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  1. pbandy1

    Return of the Mack...Marlon Mack, RB, Indy

    Mack bounced a lot of runs outside last year and he did that in college as well. He was much better at taking the run inside when needed this year. I really love watching him play, his hips are like he's on a swivel. I wish he caught more passes, I always thought he was pretty decent at that.
  2. agreed, he's a good back but there are better backs in the league. product of the offense, volume, and line.
  3. he may be a blob but his burst actually is pretty impressive for someone his size. really good vision and downhill running
  4. pbandy1

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    CJ Anderson looks better lol
  5. And I believe 10 men on defense on Dallas Goedert's TD. Can't happen. Think Amos saw something but as he said himself, he's not really a guy that can call time-outs. I'd like an explanation from Fangio/Nagy/Pace on that one.
  6. Listening to 670 right now, they played a clip of media people talking to Trey Burton, he just kept saying that when his body is threatened his body locks up, but there wasn't anything specific he felt in his groin Monday-Friday. Kind of bizarre...
  7. oh, of course... I would concur on Rams
  8. Saints for me. Think Chargers can upset Pats personally
  9. pbandy1

    Return of the Mack...Marlon Mack, RB, Indy

    I think DVOA/DYAR rewards 'big play' ability, so guys like Mack will rank higher, but Chubb will be #1 on PFF yet #18 on FO. They also differently rate quality of defense for opponent, run blocking, etc. It should be interesting to see how Mack does outdoors against one of the worst run blocking units in the Chiefs.
  10. i'm definitely worried by more than a few of my co-workers, lol.
  11. agreed. Parkey needs to be gone, there is a reason he has been on mulitple teams. However, the loss is not on him. Offense was basically #### the first half and had lots of 3 and outs, Cohen got 4 damn touches, and defense could not shut down the Eagles in the end
  12. post-game Nagy was getting some flack for Cohen only getting 4 touches
  13. he's not safe here, lol. Seriously though. Rough game for Mitch although he battled back in the second half, rushing is a big part of his game and he had 9 yards I think? He has to get more consistent though which I worry about. I was surprised Cohen wasn't used more. Need a new kicker Defense didn't play its best game but hard to knock them for anything this season. I think by DVOA standards the CHI defense was historically amazing. Burton injury kind of stunk, Eddie Jackson too. Well played by the Eagles though, entertaining game.