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  1. Fantastic work, as usual. But, scanning that list, a random aside: You're pulling this query from a 20-year dataset. Of the 25 names, six come from the first 14 years of the sample. And the final six years - in which an ever-increasing number of D-I schools have embraced pass-first philosophies, college QBs / WRs / TEs are more NFL-ready than ever, and passing records have fallen like dominoes - account for the other 19. Why is that, do you reckon?
  2. Two of the top 3 defenses? Interesting. I think I'd like it more in a MBSL than here. With FA and the draft still ahead I wonder how much the DSTs we "think" are elite right now will still be viewed that way in August (or even if they'll manage to stay intact between now and then). Definitely a bold move though, and probably not much downside given we're almost 200 picks in already.
  3. I think the warning signs for DJ as a first-rounder were pretty clear ahead of last season (easy to say in retrospect, of course, but I owned zero shares of him). But say what you will about Kingsbury as an NFL HC, I don't think he's afraid to try new things on offense. DJ's between-the-tackle days are pretty much over IMO, but as a pure H-back he could still be a potent weapon - he led all NFL RBs in air yards per catch last season, and it wasn't close. If Kingsbury is able to fully integrate him in that role, even with Drake there he could still be a 60/800 guy through the air, which alone would make him a steal in the 9th.
  4. Mine too, so you wouldn't have gotten him regardless
  5. Personally, I love this team. Might be my favorite. Jacobs could (arguably should) be a top-5 back. At 2PPR Hooper being a lock for 65-70 catches is more important than what he does with them. Kirk, Shepard and Samuel all rank very near the top of most QB-independent metrics for WR performance. With what should be better QB play for each these three could all be steals. My only quibble is with WR so deep this year, you could probably have gotten a close Samuel approximation two rounds from now and used that pick to build up depth elsewhere. Long way to go but I really like your start.
  6. 2.04 - Lamar Jackson, QB2 BAL 1.13 - Joe Mixon, RB8 CIN 8.04 - Ronald Jones, RB34 TB 3.13 - Stefon Diggs, WR18 MIN 4.04 - Calvin Ridley, WR21 ATL 5.13 - Terry McLaurin, WR30 WAS 6.04 - Noah Fant, TE13 DEN 7.13 - T.J. Hockenson, TE16 DET In numerous prior SL's I've waited just a round or two too long on TE and wound up with hopeless combos of no-ceiling guys in a 2PPR format. I wasn't gonna let that happen to me again this year. Fant and Hock may be the next Kelce and Ertz or they may not, but if even one of the two becomes an every-week fantasy starter I should come out ahead at these prices. I thought about holding off on RB until the double-digit rounds and cobbling together a RB2BC as that approach has worked for me before - but there were a couple of solid RB2-caliber names left on the board and Jones was atop that list. As usual, the run on QBs in the 6th-8th rounds means there's a ton of value there for the taking at other positions. In retrospect, I'd have gone RB with my 3rd-rounder as there are still easily 10-15 WR names left on the board I wouldn't mind leaning on in this format. WR is gonna be really deep this season.
  7. Really tough decision between Fant and F1 at 5.13, especially with 2 guys behind me still without a TE. Got lucky he was still there coming back.
  8. This has been a .... really unpredictable 4th round. A lot of folks not afraid to call their shots here, for sure.
  9. ... thanks to someone sniping me on Sutton I don't even know why I bothered putting him on my list, I was 100% certain he was going to be your pick. 2.04 - Lamar Jackson, QB2 BAL 1.13 - Joe Mixon, RB8 CIN 3.13 - Stefon Diggs, WR18 MIN 4.04 - Calvin Ridley, WR21 ATL Meh. Happy enough with Mixon as my RB1 and Diggs as my WR1 but by the time it came back around to me at 4.04 everyone left was at the top of a positional tier for me so it was "close your eyes and flip a coin" time. I've never owned a share of Ridley anywhere, but I'm apparently breaking all sorts of new ground this draft anyway, so what the hell. Little surprised to see the first rookie off the board already (ETA: check that, first THREE rookies off the board already). Jacobs was last season's consensus top rook and he lasted until the 8th in WSL. I didn't expect quite that long but to have 3 gone in the top ~60 is a shock.
  10. that one action alone renders you more qualified to be MLB commissioner than Rob Manfred.
  11. Not a reach at all IMO, was atop my draft list. He had as many 20+ point weeks last season as Nuk and Julio (5) and that's what I want in this format. I thought the uncertainty surrounding Tanny might let him slip to me but I'd be really surprised if TEN didn't at least franchise him.
  12. Well, yeah, in a 2PPR format the top TEs are always going to outscore equivalent RBs/WRs. Ertz outscored Julio by 2ppg last year if you just want to go by gross numbers. Positional drop-off is a fair point though. Especially all the way at the turn, if SH's strategy was just to grab his highest-rated TE at that pick, it would be tough for me to argue.
  13. C-Mac is as close to a fantasy no-brainer as I can ever recall since Tomlinson. Anyone who doesn't take him 1.01 in PPR formats needs to find another hobby. I love KA as a player but there are too many WRs with giant question marks at QB for me to feel good about paying a top-12 price for any of them. Allen in particular is a technician and guys like that really count on being in rhythm with their QB. Gonna disagree with Bass on Ertz. As an Eagles fan, Goedert is the real deal ... maybe it's not this year but he's gonna be an absolute stud in this league. Unless Pederson comes out and tells us he's running 2-TE sets every play I'm not sure Ertz will return value here. TBH, I don't see many names at all in the 25-40 range I'm a big fan of. Might be a good year to be drafting toward the back for once.
  14. I've never taken a QB anywhere close to this early in this format, so my Jackson selection was less "he's at the top of my draft board" and more "let's try something different this year and see how it shakes out". I'm almost certainly not gonna own him at this price in any money leagues. That said, both Cunningham and Vick were true game-changers in fantasy and Lamar could very easily follow in their footsteps.
  15. Got the text from Holloway ... will do. Pick coming shortly.