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  1. Very OK with this. I wonder what are the chances we can actually get Dalton. He still has a year on contract and won't be released because they [Bengals] can get picks for him in a trade... shame we don't have picks edit: I feel like we end up with a back-up like Gabbert, Bortles, Colt McCoy or Keenum. Mariota doesn't seem like a logical choice for the type of offense Nagy runs.
  2. So what is the deal with the Hiestand firing? He's known to be one of the best OL coaches around and developing guys in the trenches. Was it him or was it the talent they had (which admittedly was lacking)? Maybe it was the lack of a run game which he was supposedly in charge of? Difference of opinions on scheme?
  3. I needed 40 pts from Boone. Lol. My whole roster took a dump in the finals I guess.
  4. put him in over Chark... my chances of winning tomorrow are becoming less and less
  5. anybody rolling with Fant this week? Its either him or Higbee for me. I need an upside TE play and am considering putting Fant over Higbee, probably won't have the balls to do it though.
  6. yes. Likely over Mostert. I'm still iffy on how many touches Mostert gets, even if he leads the backfield.
  7. this dude is like Juju Smith-Schuster, Anquan Boldin, Derrick Henry and Kenny Britt wrapped into one
  8. he seems pretty bad. I get that the team is banged up. But even his checkdowns are atrocious, he's just throwing lasers at the receivers knees
  9. absolutely correct. If you read Belichick's quotes on this thing, it is basically "we don't deal with that department of our organization" or "we've never seen the videos that the production department does". Why, if the piece is supposed to be on the advanced scout as the Patriots say, is the camera pointed at Bengals coaches and staff during the entirety of the first quarter. And why, when approached by Bengals security, does the cameraman ask if he can just delete the footage so everything can be forgotten. Where there's smoke there's fire
  10. read this on Twitter... Currently there are two RBs averaging fewer yards after contact per attempt than David Montgomery: David Johnson and... Kalen Ballage. That's not good company. Keep in mind yards after contact is not indicative of line play or the offense as a whole, it is entirely on the RB. My assessment still rings true in my opinion... he doesn't have the burst to get away, and while he trucked people in college, those dudes are nothing compared to NFL size.
  11. This guy is toast. Granted, the line isn't as good and the offense generally sucks. But you can see the difference between early last year and this year.
  12. I am skeptical considering its Tannehill, but him as the QB of the Titans might be a thing. I don't know if anyone watched the full game. I just watched some Game Pass of it. Tannehill looked phenomenal. He also looked really explosive rushing-wise. If they can keep churning out yards with Derrick Henry, this offense is underrated. And AJ Brown is my favorite WR to watch right now.
  13. Congrats to those who started him. I didn't but hope I can use him down the stretch. Also, he seemed to keep touching his hamstring after every catch. This dude is so worrisome lol.
  14. Williams expected to start. FWIW he was always a decent draft prospect. For his size he has excellent speed, hips, and loose feet. Runs with good power. Pass-catching & vision is adequate. Obviously, him behind that line is enticing.