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  1. Dr. Dan

    Official Joe Mixon - Bengals RB

    Man... decisions decisions. I guess I may just sit him and put in Lockett tonight to be safe. I don't want to have to start Alex Collins...
  2. I will second: Trey Quinn. Washington has been looking for a reliable slot guy for a while. Quinn was pushing for potential starters reps in preseason before he got hurt. He's got a chip on his shoulder to boot. Out-performed Sutton in college Demetrius Harris. I am pretty negative when it comes to any athlete who has had microfracture surgery. Kelce may break down pretty quick like Gronk has been. Harris is a huge target and a decent dynasty stash. I don't see him being as good as Kelce any day, but he certainly deserves a flier. Chris Warren. Big fan. I think he gets over-drafted this year to be honest, but he will compete with whomever Oakland brings in (FA or Rookie) for starter reps. He has as good of a chance at any unless they sign Bell or something, which I'm not sure I see them doing. I'll add: Danny Etling. QB is thin in 2019, so if NE doesn't grab one in the first or second round they could be left going with what they got. Etling has some drawbacks but he's had a full year on the practice squad to learn. That has to count for something. If NE decides to ignore QB in the 2019 draft then I think that speaks well of Etling's progress Teddy Bridgewater. Oddly enough he doesn't seem to be in NO's future, at least right now. Regardless if he's resigned or not, he very well could be a starter somewhere next year. Jacob Hollister. This year has been a pretty big disappointment thus far, as he's been hurt as much as Gronk has been, so he's lost some significant opportunity to earn playing time/looks in this offense. Gronk is crumbling faster than Gruden's favor-ability rating. Hollister was a work in progress last year, and still seemed to have some areas to grow this year. I think 2019 could be an interesting year if NE stands pat at TE
  3. I don’t understand how many people are completely writing off this draft class. I understand the QB class isn’t oozing with talent. The RB class lacks a clear cut top dog, or a “generational talent.” I get all that, but I am almost certain there will be more 1st round selections at combined QB, RB, WR in 2019 than there was in 2018. So it seems like people are disregarding this draft because of the lack of depth at QB (which does that even matter after the last few years of QB rich drafts? With so many leagues with 1 QB, and QBs going round 2/3 in rookie drafts, why does this matter?) and with the lack of a real sensational RB like Barkley was last year. I see several RBs who are pretty exciting and just as good, if not better, prospects than Freeman, Jones, maybe even Johnson and Guice. The 2nd and 3rd rounds are going to have a lot of talent, with 1 or 2 going round 1. I guess I just find it hard to comprehend how some people in this forum are completely disregarding the 2019 draft pretty adamantly. A lot of these people are posters that 9.5/10 times I completely disagree with, so I guess their opinion doesn’t hold much weight. I just feel like this WR class especially is going to be the class that eventually changes the top rankings of fantasy WRs. Holding your strength at WR seems to be a good recipe for success in dynasty, and this is a great year to grab some amazing talents. I see up to 3 of these WRs being "generational talents" at WR. That's exciting.
  4. quite excited about this guy. I think he is underrated and could be as good as any qb in the last few drafts
  5. Harry may be the best wr prospect in the last 5 years, so its tempting. Depends on where these guys go. If I had Cooks I would want a 1.1-1.3 and something else. 1.1 alone is not worth him imo. Maybe 1.1 and a 2018 rookie wr like James Washington or Gallup.
  6. some seriously talented wrs next year. top 3 may be wrs. not sure if Harris will sneak in there, but it's possible.
  7. considering Lockett over MVS. I just know if I do it then MVS will go off
  8. FWIW I offered (2) 1st round draft picks (projected 6-9), (1) 2nd round pick (projected 6-9), Gallup, Barber for Chubb. Rejected. He has a pretty good team, but players are getting older and this would have helped him not only now but in the future. I was surprised. I have the draft capital to swing this trade, and he's been valuing Chubb very high all season, so I was just seeing what would happen if I offered a ridiculous trade. I don't think Chubb is worth that much and I would have been fine if he accepted as I am finding I have to over-pay for the guys I want... and I'm okay with that. Glad I own him in my other dynasty league. I may make a run at him in the offseason yet when hype has settled down a little bit.
  9. Dr. Dan

    Le'Veon Bell

    cant they carry over the 14.5 mil of unpaid money from this year to next year?
  10. Chubb is my flex. If I could trade him and someone like Lockett for OBJ I wouldn't hesitate. Chubb's value is incredibly inflated after last week. He isn't doing that every week. It was pretty much as easy of a matchup as you can get (ATL is 2nd worst against RBs for fantasy). His value is potentially at an all time high, maybe even higher after week 12 but I don't believe many people have trade deadlines that late. His playoff schedule is pretty brutal for weeks 14 and 15. If you manage to make it to the Championship, then you're sitting pretty good there week 16. I would disagree that is ROS schedule is favorable. He has CIN after the bye, and CIN week 16. In between are some pretty tough defenses against RBs for fantasy points. I'm a fan, but until we see him doing it against a tough matchup, I'd be hesitant to crown him un-tradeable.
  11. Dr. Dan

    Dynasty D'Onta Foreman Texans

    nope. called this one ages ago. if he does he is a shell of last year
  12. I can believe I'm typing this, give me Fournette. Great sell high for Lindsay
  13. Dr. Dan

    Dynasty & Redraft: Josh Adams RB, PHI

    What about 2019? Smallwood is a FA I believe, Sproles is retiring, Ajayi is a FA. Clement is the only one on the roster besides Adams. While one could say Philly doesn't go with a lead back, the counter argument to that is that they've always had a slew of RBs to choose from, so it's not just the system rather the players they had; I don't see Philly going with a 3-4 RB attack in 2019 if they only have 1 or 2 decent backs. Granted, anything can happen. They could sign Bell for all we know, but realistically speaking, as a local/fan: does Philly see content with Adams and even Clement to go out and sign a RB, or draft anyone significantly high to help on offense? I think chances are they resign Smallwood, and they do have Pumphrey, who could be promoted next year. Just curious what the 2019 outlook consensus seems to be among fans
  14. Dr. Dan

    Anthony Miller WR Bears

    Yes, I was surprised he wasn't "gone" after he broke that tackle. I can agree on that. He'll be a very solid WR for years to come. Glad to see him catching on quickly as many knocked his age in dynasty. Next year is going to be dangerous.
  15. Dr. Dan

    Anthony Miller WR Bears

    I wouldn't necessarily say he looked slow. He didn't look fast, but not slow either. If that makes sense He looked okay as far as athleticism. I was impressed with his route running and awareness. He made a few good catches. I don't see him as a big speedy guy (although he isn't slow on paper), but rather more of a Cris Carter sort of player- catches everything thrown to him.