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  1. So on top of all the COVID stuff, now we extend the curfew through next week? Why does it always seem like de Blasio is like five steps behind? Waits too long for COVID then waits too long to instill curfews. Then they overreact. Extend the COVID shutdown too long. Now extending curfews until Sunday? Maybe it will take that long but why not enforce the curfews and then take it day by day? Seems like a lot of damage being done to the city, and not just the property kind. No idea when I'm going to come back and not to make it too political but seems telling that we restrict folks from getting together for months then sort of just allow this stuff to happen.
  2. Yeah, I mean when the unsecureds are in the 50-60 cent range and especially when they get rolled into some new debt, it seems like they're more amicable to giving the equity holders, at least some share of the new company. When it's in the single digits, they aren't going to play ball. Maybe you can play in a rights offering. But also sounds like HTZ may actually liquidate. Not close enough to the creditors but at the very least, sounds like they were pushing for a downsize which would help explain the move in CAR
  3. Agreed and unfortunately, the folks who are likely to still want to be a cop after this are the exact types you don't want. Will become a vicious cycle.
  4. But why tf does it matter where it's from? So if we don't want vigilantes? We had to condemn the looters in that specific place, not just in general? Seems arbitrary to me but keep going.
  5. Well FoxNews isn't showing it as much. I think both sides would be showing it if they could. Seems like things are a lot tamer tonight, at least on the East Coast. I can't really find any play by plays like last night.
  6. I probably need to take a break from here and probably why I don't wade much into the PSF. But it's just seems like a sad world when most of those in the media or in charge don't seem to speak for the majority or want to instigate stuff. Of course, I expect the extremes in here and normally try to wade through the bull####. Online forums are ripe for people to show their true colors. But why does it seem like you either have to defend rioting or looting or you have to want vigilantes roaming the streets? Why is everything a false dilemma nowadays? Why can't we want both peaceful protests but also no rioting/looting? Sadly, both sides pay lip service to this but when either gets the chance, they seem willing to rationalize the looting or the police crackdown of peaceful protests.
  7. I mean you're are seeming picking out one random city. I'm from Philly and I was heartbroken to see that. I'm just near Boston now so the local news was covering that. I think it's disingenuous to say that nobody called out the looters last night, then qualify it as saying nobody called out the looters last night in Philly. My comments and distaste were directed at all looters and rioters. But taking baseball bats out deserve the same condemnation.
  8. We look at indicators completely differently. I personally think RH is the exact lineup of stocks I want to short. HTZ is just one example but they're still buying a bankrupt stock.
  9. You serious Clark? There was a ton of commentary on looting. I commented how much I hated what was going on last night. But I also hate this sort of behavior. Is this really what I have to choose between? I don't know what is right, but I'm pretty good at knowing what is wrong and a lot of that stuff seems wrong.
  10. And I know a lot of folks will dismiss it or say it would happen anyways. But a coincidence this happens minutes or hours after Trump's speech?
  11. I mean let's be honest, there will be a lot of things between now and the election that will ultimately matter to a lot of folks. Ultimately, it seems to come down to suburban votes, more specifically, suburban white woman. Trump seems to have been losing ground there. Law and order would seem to play to them a bit but given most riots and looting were in cities, I'm not sure how 'scared' those votes likely were.
  12. And probably have some minorities up there for the photo shoot. Not sure if completely tone-deaf or just didn't think it would play to his base as well.
  13. So you agree that Trump is incapable of saying the right things?
  14. So you don't think he has made things worse by threatening to deploy the US military on US citizens? Instead of saying, I don't know, we hear you, we're listening and we're going to work to make this country a better place for all. Perhaps, have a few ideas of how to do that.
  15. I get cops are in a tough spot. I've spoken to that in here. This is just a lose-lose situation for them. But the Federal government can de-escalate situations without the use of law enforcement. That is what I hoped. To reach out a hand and start to move the discussion forward. Instead, he just reignited things. Pretty much saying we won't be bullied which in some cases, can be viewed as a pissing contest between the President and the protesters. I think he is supposed to be the bigger man but he's never been that.