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  1. Especially when the majority of them dont work out. Pretty sure wide receiver has about the biggest bust rate.
  2. Just listened to Bloom's On The Couch from 4/19, where he and Harmon talked about the idea of Butler having AJ Green upside. They pretty much called such a thought baloney. I have to say I disagree; not saying he will be that good but he could be. He has all the ability he needs only it's just a matter of whether he puts it all together. Highest upside in this draft.
  3. You could also apply this logic to any receiver going to the Pats, which seems irrational to me. It think it's Lamar Jackson.
  4. Yea, but what else is there to talk about, TJ Yeldon landing in Buffalo? To my amateur eye this looks like teams trying to lower a guy's stock. I don't see a receiver this fast and productive falling to the 4th round. At the same time there's talk of less established receivers like Marqise Brown and Parris Campbell possibly going in the 1st. I don't get it.
  5. I agree with you, but would wait until the draft to make any definitive ranking. If Tampa Bay takes Sanders with their 2nd round pick, all of the sudden 1.05 is too late.
  6. I feel like at least Henderson and Sanders should go before Jacobs.
  7. Zeno, this is not the peace corps, this is the NFL. I dont doubt you can read people, but it just doesnt have as much implication to playing football. A lot of posters here have provided examples of players doing well who did the same things you're knocking Murray about. But you dont waver, or even acknowledge. Some of your examples are just silly, like the 8th grade twitter thing. A lot of people who are not homophobes have called somebody a queer. Even supposing Murray is, I haven't seen any study linking homophobia to poor quarterback play.
  8. Makes me wonder what they're missing lol. You're exactly right about the boxing out thing. What else does he do?
  9. Not seeing it with this guy. For all the talk of Metcalf's immobility, crickets with JJAW. And he doesnt even have so much going for him.
  10. Behind Moore and Ridley. Depending on draft capital maybe behind Pettis too. So 3rd or 4th.
  11. A little hope. Dont know if I can drop him now. What's the timetable for a torn achilles?
  12. I'm fine with it, but am just surprised.
  13. Metcalf at 1.05, Isabella at 2.05. Probably low for both. I like Parris Campbell, but 1.07 is cooking with a little too much bacon fat.
  14. Stafford, Mitch, Goff, Ryan, Cam. So maybe 5. Wentz is close imo.