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  1. Good list. I agree with you about T.Y. Potential there if they get a decent passer. It really couldn't get much worse no matter who they brought in. Same goes for the Carolina receivers especially Samuels. Hooper was one which I forgot. A lot of his production resulted from pairing with Ryan and garbage time. Thing is, I think this is baked into his price. I haven't seen many monster deals for him. There's a good chance he never sniffs his 2019 stats, but he might not have to for a pay off. I would put him in the buy category on the off chance he stays in Atl and keeps the connection with Ryan.
  2. If I were in charge of the PA, I wouldn't even make a counter offer. The NFL would have to do better before we could even start discussing.
  3. Maybe I didn't phrase my question correctly. Is there anybody you're buying in anticipation of getting a better situation, or selling because it should get worse? Drake, for example. Is he just a glorified Duke Johnson or poised to be a RB1 for the foreseeable future?
  4. Free agency obviously affects a players value. Who are you expecting to increase or decrease during? Some candidates: Austin Ekeler, Kenyon Drake, DJ, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, AB, Jordan Howard
  5. This just one of many talking points for Richard Sherman, as if he needs another thing to complain about. The whole premise here is a bit silly. So, adding another game means owners don't care about player safety? Applying that logic, the NFL should be reducing the number of games. If they really cared about player safety they'd reduce the games to 5 or 6, or better yet just not even have games.
  6. The franchise tag is still included in there. I know, sort of obnoxious. I have to think the PA will not allow it. I've read the NFL will use the tag as a bargaining chip so they look like they're compromising. It's why the PA shouldn't even start negotiating a stupid offer.
  7. The owners seem to be rushing, I'm sure there's a reason. If the players are smart they'll take advantage.
  8. You'll have to read my posts since. I like Dobbins in fact, he's decisive, quick, displays good vision, and makes a good receiver. I only meant to comment about his 'oily hips'; which imo, is not one of his strengths compared to some of the other running backs in this one and previous drafts.
  9. I'm noticing the main difference between these rbs is their coaches. Fournette and Zeke are no more 3 down backs than Cook, Mixon, or Kamara. Swift definitely has it in him as well, it's only a matter of whether his coach wants to give him the opportunity.
  10. Any qb who overwhelmingly targets his rbs will have a good completion percentage. Like I said before, he did pretty bad when defenses didn't let him just check down. I'm reminded of the Bengals game where he completed probably 20 passes to Conner and Samuels, a performance which inflated his stats. As far as better options, perhaps you're right. But that's not what Colbert is saying.
  11. I wouldn't have let Landry Jones leave, personally. Maybe I'm wrong about that. Perhaps Rudolph played ok when defenses let him check down to Samuels, and managed to win some games in Joe Flacco fashion. Hes back up quality but a poor one, I don't think I'm alone on that take. With questions surrounding Ben's recovery and age, I think getting a better one should be a priority.
  12. I think the best approach to BOA, doing well at a young age is a positive and not something to ignore. But lack thereof shouldn't make said player an avoid. Context should always be considered, if there might be some plausible reasons why it took so long for player to produce. If player never puts up great stats, that might be another matter.
  13. Colbert said he thinks the Ben's back ups did well and plans on keeping them and doesn't plan to sign anybody else. Dumb. Especially since they make it sound like Ben's recovery is not guaranteed.
  14. This time of year there's a lot of different rankings from different evaluators, including ourselves. There's a couple who have Zack Moss like RB1 or something. Thing is, we won't really know what the NFL thinks until the draft. I very well could be wrong about the buzz slowly disappearing for CEH, I'm just spit balling here.