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  1. You can't miss that. Free run on the QB.
  2. I don't know. Color me confused but the defense has given up 7 points in a half. Yeah it was bad tackling but I'll take it.
  3. If that's how they're gonna call intention grounding than be consistent.
  4. Seeing a lot of the same issues from last year. Stupid play calls, lot of miscommunication up front offensively. Wentz airmailing some passes.
  5. Love to hear how that isn't a penalty.
  6. That's all on Pederson. I'm not really even sure where that play was going.
  7. That's a pretty weak block in the back call.
  8. Well all politicians think they're different and their advisors are essentially hammers. Every problem to a general is a nail.
  9. Pretty sure using all our resources (i.e. Diplomatic and economic) is the exact opposite of just killing terrorists. Sounds like nation building to me.
  10. This is a pretty ingenious strategy. I won't tell you when it's over so they don't know and subsequently no US citizen will know if we're winning.
  11. A terrible hand? See 2008. And define winning. Pretty sure we already won.
  12. Usually nothing gets Americans more excited than war but not sure it'll work this time.