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  1. 20 team dynasty. Non PPR. I'm light on WR Adam's would be a great addition and I like Chubb a lot, and definitely Luck over Cam after how he did me in weeks 14 and 15 last year Cam Barkley, Henry, Fournette DJ Moore, Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins, Cobb, Goodwin OJ Howard
  2. Fournette, a 1st and 2nd in 2021 for Ingram and Alshon Jeffrey. My other rbs are Barkley and Derrick Henry and I need help at WR with Davis, DJ Moore and Sammy Watkins. 20 team dynasty league. No ppr
  3. Bryant can play but way too many mouths to feed in OAK
  4. Jordan is valuable. I too believe I gave a lot with the 1st, but my 1st is like late 20s. I love Cobb, and believe he will perform VERY well this year. Jordan was the kicker.
  5. I don’t see how Fournette isn’t in that “Top 4” He IS going to be top 5 in the future, not a question in dynasty. Don’t forget his style and prospects coming into the league. Straight animal. The Jags defense is the best in the league, and imo Fournette is overlooked in dynasty. I’m happy to see you have him at 5!
  6. For a #2/3 WR in a 20 team dynasty league does that make Cobb more attracting for my squad trying to compete the next few years? Now Nelson is gone, I don’t see how Cobb isn’t the Buy
  7. I’m in a dynasty league and wanted to acquire a GB WR and I think Cobb is who I want for this year. M Bryant, B Butler, 2020 1st for Cobb and Cam Jordan IDP i know the 1st is a lot but my pick is dang near 30
  8. Ever use the term core in fantasy? Does it even matter?
  9. Adams the obvious #1 for red zone and team leader across the board receiving. What about the #2 spot? Cobb? And then #3. My teams in position of needing a wr2 and if Cobb is getting wr2 looks without Nelson, IMO he is the buy of the year
  10. I think Goodwin is the forgotten man in ff this year.