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  1. Hopefully they don't play one all year.
  2. Worked out for them. Schwartz working perfectly for this defense.
  3. Dumb
  4. Guess we can flip the field but Sproles kinda gave up there. Worst case just stay in bounds.
  5. Absolutely hate that play calling. Might as well just throw it on 2nd down. ETA: liked that one.
  6. Just want the 10 point lead at half. PIT does have all 3 of its timeouts too.
  7. Feel like the quick throws out wide should eventually open up the middle of the field. From a fantasy perspective, the issue is the backfield is too crowded.
  8. If that was the standard for intentional grounding, McNabb would have had like 5 of those a game when he skipped it in there or overthrew a guy.
  9. Barwin saved that play. Back was open and probably would have scored had he not jumped.
  10. Can A&M defense keep it up? Going to be on the field for 40 minutes. A&M has had what, 3 big plays as the difference.
  11. Don't think it is like basketball with the more than 3 tenths of a second for a shot. In theory, you can snap it in one second, why would you need more.
  12. Seems like a quick overturn. Figured they'd get the benefit of the doubt with the clock starting.
  13. Favorable spot for TN then juggling it on the sideline.
  14. Weren't ND fans talking about Kelly being there forever before the year started?
  15. So Notre Dame has to fire VanGorder now.