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  1. Carson Wentz and Tom Brady have done probably 100 qb sneaks combined this year. I havent seen Bill or Doug called out yet... Its like yelling at your kid for throwing the ball in the house only when he breaks the lamp.
  2. I think hes awesome. Him and Aikman arw the best tandem in football.
  3. DT isn't a superstar, but he's competent and the point is they need warm bodies right now. Sort of why the Pats pulled that stunt to keep him in the first place, that is until they got AB. In the end it might not matter if Harry Henderson can perform well, but I think that's far from a given.
  4. Like I said before, this was a #### move by the Pats to trade Thomas. But that's ok though I guess... Oh well, bet they wish they had Thomas back now.
  5. Houston is the best fit. Ajayi can't be so done that he's not even better than Hyde.
  6. Thats good to know. Its still ridiculous. Soccer productions manage to fit comercials squarely during half time. Maybe part of the reason why its the most popular sport.
  7. Sidetrack here, its infuriating to me how the networks turn 40 minutes of football into a 3 hour production. Name another sport where the tv people get to pause the game so viewers can watch advertisements. I bet you can't. Gamepass is a great way to get around this nonsense. I get the $100 one so to watch the coaches film. I want to feel special, so what? Seriously though, its hard to tell what receivers are doing on the regular TV broadcast.
  8. I wouldnt be disappointed with a James White stat line at all in a ppr league. Im not greedy. Only happens if he can put Sproles on the bench, which I dont see happening. Pederson has a major soft spot for Sproles. Also consider Boston Scott put up some yards at the end of the Vikings game. Im not sure what thats all about though, i had already turned it off.
  9. Certainly, you're right. Except very few ppl say he has looked 'special'. At this point he obviously lacks a feel for running the ball. But it looks like he's demonstrated ability as a receiver and pass protecter, so he has found a role at least. And you're hoping he devolopes as an interior runner. We'll see.
  10. Definitely should trade them. They're the number 1 defense rest of the year, but highly doubtful by such a margin. Take any trade paying for the unsustainable points this far.
  11. Zeke pounding his chest over a flag. What a jackass.