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  1. A brief interjection to note that of the top 11 team yardage records, ten were established this decade (as would reasonably be expected). The eleventh, Marino, set his mark ... thirty-five years ago. In a season in which the average non-Dolphins team threw for 3,230 yards. Using 2018 team stats, that would be the modern-day equivalent of a 6,000-yard season. Dan Marino was pretty ####### good at football.
  2. I originally thought his entire '19 cap hit would apply if he was cut / traded but it looks now like that's not the case. Spotrac calls it an $18.75M cap hit while OTC says $13.4M in '19 and it's not clear (to me at least) that TEN is on the hook for any of that. If so and the Titans are only out the equivalent of a 5th-rounder and $7M (which is roughly the average salary for a serviceable backup QB anyway) then I don't hate the move for them. And there was no way the Fins were paying this dude $27M next year so what else were they gonna do?
  3. In perusing the link, it looks as though they knocked the 2017 speeds down by 4-5mph across the board from what was originally recorded, with no explanation given (that's the one that jumped out - they may have changed others). Especially since this gives Mahomes (who undoubtedly has a top-3 NFL arm) a revised 55, it makes me question how reliable these comparisons are across classes or how useful a flat mph threshold really is as a delineation.
  4. Ryan Tannehill's cap number for next season is $26,611,666. I would not have believed that myself if I didn't read it on two independent sources. Anyone who agrees to give up anything of value whatsoever for the ability to pay Ryan Tannehill the league's 6th-highest cap figure next season leaves "dumb" so far behind you couldn't see it with a telescope.
  5. Yep. NFL talent is a bell curve. At each position on the field there are 5-6 game-changing talents, 5-6 starters who are replacement-level, and the remainder of starters are somewhere in the fat part of the curve. Of course, nearly all of the game-changers and most of the better players in that fat part of the curve are tied down, either because they're on rookie contracts (remember the average NFL tenure is about 4 years) or because their teams recognized their talent and locked them up early. If everyone has additional money and there are a fixed number of above replacement-level players to spend it on, those guys are gonna get paid more. Simple.
  6. Is it too late to petition the league to change the schedule so we get a Browns-Chiefs matchup this season?
  7. I'm waiting for the Groundhog Day reboot where instead of a radio with Sonny and Cher, Phil's got an Echo tuned to a sports-talk station. His alarm goes off at 6:00 every morning and it's always Bobby from Orlando saying, "So if the Fins just make him the feature piece and get him the ball, I , uh, I really think this is gonna be DeVante Parker's year!"
  8. Like old timey Wild West bandits, maybe. One gets away with the stagecoach and the sheriff shoots the other one in the gut.
  9. Remember when @Deamon had a source who told him Calvin Johnson was gonna retire? This is the most entertained I've been on a single thread since.
  10. So, for real though ... OBJ went WR9 and WR7 in the FBG WSLs a month or so ago. Is he back in the overall WR1 discussion now? I think I'd be tempted.
  11. As an Eagles fan, I heartily endorse this trade.
  12. Apples and oranges. Obviously the rosters are far smaller, for one, but the NBA has a very artificial salary ceiling in the form of the max deal. Very few if any NFL teams would be willing to shell out 25% of their cap to a single player - not even Mahomes would get $48M a year if he was a UFA today - but literally every NBA team would be happy to spend that 25% to land LeBron or Durant. When you have 30 potential buyers (all at more or less the same bid) for a handful of game-changing studs, you get ... a market where the studs call the shots.
  13. I'd expect the effects to be somewhat magnified this year because the cap increased quite a bit more than folks expected (from $177M to $191M). A lot of these buying decisions are made on the margins, since most teams are pretty close up against the cap. If you're $30M or $40M away from affording your FA wish list, you might not even bother. If you're $40M under, it won't matter either way. But if you're $15M away and, hey, the cap goes up more than were expecting, and that $15M gap is now $5M, it becomes pretty tempting to tinker with some deals to free up that last few million. Result: an extra $15M gets spent that wouldn't have. Multiply that by about half the league and there you go.
  14. You're probably right but it's a moot point since Murray got 4/$14.4M since I wrote my post. If that's the case Ingram could (and maybe should) be looking at, what, 4/$25M? That'd be top-10 RB money. No thanks.