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  1. When I did my Breaking Bad marathon (62 episodes in 31 days), I also went back and watched every episode that had Gilligan's commentary. He is a genius story-teller.
  2. It doesn't matter which lawyer-politician in a black dress replaces Scalia. The Supreme Court is just there for show, a mere rubber-stamp of the tyranny of the other branches.
  3. I appreciate that. I did look into Sling and saw the Roku offer. My TV viewing had dropped to just a few hours a week anyway. I haven't missed having it. But I didn't want to miss Better Call Saul, so I sought an alternative solution. Chances are I'll go with some combo of Sling and Netflix in the future if I get tired of watching stuff on my laptop.
  4. I'm more excited about tonight than I was for any single NFL game this past season.
  5. After years of talking about it, I finally cut the cord on DirecTV. For Better Call Saul, the NBA playoffs, Masters, US Open, etc., a few friends came through with their info and I am fine watching those things on my laptop.
  6. This pretty much sums up how I feel about the Grammys.
  7. New board made me change my password. Bummer, since ObamaSucks was so easy to remember. Anyway, if you like economics -- especially Keynesian vs. Austrian -- check out Contra Krugman.
  8. Except that the thread title is "healthy meal ideas." I'm not dogmatic about this stuff. I drink daily, including beer, and have a bowl of popcorn once a month, and an occasional breakfast burrito. But these are occasional or minor exceptions to my mostly eating whole foods, animal protein, vegetables and healthy fats, which I do believe are healthier than processed foods, grains and sugars.
  9. There's nothing healthy about an English muffin and American "cheese." Two rashers of bacon, a couple of organic eggs, and a half-avocado would be much better. Seriously? We're going there? Going where? I'm stating my opinion that an English muffin (high carbs from refined wheat flour) and American "cheese" (a highly processed fake food, essentially) do not a healthy meal make. If you enjoy this breakfast, that's fine. It's your body; you can shove anything you want down your gullet.
  10. I've been experimenting lately with a form of intermittent fasting. I eat two meals a day (sometimes a small snack between meals) between about 10 am and 6 pm. What makes it possible is my own version of BulletProof coffee at around 7 am: about 12 oz. of strong coffee brewed in a a French press, and blended with 1 TBSP each of heavy cream, grass-fed butter and virgin coconut oil.
  11. There's nothing healthy about an English muffin and American "cheese." Two rashers of bacon, a couple of organic eggs, and a half-avocado would be much better.
  12. Which nickname do you like better: 1. Killary 2. Hitlery
  13. This Christmas, I had Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (2014 and 2015), Avery Uncle Jacob's Stout, Founders Project Pam, Deschutes Dissident, Duel Goya Imperial Stout and Stone Russian Imperial Stout (2015 Odd-Year Release Chai).
  14. I agree. Even in redraft, it's a long season. Talent usually wins out.