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  1. Thank you for the input guys. I decided to accept the trade. I prefer being able to have a guy that I can lockdown at a position and I think Godwin does that for me at WR. It's always frustrating trying to pick which guy will have the best week, which is what I had with my current WR group last year. Hopefully, Godwin cures all that. In regards to the 1.04 pick, I normally go with BPA and believed if Lamb was available I'd have the best of both worlds with getting a top notch receiver in a position of need. However, with this trade, if the guys on my board are that close together, going RB will probably be the tiebreaker. Thanks as always gentlemen.
  2. On the surface, this looks like a good deal. I am pretty weak at wide receiver and I don't believe giving up Sanders would be too much. However, with the flexibility of the 2 flex spots, am I getting better or making a lateral move? FYI...our rookie/free agent draft begins on 8/1. I currently hold pick 1.4 and was planning to take Lamb if he's still there. 12-team dynasty. Starters: 1 QB; 1 RB; 1 WR; 1 TE; 2 RB/WR/TE; 1 D/ST; 1 K Current Roster: QB: Watson, Lock RB: Elliott, Drake, Sanders, Hunt, J. Jackson, D. Harris WR: Boyd, Coutee, Hardman, Diontae Johnson, Pascal, Ridley, Woods TE: Andrews, I. Smith
  3. Just going on the limited info: If you think you can win now = yes Rebuilding = definitely no
  4. Late to the party on this, but I wouldn't trade Moore. I don't see any guarantee of Swift being a big contributor, which doesn't help you if you are in need of RB help. I would try to move Sutton.
  5. I'd still shop him in your league to see what your other owners think. I've never really been a fan of OBJ. If I saw a deal that was halfway decent I'd probably take it just to be rid of the headache. He seems like a ticking time bomb.
  6. You’re right. Trading is so difficult because everyone has multiple studs. Main reason I joined a larger league. It’s more a reason for us to get together, but I still much prefer to beat them.
  7. I don’t understand the point of your post?
  8. I have Zeke as well in an 8-team dynasty league. With the three deals that you have laid out, I would pass on all three. DJ Moore+2021 1st (late-likely 7 or 8 overall)+2021 3rd (likely 22-24 overall) -- DJ Moore is a good player in the deal, but I don't see him along with a 2021 late-first rounder and 3rd rounder as good compensation for Zeke. Your getting a good player and 2 lottery tickets. Miles Sanders+2022 first+2021 2nd (likely 12-15 overall)+2022 2nd -- the 2022 picks are a ways off and no real way to know where they will fall in the pecking order. And as fightingillini said, with it being 1/2 ppr, Sanders value is capped. JK Dobbins+Deebo Samuel+2021 1st (likely 5-6 overall) -- This one sounds the best of the three to me. But Dobbins is an unknown that most likely is a year away from being a big fantasy contributor. I like Deebo the player, but in SF, I think it will end up being a coin toss as to who will have the big game each week. My personal experience in our 8-team league is that the Round 1 picks are overvalued by the owners and the same may hold true for your league. Over the last three years, I have not had a Round 1 pick. With only 8 teams, there are still plenty of solid players to get in the 2nd round. I have traded away my 1st along with one or two flex-type players to get a "proven" player. Last year, it was my 1.8, Josh Reynolds, and Justin Jackson (at the time Gordon was holding out and we didn't know how big Ekeler would be) for D. Adams. With my 2nd rounder, I still got AJ Brown at 2.16. The year before, I picked up Kerryon at 2.15. Before that, Connor at 3.6. Granted, I've been quite lucky, but point being their are plenty of guys to be had in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of an 8-team league. Keep Zeke and sniff around to see which owners in your league covet that 1st rounder and see if you can find that proven 2nd QB. Good luck!
  9. You would be correct, the unprotected QB's would be lumped in with our Rookie/FA draft. Knowing my league mates, I don't believe Wentz would go 1.1. There is another owner in the league that will have a tough decision having to drop two of the four of Murray/Watson/Wilson/Rodgers. The owner of Chubb will be picking at 1.4. I had been shopping Wentz around, but have not received any offers. Our rookie/fa draft doesn't take place until the end of August, so most of the owners just aren't active in the offseason. I think the position of power is relative. The other owner could perceive that he could get Wentz without giving up Chubb knowing that I am most likely going to cut Wentz. We do not have to start a TE. You're right. I'm probably overvaluing Chubb. My feeling is that I don't believe Hunt will be around after next season. I think Chubb is too good a player for Hunt to really make much of a significant cut into his production. I could be a season ahead of the spike and be rewarded next year. Even with giving up Julio, I felt I had the depth to win again this year while being set up for next year as well. I really appreciate your guys input. Sounds like I was undervaluing Wentz in a start 2QB league. I'll start lower and see if I can get any dialogue going with some of these owners to have a better idea of how they value these QB's. And this is why I come to the forum!
  10. Is this enough? Here is my thought process... I play in an 8-team ppr dynasty league (14th year with group of good friends). We are making a big change in our starting requirements by adding a 2nd QB starter. In this transition, each team will only be able to carry two QB's on their roster heading into the draft. Starting requirements: 2QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 3 flex (RB/WR/TE), K (it is actually an IDP league, but for simplicity sake and being set defensively, I am only mentioning offense) The player I'm looking to trade with may like Wentz over 1 of the 2 QB's he keeps...Brissett, Goff, Rivers, Winston. I will most likely be keeping Mahomes and Allen as my two, so Wentz is expendable and would like to move him as opposed to cutting him and getting nothing. Julio is still good and I feel now may be the best time to "cash out" before his value starts to dip from age. I've won the last two seasons and know that making some moves is the best way to stay ahead. Is 1.8, Julio, and Wentz a good offer? For someone to move Chubb, I'm guessing it would have to be an over the top offer. Is this enough, or do I need one more carrot? Chubb is still young and I'm high on him, hence my preference to acquire him if I can. For reference, my players: QB's: Mahomes, Allen, Wentz, Minshew, Darnold RB's: Elliot, Connor, Mixon, Kerryon, Howard, Damien Harris, Love, Armstead WR's: Adams, Jones, Tyreek, AJ Brown, Hilton, Diontae, Sutton, Landry, Watkins, Ross TE's: Andrews Thanks for all advice and suggestions.
  11. Do you think the player you could get at 1.3 would be better than Montgomery? That should give you your answer. With that said, I'm keeping the pick.
  12. I like Drake over any rookie that you'd take at pick 1.11.
  13. The league I'm in has used the method of paying for the current year plus a 1/2 deposit for the following year. So we have a $100 buy-in, with a $50 deposit for the next year. It's not too bad considering we did this from the very start, so every year after, you are paying $100. If you left the league, you forfeited the $50 and the new owner got a team for half price. We've only had 1 owner dip out in our 15-year history due to life's demands and he understood the rules. Had no problems finding a new owner to take the team for half price. Team wasn't great, but wasn't in shambles either. I guess it really comes down to having good owners in your league. We don't take it too seriously and like the opportunity to stay connected as buddies. But a half deposit for the following year has really worked out well for us.
  14. Cook and Metcalf for me. Trade all others that you can.
  15. In TE premium, I'd make this trade for Hurst. Even if you only start one TE, I'd still make this trade.