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  1. And that's game. Pretty weak when you swallow the whistle 15 minutes earlier.
  2. 'Good defense' is a penalty in any other game. Two sticks in on the hands.
  3. Well I don't know enough about watching terrorist propaganda. I imagine not everyone who watches it is a terrorist. Imagine some innocent Americans watch out of curiosity? I'm for tracking who watches those things. But I'm also not sure what that would have done here? My understanding is they don't know if he went to Syria? So they would have missed that anyways. Not to mention, most of these guys are using encrypted messages as they get more sophisticated. So it doesn't seem as easy as he watched a video, lock him up.
  4. Well one is a crime and the other isn't. I think people who visit terror camps should probably be locked up or refused reentry. But that's not what's really being argued here. People want to give up their, well really other people's basic rights.
  5. Yes they were. Nobody is denying that. But nice try on the strawman. If you want to rework our justice system, good luck. Why stop at profiling terrorists though? Also, think the FBI has 1million plus names on its watch list. You gonna lock them all up and vet them?
  6. You're arguing for a Minority Report like structure. And I know you think it's a great idea and that it could save lives but it would also ruin lives. We as a society, have chosen the innocent until proven guilty model. Feel free to practice a guilty until innocent model somewhere else.
  7. Related to your second link, it's sad that we've become numb to this. Markets barely react, this only get 10 pages on here, etc. On the flip side, not moving on would give the terrorists even more power. I don't really understand the point of the article. Apart from trying to set the groundwork for some nationalistic response. I am all for doing more, but in a measured way. Many here's first response to this is to instantly give up their rights. Call me old fashioned but if we sacrifice our rights, then everything done before us was for naught. I think there needs to be a balance and would hope we'd learn after 9/11 that snap reactions aren't necessarily helpful and restrict our rights.
  8. False. It may seem that way in the aftermath but a free society benefits all. And real talk, based off your posts here, you could make the case you're a right wing extremist. Based on the rules some of you propose, you'd be locked up just as easily under certain administrations.
  9. So you want to take a dump on the Constitution? Got it. I'm sure you consider yourself a defender of the Constitution as well. I'll save you the quote about liberty and security but you must recognize the slippery slope you bring up.
  10. In your world, what's distinguishes a terrorist from a non-terrorist? What if they locked you up indefinitely because they thought you might be a terrorist? Who goes to the 'pen'?