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  1. I was disappointed they ignored it in the draft. everyone was salivating over MVS. Hes not a #2. No one on this team is.
  2. I don't understand that Jared Goff commercial at all. wtf was that, what was the joke, and what was it for?
  3. why does the RT on every team seem to move early?
  4. Godwin would be off the table if I were trading for Chubb
  5. Gallup almost disappeared after Cooper was out (although everyone looked bad the entire game), so I hope he comes back soon Hes turning into the next Sammy Watkins this season with tons of potential but always banged up
  6. Glad you pulled the trigger this is in your favor by a long shot. When you posted in the Diggs thread I thought you were talking redraft. This is an even bigger accept in dynasty
  7. This is what I thought too when he posted in the Diggs thread I would have jumped on this so fast.
  8. Sold Dare and 2020 3rd (bottom 3) for Drew Lock and Peyton Barber. Could use emergency rb help and I figured a flier on Lock isnt bad. If he does well maybe I can flip him for a 2nd
  9. I'd say he is doing better than anyone here would have thought 8 weeks ago
  10. I need Matt Stafford to get hurt early. Hate being grim but no negative points so this is my only option. Need Hock + 2.7 > Stafford Not happening but I can dream
  11. IMO any time you can trade a TD away for a meaningful player it's a good move
  12. thanks the first video he shows (the op), it looks almost fast forward. that burst is just unreal. that's exactly what I was excited about back predraft. If/once he gets it together, watch out.