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  1. I would too. He's going to need some sort of income.
  2. Yes. I am aware that the local district or county can pursue charges and that it doesn't have to be Rudolph or the NFL organization. I am somewhat familiar with the court system in my county, which is in a big city. The chances that a county/district's ASA approves felony charges on this is close to zero and honestly laughable considering the cases that are so much worse that don't even sniff going beyond a misdemeanor. Do you really think the prosecution wants to potentially make Myles Garrett a felon? C'mon now. That wouldn't even be the case if this game took place in Pittsburgh. edit: the fact that there is no serious injury must be reiterated. If Rudolph got concussed or some other serious injury and it looked real bad on TV, then yes absolutely there is a good chance he is charged. Assistant state's attorneys don't just hand out felony charges willy-nilly.
  3. so please explain. Why would the state of Ohio charge Myles Garrett with a misdemeanor battery?
  4. Yeah, this is just reaching in my opinion. NFL or Rudolph likely won't want to pursue this legally. Rudolph is not hurt and declines medical attention. Garrett isn't a felon and doesn't have a rap sheet. Just why? Agree to disagree here.
  5. OK, so, it is a high publicity case because it is an NFL game and... that's it? There are countless assaults/batteries that occur in Ohio that actually result in grievous bodily harm. I would think the state would be more concerned with homicides, attempt murders, criminal sexual assaults, domestic battery, robberies, and so on...
  6. yes, they are also an option. Why would the state of Ohio pursue this? If I'm off base here legally speaking, let me know. But this doesn't seem realistic whatsoever.
  7. by who, the Ohio state's attorney? Listen, if I'm off base here legally speaking, let me know. But if Rudolph or the NFL don't pursue chargers of battery (or assault or whatever the state of Ohio calls it), then the only other option would be the state of Ohio, correct? What are the changes they deal with that? This is not exactly the type of criminal case the district attorney goes after.
  8. There is always a victim. The victim has to either be Rudolph himself or the NFL. It certainly isn't going to be the state of Ohio lol.
  9. I just really don't see any NFL player doing that. I can't even remember it being done before, and if it hasn't, I don't think Rudolph is gonna be the first.
  10. 6 games probably I keep seeing charges being brought up. Lets be real. Rudolph isn't going to sign a complaint for battery (or assault or whatever the state calls it), thus, there is no victim. And the chance of NFL pursuing charges against Myles Garrett is close to zero.
  11. imo T Williams / Renfrow Crowder Tate & Slayton if Shepard remains out Sanu and all Jags receivers are interesting with a healthy Foles and decent schedule
  12. absolutely. I think Pace tries to be too perfect, like he put all of his chips in. Everything kind of hinged on Mack trade + Trubisky panning out. And in hindsight, that's not really how you build a team in the long run. Oh well. I personally don't think the team is going anywhere with Pace in charge. Good eye for talent, but not necessarily a good GM.
  13. i'm confused a little about what's going on here. It seems both sides are playing games. What are both sides trying to accomplish, is it just fiscal at this point?
  14. As much as it sucks to say, Mitch will probably be playing all or most of next season... I think Pace (and maybe Nagy) will be stubborn enough to roll with Mitch to really "make sure" he isn't the guy, so to speak. And depending on what happens, Mitch may be benched mid-season (ala Mariota this year). You can maybe re-sign Chase Daniel, and there are other options like Mariota, Winston, Tannehill, Fitzpatrick, Bridgewater, Keenum, McCoy, Siemian, etc. edit: also Dalton if he is released next year.