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  1. yeah, Gabriel seems to be a safety valve for Trubisky after Robinson. You would think it would be Miller, a TE or Howard/Cohen but no. Agreed though, Gabriel is pretty meh and is really just a burner kind of guy... too bad Trubisky is garbage at anything downfield.
  2. So I'm not an X's and O's guy, don't really know too much about actual football, just fantasy. But during the Lions-Pats game Collinsworth mentioned something about Patricia using some type of defensive formation a lot from his Pats DC days during his first game against NYJ, and obviously it didn't work and they got shredded. Any idea what that was?
  3. the lack of discipline on the Steelers is real. these penalties week after week are ridiculous
  4. this game is nuts WItten still sucks
  5. that was a hell of a throw
  6. damn Villanueva got destroyed
  7. Also, I hate DFS. I knew I needed a low-owned/contrarian player for the primetime games so I went with Cameron Brate at TE. Good start. Then Vance McDonald had to freaking murder Chris Conte for that TD.
  8. totally forgot that Gruden traded for Switzer, then traded him away. what a mess
  9. not only is what he says dumb and not interesting, there is no spacing between his words. It's is like one giant long word of turd
  10. holy crap, the Magic is back!!!
  11. this is really bad quarterbacking
  12. I take that back Evans could have kept running and jumped for that
  13. Fitzpatrick is being Fitzpatrick boys lol
  14. RUT ROH!