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  1. I honestly don’t feel like raving about all of the positives that have been repeated by several different posters adds anything to the thread. I have 1.01 and I am weighing the options. CEH is very much a possibility. Part of my process is to get all the negative information about a prospect and either confirm, debunk, or gather some possible explanations. If you all prefer me to just talk about his lateral agility, Brian Westbrook comp, and Mahomes then I guess... I just don’t think that helps anyone see both sides to the CEH coin (and there are two sides to this coin). I haven’t been too pleased with the counter arguments from some (“that’s garbage” “that doesn’t matter” “that’s a dumb article” okay... explain? Because some well respected writers say otherwise) however others have been quite good (thank you). Perhaps I’m over thinking it, but that’s what I do. This is a better behaved forum than others I frequent, but even this place has been edgy lately... (or perhaps just a small handful of posters)
  2. I assume you are talking about me. After looking into this a bit more I realized I got message boards confused; I have seen that reason elsewhere, not here. I haven’t been smug or railing at all, just offering something outside of the typical hype. I honestly felt like I had myself dialed back quite well... I think asking questions can be very healthy in reaffirming your beliefs in a player, and maybe it might even allow you to consider other opinions. That’s one of the points of an online forum... to share ideas, ask questions, gather opinions...
  3. I like this deal for both sides, it’s probably a great haul/on the high side for Barkley but I can see a scenario where this is awesome for both sides
  4. Did you read the entire article, and look at the data? In less than 8 minutes?
  5. Yeah some guys here don’t like analytics, which is fine, and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. I love analytics and this may explain why I hold the position I do. As I mentioned previously, I am considering taking him 1.01, but I see him as a riskier pick than others Hard to believe you actually read that in 8 minutes; rather than skimmed through it, decided you didn’t want to even give it a chance, and rushed back here to post criticizing it. You may all get back to drooling over him now
  6. Perhaps he is counting on ultimate tag working out. That show is horrible though. TJ and Derek have personalities of a wooden bench. J.J. is tolerable but the show is a dud
  7. KC had the benefit of making a luxury pick in round 1. If they miss or draft a situational guy it doesn’t matter because they have Mahomes. Most of the RBs in KC last year didn’t individually get volume. I believe you or someone else has said it repeatedly that Williams had X yards last year only. It’s possible KC is going to a RBBC after seeing it work after losing Hunt; many teams are realizing that’s better than depending on one guy who could get hurt or ask for a big pay day. I’ve asked the GL question a lot and I don’t think anyone can comment until we see it happen. It’s possible it’s not CEH. IMO all of these responses carry just as much weight as the counter arguments, but the hype is so high for CEH, I’m the idiot for mentioning them. He was a first round pick, just shut up and take him. I think asking these questions and posing these arguments is healthy for a guy who is considered at 1.01
  8. That board has been more Taylor predraft and this board seemed more Swift. You’ll find, in general, those who had Taylor RB1 didn’t move him from there post draft, but those who did not likely put CEH above him post draft. It is what it is. I’m tempted to draft CRH 1.01 just to hedge my bet, as I can certainly appreciate the possibility of him hitting. I don’t see him as a slam dunk as many here seem to though
  9. I haven’t had an issue with anyone who had him 1 predraft and had that confirmed. Jumping from 5 to 1 is a bit much IMO but to each their own.
  10. For CEH, since you know football I’m sure you also know that a pass catching rb is very important in NFL terms but doesn’t always translate to fantasy success due to lack of goal line carries and overall volume
  11. I just find it interesting that many here use that as one of the reasons why he should be 1.01, “KC had their pick of every other rb and picked CEH, that’s enough for me” but that same logic can’t be applied to Ruggs because “they picked him to fill a particular role” talk about having your cake and eating it too...
  12. “But he was a first round pick” seems to be the only thing that matters here I think we are all just clamoring for any in person football news/action. Hard to make any deductions when all we have is info 4 weeks old and coaches excited about a player they haven’t even seen in practice yet
  13. So LSU didn’t want to upset Nick Brossett in 2018... ?
  14. IMO this is a bad argument. There are plenty of teams that have burned a 1st on a rb only to have him benched, out of the league, or in a significant time share