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  2. follow this link: http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/viewrankings-dynasty.php?viewpos=wr&howrecent=35 you have to google footballguys rankings, than click on the link that looks like that. you have to then manually enter the number 35 instead of 14 in the address bar to go back to when the last rankings were updated.
  3. FF owners are enamored with Pryor's athleticism, and he is a special athlete. But that athleticism only carries guys into year 2, when their decision-making and downfield passing ability is the key to their continued success. Pryor's coaches were protecting him in the second half w/ very good reason. They won't be able to scheme him into success after his rookie year without major development from him as a decision maker and passer. He has shown nothing in his career at OSU and in his Raiders career to indicate he has the tools to make that next step. This movie always has the same ending.