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  1. Schwartz is such a volatile coordinator. I get frustrated with him at times and it seems like he doesn't made adjustments. But from a results perspective, he has kept us in plenty of games. Got torched by Fitzpatrick and Cousins but then holds Wilson and Brady to pretty much nothing. Did enough against Rodgers. And this is with half his secondary hurt for the first half of the year. For the money / picks we've invested in the offense, our defense has largely held up its side of the ball.
  2. It’s still mind boggling to me that they left Ertz wide open on the final play. Like at least make Perkins or Ward catch it. I get it’s not that easy but you’d think they’d tell a guy to sit on Ertz no matter what.
  3. I do think this is a big factor. It seems to simplify Carson’s game. At times, it seems like the offense hasn’t changed despite DeSean going down. I don’t love what it says about our QB, but if you have crappy WRs who can’t get open then quick throws out of a no huddle seem to work best. Defense isn’t as aggressive giving WRs some space, OL doesn’t have to block forever and gets the ball out of Carson’s hand.
  4. They’re 6-7 and it took them OT to beat a 2-10 team. It’s nice to win but acting like there aren’t glaring problems is how you get Cowboys mediocrity for years.
  5. Well that is a very good point and perhaps the hardest thing to duplicate seeing as few other teams are as inept as the Giants are. That said, we seemed to control the clock better when we ran no huddle so maybe they go with that more.
  6. Well posed it in another reply but why is that? I mean any answer is damning. Played with more passion in the second? Called a better game? Threw the ball better?
  7. Yeah but the funny thing is, they played better after the injuries. Lane is a huge loss and dressing 3 WRs is foolish. I give credit to Carson and the offense for turning it around, but it wasn’t like we were moving up and down the field when Alshon and Lane went down. I guess that’s my point, why did our offense look better with Boston Scott and Greg Ward?
  8. Fair but offense only put up 23 against a team giving up 28/game. I know injuries and all that. But credit the defense. When the other team scores, it’s ugly. But for the most part, they keep them in the game (last week excluded).
  9. I think it’s everything. You had the brain drain when everyone comes and takes your coaches and scouts because you won. As bad as our offense looks, out personnel decisions are terrible. Then, we overpay players like Graham because of their performance. Don’t get me wrong, they probably paid him market rate but it was inflated due to the playoff run. You lost the glue guys like Robinson. And they haven’t done a good job of drafting or finding talent. Give Howie credit, he found an inefficiency in the market, signing vets for cheap. But this year shows you why. Can’t rely on those guys.
  10. You mean the other teams don’t want to see them in the postseason? Because they’re so dangerous?
  11. This please. Three step drop backs. Simplify it. Easy throws. Easy catches. Scott and Ward can make people miss.
  12. Yeah I didn’t see this coming. I’m just frustrated these guys didn’t get more chances. Scott, Ward, JJAW. Couldn’t have been worse than what they’ve been doing.
  13. Look what Reich is doing. I think it was him. Defilipo flamed out but maybe he was just in over his head.
  14. I agree. But that begs the question, who were the geniuses behind the super bowl run? At the very least, Doug doesn’t seem like he can run an entire offense by himself.
  15. I was mostly joking but that seems more like an aberration than the normal. I just don’t understand what has changed since? Other than coordinators leaving.
  16. For me it’s not even the record. Like I get it, you could have bad teams around you. But he has a .500 record when he had elite defenses for a bunch of years. His other numbers are pedestrian as well. He should be in the playoffs hall of fame but nothing else.
  17. And I have a headache and just want to go to bed. But alas. I hope we at least get to see Eli throw a TD pass. Just not sure to which team.
  18. You didn’t see that one coming did you? This game has everything.
  19. Was going to say, don’t take our season away on a bad call. Let’s let our DB get burnt one more time.
  20. Was just going to ask this. Me thinks the no huddle simplifies the offense and makes it easy on Wentz. But see, we can move the ball with Scott and Ward.
  21. I think they were going to have to burn a timeout anyways. Got the play in late so figured might as well challenge it. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself.
  22. At the very least, throw the ball away on that high snap. Had two receivers feet near him to aim at.