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  1. 2018 was a pretty bad year for te. 2019 is loaded. hard to believe a te would be drafted late round 1 or round 2 in the NFL draft and end up in a rookie draft below a rb who goes round 5. Some elite tes in this class, and a lot of older guys and ho hum players at the position in the NFL. just oozing with opportunity. I'd be pretty happy spending an early 2nd rounder on a te. wont pan out year 1, as the vast majority dont, but that doesnt mean they wont ever pan out. rookie draft is less about talent and more about opportunity.
  2. Dr. Dan

    Take the Top Off

    I'm not surprised, not sure why you would be
  3. thanks. this is obviously different than anything else I've seen. it's interesting and I appreciate you putting in this work
  4. do these default to order by your rankings?
  5. right, but many people were super excited about Hines, and even though he wasnt eye popping in 2018, he had some good value in ppr leagues. our champ had him as his rb2. If he goes to a team that can utilize that catching ability (philly comes to mind first), he could be a decent late rookie pick who could pay off.
  6. Any thoughts on James William's, RB Wash St? 83 receptions in 2018, 71 in 2017, and 48 as a freshman in 2016. Putting that into perspective... 2017 and 2018 each alone are more receptions than Sproles had in his entire college career. In 2018 he was tied for 17th in receptions in college football. the next highest RB had 51 receptions.
  7. just curious. I'm trying to get the good with the bad so I can figure out if I'm reaching for him or someone else
  8. not worth it when you come at me with such negativity. keep being excellent, sir. blocked
  9. I agree with most of this minus I think you are selling Jacobs too short. otherwise you and I are pretty much in full agreement here, which seems to happen often for RBs so I'll look at that as a good thing
  10. Dr. Dan

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    well said. I agree. I think it's more likely he is using this for leverage. Given the uncertainty of baseball vs football, if the draft were held today, I dont think he is taken in the 1st round. and then, yes, all of his leverage is gone.
  11. Dr. Dan

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Buffalo would be perfect, but I'm guessing NFC Maybe Baltimore. He can watch Jackson run around
  12. what dont you like about haskins