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  1. Hey, the only one of these survivors I've ever won was last year's MBSL, and I did it with my only functioning QB (Rivers) on a week 11 bye ... and without immunity. No idea how, probably just blind luck, but it can be done!
  2. Hey, if we look hard enough maybe we'll eventually find someone in this league who won't have to ride without a QB for a week. I guess the good news is that Carr and Wentz are the only two guys on my roster with a bye that week. Of course Week 10 is pretty late in the season to survive with a zero at your highest-scoring position, so it looks like my strategy will be the standard "hope I score enough in Week 9 to land immunity". But hey, free agency was pretty kind to me: Lacy to SEA - neutral for his fortunes (competition is meh but so is their OL), great for my team's. Unless the Pack have someone like McCaffrey fall to them there's every chance they'll open TC with Montgomery as their top backfield option. Cooks to NE - tough to call moving to a team where he'll be the #1 option for Tom Brady a downgrade ... but ... NE was only 23rd in pass attempts last season, a full 125 behind the Saints. Some of that was probably 'chicken or the egg' since their options were so limited, but I see Cooks climbing the ADP ranks and unless Edelman gets injured I think he could disappoint folks who take him as a WR1. D-Jax to TB - well, he certainly isn't going to be that team's #1, but he ought to still be good at doing D-Jax things and with a QB every bit as good as the one he left. Net neutral I guess. Pryor to WAS - , hate it as an Eagles fan but this should make him well worth the WR27 price tag.
  3. Success (as defined by Matt Harmon) on literally every type of route in the tree last season. I'd wager that's the first time that's ever been done (at least on his volume of touches) by a rookie WR. I was moderately high on the guy as a rookie ... but if you'd told me that going into his sophomore season he'd be worth first-round consideration in PPR, I'd have had you locked up. But with Cooks out of the picture, is that really such crazy talk?
  4. I'm in.
  5. So .... are we gonna make this happen this year?
  6. Exactly. If confirmation of the call he or his crew made isn't clearly evident, he'll spend additional time searching for it. It's basic human psychology.
  7. This for me as well. I don't DVR the NFL because I like being able to check my fantasy scores in real-time, but without Red Zone it would be impossible not to. I'll put the SNF and MNF games on, but unless the Eagles are on it's as background noise while I do something else around the house. The 2-4 times a year my team plays in prime time I'm always reminded of how ####### intolerable watching a full NFL game in real time can be.
  8. Can't wait for that sweet, sweet potential 3rd-round Badgers-Hoos barnburner. I'm a UVA alum and even I might have to find something else to do for those two hours.
  9. I feel like Dayton is destined to win this game, just to further screw people like me who dig into advanced metrics at the expense of the office women who go straight chalk.
  10. Am I imagining things? Or did I read a graphic earlier that a team hasn't gone over 100 in a tourney game since something like 2001? UNC just made it two in one day.
  11. I don't disagree in principle, but look at the reverse camera angle and tell me the Razorback wasn't deliberately selling that call. It looked like something out of a La Liga match.
  12. WT actual F? SMU obviously had no last play drawn up there. But hey, they get to take those 2 timeouts home on the plane with them!
  13. at announcers playing up winning records in close games as being "clutch". The only thing it means is that you weren't good enough to blow bad teams out.
  14. Hoping SMU can avoid picking up any more dumb fouls down the stretch. They have no bench to speak of. Meanwhile, my wife picked SMU not because she's ever heard of them, but because their center's name rhymes with "Beaujolais". No prizes for guessing which one of our brackets goes to 21-0 if they win.
  15. If you'd pulled the names off the uniforms and just showed me game tape, I'd have sworn I was watching a 15 beat a 2.