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  1. Nothing like statistics and facts to stifel an agenda
  2. To walk away from 14.5 million is pretty dumb. Someone was giving him bad advice or he was ignoring good advice. I don't know what he was thinking. I would agree there's some oddity to this whole story. The only reason is if he thought he could get more than 14.5 mil over the next 4-5 years. Which makes somewhat sense. McCown and Hoyer signed for 6 mil a season. If Kaep were to sign a 3 year deal averaging 6 million a season he'd be earning more. Although honestly I'd rather have Hoyer/McCown from a talent aspect.
  3. This is true. I will give you that. However, the guy gave up 14.5 million dollars guaranteed. Do you really feel he is looking for a 3-4 year 800k/year contract? This is the rationality I'm talking about. Would you go to your boss and tell him/her that you are quitting your job to take a similar/same job with a different company paying you 10-20% of what you are making now to do the same thing?
  4. True. If he were better he'd be the #1 QB taken. There'd be no incentive to stay unless he just really really didn't want to be a Brown/49er/Bear. Then he's hoping a different bad team is at the top next year. Which is just dumb but I know some QBs have done this in the past.
  5. Let's not throw our ridiculous statements. I could easily say George Soros has promised to give a billion dollars to whatever team signs him. I doubt that's true but it wouldn't surprise me if the goofball actually did. It's just as ridiculous And I don't know what teams are thinking. It's unhealthy and not appropriate to assume they're thinking something that fits my personal agenda. If there's a quote from a GM saying that it's political then that GM is guilty of being stupid. Until then I'm not going to assume anyone is thinking anything. I'm not going to look at this with blinders on. There are a lot of reasons why he isn't signed yet. Because 1 of those reasons may fit my agenda I'm not going to focus on that and say it's >50% that. It's not. It's most likely he's just not very good and wants to be paid as such. I guess we'll just disagree on this. It's hard for me to have a rational discussion with someone who is not being one bit rational and is basing their opinion on fitting an agenda
  6. Who cares what he says. People are obsessed with what our president says these days way more than they have any other before him. Give it a rest. I'm sure GMs/owners are just terrified of being called out on twitter
  7. Possible scenarios: 1. He waits until a QB gets hurt in minicamp/preseason, tries to cash in 2. Crawls back to SF with his tail between his legs (they have said the door is always open for him to return) 3. He refuses to go back to SF (after all, he could have stayed for 14.5 mil) and bites the bullet to sign somewhere for less money I really don't see him going with option 3 because he hasn't yet. So it's 1 or 2 IMO EDIT: I suppose the most likely scenario is that he goes unsigned until after the draft. A team that may have missed out on a QB might sign him for depth, but again that is kind of like option 3... It's not. If he was going to continue to kneel, yes it would be, but he's going to stand. What are GMs afraid of? That people are going to be upset that they signed a hypocrite? That they're going to be mad that the backup QB kneeled last year? No one cares that bad. If GB signed him I'm not going to boycott GB. Get real. This is as overblown as people who think drafting Mixon suddenly puts you at the forefront of the "social warrior" war on whatever they deem to be their cause that day. It's ridiculous. The main reasons are: 1. he's just not very good 2. he wants big money (he gave up 14.5 mil- he obviously wants more) 3. he's a niche QB 4. yes he has baggage. add that to 1-3 and you have someone you can't really take seriously in signing People want it to be about politics. They want it to be about politics so badly because they want everything to be about politics. What store you shop at, where you eat, where you fill your gas, what brand of toilet paper you buy. It's all about politics these days. It's not dramatic if it's not about politics. People need to just give it up and realize sometimes an athlete is just not very good. Take off the tin foil hat Is AP a free agent because he abused a child? IMO that's way more of a big deal than kneeling during the anthem (and I think he was a chode for kneeling). No one's talking about that. Because it's not political. AP is a free agent because 1- he's not that good anymore, 2- most likely wants to be paid as if he is good. Sounds very similar...
  8. 14.5 was guaranteed. I believe this was guaranteed to him for not getting injured over the course of his contract through last year. No one has ever accused Kaep of being smart
  9. I have that effect on people sometimes... don't blame yourself lol
  10. Been a long week for me
  11. I was only getting caught up in semantics because he had made a comment that Mixon was tried and convicted, when in fact he was charged and found to not be criminally at fault. Yeah, he hit a girl. But again, there are circumstances here that are at play. He did not just walk up to her and hit her in the restaurant. He was struck first. yes, his response was over the top, I'm not defending his actions. In the court of public opinion, many women in fact have said that the girl was at fault here. I've heard it talked about on talk radio, women were asked to call in, and every woman who called it said she was at fault and what did she expect. Now that's nothing close to an actual public opinion poll but it's telling that there isn't this massive outrage against him. And it's likely why he was found not guilty. The girl was stupid. He was stupid right back. I think many many people are going to be disappointed in the lack of "outrage" that actually comes from all of this. Somehow Trump will be blamed.
  12. Which is more embarrassing for a referee: To have a coach challenge you. You walk over to the review booth, see the play from multiple angles, and say "yeah I messed that up" To have a coach challenge you. You stand there waiting for someone else to tell you how bad you messed up. Point is, I think this leads to better officiating.
  13. That makes no sense. In the court of public opinion Ray Lewis is a murderer. Big Ben is a rapist. I don't see your point. I could see if Mixon was convicted of this in a courtroom. that's one thing. But a court of law found he was not criminally at fault. Clearly they had more information than what is shown in a video that shows half the altercation and the girl as the aggressor. You can play that video all you want, all Mixon has to say was that he made a mistake, was acquitted of all charges, and has made changes in his life to better himself.
  14. Mixon was acquitted of criminal charges in this case. So he wasn't tried and convicted of anything..... But okay... In 2008 Larry Johnson with the KC Chiefs was charged and plead guitly to simple assault for spitting on a woman. Apparently Edwards had no problem with this then.Was the coach In 2005 Lionel Dalton was accused of domestic battery of his wife on Thanksgiving. Played for Herm. No problem I guess Herm only has problems now from his ivory tower.