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  1. 12 team PPR QB: Wilson, Stafford WR: Julio, Cooks, Inman, Gabriel RB: McCoy, Martin, Stewart, Farrow, Gillislee TE: Walker, Brate K: Tucker / DST: New England
  2. I won with him despite playing him his 0 point game and having him on the bench when he blew up week 15. He's a fantastic talent but some people just prefer a more consistent player, even if it means a lower ceiling, versus the highs/lows that Cooks provided this season. As for me, I don't mind boom/bust players. As long as they have a decent amount of "boom" and also toss in some decent to above average games in there.
  3. He's had his ups and downs but he came up big the last 2 weeks and getting him off waivers midseason saved me when Stafford start to decline big time as a fantasy producer.
  4. I picked up Russell Wilson off waivers midseason from an impatient owner and he came up big the last 2 weeks. Rishard Matthews, Kenny Britt, Ty Montgomery, Robby Anderson, Cameron Brate, Taylor Gabriel gave me some nice weeks.
  5. Add in Inman too and yeah, SD is solid at WR. If Cooks wants to live in San Diego but isn't playing for the Chargers, then maybe he should consider the next best option which is another team located in Southern California.... like say the one in Los Angeles. Cooks gives them a nice 1-2 punch with Britt. OR maybe a different team in California. The Niners, who badly need talent at WR. Anyways, thoughts on Cooks this week? Thinking of benching him for Inman and Gabriel.
  6. I'm considering Ryan Griffin myself. I know the matchup isn't ideal but Griffin had a decent role even with a healthy CJ. He will get peppered with targets with CJ out. So he could have a nice PPR floor. I'm alive in 3 leagues and thanks to various injuries or just not trusting my usual options, I am rolling with the likes of Inman, Gabriel, Farrow, Montgomery, Robby Anderson as starters. I'm all about the upside.
  7. It's fairly simple to me: During regular season, even if you are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs you should continue making moves for the sake of competitiveness and not giving other teams a cake walk victory. Once playoff starts, then obviously a non-playoff team has no reason to make any waiver wire moves in a redraft league. Keeper/dynasty is obviously different and moves should be allowed the entire season.
  8. Barkley has not looked good in the limited time he has played but IMO this doesn't automatically mean Meredith's fantasy value is nullified. Terrible QBs can still make a WR useful in fantasy if he peppers him with targets. Granted we don't know if Meredith would be that guy. Could be Royal. Or Wilson. Or just dumpoffs to RBs. For now Meredith is a hold to me.... unless you can drop him for a better option like Boyd.
  9. Basically everyone on Detroit except for Tate since I own no shares of him Brandon Cooks - guy is boom or bust and NO has a ton of mouths to feed Delanie Walker - tough playoff schedule Dion Lewis/James White - I need one to be useful or else I am potentially starting Rashad Jennings as my RB2. Ugh.
  10. He got in 3 practices this week. Barring a setback between now and Monday, he will play.
  11. A lot of things hold Russ back. The lack of mobility and porous OL are the obvious ones. But also Seattle having a strong defense and the heavy emphasis on the running game hold him back from big time production as well. Bortles has more 300+ yard passing games because he has to throw a lot. Last season and thus far this season, Bortles has averaged 39 passing attempts a game. Same span, Russ is at 31.5. At 8.1 yards per attempt, if he passed as much as Bortles, he'd be averaging an extra 60 passing yards a game. That is significant, especially if you play in leagues where you get a bonus for 300+ passing yards as another 60 per game would give him 6 this season rather than 1. 6 300+ yard games out of 7 is good for fantasy purposes. And presumably he'd have an extra 2 or 3 passing TDs. The lack of rushing on his part still holds him back but being Seattle's QB also does as well. Which is why I'm not really buying into the idea that he'll have a great 2nd half like last season. I don't see him ever being health enough to put up up viable running stats and with that OL being worse, a strong defense that keeps scoring down and a good run game that'll be bolstered by the return of Rawls eventually, i just don't see much hope on the positive regression.
  12. I traded for Stafford. I know he has Minnesota twice and his bye is coming but this allows me to cut bait on Wilson and just stream during that week 10 bye. Sad when I'd rather have Stafford versus the Vikings than Wilson but if Wilson can't do it versus New Orleans, what hope is there?