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  1. I'll take "Phrases I utter weekly at work" for $1,000, Alex.
  2. At least tell me I was on target with the Woodford. #doubleoaked
  3. By "new" Icon means he's gonna draft ZERO RBs. At all. He's gonna take four zeros for the season and still beat you guys like rented mules while he sits back and laughs into his Woodford. @[icon] - am I getting warmer?
  4. And there's no clock turned on. But other than that ...
  5. Are you serious? I'm sorry, but even by MFL standards that's asinine.
  6. If you think that multiplier is 10x for Gronk vs. the average NFL player, you should never have him on your team for any reason. If I'm spitballing, I'd put the multiplier at, what, 2x, maybe 2.5x? Probably still too high a number to risk taking him 1.01 in this format, but it's at least defensible. The big risk for Gronk w/r/t other names I listed is that the next crippling hit could end his career vs. just his season - but while it's why I'd never pay market value for him in dynasty, that's not a consideration here.
  7. I've gotta remember that line. IMO, in general, if you subscribe more to the school that "most injuries are random", you take Gronk in all formats and sleep well at night. If you're more in the "health is a skill" camp, you put him on your DND list in this format. I'm somewhere in the middle - there are clearly some guys whose bodies aren't cut out for the NFL (the Percy Harvins and Dion Lewises of the world, plus anyone with recurring concussion issues) but I think those are fewer in number than the average person would believe. Gronk (along with guys like Tyler Eifert and Keenan Allen) are interesting and close-to-borderline test cases - you could make arguments either way for all of them, but their upside when healthy is enough for me to overlook the risk that I'm wrong putting them in the first bucket rather than the second.
  8. Pretty much the case for any high 1st-round pick in a draft-and-done format, though, I think. Especially in a 16-teamer, you ain't winning or even threatening that closely if you lose DJ or AB for a large chunk of time any more than if you lose Gronk.
  9. This doesn't really tell anyone anything, though, does it? I'd be surprised if across the seven leagues there were more than a half-dozen players who were uniquely drafted by a single team. When the list of draftees is identical to within +/- 2% you pretty much have to have scoring that's +/- 2%. If you wanted to identify the "shark league", you'd have to run a regression to compare which leagues on average drafted the outperformers earliest, and the underperformers latest, relative to the other 6 leagues. So rather than just saying Michael Thomas got drafted in every league, the leagues where someone took him earlier than ADP (but still earned incredible value) get more credit than those that let him fall past his ADP, and vice versa for a guy like Nelson Agholor. I'll note that (a) I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this idea, and (b) I am by no means volunteering to do this work.
  10. Good point about the top seeds, though if you did cumulative scoring, it'd be easy enough to award "home field advantage" of say 20 points to the #1 seed and 10 to the #2, something like that. Enough to give them a meaningful leg up in the first week, but easy enough to overcome over the course of 4-5 weeks. I feel like a blanket immunity might be tilting the scales a little too much. Ya know, this whole concept just might work. Let me know if you try it.
  11. If you're going to do an 11-week season in a 12-team league, you might as well use double-headers every week. That's the fairest way to go about it since every team would play every other team exactly twice without the need for divisions, etc. From there, it would be a lot of fun to do a Survivor-style playoff format - 6 playoff teams, 5 weeks, 5 eliminations, one champion left standing. There are two ways to go about this - one is your typical survivor where scores reset every week and the low weekly score gets booted; the other is a 5-week overall point contest in which the team with the lowest cumulative playoff score at the end of each week gets booted. I'd lean toward the latter, but then I'm always looking for ways to minimize the role of luck in the playoffs.
  12. Jeez, I'm blushing over here, Ref. Be happy to help represent team FBG if you guys would have me, and don't mind the rookie asking a lot of stupid questions as I deal with the learning curve ... then again I won ABLC as an Anarchy rookie last year, so maybe ignorance is bliss.
  13. Had the third-to-last pick in a 2014 keeper draft in which you can keep drafted players ... at their original draft round ... forever. With the name "Odell Beckham" staring at me from the top of my pre-draft list, I confidently made Bryce Brown my 17th-round pick, because something-something too short to be a true #1 something-something can never have too many RBs. Naturally, my buddy the Giants honk took OBJ with his last pick instead, so I get to be reminded of my worst call 17 times a year ... forever.
  14. I make it a point to never, ever read ALL-CAPS links because they're invariably misleading clickbait. I made an exception here because it's my Birds, and sure enough, here's the complete extent of Pederson's actual words: Not only was there not one mention of Carson feeling too much was asked of him, there wasn't a single word in the entire article that Pederson actually attributes to Wentz. In other words, it's 100% misleading clickbait. Shocker! Internet sports headline writers need to be rounded up and thrown into a dungeon.
  15. Not sure how it would work in this day and age, but a decade or so ago I ran a (live) auction league where you could supplement your auction bids with real cash, on the barrelhead, if you didn't have the bidding funds left. Cumulative dollars collected via this method went into the prize pool. Everyone was typically (ahem) a few drinks in by the $1 portion of the auction, and it was amazing how often people would throw an extra buck or two (or 3, or in one memorable case, $10) of real money onto the table in the moment to grab a sleeper they really wanted but didn't have the bucks for. We'd usually wind up with an extra $20-25 in the pool by the end of the draft. Highly recommend. ?