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  1. IMO it's got a next to zero chance to be nothing. however there is a chance it's not able to be prosecuted. two different things
  2. yes... his value absolutely decreases. It's not like every NFL player is investigated at some time for child abuse. I missed the story of Drew Brees breaking his children's arms. There is a reason Hill is being investigated. He has a history, and he reportedly has anger issues according to at least 1 person close to the situation. This absolutely decreases his value, because even if he can't be proven to have done this, theres a good chance he did (see OJ). This means, contrary to the beliefs of some, he hasn't turned his life around (he just hasn't been caught yet), and it's only a matter of time before it blows up in his face. I want nothing to do with Hill, even if he is not charged, unless I got him so cheap
  3. Me too. I was all in on Jacobs but his mysterious injury before the combine has me thinking he is fools gold. Which prompted me to sell my pick to draft him. Sanders and Henderson are the only 2 RBs I can see being RB1s in this class, and the only 2 I'm interested in... besides maybe Anderson who I am intrigued by but wouldnt spend more than a late 2nd on... and I dont have anything after 2.1
  4. absolutely. Push someone into a girl and then give a half effort kick to her rear end... if it's on tape you're gone. Break your childs arm from disciplining too hard due to anger management issues, it's okay if no charges are filed and no video.
  5. I'm not sure he should go 1st round in a non te premo league, but he may. I may be holding out hope he falls to 13
  6. no, the child could very well be staying with family until the DAs office gets in on Monday. I'm not aware if the child is in the home tonight or not
  7. I dont know... Cook is in line for a big season but he has had 2 seasons of injury. If he gets hurt again and whoever they draft looks good, that could be it. I dont think that will happen but it certainly is possible
  8. Any chance MIN goes for a rb maybe round 3, 4?
  9. Henderson is very high on my list. I am hoping one is there when I pick late mid round. It all depends on destination. In the end I am okay with either one. I do prefer one over the other right now
  10. yes, too many people are taking the time lapse as a sign that hes okay. Last report I read was that the police passed the case to the DAs office for charging
  11. for me it comes down to size. Henderson has shown he can carry the load though so I'm not concerned about his capability, I'm just not sure if he will hold up in the NFL
  12. he seems like more of a 3 down back than Henderson. Henderson can be very good, but I think he will be best used in a Stewart/Williams or Ingram/Kamara role. Which is still fine and very valuable, as we have seen with these combos, but Sanders seems like he can do it all and can be a 3 down back in the NFL. Few RBs in this class possess that ability.
  13. Monday morning tweet from the Chiefs: We have released Tyreek Hill
  14. te premium? we have start 1-2, so he may not be worth a top 5 pick. 1.5 might be looking at him though because he needs a te badly