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  1. If I was the Murray owner I would instant accept those.
  2. If Sanders should make Clement, Scott, and Smallwood irrelevant, he could be useful in a 2-way committee. Somehow he can do the pass catching work, making him a value in ppr. Good offense with lots of TD potential. These are the hopes.
  3. Saquon Barkley is why it wouldn't be a good idea.
  4. It's not like Hines was getting the ball on merit though. The Colts forced the ball to him, and he was terribly inefficient with his touches.
  5. I cant disagree with this overall, but the difference between Saquon Barkley and replacement level is a lot more than with kickers. Having a great rb helps more than you acknowledge. Debating whether Ezekial Elliot is an important offensive weapon for Dallas is a discussion not worth having imo. I wouldnt put Gordon in that category though. So I don't know if hes worth it or not. Deoends on their plan B. The Chargers might learn the same lesson without him as the Eagles did last year. Philadelphia, I'm sure you noticed, made efforts to avoid using your strategy after their experience in 2018.
  6. Maybe not all running backs matter, but some do. Look how the Rams offense fell apart without Gurley. The Saints had how many losing seasons in row before they got Kamara and decided to run the ball. No way the Cowboys make the playoffs without Zeke.
  7. I agree with this. Just, I get a little upset at you saying Isabella isnt tough.
  8. They're both short and fast and quick and get open easy. So theres that. Personality-wise they're definitely different. Toughness is the wrong expression though. Smitty was the bully at school stuck in a 5-7 body. Isabella is the little engine that could.
  9. Isabella probably wont get in a fight every training camp, I'll give you that.
  10. NFC East - Philadelphia North - Chicago South - New Orleans West - Seattle Wild Card - Minnesota and LA Rams AFC East - New England North - Baltimore South - Indianapolis West - Kansas City Wild Card - Cleveland and Pittsburgh Super Bowl Kansas City over Philadelphia, Andy Reid's redemption.