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  1. 2 happened today, ppr league. Sent JK Dobbins got 1.07 (Swift) + '21 2nd (probably late) Sent 1.09 (Reagor) got Robert Woods.
  2. From this article: "Most of the unarmed people killed were people of color (48 were Black, 34 were Hispanic, 2 were Native American and 2 were Pacific Islander 50 were white, and 11 were unknown). Of those unarmed when they were killed, 35 percent were Black, and of those unarmed and not attacking, 37 percent were Black despite only constituting 13 percent of the population."
  3. These are things which we need to be discussing, to me these issues are way more significant than police brutality. Something like 50× as many blacks are murdered by regular people than cops. These murders are directly related to drug laws and unaddressed economic issues caused by these laws. Not to mention all the otherwise innocent young men placed behind bars for possessing a hand gun or drugs.
  4. These articles are interesting, particular the 2nd one. Black guys are way more likely to be killed while unarmed. Two things are brought up in the diverstyinc article, studies indicate black men are perceived to be stronger than other people the same size; and the "perceived additudes" of blacks are they are less innocent than of whites.
  5. Indicates to me cops being racist isn't the biggest problem. The systemic racism causing blacks to be disproportionately arrested and incarcerated is the big issue here.
  6. Presented with facts contrary to one's view of the world, get this, the guy presenting the facts is called racist. Well played.
  7. Minor one, sent two 2021 3rds (and dropped McKissic) to get Chase Edmonds and a 2021 4th.
  8. Yeah, right now maybe. I was saying about after New England cut him. The NFL basically said if he's signed again he's going on the exempt list.
  9. Coming off 1100 yards at age 23. Hes pretty undervalued I think. You could argue he's worth more than any runningback available at 4.
  10. I would take something like that for #4 but I feel like it's light.