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  1. Understandable if people are dropping him, i'm in a great situation where i can afford to sit him on my bench cause i'm good at WR. There is good news though I picked up britt for the playoff run so he NEEDS to start showing up for my investment to pay off
  2. i'm still keeping the faith with britt. now that locker is back, lets see if they can take more deep shots towards him. also glad that chris johnson is doing good cause now defenses have to play honest.
  3. Ok, LOTS of bobbles on the catch....but we'll take that TD!
  4. Like what i'm seeing so far...hasslebeck definitely looking for him often. Although he is kind of bobbling those catches just a little bit.
  5. Two full practices in a row. Lookin' good.
  6. Thanks, awesome news. Does he constitute a "what the heck" play or do we wait it out for next week? Practicing in full is a huge deal for him at this point. Did he even do that before his 6 catch, 55 yard game? The funny thing about the Britt situation is that a lot of people drafted him as a late flyer not expecting him to do anything for the first 6 weeks. Now, before that 6 weeks is up, people have started giving up on him. Owned in just 67% of Yahoo leagues now. Exactly. You bought into Britt as a stretch run type of guy. I was expecting about exactly what I'm getting thus far. If he practices in full this week and still posts a 2/20 stat line I'll start to get concerned, but won't consider dropping until week 8-9 of similar production. Too much upside for him to catch fire down the stretch.well he plays thursday night, practiced fully on tuesday....even if he plays and doesn't do well against the steelers i still wouldn't be too worried. he gets the bills the following week though so that's where we need to see a little something!
  7. Completely a gut call right here, I have nothing to back it up but I just feel he's really close now. He's finally practicing fully, he's already had a while to recover from the knee, the ankle issue set him back a little, but he played last week, practiced fully this week, and I really think he'll be the 'spark' that chris johnson is asking for lol.