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  1. Ronald Jones putting on 13 lbs... meh. Dude never ran with much power anyways, always seemed to be a Jamaal Charles slasher type. Not sure this helps him. In best ball I sometimes grab Bruce Anderson. He is the most appealing option to me right now.
  2. just to contribute... Started doing some drafts. What do you guys think? QB: Cam Newton, Sam Darnold RB: David Montgomery, Mark Ingram, Miles Sanders, Royce Freeman, Justice Hill, Benny Snell WR: Davante Adams, Juju Smith-Schuster, Adam Thielen, Marvin Jones, Desean Jackson, Marquise Brown, Marquise Goodwin TE: Mark Andrews, Delanie Walker, Ian Thomas They are really fun, harder than MFLs IMO because 1) PPR is a bit easier, and 2) the website/interface is really really ####ty.
  3. Brate or Rudolph would help them so much...
  4. even though he's a violent runner, he's a steal right now. Ito Smith also has some value.
  5. will be interesting to see what happens with him. I think he'll stay in Minnesota and not have that much fantasy value... I can only see a few teams trading for him - Pats, Seahawks and maybe Titans.
  6. I have a lot of shares of this dude in bestball.
  7. so so true. Yes, he got 70 targets. Yes he got 10 TDs which he probably won't get this year. And yes Wilson had a passing TD% of 8.2% and that will likely lower to 7.0% or so - but I don't care. Not only will the targets very likely increase, but Lockett is just so so good at so many routes, and it is clear at this point that Lockett and Wilson have an amazing rapport. Also, if Metcalf is what I think he is, and that is torching people on 9/post/corner routes, defenses may become wary of that and open some stuff underneath. Just my opinion.
  8. outside of Howard how much do we see Clement contributing? At this point I see Smallwood and Adams out of the picture.
  9. that adjustment is so hard to make and he made it look easy. He's so fluid.
  10. This guy consistently goes in the 8th round in best ball right now. Even in the 7th I think I'd be OK with it.
  11. damn. Sad to see this guy done like this. Was so fun to watch
  12. Guy is going to be a workhorse and will be just fine. The issue is the offensive line.
  13. this guy is gonna move up the rankings real fast