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  1. Both can't happen. An incompletion is 45 seconds.
  2. Rookie growing pains.
  3. Come on Carson. You either get rid of it or run to your left.
  4. Play calling is very suspect for how good it was to start the year.
  5. Nice off ball defensive flag.
  6. How do we have so many more penalties?
  7. 3rd and 3-4 and ran some counter trap that got blown up.
  8. Think they needed a TD there. WSH not done scoring.
  9. What was that?
  10. Finish this.
  11. Oof that is ####### terrible compared to the one they missed against WSH.
  12. This is two straight weeks of penalties being completely one sided.
  13. Don't block him. That's smart.
  14. Jesus Christ. 1st and 20. You can't commit a penalty.