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  1. Exactly. If confirmation of the call he or his crew made isn't clearly evident, he'll spend additional time searching for it. It's basic human psychology.
  2. This for me as well. I don't DVR the NFL because I like being able to check my fantasy scores in real-time, but without Red Zone it would be impossible not to. I'll put the SNF and MNF games on, but unless the Eagles are on it's as background noise while I do something else around the house. The 2-4 times a year my team plays in prime time I'm always reminded of how ####### intolerable watching a full NFL game in real time can be.
  3. Can't wait for that sweet, sweet potential 3rd-round Badgers-Hoos barnburner. I'm a UVA alum and even I might have to find something else to do for those two hours.
  4. I feel like Dayton is destined to win this game, just to further screw people like me who dig into advanced metrics at the expense of the office women who go straight chalk.
  5. Am I imagining things? Or did I read a graphic earlier that a team hasn't gone over 100 in a tourney game since something like 2001? UNC just made it two in one day.
  6. I don't disagree in principle, but look at the reverse camera angle and tell me the Razorback wasn't deliberately selling that call. It looked like something out of a La Liga match.
  7. WT actual F? SMU obviously had no last play drawn up there. But hey, they get to take those 2 timeouts home on the plane with them!
  8. at announcers playing up winning records in close games as being "clutch". The only thing it means is that you weren't good enough to blow bad teams out.
  9. Hoping SMU can avoid picking up any more dumb fouls down the stretch. They have no bench to speak of. Meanwhile, my wife picked SMU not because she's ever heard of them, but because their center's name rhymes with "Beaujolais". No prizes for guessing which one of our brackets goes to 21-0 if they win.
  10. If you'd pulled the names off the uniforms and just showed me game tape, I'd have sworn I was watching a 15 beat a 2.
  11. I'm to the point where I don't want to see anyone with the 14th pick unless he has a "CB" by his name. We've plugged the dike at WR for now, and there's so much RB talent still floating around out there unsigned that you could probably get two of them eventually and still pay maybe 1/4 of what that talent levevl would cost you at DB. Shutdown corner plz kthxbai.
  12. My glasses are tinted as green as anyone's, but a few counterpoints to the optimism here: The Eagles were already 6th in the NFL in pass attempts last season. I think it's really unlikely they throw more in '17, and given the RB talent available in both FA and the draft, it's possible that attempts number could come down by 10% or more. So any improvements will have to come from efficiency. Wentz's AY/A of 5.7 was 28th among 31 qualified starters. He could make huge strides in this area and still not land himself in the top-10 neighborhood (for reference Big Ben was 10th last year at 7.5). Bortles' numbers were the product of garbage time like perhaps never before in fantasy history. In the 4th quarter of games he threw for 33% of his yards and 43% of his TDs. If Wentz gets anywhere near these splits then we as Eagles fans will have way worse things to worry about than his fantasy stats. Not to mention that, in a 1-QB league with shallow benches, having a guy who can be QB10 if all goes right is a waste of a roster spot. If you own the QB10 in a 12-teamer, you're losing points to 3/4 of the league on a weekly basis, and even in a 16-teamer it's on the low side of average. Fantasy isn't about accruing the most potential value on your roster; it's about outscoring your opponent(s) each week. Even as a last-round keeper, Wentz isn't likely to help you with that in this case.
  13. Stafford (and several other current starters such as Luck, Ryan, Tannehill, and Bradford) didn't throw at the combine. Here's the historical source data if you're interested: (it's actually updated for 2016 and I suspect will be for 2017 soon). What I've read over the past few years is consistent with what ZWK says in his linked posts: ball velocity seems to be more a pass/fail element than a linear one. There's no real advantage to throwing 60mph vs. 57, but if you can't generally get the ball out at 55+ your chances of being a long-term NFL starting QB go way down. I only wish they'd thought to set this drill up 20 years earlier so we could have seen historical numbers on guys like Favre and Cunningham.
  14. 1-year deal for a guy who all media reports said was the subject of an intense bidding war. In the first hour of free agency. One year! Moral of the story: Most people who call themselves "insiders" are completely full of ####.
  15. The other thing this indirectly tells me is that Howie and Doug must not be real high on the top 3-4 WRs in this draft class. I don't care how desperate you are, you don't throw (or at least plan to throw) $20M a year at a position on Day 1 of free agency and then turn around and drop a 1st-rounder on the same position. FWIW, I think Corey Davis has stud potential but I'm not too high on any of the other top-end names, so I can't argue too much with this.