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  1. I know CAR's outside corners can be beat but even if Jones plays, you have to imagine he will be in some discomfort depending on how bad the bruise is. Considering that CAR"s strength on defense is their run D, that really only leaves Golladay as a viable threat. Targets are targets but I'm off him this week.
  2. oh, corey coleman is on the GIants...
  3. was really thinking he could burn Jenkins. Doesn't seem very involved
  4. pbandy1

    O. J Howard TE Alabama

    not really sure, they stuttered in the red zone multiple times. Koetter was also calling plays.
  5. pbandy1

    Josh Gordon Everything Thread

    did the Titans have Jackson shadow Gordon? If so, good call... Butler would have had some issues
  6. pbandy1

    Josh Reynolds - WR - Rams

    yup. Sucks about Kupp. Reynolds a must have in all formats. A Matt Waldman favorite FWIW.
  7. Bears fan here... Golladay should be lining up mostly with Kyle Fuller. Fuller has been good but he is beatable and is prone to a big play, he is also vastly out-sized by Golladay. However, Bears are getting fully healthy, Mack is back and the defensive line should be just as worrisome as the Vikings (and we saw how that went last week). Stafford needs a safe outlet like Riddick or Tate back because he might be running around again. The TJ Lang injury hurts too. Should be an interesting game. Detroit is also pretty good at getting after the QB, and the Bears guards are down to Kush and Daniels which is worrisome. Could be a lot of back and forth offensively (though not necessarily high scoring) and could give Golladay some opportunities.
  8. pbandy1

    Anyone playing Maurice Harris today?

    even if Crowder plays, it is hard to just go back right into it after so many weeks off. Not even a full practice yet. Still like Maurice Harris here.
  9. wow, that freaking blows. Achilles at that age, when he has already lost a step, is rough. Saints hurting at WR now.
  10. I am really liking Trey Burton in this game.
  11. now very tempted to bet CHI -6.5 where I can...
  12. pbandy1

    Tyler Boyd without AJ Green

    Personally, I don't like it. The offense is now limited in their skill players - Boyd thrives in the slot but I'm not sure he will have the same success on the outside. Granted, targets are targets, but the offense is going to take a step back and that is an overall negative for Boyd imo.
  13. pbandy1

    Chris Carson - RB - Seahawks

    he's been banged up but how the heck was he allowed to get 32 freaking carries that one game, lol
  14. that is a rough offense right there.