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  1. If he plays you got to start him if your options are limited with sub RB2s. He was drafted in 1st round. I always start my studs
  2. Insurance. Ekelers out so they need someone for RB or special teams anyway. Go back thru the thread all the info is there
  3. Latest update on Gordon was he was pushing to play. I personally think he suits up but that's just going on a whim
  4. Melvin Gordon has been pushing to play and there is no decision yet. Troymaine Pope’s ascension is insurance if their star can’t go tonight. Quote Tweet Ian Rapoport @RapSheet The #Chargers are promoting RB Troymaine Pope from the practice squad for tonight’s game against the #Chiefs, source said. He’s bounced around, waiting for an opportunity, and the knee injury to Melvin Gordon paved the way. Obviously not a great sign for Gordon. 10:18 AM · Dec 13, 2018 · TweetDeck
  5. If he plays im staring him......chargers playing mind games 😱
  6. Looks like there is some hope. Let's go Melvin Melvin Gordon (knee) returned to Chargers practice Tuesday, getting in a limited session. There is now a real chance that Gordon returns from his two-game absence against the Chiefs on Thursday. For his part, Gordon has said he expects to be a game-time decision. If Gordon does suit up, it's possible he will not be in for his usual workload, though Austin Ekeler (concussion) is expected to be sidelined.
  7. Ya what I was thinking as well and not what I want to see. Went 11-2 on the season will a solid team and my RB depth was my weak point. Have a bye this week and was hopeful he was at least running on a bike by now. Not looking good
  8. Well he's officially out now. Can any local guys chime in with anything? Did he do anything or make any progress? Looks like next week might be tough to count on him as well.
  9. Have a BYE this week but picking Jackson up anyway if i can with the Gordon injury. Not real happy about the whole situation because when he does come back you have to start him but how much confidence do you have in him with the injury not the far back. Back to Jackson. I recall back to the game he got the rock late while LAC were working the clock. He had a run to the outside and many backs would have ran OB and stopped the clock. This kid made it a point to go down in bounce to keep the clock running. He look solid on his carries and always was moving forward. He was shifty quick and elusive. Definitely liked what I had seen and good seeing the quote above from @Shadyridr . If you can grab him for this week and need a RB I think he will do you well
  10. Not a doctor but just using common sense here would indicate Gordon sits this week and is hopefully healthy enough to play against KC in what would be a big game. You cant rush Gordon back because with an MCL sprain there is a very high risk of re-injury or further injury. I am guessing the Questionable tag for this week is coach speak and keeping both cincy and KC on their toes the following week to need to game-plan for Gordon. Think of it this way....if you don't rule Gordon out early for the Cincy game KC has to think "Gordon was close to coming back last 2 weeks we need to game plan for him" as opposed to Gordon was ruled out early the last 2 weeks his knee is jacked up lets key on their next biggest threat
  11. who is the better add ROS in PPR Humphries or Godwin......I am guessing humphries as it seems he will get more targets but Godwin may get you more TDs
  12. He was an Animal at Pitt. I remember a stretch where he had like 2 or 3 200 yrd games in a row. Was a punishing running who looked for contact. I dont know how highly he was touted but he was real fun to watch