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  1. You said a this a lot better than I was trying to. I see him as a WR3 with WR2 upside. Not many of those being traded for high 2nd rounders... Hell, not many being traded for 1sts. If he has after another ho hum year he wont be looked at as a WR with a potential bright future any longer... He will be looked at as a soon to be 27 year old WR3 who is what he is and everyone will have moved onto the 2020 WRs and 2021 WRs... both classes are said to be pretty talented, 2020 obviously very deep. Chicago is destined to draft another WR in 2020 or 2021, especially if Robinson moves on. That guy stands to likely be more talented and a better NFL WR1 than Miller
  2. Yeah I just disagree. His value may go slight up this offseason and maybe even to start the year, but IMO it'll be the high point of his career.
  3. I know there are a lot of people who like Miller. I see him being decent but not a real strong play. An early 2021 2nd is probably a little cheap as his value could be higher in less than 6 months. I'd prefer an early 2020 2nd as there are a lot of prospects I like better than Miller. Regardless, I'd probably make this deal as I view Miller as a sell this offseason.
  4. Man, someone is still holding onto Fast Willie Parker?! I like the picks in these trades, assuming Team A is building. None of those players have great long term outlooks IMO. Not a bad buy for a team looking to grab some depth/upgrades. Good sells for a rebuild/build
  5. Why don't I just go eat some hay? I can make things out of clay, or lay by the bay, I just may! What do you say?
  6. Yes, me too. I'm looking for 200 from Lamb. Right now Lamb is a contender for my wr1, but I have some significant questions that the combine will answer. Then the draft may matter some
  7. This is a good point. QB play in 2019 was far different as well. That may be a factor. Perhaps Hurts cant throw very well to his right so they lined up Lamb more on the left to get him the ball. Who knows but that's a logical explanation
  8. I found a few examples but I'm not really sure if they were any good... Barry Sanders Ladanian Tomlinson Frank Gore Eddie George Ricky Watters Melvin Gordon (RS So) *not an exhaustive list Josh Jacobs (if you want to call him productive... he certainly looks the part) Miles Sanders... again maybe too early to tell but so far so good I name these two because they so far look quite good. your memory must not be so great
  9. I sort of agree with the fact that Taylor can be the most likely to be a 3 down back. He has done it. He may not be amazing at catching the ball, but he did get much better at it and can be serviceable there. Dobbins... the pass protection is a bit concerning, and as someone else put it here or elsewhere- if you cant pass protect that's a huge issue in the NFL. Dobbins will certainly blow the socks off the combine So Swift... I have no idea anymore. I didnt like him this time last year. Then I got to know him and like him a little better. Now I am so reluctant I am not sure what to think of him. He has the ability to be a 3 down back, but he could also be used in a situation like Baltimore as a pass catcher (I've gotten heat already for suggesting Baltimore could draft him). All I know is watching Taylor all season, I was impressed every time... until he fumbled. His straight line speed is awesome, but its straight line... I still have them in that order but it's so close. Let's bring on the combine and, more importantly, the NFL draft. Hopefully there will be clarity to follow because I draft in my main dyno a week after!
  10. no need to apologize. This kind of stuff is good for discussion
  11. not saying I agree with this statement, but it's thought provoking
  12. This isnt good. The entire scouting profile reminds me of RoJo in a way
  13. good point on committees I want to like him a lot. at this point I have Swift, dobbins, taylor in that order, but it's been tough to figure these guys out.
  14. I think he has the skill set. my concern is pass blocking (I just dont know how good he is here) and I have injury concerns as he always seemed banged up being in a committee in college. That's my biggest concern. Swift, to me, seems good at everything, but great at nothing. I see the same about Dobbins too, except I'd argue that he could be great at separation and speed compared to Swift. Taylor has concerns in the passing game, however actually watching him, WI wasnt opposed to getting him the ball or wouldnt put a different back in for that role.