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  1. I'm looking to win now. OJ Howard is my other tight end.
  2. Hockenson for Foles/Ingram/Alshon Non ppr. 20 team dynasty
  3. 20 team dynasty non ppr. I need Rb and WR depth, with OJ Howard as my starting tight end. Swaim backup. Barkley/Henry - D. Lewis as my rbs. (Start 2) and DJ Moore, Corey Davis, Watkins, Metcalf, Boykin as my WRs (Start 3) Or do I keep Hockenson as a 1-2 with Howard and use the WRs I have?
  4. Anyone believe in Stidham ? He will develope behind Brady for 2 more years. He shows similar qualities I'm his game. No, I'm not saying he "is" Brady so dont even start.
  5. Tony Pollard, Greg Olsen for Dion Lewis and 4.6 rookie draft. I own Henry, he owns Zeke 20 team dynasty
  6. 7 and 13 overall was the offer. That just who I landed
  7. Fournette and Sterling Shephard for DK Metcalf and TJ Hockenson
  8. Fournette for DK Metcalf, Sterling Shephard and 15 overall (still waiting to pick in rookie draft) 20 team dynasty. Fournette owner had Barkley/Henry... needed depth at WR 1 pt 10 yds 6 pt all TD .25 PPR
  9. Straight up. 20 team dynasty. Non ppr. What side do you take? 6 pt all TDs 1 pt every 10 yds
  10. I landed in the 5th of Best ball.
  11. Sammy Watkins getting in extra training with WR guru Keith Williams