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  1. Montgomery looked great. Williams looked awful. Against the same defense. Grab your popcorn
  2. Gordon doesnt learn the patriots playbook The playbook learns Gordon
  3. got in this week thanks to burton, Lockett, and chicago
  4. No I don't think that is... I read it as NE trades a 5th to CLE, if he'snot active for 10 games the Browns send an additional pick back to NE (so maybe a 6th?)
  5. I agree, it was a terrible call, but no excuse. I agree 100%
  6. I'm still trying to figure a few things out on that site. I hate their box score display on the phone. It's real weird and difficult to see what's going on, but overall I do like it. It is the best site in fantasy right now for sure, so many options.
  7. Yes, I don't want to be a group of whiny fans that we see so often with other rivals in the division. The refs made a few mistakes. GB had plenty of opportunities to over-come those bad mistakes. Poor clock management killed them, as well as failure to finish in OT with their possession. Overall I am not too upset about a tie. At least it was a tie with a divisional opponent.
  8. Need to allow review of these plays. Hits to the head and roughing the passer. Just like they review targeting in college.
  9. it absolutely cost the game. GB intercepted. would have been game over. the NFL is getting flag happy with QBs. there was a call against MIN for roughing the passer that was bad too
  10. I will say this though, it feels good to be right about the Denver RB situation more times than Cecil Lammy
  11. Lindsay is a hell of a grab for folks, but dont lose faith in Freeman just yet
  12. yeah certainly looks that way for now. things can change but lindsay is the man
  13. get a room you two and you can measure in person