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  1. I've been in (redraft) leagues with $$$ penalties for weekly low scores. They were additive, so you paid $5 the first time you had the weekly low, $10 more the second week, $15 more the third week and so on. Believe me, you don't want to peace out the whole month of December and get stuck with a $75 or $105 bill on top of your buy-in. It might be a finer balance to strike in a dynasty, but at the very least it would keep anyone from trying to go full-on Miami.
  2. The "immobile" has always been Flacco. The "inaccurate" would be a little harsh as a career adjective, but at 61.9% for his career he's certainly no Drew Brees. But it's the "unaware" part that was so glaring, and which I truly don't get. Dude has been an NFL QB for 12 years. How can he have so little idea of when pressure's coming? By instinct borne of repetition, if nothing else. It's not like arm strength where you're expected to lose it as you age! If you'd put a blank jersey on him last night I would have guessed I was watching Mike Glennon. Dude is cooked.
  3. -1 last week. I'm so not good at this. +78 O : SF, PHI, DAL, LAR, - , BAL, NYG D : SEA, CLE, NE, CHI, - , LAC, BUF
  4. I have no idea how I managed not to cash last week despite being bang-on with the ATL-AZ shootout. I didn't even win my o60.5 at +280 because like an idiot I put it into a parlay. My operating principle this week is fading ATL-LAR in favor of BAL-SEA. Both defenses are living off their reputation much more than actual performance (FO has them ranked 22nd and 18th respectively). I'll have to pay up at QB to make it work, but as Karma mentioned, QB salaries have gotten so compressed on DK that I'm not costing myself much. Fading Fournette too, not because I don't love the spot this week, but he'll be the single most owned GPP player IMO. L. Jackson Mack, Jacobs - they bottled Kerryon up but GB in general has been pretty soft v. the run. At $5k my only fear is he'll be pretty chalk. Kupp, Fitz, Metcalf - I may flip from Lamar to Russ in a lineup or two and this lets me do it without major surgery. Andrews - obvious stack is obvious Engram - ugh, a 2nd TE, but NYG-AZ has some shootout potential as well Lions - Cousins shot his wad against the Eagles, he oughta come back down to Earth
  5. It's my fourth year in this league; I've finished 1st, 24th, 2nd, and am currently sitting in 29th. I'm the Jameis Winston of Anarchy.
  6. I also had the Chargers with all my remaining picks in both survivor leagues and unless A-Rod puts up another 29 points I'm going lose all of my fantasy leagues. It hasn't been a red-letter weekend of football in this guy's diary for sure.
  7. Oh, sure. NOW Stafford decides to run.
  8. He had three in 2014-15 and I think one in 2016. None since. It's baffling given how poor a running team they've been most of that stretch.
  9. And I can't believe I had Stafford as first TD scorer at +8000 and got subjected to that.
  10. I'm new to this, but still kicking myself for last week when I managed to place 10th of 600 in a $3 Thu-Mon GPP despite a Dalton-Tate-Eifert stack. I plug any of about a dozen other teams in there and I win going away. I like the idea of completely fading HOU-KC in GPPs. I think my pivot will be ATL-ARZ as the prices are a lot more reasonable and the odds of a 48-41 type game are every bit as good - both those defenses are just horrific. Based on about 5 minutes of my time (and stealing the Jets D idea above) here's my first stab at it: Ryan (or Murray - will probably do entries with both) Bell, Fournette Julio, Fitz, Boyd Cook, Kittle Jets
  11. Spaced on this last week, for what I'm sure won't be the last time this year. +79 O : SF, PHI, DAL, LAR, - , BAL D : SEA, CLE, NE, CHI, - , LAC
  12. Looking back at this mess I'm surprised I'm only 300 points back. Those outside-the-box picks of Michel, Edelman, and Henry sure are paying off for me!
  13. It's a reasonable opinion if you think Michel just isn't good (which I admit is a possibility). But Fournette came into the week 4th in RB touches but RB11 in fantasy points. And he's got a long enough body of work telling us he won't suddenly become tremendously more efficient - so if that volume scales back even a little, his production is gonna fall off the table. Just IMO but he's close to the biggest sell-high out there right now. Giving up Fitz's consistency was tough but I'm 4-0 and can afford to gamble that Hill gets back to his old league-winning self later this season.