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  1. I understand the notion of blowing up a roster to rebuild, I did that to mine this year. but this didnt get value in return and hurt more than it helped. First trade I think favors Stafford. It's just not enough for a 2qb league. it's basically what I got for Stafford in a 1 qb league. I would have just kept Stafford for the next 4 seasons and been set at qb. Second trade is very cheap for Evans. should have gotten a young player in addition. 11th pick isn't terrible but Evans should get at least 2 top picks and a player using fbg trade value chart, let's assume 2.1 is Sutton or Ridley. Both are given a value of 8. 2019 1st I assume is high. there are no Barkley talents in the draft so let's say its equal to Guice, 19. so that's a total of 27. Evan's has a value of 35. a guy like fuller or golladay added in would make this much more equal
  2. getting yeldon. Yeldon holds potential ppr value today. next year he could be starting or RB1b somewhere. for two lotto pick draft picks, I'd take it
  3. Picks. Maybe I can pick up Demarco Murray and sell for a 3rd. Love TJ Yeldon side. That's a steal.
  4. This is great information
  5. I think it would be a tough case to win if he did in fact sue the NFL, but we don't need to debate the outcome of a lawsuit that doesn't exist. The NFL isn't going to do anything until at least the investigation is over. If he's charged he's done.
  6. Gronk's been on my avoid list for the last 3 or so seasons. 1. his back. I avoid guys who I would consider higher prone to injury, and his back is a red flag for me- especially after surgery. 2. his price tag. A 1st or 2nd round pick on a TE just isn't worth it to me. 3rd is about as high as I will go. There are a lot of really good TE that can be had round 3-4 that don't drop that much down from Gronk and don't have the injury risk. At least for my liking. As far as dynasty goes I'm not sure there's another TE I Would want. TEs rarely make an impact their first season. Olsen's first 5 seasons were practically a pedestrian 50/500/5. His efficiency, by the way, was 57%, not far off from Engrams 56%. I think it's short sighted to label Engram as Eric Ebron when it's not like guys have never over come efficiency issues in the past to go on to become elite TEs. The fact that Engram had an immediate impact in that offense when the game hasn't slowed down for him is incredibly encouraging.
  7. Right. As an Engram owner I am somewhat concerned about his efficiency. I do see volume dropping a little with a healthy OBJ, but not a lot. I don't see Engram as the next Gronk, but I definitely see him closer to Gronk that Ebron. His efficiency has to go up for him to justify what people are paying for him
  8. Yeah that's my worry. I think people are pricing him at his ceiling. In 1 QB leagues I can't imagine a young QB being too expensive. I offered a 2nd for Derek Carr, but his owner wants some crazy trade. Hate it when you're just looking to improve your backups, or swap WR6s with someone and they come back with some crazy deal for Barkley that includes the player you want.
  9. Thoughts on Mahomes value? Trying to trade for him, but not sure what would be considered fair. I'd like to move a 2nd and a player
  10. FTR I am trying to buy Parker or Stills because I completely agree with you on that. You could split them 50/50 between Stills and Parker and they'd both be monsters
  11. It's refreshing to see a fantasy football website talking so honestly about the Achilles tear. Every time I read a FBG article it says "Achilles aren't as bad as they use to be." For a RB, you may as well fuse his ankle and ask him to run... it's just as devastating. Of course, maybe GHG and antler spray or whatever else they're taking can help perform miracles. Maybe that's what makes these injuries "not as bad as they used to be." True on the Akron/Toledo remark. I also think if Hunt wasn't his teammate, he wouldn't be mentioning him as a RB to break out of the 2018 draft. I think we could still be having this conversation if everything was equal but he went to Akron instead of Toledo. I am not interested in him becaue of lazy Kareem Hunt remarks. I'm interested because of his opportunity and resume I like how he hits the hole. He seems to have good vision, doesn't seem to dance behind the LOS. He doesn't look exciting, or terribly explosive- there are a few plays where he shows some, but most he hits the hole and goes. I wish I could see more highlights of him moving piles and breaking tackles, but I believe that is one of his negatives. I think opportunity is everything, and Swanson really has a great opportunity. There are so many great backs I think never got an opportunity in the NFL, and vice versa- many below average backs who got opportunities and ran with them, literally. I don't see much of anything super special in Swanson, but I see a guy who could very well be the best back on his roster, and that's all a guy needs. Let the chips fall where they may after that. We've seen a lot of bad backs on paper have exceptional careers in the NFL. A former HOU RB is one of them. The best part, he's free
  12. Right, but I don't think it's unheard of to see his targets go up. I don't think I ever would have agreed with 100 targets. I certainly think more than 65 is realistic. It's obvious ATL likes to use their TEs. Hooper is better than Tamme in the passing game (IMO), so I don't think it's a talent issue. I can see him getting 75-80 targets this year, and that's probably his ceiling. His YPR took a huge dive last year compared to his rookie season, so I think it's reasonable to expect him to increase off 10.7. I think where he can improve the most is as a RZ target. A lot to like here. I think he's vastly underrated. I tried to sell so far in dynasty (I don't want to but to upgrade elsewhere) and no interest at all. Not even as a TE2. Which is odd. ATL has some very significant success at the TE position, at least with targets as you showed.
  13. You're a busy guy. I like it. (I assume you're B) I've evolved into more of the negative Collins crowd. The more I look at his scenario the more I see it as a great sell high opportunity, so I did sell him high. I really like Stills... you see how many targets are unaccounted for with Landry gone, and I really don't see those going to Parker- who every season for the last 4 has been "this is the season." I think Stills gets a lot of those targets and does exceptionally well. I own Guice. I would not trade him for those 3. So I much prefer the Guice side. I think he's going to be a stud.
  14. Perhaps, but the last news I saw was that he was having a throwing camp at Standford. A lot of people seem to have high hopes for him to start the year. I feel like the lack of exceptional news is a bad sign. I was pleasantly surprised to see Brissett on my WW, especially since I am short at QB, so I was able to grab him. Agreed