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  1. Corey Davis is a headache in Dynasty. ... and OJ Howard. I missed out on Mcaffrey, taking Fournette... Kamara, taking Davis.... and Watson, taking OJ
  2. Yes, I'm joking lol I can't believe I was taken seriously
  3. Wow, no Mitch Trubisky? Definitely has the potential to be a top QB 😂😂😂😂 LOL
  4. Fournette, DJ Moore / Sanders, John Ross Yes, I know smh. lol
  5. Turning into "Sammy Watkins - The next Andre Johnson" 2.0
  6. I really like Tannehill now having AJ Brown to throw to on top of Davis. Goff is cold right now, yet can go off any week. I read this and cant believe what I just wrote. Lol Tannehill > Goff
  7. Final deal ended up Barkley/Watkins (I cant deal with the Watkins headache any longer) Barkley/ Watkins Gurley/Tyreek/2020 1st (as of now, a top 12 pick)
  8. Does Gurley scare you enough to really drop to 23? and Tyreek at 10? When Mahomes has the hot hand and Tyreek being his #1 WR, its hard to see him not finish in the top 5.
  9. 20 team dynasty .25 PPR Wentz Trubisky Barkley, Ingram, Dion Lewis, Dontrell Hilliard DK, Watkins, CDavis, Boykin OJ/Brate, Dissly, Higbee Fairburn SOLID IDPs I am in need of a top WR if i want to compete in my league. I still get a 25 year old Gurley (Yes, he has injury risk, but I receive Mahomes #1 WR.) Should I pull the trigger? Or should the risk of Gurleys injuries and Tyreeks off-field scare me off?
  10. Barkley/ Watkins Gurley/Tyreek/2020 1st (as of now, a top 12 pick) Just submitted
  11. Everyone here in Philadelphia sworn that Wentz was the closest thing to the Messiah, so I traded for him... Then Mitch Biscuit outscored him on my bench....
  12. (Rotoworld) According to Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer, the Patriots inquired about O.J. Howard but were told he's not available. Signed a frustrated OJ Howard owner