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  1. Packer fans yes, others in this forum may give him some grief... but they really don't know him I think. He's an excellent writer.
  2. I'm not so sure about this. We've been introduced to Gus (again) now. So that plot line is becoming thicker as the Chuck/Jimmy plot line seems to be losing some steam and coming to an end. They've had 3 episodes, 7 left. I don't really see them dragging Chuck/Jimmy's rocky relationship over 7 more episodes. There are so many other plot lines to dig into: Kim and Jimmy falling out, Gus, Mike and Gus, and of course the birth of Saul
  3. FWIW, I have heard through a 4th hand source that GB is interested in Mixon. These scout's words are similar to what I've heard Hearing something 4th hand is 4th hand, so take it for what it's worth but it's more than cousins uncles friends barber's butcher lol. A tweet from a while ago I think if he's there at 29 they may very well consider taking him. They did bring Mixon in, and in years past they haven't really drafted anyone off their visitation log. So I highly doubt they take him. Wishful thinking for me, but I have heard good things coming out of GB regarding Mixon through people I know who have heard through other people close to the situation
  4. What's the green monster? Are they playing in Fenway? And what was so important about April 20? Fallout? Honest questions... I'm Edit: nevermind... I got it. Not sure I "green monster" is typical slang but to each their own I guess!
  5. I've heard that the timelines for BB and Better Call Saul are close to merging. In BB there was no mention of Chuck and even a hint toward the existence of family- which is hard to believe given how much Jimmy tries to be a good brother to Chuck. This is obviously a complete break away from Chuck and family. People theorize Jimmy will change his name becuase of this tape, or legal trouble, or Chuck... Let's also not forget, these series happen in the geographical area. And "Saul Goodman" is plastered all over TV in BB. If he was changing his name to escape legal troubles/Chuck and Chuck was alive/able, I'm sure that Chuck would have done something to try and get Jimmy unable to practice law. Some smear campaign or something. Since Chuck doesn't exist in BB I really do think Chuck is not alive or committed. Awesome
  6. CLE traded that pick to TEN which traded it to TB. TB took Cook. Not CLE I think that scenario is actually incredibly realistic for TEN to trade down at least once from 5. Maybe twice. They have such an awesome pick at 5 if someone wants Trubisky.
  7. Ray Riced? no Anger management classes? Sure.
  8. Interesting. McGinn took a lot of crap for reporting Lacy's weight at 267 by some forum goers. Many people trashed McGinn as a nothing writer. He writes amazing columns on the NFL. He's the one good thing the Milwaukee JS has going for them. Regarding the rest of your posting, I think there are going to be many many more teams with him off their board than any of us probably think. And I can see why. I may not agree with it, but it's easy to have the opinion I have when I don't have a multimillion dollar franchise to represent.
  9. The dad said they are friends to this day... that's the only facts we have on their relationship I like his athletic potential. He made one mistake that others have gotten a pass on in the past because there is no video. People cheer for teams that employ these players but because there's a video this is the worst thing an athlete has ever done. I'm willing to give people a second chance. That's all.
  10. Yes (I knew someone would bring that up). Are they married? In love? Is she into him? We don't know this. I don't know of any examples of a woman who stays in a friendship with a woman beater. Marriage, sure, because there is a different emotional issue there. We can't make a conclusion either way in this circumstance IMO. One could argue the point you are making and I can equally argue that it's an apples to oranges comparison because you're talking about relationships, I'm talking about friendships. Very different. As I said above, if this happens again I'm right there with everyone else saying damn him to hell. But until then I'm willing to cut the guy one chance. What some angry dad posted in emotion years ago doesn't really hold much weight, especially since he recanted. If some woman says Joe hit her on Draft night because she didn't bring him a sandwich fast enough then we can talk about how much of a POS he is.
  11. Geez, people aren't reading anything to get the facts about this before commenting... He didn't bring it up himself before the draft. This was an old posting from years ago that the girl in the video's attorney brought up to try and show this is a habitual thing for Mixon. The dad came out and said he was mistaken. He didn't bring this up to make sure the guy wasn't rewarded for his actions. He made a posting in anger the day it happened 3-4 years ago and never clarified. Story #3? I must have missed story #2. Would they be friends today if he hit her? It's plausible that the school covered it up- we see it all the time in college. High School? Eh... what does the high school stand to gain? College sure, they have a scholarship and time invested in an athlete that will contribute to a program that makes them millions of dollars. Absolutely
  12. I'm not missing this at all. It's concerning that an allegation appears after we know he has hit a woman, on video. So there are a few scenarios with this alleged incident: 1. Joe pushed and hit the girl. For some reason or another (girl made up with Joe, payoff, whatever) the dad is recanting. So it happened but there's no one claiming it happened/people are pretending it didn't happen. This is a big problem, and yes a red flag. 2. Joe didn't hit the girl. Someone else did. Dad mistakenly thought Joe did. This would at least indicate that Joe has kept the company of people who are okay hitting girls. This is a concern because if you keep the company of losers you are likely to turn out a loser yourself (see Aaron Hernandez, Michael Vick, Pacman Jones). It happened a long time ago and I'm not about to judge Joe based off the actions of the friends he had 3-4 years ago did 3-4 years ago. 3. Joe didn't hit the girl. No one did. It was a misunderstanding across the board. Dad made a mistake and said things out of emotion. In this case this is not really news at all. People will see what they want to see with this. Will read into it whatever they want. Conspiracy theorists are a dime a dozen these days. I think the most reasonable scenario is 2 or 3, and in that case I don't really see it as a huge deal breaker or indicative of habitual behavior. I think someone earlier made a great point... if the guy accidentally nudges a woman too much as he slides past her in a crowded bar/room it'll be looked at in a negative light. I'm more than willing to completely run the guy out of town if he flat out wails on a woman at any point in his life again, but baseless claims from years ago are what they are: baseless claims from years ago.
  13. Agree, however if you look when GB had a good RB in Lacy his first 2 seasons, he averaged 10 TDs a season. That's pretty good. I'd argue that when they have a good RB they will use him. When they don't they know Rodgers can do it so they lean on him.
  14. Raiders, Eagles, Packers he'd be the 1.01 pick, probably best rookie season of the class. Bengals he'd be a very intriguing option.