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  1. Duke's defense is atrocious. At a certain point, it falls on the coach. Switching everything so Collins can get any mismatch he wants.
  2. I thought leaks don't matter if they report the truth. Can find many right wingers saying as much. Both sides contradict themselves but man Republicans taking it to a new level. And what they investigate? Chaffetz is a POS. I do respect the hell out of McCain though. Need more guys like him who at least think for themselves.
  3. Taytum coming out party and Giles best game of the year. Defense looking better.
  4. Have no idea how UVA gets away with these ugly games. Physical game yet neither team over 4 fouls with 4 minutes left?
  5. A win is a win. But Duke can play with anyone. And that goes for both top teams and mediocre ones. This Duke team will be an enigma. First weekend exit or Final 4 contender. Think they end up in that 4/5 seed where they'll face a tough first round match up. Much prefer a weak power 5 than a strong mid major. Could just see a senior laden team with great guard play tear this team apart.
  6. So does Atlantas which was blocked initially.
  7. Weren't you just complaining about this?
  8. Or he could have litigated it. Or just wait for Sessions to be approved. The fact is, above all else. Trump is an egomaniac who can't take no. This won't end well and not having dissenting voices is a problem.
  9. He disagreed with how she did it. Not the final outcome per se. Pretty much said parts were unconstitutional but she played into his hands by declaring the whole thing illegal. Hardly a vote of confidence for the EO.
  10. Eh we'll see. Corporations are playing the game but a few k jobs here and there will only go so far. And if he does any trade wars / tariffs inflation knocks out any gains. Playing a dangerous game .
  11. Nothing some tax cuts and infrastructure spending can't fix. Hey while we're at it, spend some more on military. Maybe get that oil after all.
  12. Well the amount of scientists and tech people we get bc of our policies has in theory added an immeasurable value to our society. The next Sergey Brin might not come to America. Were looking at losing the talent war, providing more ammunition to move away from the dollar as the top reserve currency, etc.
  13. Spicer said we're the greatest country on earth. God Trump works so fast.
  14. Um increased vetting for what exactly? Nothing this does makes us any safer. It's purely fear mongering. Again how many refugees or immigrants have commited attacks against the US?