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  1. Dynasty I think he is a hold, would not advise selling. In theory I would trade Moore for some older receivers, but nobody would give up D Hopkins or M Thomas. The guys around his value are all older and producing about the same. Example: has T Lockett and A Robinson pretty close to Moore while they have similar stats at ages 27+. In redraft there's a lot of guys in that WR2 range where its pretty much take your pick: A Robinson, T Lockett, D Moore, T McClaurin, C Kupp, T Boyd, R Woods, J Smith-Schuster. I don't see much difference between any of those fellas. You might be better off moving him for a rb since you can never have too many. D Swift or D Singletary would be interesting. I don't know about M Gaskin though; he makes me nervous.
  2. Not that Bridgewater is a world beater, at least he's competent. This is more than can be said for Jets quarterbacks. Also the coaches in Carolina have used Anderson effectively as more than just a deep threat. Bridgewater tends to take what the defense gives him, so Anderson doing a lot of the underneath work bodes well. I went to watch a few of Carolina's games to scope out D.J. Moore. The inadvertent takeaway for me was Anderson is a good/great all around receiver. I expect his usage to continue so he's at least a wr2, likely a borderline wr1 here out. The Jets blew it with this guy is my opinion.
  3. Robby Anderson, where do we put him? He could be a buy right now if these few games haven't convinced everybody. In terms of value, how close to Robert Woods/Tyler Lockett territory?
  4. Allen Robinson was one. Another was a package for Deandre Hopkins: Amari, Ronald Jones, and a 2nd.
  5. I'm in a win now and I'm not too keen on what's-his-face at quarterback. Dak was on record pace to support Amari's decent production as is. I figured somebody not in contention this year would find him more valuable than I do.
  6. Trying to trade him today. Nobody wants him. Dam shame.
  7. For people of NFL players age, the outcomes are similar.
  8. Madden was only watching the game about half the time tho, to be fair.
  9. The play here for the Bears is to drive down and punt it, pin them inside the five. Then sack Brady for a safety. Tie game.