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  1. A few things here. They can't review it because it was a cylinder call. The NCAA's response to defenders sticking their face into a guys elbow to draw technical fouls. Two, he didn't even elbow him. His own guy hit him and it looks like a flop. If this was reversed, people would be calling Duke out for flopping. So even if they don't call a foul, Duke has the ball with 14 seconds left, up 3 and FSU needs to foul. And even if they do call a foul, FSU is still down 3 with 14 seconds left, hardly stealing a victory from FSU. Four, a minute earlier, FSU got the ball awarded to them incorrectly on an out of bounds call that the refs actually reviewed. I mean, calling out a singular call at the end of the game seems a bit disingenuous, no? Proof of the 'elbow'
  2. I get that. But it is a crappy rule. Unless there is evidence this is somehow more dangerous. The hit earlier on the Clemson WR was way more dangerous than that one.
  3. GB left 20 seconds by not doing that again. Difference between BB and his disciples.
  4. "low percentage conversion" and 50/50 are not the same. What are the odds of a successful 2 point conversion?
  5. By definition, a FG will not make it a 2 score game. Hence why you go for 2 down 5.
  6. Well that is a good first step. Even if Doug calls plays, clearly need a new voice in the offensive room. Would love to get one of these young QB types that can bring some new looks to the team. Everyone else seems to scheme their WRs open and we just sort of played straight up, hoping our WRs would beat their CBs.
  7. It was a frustrating season but I give them credit for not giving up. Lot of ugly games but did win the division with half the starters out. What sucks though is that this roster is not great. Apart from a few guys like Scott, it wasn't like we won down the stretch due to our young guys that gives me hope for the future. JJAW was nearly invisible. Dillard didn't touch the field. Our team is super old, we seem to be in cap hell. We haven't drafted well and now we're picking in the back half of the draft. ETA: Guess we aren't in complete salary cap hell. But do have a lot of money tied up in a lot of old players.
  8. Trajectory is different than in the HOF. If he never played another game, would he be in the HOF? I don't know. Granted he is a yard away from a 2nd SB win and apparently that is what will get Eli in.
  9. Are you going to police everyone else for discussing Joe Namath's HOF resume? ####.
  10. Do they have the NFC title game? Maybe he has a mistress or something in SEA?
  11. Fitting end to the year. 3rd and long, beaten by a rookie WR that the Eagles passed on.