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  1. So hold onto him and enjoy a massive weekly advantage at QB. Why wouldn't you? In a 12-teamer, especially since you have 3 every-week starters, there is always gonna be a team whose QB depth chart looks like Dalton, Goff, Kessler. All it takes is one team having their one reliable starter go down in TC or pre-season, and all of a sudden they're gonna be the fantasy equivalent of the Vikings coming to you and offering their 1st-rounder for Sam Bradford.
  2. Conceptually, I love this trade. You should be trying to win a title this year and next ... you've got a bunch of studs in Brady, Bell, Brown, Julio, Green, but they're all at the tail ends of their prime and McCoy fits with that concept. Plus you're getting back the best piece in the trade, which is almost always the way to go in shallower leagues. Having said that, I'm pretty high on both Meredith and Moncrief and would try an offer in which I wouldn't have to give them both up. Maybe offer Fat Rob in lieu of one of them as I don't think he's much above a replacement-level back. In a vacuum, this is too much to give up for Shady in PPR, but if push comes to shove, in your specific situation I'd probably grit my teeth and do it.
  3. I'm definitely in, either for league fees only or if we wanted to throw $10, or $25, or whatever on top to make it interesting. Always wanted to take a crack at a format like this.
  4. 3rd round, 70th pick. With Russell Wilson still on the board. Hawkeye's right - this won't ever happen again until the next time it happens, because GMs have short memories and huge egos.
  5. PLAYER 2016 YTD PTS BYE DRAFTED Brady, Tom NEP QB 352.10 9 3.06 - QB3 Goff, Jared LAR QB 92.05 8 8.11 - QB26 Murray, Latavius MIN RB (Q) 210.20 9 9.06 - RB38 Riddick, Theo DET RB (Q) 161.80 7 7.06 - RB30 Thompson, Chris WAS RB 149.50 5 12.11 - RB54 Ware, Spencer KCC RB 199.80 10 5.06 - RB22 Beckham, Odell NYG WR 298.60 8 1.06 - WR3 Bryant, Dez DAL WR 184.10 6 2.11 - WR12 Doctson, Josh WAS WR 8.60 5 11.06 - WR64 Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR 212.60 5 6.11 - WR37 Smith, Torrey PHI WR 64.70 10 15.06 - WR75 Wallace, Mike BAL WR 200.80 10 10.11 - WR58 Allen, Dwayne NEP TE 146.60 9 14.11 - TE31 Ertz, Zach PHI TE 261.60 10 4.11 - TE7 Everett, Gerald LAR TE - 8 17.06 - TE33 Prater, Matt DET PK 124.00 7 13.06 - PK8 Bears, Chicago CHI Def 91.00 9 18.11 - Def31 Bills, Buffalo BUF Def 104.00 6 16.11 - Def21 QB: With absolutely no evidence to support it, I suspect that Brady wants 2017 to be his final year and that like General Sherman, he wants to burn the league to the ground on his way out the door. He's as close to a top-3 lock if healthy as there is in the league at any position. Goff is basically his polar opposite in every sense other than "Week 1 starting NFL QB". But hey! He doesn't have to play for Bozo the Clown Jeff Fisher any more. Every cloud has a silver lining. RB: Ware is a JAG-ish starter, but Reid tends to lean on his veteran RBs, so if he remains competent he should hold off Hunt for a while at least. Murray is more a bet against Cook, whose bounce-it-outside style is gonna get him killed behind that Vikings OL. If there's still one market inefficiency in these survivors it's 3rd-down backs like Riddick and Thompson being consistently undervalued, especially because of their floor - no 1.8-point weeks from these guys, which matters a lot in survivor ... having said that, if I'd known the quality of WRs that were going to slip in this draft (Lockett and Maclin in the 10th?!) I might have rethought going so WR-heavy early. Decent enough group for 4 mid-round picks unless I catch the injury bug, but that's OK because NFL RBs rarely get hurt. WR: Love, love, love these guys. OBJ is a stud in his prime on a team with no running game to speak of. Dez may be just past his, but any skill decline will be offset by the likelihood the Cowboys open up the offense a bit in Year 2 of the Dak era. Manny Sanders (drafted WR37) has suffered through two years of God-awful QB play and still finished WR18 and WR20. Doctson is the definition of post-hype sleeper: a first-round talent returning from full-season injury on a team that just lost its top two WRs to FA. I landed him at WR64 and seriously doubt he'll go that cheap again any time this year. And for dessert, a pair of deep threats on teams that desperately need them who can score points in bunches. A couple of shared bye weeks here but they don't include my studs. Top of the pack or close to it, and should more than make up for the weekly hole I dig myself at RB. TE: So, flying solo at PK, should I spend that 18th slot on a RB5 or a TE3? Despite investing a high pick at the position I went with the latter ... with 2PPR I'd rather be too deep here than not deep enough. Ertz won't win me immunities by himself, in fact with Jeffery in town he probably won't repeat last year's TE4 finish, but he obviously has Wentz's trust and should provide a nice weekly floor. Then my plan was actually to double up on Rams given McVay's propensity for leaning on his TEs, but when dpease unexpectedly sniped Higbee in the 14th I settled for Allen ... being even 80% of the Black Unicorn in NE should give him enough looks to outperform TE31. Everett being the very first draft pick of a new regime with a TE-friendly system overcame my usual distaste for rookies at the position. ST: My typical bowl of 'meh'. A solo kicker on a decent offense with job security and two defenses with some talent and defensive-minded HCs who probably, hopefully, won't suck as badly as the prior year. Overall this team ought to hold its own. Way above average at QB, way above average at WR, average or better at TE, and while I'm not enamored of the RB crew I cobbled together their situations and pass-catching abilities should keep me above water. Very little unproven youth so my ceiling might not be high enough to take home a title, but I figure I should still be in the mix past the halfway point. Good luck all.
  6. A QB of both the quality and name brand of an A-Rod ought to net you at least two names from the list you mentioned. I'd try to get one steady producer (Baldwin) and one upside play (Bryant or Parker) as part of the deal, with another little piece thrown in (maybe a late-round pick or a minor upgrade at RB/TE). If stud QBs don't command much of a premium in trade talks - which is the case in many casual mid-sized leagues - then I'd rather move Cousins for one of those names and hold onto Rodgers. There's never any point at selling a stud at any position for 70 cents on the dollar when you can just keep him in your lineup instead.
  7. Depends entirely on the QB and scoring rules in your league. If it's 4-point pass TDs and PPR, Rodgers (or any QB) isn't worth a huge amount more than a replacement-level QB while stud WRs carry the most value of any position, so I'd be trying to do exactly what you did - leverage the name value of a guy like A-Rod in order to land a beast like Evans. If it's 6-point pass TDs and non-PPR, the value of top-flight QBs and RBs are significantly increased while that of stud WRs are significantly decreased. In that case, you're taking a major hit in downgrading from A-Rod to Dak (assuming Dak comes back to earth a bit and isn't a HoFer in the making) and from Gordon to Mixon, in exchange for a moderate upgrade at WR. Ultimately you'll always feel like you overpaid to land a true stud, so don't let that cloud your judgment. Hopefully your league parameters are closer to the former set than the latter.
  8. Not only is Cooper's QB much younger, Cooper himself is much younger! Thomas is a full 15 months older than Amari despite one fewer year in the league. Even if they were otherwise very close (they aren't, at least for me), this would push me over the edge to prefer Cooper.
  9. I think this trade favors you but it's not as crazy lopsided as it would be in a normal league. If my understanding of your league rules is correct, your current draft picks give you three shots at landing a keeper for 2018 - 56, 61, and 65. If you trade away the first two to move up to 1 and you whiff on your 7th-rounder, you won't have anyone you're able to keep next year (this assumes the OP lists all your draft picks - obviously the math changes if you've still got picks in the 8th, 9th, etc. rounds). DJ is such a beast in shallow PPR leagues that it's still worth making the deal, but I'd definitely play up the "get extra shots at next year's keeper" angle to the other owner if you seriously hope to get it accepted.
  10. With 32 teams and a requirement to only start 1 WR, I wouldn't take Williams over Watson even if you showed up in a time machine from 2027 and guaranteed me he'd have the best career of any WR in this draft class. You'll be able to find another guy to plug into your 2 flex spots very easily with or without Williams. You won't have that same luxury at QB if you pass on Watson and then come up short in the auction. And just because you draft Watson doesn't mean you can't then go after another starter in the auction - in fact that's exactly I would recommend. You'll be in the driver's seat since if the bidding gets truly exorbitant, you'll have Watson as your fallback. If it doesn't, you'll have a solid starting QB plus an immensely valuable trade chip in Watson.
  11. Given the hole you dug yourself into at the position I think you turned out OK. You can cobble surprisingly respectable scores in best-ball just from combos of slot guys, big-body RZ targets, and deep threats - the former gives you your floor, the latter two your ceiling. Landry will count just about every week for you (only 4 single-digit scores last season) so you really just need 2 of the other 5 names to come up with a jump-ball TD or a 50-yard catch-and-run each week, and you've got a pretty good who's who of high-variance guys to make that happen. IMO what might ultimately put the nail in your coffin is pairing the two Falcons. I know they were the #1 pass offense last year, but with only one PPR guy to fall back on I feel like you need to be maximizing variance across the other names - not sure that picking teammates is the best way to do that.
  12. FWIW, I'd prefer that you never bothered to do this. League formats differ so wildly that comparing positions against each other isn't worth it.
  13. Ideally, you want to be both those owners at once. In a standard-sized, somewhat-deep league, I'm firmly convinced the Nassim Taleb-esque "barbell strategy" is the way to go with QBs ... spend one roster spot on an older elite-level vet while dedicating multiple roster spots to cycling through young, high-upside dart throws (and culling them ruthlessly if they haven't shown at least flashes of being elite by Year 2, i.e. Wilson, Mariota, Winston-level or better). You get top-end points today while maximizing your odds at top-end points years down the line. And if your vet retires before one of your young guys hits, simply acquire another short-timer at low cost, rinse, and repeat.
  14. Don't have the numbers in front of me but from what I recall, adding a high-end QB2 gets you about 5ppg on average over a spot starter (or a QB2 who loses a camp battle). It's an even bigger delta if you pair him with a low-end QB1. I suspect that grabbing a QB2 very early is better than waiting until the very end and hoping you get lucky, which in turn is better than drafting a JAG in the QB26-30 range, but that's pretty much just a hunch.
  15. Also a top-4 WR3 added to the mix. Plus an RB who should catch 60 passes and a human being who throws footballs for a living. In retrospect, may not have been the best year to go WR-heavy early as there's still tons of high-level talent out there on the board. Live and learn.