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  1. I love Hilton as a buy low, but I'm not sure this is buying low.
  2. I like it, well done. Chubb and Barkley are pretty close in my mind. Cooper > old dirty bastard. Harry is a bum. I would only add you might have gotten more for Barkley. A lot of people under appreciate losing a whole season from him.
  3. These wide open receivers are a product of Lamar though. You're giving him enough credit. We haven't seen many quarterbacks in the NFL like him - ones that are among the best runners in the NFL. He's basically a running back who can throw the ball pretty well. Combined with the Ravens accommodating his unique abilities and he's a hard player to defend. It's not easy to stop them from running the football. Defenses have to put a lot of effort into it, leading to open receivers, mostly tight ends. When the Ravens fall behind, of course that's a problem.
  4. I would say the blueprint has already been laid out and every team knows what it is. Jackson is not a great prototypical quarterback, maybe not even a good NFL passer at all. His success through the air is predicated from defenses addressing the run. So it's pretty simple to me, a team only needs to remove the rushing element of the offense forcing Jackson to throw the ball like a normal quarterback. I think this is easier said than done, evidenced by the fact so few teams have done it.
  5. Watched this last game vs the Lions. Isabella is a strange case. In a game without Kirk he still only saw 40% of the snaps, being used much the same way as before, near exclusively in 4 ways: a) deep route - run straight, 2) block, 3) short route, 4) reverse. Kingsbury favored KeeSean Johnson to run intermediate routes in place of Kirk. I see this as a huge red flag. Isabella has great acceleration, getting separation by stop/starting. This can work on short passes as shown by his TD in the 3rd quarter, but won't help him create separation down field. A receiver can't stop, instead needs to conserve his momentum while changing direction on intermediate routes. I haven't seen Isabella do this. I am thinking he's not very good at getting open beyond 5 yards which is why Kingsbury doesn't ask him to do it. I'm going to see if I can get my 2nd back for him.
  6. Hamler didn't play as well as he did against Pittsburgh. He dropped an easy one and wasn't always open. I still say he's better than Jeudy though. Even when Hamler got seperation, Driskel was in no position to get him the ball. This quarterback did not help anybody on the offense, except maybe the running backs. He played scared - unwilling to let deeper routes to develop, dumping off at any hint of pressure. I thought he did well against the Steelers in nearly leading a comeback; but this game was just bad. I don't know if Rypien is better but it wouldn't take much. At least Rypien will hang in the pocket trying to push the ball downfield. His interception on the last drive resulted from forcing the ball to Jeudy in the endzone on 4th and 1. Terrible outcome for the Broncos, but it's what you want to see as a Jeudy or Hamler owner. But then there's Bortles. This is just a mess.
  7. Torn between Hamler, the new Desean Jackson, and the actual Desean Jackson.
  8. I love how he just runs away after. Like the assassin in among us.
  9. They were using Shenault for short throws in the first half, most of his routes were 5 yards. In the second half they decided to constantly try downfield, bad idea btw. Shenault is ill-suited for trying to get open and catch a pass 10+ yards past the line of scrimmage.