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  1. Can we let this thread die until after Wednesday WW? 😎
  2. Source? I haven't seen this stated anywhere
  3. If any offense can support an average RB in the league its this offense. That being said I think with Reids history with Shady he has a pretty solid chance to lead this team with touches and be a solid weekly RB2. Williams doesn't overly impress me with game breaking skill but he doesn't need to in this type of offense. The lanes are bigger and the field is more spread out. At the end of the day the McCoy pickup is not good for Williams or any other KC RB's for that matter.
  4. Got to disagree, reunited with Andy Reid. Very familiar with the Offense McCoy is a great receiving back, he could thrive in the KC offense. Chargers wouldn't have been bad at all but I think KC is best case scenario
  5. Absolute best situation Shady could have landed Think he looks good in KC and puts up solid FF stats
  6. I would still hold re-draft and see how it plays out. Keep in mind shady has some miles on the tank although a pretty small injury history. This is the absolute best landing spot for him, I think he can make some noise
  7. So whats this mean for the Seahawk Defense? Are they a legit top defense? Sorry out of they loop from their dominant years
  8. Can Demaryius Thomas make some noise on the Pats this year? Yes I know an Achilles is tough to come back from at this point in his career as it already seemed he was beginning to lose a step. Can he be a viable option in this offense? Josh Gordon is a very similar player to what Thomas was in his prime. Would have loved to see a prime Thomas getting balls from Brady
  9. Had to grab him at 4.2.......the only backs remaining were Ingram, Mack, White, Lindsey, Guice, Ekler and Drake Really had no choice that I was comfortable with, guy probably will make or break my RB situation
  10. If he plays you got to start him if your options are limited with sub RB2s. He was drafted in 1st round. I always start my studs
  11. Insurance. Ekelers out so they need someone for RB or special teams anyway. Go back thru the thread all the info is there
  12. Latest update on Gordon was he was pushing to play. I personally think he suits up but that's just going on a whim