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  1. Username checks out.
  2. 1792 bourbon, rocks. Such great value for the money. Add in a Benadryl for my allergies and y'all are definitely gonna have to let me know what happened in the second half tomorrow.
  3. This is so pithy, yet so wonderful.
  4. There's your $11 million WR, ladies and gents!
  5. There is a certain threshold of OL competence below which an NFL offense is unable to function. It's like engine oil - less isn't that much worse than more ... but too little and it seizes up. The Hawks and Giants' OLs are seized engines.
  6. I mean, I've seen him out there a few times tonight, but Goff literally hasn't looked his way once. I don't think he's looked to his side of the field once. Someone's gonna have to talk me out of rage-dropping my 6th round keeper pick.
  7. I was in the minority, but I genuinely thought going from Tyrod to Goff would be an upgrade for him. And it would be, if Goff weren't treating Sammy like he ran over his dog.
  8. Hoyer's beyond gun-shy. He looks like a soldier in an old war movie who just watched his buddy step on a land mine.
  9. TNF in a nutshell on the very first play.
  10. He was dropped on Monday in one of my (non-PPR) leagues and cleared the WW period on Thursday without a claim. Guess people have gotten savvier than I thought to the principle that part-time RBs on terrible teams generally do nothing but clog up your roster. If Frank Gore can't make something happen against the Browns I'll be throwing him overboard for the same reason..
  11. +24. You know what? I'm tired of subconsciously shying away from TNF defenses because I don't want the game to suck. Bring on an unwatchable 3-0 slogfest, baby. Off: MIN, NE, OAK Def: DEN, OAK, LAR
  12. I can probably make room by dropping Beasley but .... the Panthers have a week 11 bye so I believe the earliest Olsen can be back is week 12. I get why it's important to have studs available to you in this league's postseason format but 10 weeks is a looooong time to hold in a league with no IR. ETA: Looks like Ref cut Rawls loose during the waiver run. I already have Prosise and I'm not as high on Carson as most ... tempted to see if I can snag him instead and have multiple chips down on the SEA backfield. Thoughts?
  13. Love the topic. My contributions would fall mainly into the category of "guys whose ADP fell below their true talent level due to health / character risk." While there are a small handful of guys whose bodies aren't built to withstand the rigors of the NFL, the vast majority of NFL athletes are "injury-prone" until they're not. Every week you get to start an "injury-prone" or "knucklehead" WR1, you know what you get? A WR1. You don't have to discount the points you bank for whatever might happen down the road. Carlos Hyde - So it turns out that when it comes right down to it, NFL coaches and GMs are interested in succeeding, which means they tend to give the most touches to the guys with the most talent. Who knew? Darren Sproles - The Eagles won't throw the ball 50 times every game - at least I hope they won't - and Sproles is clearly the most talented back on the roster. Yeah, he's a lock to get banged up at some point, but might as well ride that horse until it bucks you. Keenan Allen - Bona-fide WR1 talent drafted in many cases as a low-end WR2. If you can get him for anything less than top-12 WR prices, he's a steal. Martavis Bryant - He'd be the #1 option on about 20 other NFL teams. Not at all a stretch to think PIT's offense could support two top-15 wideouts. Jordan Reed - Buy him for 50c on the dollar now on news of his most recent injury from a frustrated owner who's thinking, "Christ, here we go again. I'm done with this guy." You'll likely only get 8 more games of a top-3 TE talent, but some of those 8 games could win you a week - or a title.
  14. This has all the makings of a "bottom drops out" season that gets the coach and front office fired, like the last year of the Chip Kelly Eagles or Joe Philbin Dolphins. I was high on Dalton coming into this season but I wouldn't even waste the roster spot on him until I see the Bengals put forth a reasonably functional offense at least once. If that means I then have to pay someone a QB22 price instead of a QB26 price for him, so be it.