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  1. Might be semantics but did they ever report it? Mom told media and it took off from there. They talked and didn't refute it but not sure where the law starts. Certain valuables. Guess it's impossible to tell if they had cash but I just imagine people took the cash and easy stuff. Cash and Olympic passes seem very traceable. Guess the watches should have been taken.
  2. Guess the one thing I could believe is if they went to a brothel and got robbed there. Had to make up a more PG story of how they got robbed.
  3. Lochte never struck me as a genius, but why draw attention to this then?
  4. I just don't know why you would make it up unless they were drunk or were somehow in trouble. That said, pretty crazy the government treats them like the criminals now bc of the headlines. I'm sure they were hammered which is probably why their stories don't match completely.
  5. I instantly thought of the blonde from Leverage.
  6. More interested to hear who what they were doing at the French house.
  7. Weird to say but swimming team has been an inspiration. Great stories and performances. And maybe I feel old with the end of an era with Phelps but somewhat bittersweet.
  8. Women finish with gold in the pool. Now it's up to the men and Phelps to go out with a gold.
  9. I have no idea but if what she did was legal, more teams should do it. Guess the US was going to be cautious bc they were favorites but China hit the wall behind and entered the water ahead.
  10. China looked like they jumped early on second leg.
  11. King has to back up the talk. Although Russian is hot.
  12. I want to like it. It seems kinda cool, but the rules are dumb. You lose the ball if you fumble it forward but keep it if you get tackled? Always feels like you are rewarded for getting tackled and the other team can't go get the ball. Feel like I always just get frustrated watching it. Seems like the US just choked that game away.
  13. Sorry if this has been mentioned but this seems beyond hilarious. Trump using what he learned this weekend to show he knows more about Obama in foreign policy. "I think he's been a disaster. He's been weak, he's been ineffective," Trump said on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor." "I believe I know far more about foreign policy than he knows. Look at Ukraine. He talks about Ukraine [and] how tough he is with Russia, in the meantime they took over Crimea."
  14. Going to be fascinating on down ticket implications. Seems like lot of non traditional voters who won't have much knowledge in way of other races.