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  1. Could really use him this week. Colts could really use him too.
  2. This is my same exact situation. Right now I am leaning Winston but Smith might actually have to throw it this time.
  3. I think I'm finally starting him this week in .5 ppr over forte and blount. Should play a roll like last week I hope
  4. Yeah. I'm struggling between forte and ware at flex this week.
  5. I'm going with Dalton. It's against the dolphins and I'm still a little scared. Should be ok though.
  6. There's a sticky at the top for player threads.
  7. got him last year in a dynasty start up in like the 14th. loving that pick right now.
  8. i've holded all year and i will keep holding. will be a stud next season.
  9. Diggs Gore Lafell pick one. .5 ppr please.
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty much forced to start him this week. Arob and jmatt are on bye so it might be a decent play. Redemption from last week.
  11. I'm starting Tanny over Matt Ryan this week. He's looked great and qbs been doing alright vs the pats. Could be a decent play.
  12. A good play this week or what?
  13. He is indeed active
  14. Traded Matt Jones for diggs in dynasty.
  15. And playoff schedule this year is very good as well.