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  1. No, just one on my office phone. I have two ideas and they could be the same person. One posts here and has been quite vile towards me and the other used to be the exact same way but doesn’t post here any longer since September. I assume they are the same person. Many have suggested I contact authorities and I have... we will see where it goes... I was trying to protect myself as I was considering putting myself more out there by writing and this place is littered with trolls/haters... got spooked when this happened and wanted to try and reset to continue to do something I like. Seems that won’t be able to be the case. I’d like to continue to share some ideas with those who have appreciated my thoughts so please pm me...
  2. While I am disappointed a private PM/email is not kept private, the fact that I was in the beginning stages of writing and my personal info was compromised. I found out I could not write using a pen name, so I reached out privately with the expectation it would be kept private. An admin here told me it was possible but Joe would need to make an exception as they were not allowed to do so. I didn’t make a list of threads hid and I feel bad for Joe having to dig to find them. In the end, I’ve decided to pull my articles and not write because of the inability of myself to hide my information and the fact that it was compromised already. Joe told me to not hide threads after I had done so, and then made it seem like I was intentionally not remembering how many I hid, or hiding more, which is not the case. Last I’ll say about all of this. I’m surprised it’s been made into such a big deal by others around here. People need to find better things to do with their time, especially better than calling my office phone and referencing fbgs forum... all voicemails are saved. Probably one of the last posts I’ll make around here...
  3. I don’t owe anyone an explanation but Joe, which I have PMed him. It shows unread so idk what to say but I have responded to him privately and tried to remember the threads I hid a week ago at once. But this post is dead on. I appreciate you assuming the best intentions rather than assuming the worst
  4. Got him as my rb5. Mixon as my rb3. Not trading anyone
  5. Love 1.03 here... I’m not big on Ekeler so it’s probably about right for both sides
  6. I’ve gotten a few questions on this, and I know I’ve responded to you privately... since at this point there’s no point keeping things secret I figured I would squash this once and for all. I’m not sure how this happened since I recently moved my family to Colorado, but somehow someone from here had begun to harass me in my personal/professional life. I thought that by removing posts, changing my handle, and leaving the forum it would make it less easy for someone else. I’m not even sure how this person found me as my personal information is different than my handle/previous handles (my first name starts with a B, not a D)... but I guess some people have too much time on their hands. That’s the last I’ll say of all of this. We can get back to AJB...
  7. Thank you, I’ve cleaned up my inbox and it should be good now. I was given some great advice this morning regarding my situation and I plan to still frequent here but not as often. I enjoy this place a lot...
  8. 1. I have only changed the name on this one. If you prefer to discuss further we can in PM
  9. I asked Joe and he said it was not possible. The author didn’t change. The handle did.
  10. I hid the thread, it was brought back, I didn’t mean to cause issues. If I trusted people to respect my privacy it wouldn’t have been necessary. I apologize for the fallout. I figured someone would just create a new thread and it wouldn’t have been a big issue. Faust does a lot of work and it wasn’t fair of me to hide all of that with hiding the thread.
  11. I am leaving the forum and trying to remove my posts from here. Since I was told this was not possible I was doing it myself. I didn’t mean to cause so much issue. My apologies. There will be other threads missing- apologies to Faust and others ahead of time.
  12. SF I take Thielen and the 1st. Non SF I take the other side