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  1. Didn't see anyone mention it but Buffett bought into our, and by that I mean @fantasycurse42's, favorite gold play, Barrick Gold. Nice little 8% pop AH. It has seemingly lagged my pure gold plays and I'm sure Warren can't move the entire gold market but nice to have that tailwind behind us on it. Also divested a decent chunk of bank stocks.
  2. And stock goes up. Because you know, they just created shareholder value. Not sure how important stock splits are when you can own fractional shares. But a nice 6% bump.
  3. I mean at one person on twitter said, we have one down day and everyone asks what happened? We’re in a euphoric mood that a spike isn’t questioned but a sell-off is. That said, I’m sure the Biden VP leaked and likely caused a bit of it. Kamala is both competent and not a fan of Wall Street. Better than Warren but Biden’s odds are likely higher which is bad for markets.
  4. Don’t worry. Sports betting stocks are actually up today. No college football must make more time for people to bet on the NFL.
  5. It’s not even that it’s fake. It’s that it’s about to enter phase 3 testing where multiple other vaccines already are. I guess Putin’s daughter getting it gives people additional hope?
  6. They’re not using Sears. They’re using the space previously occupied by Sears. Better news for SPG although I doubt AMZN is giving them a sweetheart deal. Of course Sears being bankrupt, only takes a few pennies to move the needle. It may make some of their leases attractive but I doubt it. But Hoodies seem to think they understand bankruptcy
  7. I agree. Missing the crowd a bit down the stretch here. But it's awesome to see the players and hear them interact. Not sure if they seem more friendly due to no fans or we just never get to see that side of things. But nothing like a Sunday roar on a chip-in.
  8. Drive-able par 4 should suffice. 17 and 18 are also birdie holes, albeit not as easy but should create some separation.
  9. WYNN is down today. You still like that trade? Even MGM has Asian exposure. Need to look at valuation but pretty sure PENN is getting close to being as 'valuable' as WYNN. Seeing as how well the US is handling this, Japan is sending fans to baseball games whereas we won't have a season, it may make sense to buy some international gaming exposure.
  10. PENN at almost $50. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Those $50 call options may be in the money. Although adding some more shorts in the $40 to bring my basis up.
  11. I hear ya and I have a dog in the fight. I mean I get looking past one bad quarter. That’s also why I bought some calls. Because like everything else, people are concerned on July/Aug trends. But people also forget they have leases to pay and didn’t have to pay them last quarter. But it’s a story stock. I think it’s absurd it’s at ATH. But how long until the sports betting balloon pops? What’s hilarious. If NFL was cancelled tomorrow, stock would crater. But they’re only going to be in one state for the start of the season. I think it’s a $15 stock. I’m not going to close my shorts at ATHs. But may do it when it drops back in the $30s depending on what happens. Or just do a pair trade with MGM. I get the Vegas thing but they have international and a good regional portfolio as well.
  12. I bought some calls to hedge a bit. $50 was a bit too OTM. But softened the blow a bit. I’m gonna have to go through what their numbers imply for go forward. Maybe what I missed was that stimulus checks would just go straight through to casinos. So a new stimulus bill may make me get out.
  13. Ah yeah. I didn’t love that announcement but it was just an ATM. They don’t have to raise the equity and they can be issuing now as to reduce the price action. I think they said for growth and GCP. I think FRO is of the moderately leveraged folks. I do agree that I’d prefer share buybacks. Had I known what I know now, I’d have stuck with DHT and maybe DSSI. It’s evidenced by performance but the others are over-levered. If they ripped off a deal to pay down substantial debt, I think it could be good long-term for them.
  14. Sorry haven’t been here as much. Missing some of earnings season although doesn’t seem like a bad thing. But which in particular? I think DHT added an ATM program which was weird but doesn’t tie them to anything. If I had to guess, some of the over-levered types may use it to de-lever. As long as they don’t build more ships.