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  1. I guess we define shiftiness differently, or perhaps I used the wrong word. Agility is affected yes, but hes crafty in his getting open. Maybe that's the term I needed to use.
  2. Why this is huge news is that Kupp doesnt rely on speed for his game. Hes a very good route runner and hes shifty. I dont think he would need to be "eased in" like a wr who relies on speed. This news is huge for Kupp
  3. Yes I never understand people who took someone they disliked because he's the top player on cheat sheets or draft dominator. Those same people get on others because they took a guy "too high." who cares, it was the top rated guy on my board. I believe he will do better than the consensus picks or cheat sheets. Dont like a guy, dont pick him
  4. you'll be happy you did. He should have gone mid 1st imo
  5. I'm not an overly big fan of David Johnson (I think it's a good possibility he is drafted over in 2020). I'm in the minority but I'd take jones/moore/pick here. I'd sell Jones though. The best player in this deal IMO is Cooper but it could be the 2020 1st. I'd say both sold light, yes. I do like this trade for you a lot if you are contending. I just dont see DJ as a long term thing for you. So it requires more context
  6. that's what the Kardashians are for. not ESPN. Their ratings have been tanking before this policy. So I disagree that this is not in their best interest. time will only tell.
  7. another one to add to the list of star athletes broke as hell shortly after retirement. except hes broke as hell before retirement
  8. Yes I'm probably Jones biggest fan and I would take CMC here. Hes worth a lot more
  9. how many points for liking 10 of your own posts? bro
  10. I think hes overrated when it comes to GBs #2 wr
  11. He resurrected his old 2018 should a commish have nixed this trade. not surprisingly he was the only one who understood the post and agreed that his trade was fair