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  1. Generally, the one thing that gets me to start a prospect thread here is "I considered taking this guy in a WSL draft and couldn't believe he doesn't have a dedicated SP thread SP yet." AFAICR, I've only had this happen twice in 5 years for WRs. Once with Michael Thomas ... and once with Leonte Carroo. 50/50 chance of Aiyuk becoming the NFL's fantasy WR1 confirmed! The best concise summary I've seen of his draft prospects, courtesy of The Ringer: He's got at least one outspoken fan on this board ... right, @ZWK? Let's hear from the others!
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  3. Fascinated to get the discussion started on this guy, as I expect him to be a very polarizing figure. On the one hand, he's doesn't seem to have a single dominating trait - he's 6'3" but it's often said he 'plays smaller' and he's not overly fast or explosive - and didn't produce big numbers at OSU. Analytics are likely to say, "don't touch this guy with a 10-foot pole" (e.g. ZWK's numbers hate the guy). Yet every scouting report I've seen raves about his body control, his sure hands, and especially his route-running. He passes every "eye test" out there: e.g. Matt Waldman's RSP, Turf Show Times. There's a good detailed evaluation of his pros and cons at the Daily Norseman, but in general people are all over the place with him - some compare Thomas to combine warriors like Charles Johnson, others to #2 / possession guys like Eric Decker. Bottom line is he's being mocked consistently in the 2nd, occasionally late 1st of the NFL drafts. Who's interested in him at what price in your rookie drafts?