star has risen) or do you have faith in your original gut feeling and stick it out. I believe I'll be sticking it out for a couple more weeks. Intestinal fortitude! 😣
  3. You know, one of life's great pleasures is discovering an older book/author that you really enjoy. There are so many great works I finally get around to reading and--beyond having that sense of accomplishment of "phew! I've finally read ____"--they don't exactly sweep you off your feet. Finished The Duel by Anton Chekhov the other day. Book was fine (not a waste of time by any means), but I guess my reading sensibilities have never really jived with Russian authors. Meh. On the other hand (and the reason for this post), I've only recently discovered PG Wodehouse (pronounced "wood-house" as I later learned) and can honestly say my life was incomplete up until that point. And THEN realizing that this guy has been a mainstay as "the writer that other writers list as their favorite writer" forever, well, WTH? I guess it just blew right by me for years. Anyway, if you've heard of Wodehouse, you're saying "yeah, of course he's awesome, everyone knows that." But if you've never sampled his work, I'll just ask you, "does the name 'Jeeves' sound familiar?" There's a reason for it. These books--which are basically compiled short stories of the misadventures of Bertie Wooster and "his man" Jeeves--are brilliant. There are very, very few writers who can make me laugh out loud but Wodehouse does it on a pagely basis. How did I not know about these books?! It's often said that the two most difficult types of writing are comedy and horror, because done badly, one begins to feel like the other. I concur. That makes Wodehouse all the more impressive. I've only read the first three Jeeves books, but (since I don't often contribute on this thread other than to shamelessly pimp my own work) I had to light the batsignal just in case you other constant readers haven't yet had Jeeves in your life. Since these are older books, they're not all available on Kindle (I had to get a hard copy of Carry On, Jeeves through thriftbooks), but they're worth your time. Also nice that the format allows you to just indulge in a chapter/story here and there (as a break from more "serious" books) if you don't want to plow through the whole thing all at once. The unofficial reading guide is here. Good stuff. Carry on. 🙂
  4. So having nothing to do with anything beyond "no matter the topic, someone is exploring it on the internet...all the time", this article popped up today ranking the best TV theme songs of all time. Writer is clearly a Millennial who shows a wee bit of disdain for the world that existed before he was born, BUT he also recognizes the great art of theme songs had a golden age (and that age occurred well before the century flipped into the 2000s). I neither endorse nor decry this article. Just presenting for public consumption. Carry on...
  5. I hear you. That line of dialogue - and that shocking ending (at the time) - was a seminal moment of television from my childhood. I remember thinking "no way" and "that's the coolest thing I've ever seen." One more reason we're the generation that sees zero problem with Han shooting first. Okay, back to the music topic. Thanks for the sidetrack, @Sullie and @Osaurus. I may have to rewatch these one of these days.
  6. Not to wander off-topic @Sullie, but how was Magnum PI upon re-watch? Many fond memories of the show (and Tom Selleck is eminently watchable in anything) but not sure how it would be watching it again today.
  7. Auction last night (in the Dallas area, so Cowboys players are well observed), CeeDee Lamb went for $2 more than Amari Cooper (and Gallup for about half of Cooper's price). Granted, plenty of variables in an auction based on when players are nominated (CeeDee was earlier than Cooper so owners generally had more money to play with), but this is the direction the needle is pointing before the first snap. Right or wrong...
  8. Thanks for reading @shuke! No worries at all on the order. Second Son and Hostile Takeover are each standalone stories and can be read independently of one another. There is an underlying thread that connects them, and the third book - Final Reckoning - pulls that thread to join the stories and wrap up the loose trilogy. (Final Reckoning is currently targeted for release on 11/12) Hope you're enjoying Second Son! 🙂
  9. Eek! Totally remember that now. Embarrassed am I. 😳 Still, um, glad you liked it. 👍
  10. Hey, @prosopis. Not to be overly self-promoty, but since you specifically mentioned Southwestern mystery/crime, I'd be remiss not to recommend Hostile Takeover. Suspense/thriller that takes place in the desert of New Mexico. If you read it, please let me know what you think. 🙂
  11. Almost have to break it into four categories: Comedy/Sitcom Classic Comedy/Sitcom Modern Drama/Action Classic Drama/Action Modern For comedy classics, it's hard to beat the nostalgia of Happy Days (with nods to All in the Family, The Jeffersons and Laverne & Shirley). But is the right answer "The Flintstones"? For comedy modern, Cheers is the winner (if it's still modern...when did I become old?), and I have a soft spot for Frasier's "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs." Surprised no one has thrown out Friends as an option. Action Classic, Magnum PI is in the mix. Gotta love some A-Team as well. Action Modern, meh. Whatever's out there. Random but I always liked the cello in the theme to Angel (the Buffy spinoff). Interesting question is whether we're judging the songs or the shows whose memory the song invokes? I'm sure there have been amazing songs attached to dud shows that we know nothing about. And some of the above are probably not all that but we think they are because of how the song makes us feel. Good topic.
  12. Thanks, prosopis! Very glad to hear you've been enjoying Hostile Takeover (and I hope the final 50 pages provided good resolution so as to avoid the pissing off 😉). Seriously, thanks for investing your time on the book. Hope it was worth your while. 📖
  13. I'll put this out there because I've been enjoying the benefits of some great insight on this thread the past few weeks and want to contribute something. This is less a deep discount alert but more a "looking ahead" alert (in the same vein as a few earlier posts on off-shore oil storage...that idea may be right, may be wrong, but I'm a big fan of investing in trends you believe will prove true). The notion of an "infrastructure" program from the US government has been on the flagpole and blowing in the breeze for years but has never gained enough traction to come true. I have no idea whether it will or not, but I do believe two things: (1) it is needed at some point and can't be put off forever, and (2) the current environment makes it more likely to occur for a number of reasons. IF an infrastructure package passes in the next year, consider these names as likely significant beneficiaries over the life of the project (potentially 10 years): Caterpillar (CAT) - Heavy equipment - Well known and discussed here frequently the past few weeks. Nucor (NUE) - Steel - Solid company and trading around 60% of prior value. Vulcan (VMC) - Concrete - Major producer and trading at a reasonable discount (if we can still use words like that). Daseke (DSKE) - Transportation - Flatbed/specialized transport including large equipment, concrete, steel girders, etc. - Most volatile stock on this list. Arcosa (ACA) - Energy/Transportation/Construction - Late 2018 spin-off of Trinity Industries. Least discount of any on this list due to its clean (new) balance sheet. Company had $107M of debt at 12/31/19 against $240M cash and $239M in EBITDA. But a reasonable buy if you believe in the infrastructure project. CytoDyn (CYDY) - Vibranium Rainbows - Currently testing leronlimab as an indestructible material enhancer that will double the load-limit on bridges and seal paved highways against all manner of weather for eternity. Your mileage may vary. Thanks for all the insight, gents. I'm normally the definition of a passive investor and had been heavy in cash for way too long. The past few weeks have been a fun ride. Keep up the great work!
  14. Quick bump of the above per earlier request for the current Second Son promo (available free until April 4th on Kindle / Kindle App). Hostile Takeover promo went well with more than 7,000 downloads in 48 hours. Second Son will surpass that with a slightly longer promo period. Not making any money off it but hoping the books will give quarantined readers a nice escape for a few hours. 😀 Thank you to all FBG's on this thread who downloaded. If you end up reading, would love to hear from you.