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  1. $50 on KC for Super Bowl at 8-1 (Was placed before season) $60 to win $30 on Stephon Gilmore DPOY Parlays and all else will be posted sometime Friday
  2. Evans/Godwin I think AJ Brown/Corey Davis will be a topic when/"if" TEN gets a top tiered franchise QB.
  3. I forgot to set my line-up championship week with Henry being out... and I had 22 points on the bench with Mack/Ekeler. Down 11 last night with Aaron Rodgers to play. He scores 9 I lose my championship by 2.
  4. Whats to expect for 2020? Hopefully he finishes the year strong. He has had the most quiet season of production (Touchdown dependent)
  5. Seeing Mitch Trubisky was on the bench for Wentz and ruined my playoff run in my 20 teamer... Is Ingram a solid option yet again for 2020?
  6. ....not to mention hes in my bench in the 1st week of playoffs
  7. So now all the announcers and reporters on Get Up are saying how Mitch Trubisky has taken this offense to a new level.... Just last week he was the 31st ranked QB... and the worst in football. Make up your minds.
  8. Really, the Eagles against the Dolphins? You really think the Dolphins would beat them...? It was like a -450 money line 🙄😟
  9. So pissed right now. Was drunk last night and dropped 250 on the Philly money line, expecting a small return.... F*** Philly
  10. I was surprised looking back at weeks 4-10 of last year, and can't help but wonder what happened to this dude. He was performing among the top QBs at that time last year then came down with the injury.
  11. Yes, we haven't seen the full on RB1 numbers in the sense of "Elite", but he has silently produced pretty consistent numbers this year.