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  1. Yes. This is something I have definitely over-looked. Good point...
  2. Thanks Biabreakable! As someone who hasn't really been in this thread much aside from this month, I don't know what's been discussed extensively a couple of months ago. I know I can go back and read 15 pages of discussion on this guy, but to be honest my time is limited and sometimes it's great when someone more versed in a thread like you can point a more uninformed person like myself to a few select links or posts that would answer my question. On a side note, it'd be nice to see an unbiased source discuss his character concerns.This was written two days ago by a self described "diehard Vikings fan." Of course it's going to paint a good picture. Are there any pro-Viking websites that discussed this before the draft? If he went to Green Bay as many mocked him to be Round 1, would this website write an equally favorable piece? They'd likely not care to write anything, but I'm curious if there's anything pro-Viking pre-draft or anything unaffiliated with any team post-draft that we could add to the discussion. I couldn't find anything in a google search. I think we can speculate until the cows come home, and it won't do us any good. Bottom line is he has a history that was described by Matthew Coller, Vikings analyst for 1500ESPN, as "something that isn’t a far cry from Joe Mixon’s on-camera punch." Something to watch and adjust on a draft board accordingly for each individual person. Some people this won't affect their drafting at all and for others it does. That's the beauty of fantasy football; there is no right way to do something. From a strictly NFL talent stand point he obviously has a lot of things we like to see and the sky's the limit. The trick is what's between the ears. Glad to have at least discussed that there is a history there and for some it may be a concern. Others, I get it, this is your guy and you're all in. Good luck to everyone however you decide to grade Cook for your upcoming drafts!
  3. I am definitely putting the cart ahead of the horse, I can admit to that, but I really think Dupre is something special. I think he ends up being a useful starter someday for the Pack. McShay had Dupre rated as a 1st round WR in his May 2016 published 2017 Mock Draft. His talent didn't just go away, he was very underutilized at LSU Yancey I think turns into a Davante Adams/James Jones replacement... no way the Pack will be able to afford Adams if he has another big season. Yancey is like a young James Jones on paper. If he has his head into it they could have found a gem there. I would be fine if they cut Janis today... IMO these rookies can't do much worse than him and their potential is through the roof. I don't expect them to do anything this year, but 1-2 years from now we could be looking at these 2 as huge draft day steals for Thompson. And we know if Thompson drafts any position exceptionally well, it's WR. I can admit, I usually get over-excited over WRs for the Pack, but if these two have it together between the ears they will turn out to be huge draft day steals.
  4. Yeah I won't get into Ty being drafted where he is... that's crazy. I agree, when you look at someone like Ware being drafted pretty late and a good talent behind him, that is also a good value. It's my opinion that GB is perhaps the murkiest starting RB situation in the league. Granted, GB RBs don't have a long history of being fantasy relevant after Ahman Green and before Eddie Lacy, but it's something to keep an eye on for sure.
  5. I'm surprised Hunt and Joe Williams make this list but Jamaal Williams does not Jamaal Williams is being drafted RB52 at Overall 153 in PPR I don't know of many RBs you can get in round 12 that can turn out to be starting RBs at some point during the season. IMO Ware and Hyde > Ty Montgomery, so the chances of Hunt and Joe Williams over taking those players is less than Jamaal Williams over taking Ty Montgomery. Not to mention, Ty's biggest asset is catching the ball as a receiver out of the backfied, not rushing the ball (only one regular season, 2 post season games of >10 carries). IMO Ty Montgomery falls out of favor and Jamaal Williams or Aaron Jones over take the backfield at some point during the season, possibly by the Bye Week (8). Jamaal Williams has the best chance of the 2 to be on the field early as his skill set is different than Ty's, whereas Jones and Ty share more characteristics. Talk about value plays... Round 12... Jamaal Williams
  6. I would agree. Especially when you're in the public spotlight
  7. He could also shoot himself in the leg in a "public park" I suppose. You're right, and I agree, he doesn't have to be in a club to have fun. Most of the other players don't do these things and they manage to stay out of trouble
  8. So it's okay for you to police the forums, and ask a poster stops saying certain things, but it's not okay for me? Got it. Carry on.
  9. As long as the inflammatory post agrees with your position, it's okay, right?
  10. While I agree with the idea that an athlete should not put themselves in a position to fail/get in trouble. That is violation #1. However, are we going to ask athletes to not do anything? Not have any fun? Zeke is 21... I can remember (most of) what I was doing when I was 21, so I can only imagine what Zeke's social calendar is with all that money he has. Sure, trouble can follow these guys for just being famous athletes. Zeke walks into a bar and all it takes is one person there to recognize him and suddenly he's surrounded by fanboys/girls. I imagine that can be frustrating. Sure, he can wipe his eyes with a $100 bill and get over it pretty quick. Poor Zeke for being a rich and famous athlete right? But I just can't fault a young athlete for wanting to have fun. Surrounding yourself with friends who want to smuggle guns into a club, staying out way too late, drinking way too much, starting fights, beating women, etc... sure that's different. But can we really fault him for trying to have fun, if in fact that's all he's guilty of here? Just playing devil's advocate here so that the discussion doesn't start down the path of "athletes can't go to a club ever." Maybe a better choice of a club is a better idea, more privacy etc
  11. eh, in that case no steam shower for me. Just a regular shower is just fine
  12. LOL if that's the case then I have no qualms about doing this myself... Just thought it'd be complicated with getting the draining angle and so forth correct... Again, I haven't really looked too much into this in general. Glad to hear that this is an easy DYI...
  13. Janis needs to be cut, and I'd be disappointed if we let Yancy/Dupre get away and sign elsewhere off the PS in favor of keeping Janis. Both of them have higher potential than Janis IMO Word is Rodgers doesn't trust him. When Jordy went down it was assumed Janis would step in and be able to step up. He did not, and that was his opportunity. GB has some pretty good projects at WR in this last draft. Janis is currently 5/6 on the depth chart. I don't see GB keeping him around much longer when they have talent in Yancey and Dupre that can do just as good of a job.
  14. According to Adam Schefter, Zeke could be suspended for 1-2 games for a domestic violence incident in Ohio last year That doesn't even include this new incident. The more I look at this incident, the more confused I am. So Zeke's friend admits to this? Someone mentioned that earlier. But this unaffiliated person, Huffman, says he didn't? There's no surveillance video, but there is a video? Apparently the victim was so intoxicated he didn't even know who hit him when originally asked... I'm not so sure Zeke gets punished in this case, he may not even be guilty... or am I just terribly confused? Sounds fishy to me... If Zeke did in fact punch this guy you'd think he'd be clamoring to get his pay day in a civil suit. My guess is the witnesses and the victim have been already offered a pay out to keep quiet. I know, but nothing would surprise me when it comes to the NFL, and especially Jerrah Jones
  15. Thinking of re-doing our bathrooms. Had a guy come in for a free quote and gave me a 22,000 quote on my master bath. He wanted to completely gut the room including replacing the insulation (the insulation is not a problem...????) and tear out my linen closet to put a linen closet in (???). Needless to say, I am not going to be doing that. I had the idea to do this partly myself, partly with a contractor. If possible I'd like to redo both the master bath and my "kids" bathroom (replace the vanity and flooring to match the master, replace the toilet, I'd consider a new tub shower but I'm not so sure I really need one). I can replace a toilet. I can install a vanity and sinks. I can even tile the floor but I figured I'd have someone tiling the shower so why not just throw them a bone and have them do the floor (Or do I just tile everything myself... seems easy enough) My issue is in my master bath I have an oversized tub that I want to convert into a walk in shower only (depending on cost, even making it a steam shower). Anyone ever done this? I have no idea how to frame out the new shower, or should I just have someone do this for me? I'm not exactly sure what type of laborer I would contact to do the framing. Included in the master shower renovation would be to flip the drain/shower head to the opposite side, and I certainly don't feel too great about doing that, so definitely need a plumber. I'd be fine tackling this process mostly myself, but framing the shower certainly makes me a bit nervous. Seems hard to find a contractor that will do half of a bathroom and leave the other half to me.