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  1. You can always tell when a Hawks OL commits holding - his assignment is the only one not in the backfield. Russell Wilson is just unfair.
  2. Up against AB in 0/7 of my IBL matchups ... ... and 3/3 of my real-life matchups.
  3. That really was the perfect way for that game to end.
  4. What, and deprive us of 10 more minutes of high comedy? Perish the thought.
  5. This game is a trainwreck that keeps on giving.
  6. Pretty sure I haven't taken either of these teams yet, but don't want to waste additional time going back to find out. Off: LAR Def: DET
  7. It's getting to that time of year where I actually had to check the weather forecast before I made my guess. Steven Hauschka, 17.3
  8. Impossible to overlook only because I have him in literally every league this season ... 96.02 with Jordy left to play. Likely looking at 2-3 W's again and a boot from the Champions tier if the season ended today. Gonna have to hit QB gold on the WW next week with Smith on bye to keep my hopes alive.
  9. If the QB play is bad enough, sheer volume doesn't matter. Anyone else remember Larry Fitzgerald's 2012? When Kevin Kolb went down mid-season, he spent the rest of the year as a bit player in the live-action improv comedy that was the Skelton & Lindley Show. Here was a first-ballot HOFer in the prime of his career, and yet these were his stat lines from Weeks 7-13: 7 targets, 4 catches, 29 yards 11 targets, 5 catches, 52 yards 12 targets, 6 catches, 74 yards, 1 TD 7 targets, 1 catch (!), 11 yards 12 targets, 3 catches (!!), 31 yards 7 targets, 1 catch (again!), 23 yards 11 targets, 1 catch, 2 yards (oh my God I can't even) Is Savage going to be as bad as John Skelton and Ryan Lindley? I mean, God, I hope not. Nobody deserves that fate. But the point is, if he's even half that bad, you're screwed. You won't be able to start Nuk, you won't be able to trade him, and you won't be able to bring yourself to cut him. I'd rather sell now for 50 cents on the dollar then risk not being able to sell at all after a game or two.
  10. But you don't understand. Josh Gordon is younger than Justin Verlander.
  11. If I owned Goff in my 2QB I wouldn't trade him for Collins straight up. You need 3 startable QBs in that format and, my God, have people not seen the rate at which QBs are hitting the IR this year?
  12. I'm not sure I'd want to roster anyone other than Thompson and Drake from that entire list. Thompson because he's PPR gold and despite his size, his snap count has actually trended up the past few weeks; Drake because we don't really know what he can do - he's most likely no better than half the other names here, but he could be a lead back, and even a small chance at that is well worth a roster spot at this point in the season. Everyone else on this list is just a placeholder IMO. None of them are the kind of low-percentage, high-payoff names that can win titles, which is typically what I'm targeting with my RB depth in the latter part of the season.
  13. Mea culpa from my end ... just getting back into this after 1.5 weeks overseas with no time to spare (funny how I'd never schedule a call at 10am CET and expect my US counterparts to dial in at 4am, but they have no problem scheduling 4pm ET meetings and depending on my presence). 5-9 combined the last two weeks knocks me down to the ragged edge of the top tier. WR was the strength of my team but I've taken some hits with the loss of A-Rod and Palmer and Martavis going looney tunes. KB shuffling off to Buffalo helps me IF Funchess can step up and be a true 1 (personally I have my doubts). Just as I predicted at the start of the year, this is a "good but not good enough" team. In my shoes, would you move Engram and/or put together an RB2/WR2 package for a WR upgrade? How successful have people generally been making package deals in this league? Smith, Alex KCC QB 172.64 10 Collins, Alex BAL RB 52.80 10 Fournette, Leonard JAC RB (R) 130.20 8 Gore, Frank IND RB 78.30 11 Lewis, Dion NEP RB 54.90 9 Murray, DeMarco TEN RB 76.50 8 Riddick, Theo DET RB 57.50 7 Bryant, Martavis PIT WR 49.60 9 Crowder, Jamison WAS WR (Q) 58.50 5 Doctson, Josh WAS WR 39.00 5 Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR 112.40 8 Funchess, Devin CAR WR 86.70 11 Nelson, Jordy GBP WR 92.30 8 Thielen, Adam MIN WR 117.90 9 Engram, Evan NYG TE (R) 82.20 8 Kelce, Travis KCC TE 124.30 10 Lutz, Wil NOS PK 66.00 5 Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def 37.00 8
  14. Thanks for the heads-up GB. Gonna jump on Woodhead if I'm quick enough on the draw at 11.
  15. Everyone knew Ajayi wasn't ever gonna be a 10-year starter in the league anyway. Howie's not making this deal because he expects Ajayi to be their bellcow back in 2020. If we can get 1.5 relatively healthy and effective years out of him that's still well worth the investment.