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  1. Placing buster skrine on Adams seems like a bad matchup????
  2. Like does anyone here have a direct line to any reporters on the post game to ask him what he expects to happen??
  3. Why why why why why hand the ball off to Montgomery seven yards behind the line of scrimmage what do you expect to happen nagy
  4. Get ready for a dozen three and outs as they abandon the run
  5. Damn nice block by Chase saving the fumble
  6. Wow way more inactives than I would want at least we still have a kicker?
  7. Went 7th in my draft just now. Was hoping to get him with the 9th as the Gurley owner but no dice.
  8. Someone should do the math and find out if the bears would have been better off not kicking any field goals or extra points at all this season and just going for it on all their fourth downs and going for two