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  1. The bust rate on top-10 drafted WRs is shockingly low. NFL teams have proven they generally know what they're doing when they draft a wideout that high. I'd give up those two picks in a second for Williams. As long as he doesn't go down the Jordan Reed path I'm a firm believer in his talent.
  2. True enough ... and I don't think that far down the list asking for consistent WR3 production is reasonable ... but seeing as how Maclin is Bass' WR6 and Wilson is my WR7 neither one of us has to rely on them every week for that. If I can get four countable weeks from a WR7 over the course of a season I'd call it a win. Now when you start looking at names like Shepard, Hogan, Meredith, Stills, Enunwa, Mike Williams from the 9th/10th rounds, yeah, I think consistent WR3 numbers with some WR2 upside weeks is very achievable from that group. Put four names from that list together with an OBJ or Green and a dart throw or two later on, and I think you'd be solidly mid-pack in WR scoring, at a really low draft capital cost. I might try something like that come PDSL time to test the theory ...
  3. Atlanta needs a safety to pair with Neal - given his system flexibility I think the best bet is 3.90 - Jessie Bates, S, Wake Forest @Andy Dufresne - what say you?
  4. Then they're not paying attention. This group right here screams why my plan in MFL10s and money leagues is going to be one stud WR and then waiting forever on the rest. There's just so many guys in the 7th-10th rounds and even later (Maclin is a great example, or even Albert Wilson, who I got in the late 19th) that can put up consistent WR3 numbers with WR2 weeks that there's no point in investing multiple 3rd, 4th, 5th-round picks at the position. IMO Cooper was your only misstep. I think your team looks stronger if you swap out Cooper / Decker for two of Shepard / Hogan / Matthews / Sanu / Stills given you'd have Derrick Henry as your RB2 instead of Powell or Williams.
  5. Nope, that's it. If DAL or DET wants him, he's theirs. Otherwise I'll gladly scoop him up when my turn actually comes around.
  6. 3.80 - Baltimore (from Houston) selects Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State ... but seriously though, this is probably the Bengals' best bet here.
  7. This is where I offer a 6th-rounder to Houston to move up 3 spots and have Ozzie sprint to the podium before the Bengals realize what happened.
  8. PLAYER 2017 YTD PTS BYE DRAFTED Brady, Tom NEP QB 424.1 - 4.04 Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB 188.8 - 8.04 Coleman, Tevin ATL RB 167.7 - 5.13 Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB (Q) - - 11.13 Grant, Corey JAC RB 43.9 - 17.13 Hyde, Carlos SFO RB 235.8 - 3.13 McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB 230.6 - 2.04 Beckham, Odell NYG WR (Q) 74.0 - 1.13 Garcon, Pierre SFO WR (Q) 90.0 - 6.04 Golladay, Kenny DET WR 94.6 - 10.04 Meredith, Cameron CHI WR - - 9.13 Ross, John CIN WR (Q) 1.2 - 14.04 Washington, James ROOK WR - - 15.13 Wilson, Albert KCC WR 116.0 - 19.13 Davis, Vernon WAS TE 168.8 - 12.04 Fleener, Coby NOS TE (Q) 85.5 - 20.04 Howard, O.J. TBB TE (Q) 131.2 - 7.13 Prater, Matt DET PK 130.0 - 13.13 Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def 113.0 - 16.04 Washington WAS Def 115.0 - 18.04 1.13 - Odell Beckham, NYG (WR3) - Transcendent talent with MVP upside. QB situation a potential concern but, frankly, Eli has been replacement-level for most of OBJ's career already. Also considered: Gronk, Kelce 2.04 - Christian McCaffrey, CAR (RB12) - Anyone who confidently predicts how he's going to be used next season is lying. 100+ targets should assure a floor, but will he get a shot at being the lead back and can he improve on 3.7 YPC if he does? Also considered: M. Evans, J. Mixon, Z. Ertz 3.13 - Carlos Hyde, FA (RB19) - OZ sniped Henry from me, so I settled for the likely highest-paid FA RB out there. Hoping he re-signs with the Niners - I want as many pieces of that offense as I can grab - but there are several other attractive landing spots. Also considered: K. Drake, R. Wilson 4.04 - Tom Brady, NE (QB4) - Counting on him holding off Father Time for one more season. If his 2018 is Peyton's 2014 - the stopgap year between "consensus MVP" and "oof, someone please get that guy off the field" - I'll take it. Also considered: C. Wentz, J. Graham 5.13 - Tevin Coleman, ATL (RB26) - OZ sniped me again on Davis, because of course he did. Went in another direction entirely by grabbing an RB3 early, which I rarely bother with. Some uncertainty about whether he'll stay with ATL, but if so I expect a bounceback from the entire Falcons' pass game, which should disproportionately benefit Coleman. Also considered: K. Cousins, C. Thompson 6.04 - Pierre Garcon, SF (WR33) - Admittedly a reach, but I wasn't willing to hold my breath hoping he comes back to me. #1s are target hogs in Shanahan's system, and Garcon looks more likely than anyone else on the roster to fill that role. Also considered: Closing my eyes and throwing a dart at the Rams' WR depth chart 7.13 - O.J. Howard, TB (TE12) - Had my eye on him since my last pick as I really needed to start gunning for upside. Brate is a RFA and I suspect / hope he'll get an offer the Bucs won't match, leaving a lot of targets for a guy with top-5 talent. Also considered: None (would have settled for Njoku) 8.04 - Mitch Trubisky, CHI (QB24) - Probably the last unquestioned starter left on the board. Excited to see what he can do now that the Bears have swapped Fox for Nagy, which in NFL offense terms is like swapping a Tesla engine into your Nissan Leaf. Also considered: None 9.13 - Cameron Meredith, CHI (WR53) - The likely #1 option on the aforementioned Tesla engine-swap project seems like a steal in the late 9th. All sources indicate he'll be full-go by the time TC rolls around. Also considered: K. Stills, R. Cobb, K. Golladay 10.04 - Kenny Golladay, DET (WR57) - Really flipped a coin here between him and Westbrook - talented rookies who flashed but face uncertain opportunity. No one else left at the position offers their upside, which I really needed, but although Kenny G's a higher-risk play I trust his QB situation more. Also considered: D. Westbook 11.13 - Kenneth Dixon, BAL (RB52) - I owned a lot of Alex Collins shares last year, but for all his production, the Ravens aren't exactly falling over themselves to anoint him the bellcow. Dixon is probably still more naturally talented than Collins, and certainly has more to offer in the passing game. Also considered: A. Jones 12.04 - Vernon Davis, WAS (TE27) - Reunites with the QB who force-fed him in San Fran. And betting against Jordan Reed's health is the kind of wager that would get you banned from Vegas casinos. Also considered: D. Amendola, J. Ross, T. Burton 13.13 - Matt Prater, DET (PK11) - Because I needed one. 14.04 - John Ross, CIN (WR74) - Best-ball cheat code ACTIVATED Also considered: PK2, if I actually went about these things rationally 15.13 - James Washington, ROOK (WR77) - Crazy that only two WRs went off the board in the almost two full rounds between my picks. I know next to nothing about Washington, but if he's good enough for Matt Waldman, he's good enough for my WR6. Also considered: Patriots or Cardinals DST 16.04 - Cardinals DST (Def17) - Finished 4th in both PFR's and FO's team defense metrics. Hoping they bring in a veteran FA like Keenum who can milk the clock and keep them in games rather than handing the reins to a rookie (I still have flashbacks of watching that Skelton/Lindley 58-0 horror show with a friend from Phoenix). Also considered: None 17.13 - Corey Grant, JAX (RB70) - Fun Trivia that Interests Nobody But Me: Who led all RBs in FO's DVOA (most value per play) in 2017? That'd be Corey Grant, who's got the ability to play the lightning to Fournette's thunder in 2018, especially if (as seems likely) one of Yeldon or Ivory gets the boot. Also considered: B. Allen, J. McKissic, M. Gillislee 18.04 - Washington DST (Def25) - Only remaining unit that finished above average in PFR/FO metrics last season. And while I don't think Alex Smith is *better* than Cousins, he excels at clock-killing drives and giving opposing offenses longer fields to deal with. Also considered: Cowboys DST 19.13 - Albert Wilson, FA (WR95) - An underappreciated and underutilized asset who led the NFL in average yards of separation and IMO will be the "wait, he signed for how much?" surprise of the 2018 FA class. Has WR3 upside at the right destination. Also considered: T. Benjamin, C. Conley (a little surprised he went undrafted) 20.04 - Coby Fleener, NO (TE40) - Lo, how the mighty have fallen! Also considered: Drafting a third DST just to #### with someone Overall ... not my favorite team ever, but not too bad. QB will be top quartile. WR positioned well with one stud, a couple reliable #1s, and a bunch of dart throws from which I should cobble 1-2 scores each week. My RB group has a fairly low upside but a high floor and should produce consistent points. TE is gonna be the big question mark ... if Brate re-signs and Reed stays healthy, I could be bringing up the back of the pack at a critical position. Ideally, the three of them will put up enough solid weeks to at least not be a boat anchor. ST's are below average as well, but that never cost anyone a title in these leagues. I think this squad has enough of both ceiling and floor to be a threat, but it's gonna take some lucky breaks in FA and TC to realize it. I should be able to give a pretty good assessment in August if this team is a contender or a September out. Best of luck to all ... these things are always a blast.
  9. Reed was definitely not making it back to you, or anywhere past 8.13. I decided to snag Eifert as my roll-dem-bones TE play instead ... PLAYER 2017 YTD PTS BYE DRAFTED Smith, Alex WAS QB 399.60 - 6.13 Wilson, Russell SEA QB 483.75 - 4.13 Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB 205.20 - 1.04 Mixon, Joe CIN RB 145.30 - 2.13 Cooks, Brandin NEP WR 221.20 - 3.04 Crabtree, Michael OAK WR171.80 - 7.04 Funchess, Devin CAR WR 195.00 - 5.04 Eifert, Tyler CIN TE 12.60 - 9.04 Kittle, George SFO TE 149.50 - 8.13 Like it better than my WSL1 start for sure. RB depth likely to be a concern, but everyone's gonna have that problem at one position or another in these.
  10. The funny thing is I had Jonnu Smith queued up in the 19th under the same principle ... only to have Broncos snipe him from me two picks ahead. Man, this crew is always on their game. I was as surprised as anyone to see Wilson still on the board.
  11. Maybe I'm biased because as an Eagles fan they took the risk and rolled double sixes, but I thought even at the time it wasn't a good move. Over his first three years Bortles never finished better than a 59% completion percentage, 23rd in ANY/A, or 24th in DVOA. It was no secret that his counting stats were wildly inflated by garbage time. You don't hitch your wagon to a guy with that resume for possibly two more years because you wholeheartedly believe he's going to take a massive fourth-year leap; you do it because you're scared of the alternative. Sure, they might not have gotten to the AFCCG in 2017 with them, but who doesn't think the Jags would be better-positioned for 2018-2020 with a second-year Mahomes or Watson at the helm right now?
  12. Yeah, I know. I was fully prepared to offer BAL's 2nd and 3rd for a trade-up into the early 2nd to snag Lamar Jackson, who I'm pretty high on. It's safe to say I did not anticipate SIX quarterbacks going off the board in the first round.
  13. Does that mean I / the Ravens are OTC now? Fans from the Charm City roar with delight as in the Ravens snag the best playmaker on the board at a second position, and in one fell swoop become a force to be reckoned with on offense. Oh, and this kid can block a little bit, too. 2.52 - Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina
  14. Ironically, I'm personally not that high on Ridley myself. Nothing particular that I can point to, he just gives off a bit of a Jordan Matthews vibe to me. I don't think the gap between him and the rest of the WR draft class is nearly as large as some are making it seem. So I guess I could call it "what they would do" rather than "what I want them to do" as I don't see any way they pass on him if he's still there at 1.16 (barring a trade down, which with Ozzie is always a possibility).
  15. IMO they'd be wise to trade down regardless, unless there's a completely unexpected fall down the boards by a consensus big name at LB or DB. The value of the 5th-year option is so high when it comes to QBs that a team that's relatively high on Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph should be willing to pay a sizable premium to move up into that slot.