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  1. Monica, two men are talking business. You can find your broom and fly away.
  2. Started a league just to see if there would be any interest. Espn Auction redraft league $50. 10 team standard PPR. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, Flex, D/ST. If there’s enough interest let’s do it. Using league safe to avoid any issues, shoot me a PM if interested. Payouts: Champ - 250 Runner Up - 100 Top regular season record - 150 (points tiebreaker)
  3. Have to turn keepers in by Friday tomorrow at noon eastern so any late opinions would be much appreciated. Fairly starndard auction league 5x5 obp instead of avg, 260 total auction dollars. I’ll list guys I’m considering keeping and what they’d cost me, pick the top five for me. Some are obvious but I’ll list all. 44 Machado 29 Yelich 20 Bellinger 15 Haniger 11 Merrifield 7 Albies 7 Trevor Bauer 7 Patrick Corbin 6 Blake Treinen
  4. Apologies for this likely not being the right topic to post in but as it’s the most active baseball thread hope no one kills me for it. Anyone know on yahoo fantasy baseball if they immediately update position eligibility? I’ve got Mejia needing one more start at catcher (which he’ll get today) to gain eligibility. Tomorrow I’m starting the title game and my other catcher has no game. Anyone know if Mejia will have the C eligibility come tomorrow or will I need to add a catcher if I want to start one? Thanks.
  5. I did a search and couldn’t find a seperate universal thread in my quick search but any hotel suggestions for holloween horror nights? Tia
  6. Thanks everyone I booked a night at the beach club it looks great. Other question I suppose would be should I just buy the park tickets directly from Disney? I assumed so but there’s other sites claiming diff rates which I’d assume they can’t magically offer you cheaper than Disney will but just making sure. Also are there really no two day tickets sold on or am I confused?
  7. Best hotel to stay at if you’re exclusively visiting Epcot? Probably going this weekend and just staying Saturday night, hitting the park some Saturday and maybe Sunday.
  8. Buddy who co-owns team with me is pondering Mike Davis over AJ Green in 0.5 ppr as Davis is facing weak rams rush D and AJ vs Rhodes. I get it in theory but pretty much told him let's not get cute. He can over think things , that's what he's doing now right?
  9. Started sometime around 7-10 days after this post around 250ish and currently around 211ish give or take. Obviously very happy with the progress so far, but in the past month ive gone from 217 to 211. Ive hit a couple patches where I would be fairly stagnant for several weeks then over the course of a week or two lose like five pounds, then stagnant again then lose another five in the same time frame. Just seeing if this is relatively normal for most? Truth is I have been doing very lazy keto for a month or two now, just essentially having a feel for how much I can eat of things, watching mostly to keep carbs low/under 20 and thats about it. I wonder if I got back to tracking every bite if the weight would start to drop somewhat quicker again or if its just a matter of as you reach your goal it simply happens slower. Besides that I am going to begin weight training within the week (have done this really with zero exercise) and will probably throw in walking more frequently than the here and there that I do it now and thatll probably help too.
  10. I wouldn't imagine so since it's simple math/science and the carbs minus the fiber is the net carbs but is there any fear at all with some of the low carb tortillas for whatever reason. I've had some that are pretty relatively high in carbs but just have an almost equal amount of fiber. I guess bottom line as long as the carbs and fiber are accurate you can just trust the net carbs almost regardless of total carbs? It just almost feels wrong eating somethig with so many carbs even though I realize the fiber isn't injested or whatever the term is.
  11. Guess that may be the best option. Can't think of a way I could determine it myself. Hadn't thought of it thanks.
  12. Question about counting macros while deep/pan frying. If I'm sautéing something in butter I'll just use a tablespoon of butter and count that tablespoon on MyFitnessPal and be done with it. But I was thinking about chicken wings at some point and how do you account for the oil? If I fill a pot with a decent amount of oil obviously the chicken doesn't soak it all up so how do you fairly accurately add the oil and whatever comes with it to your macros/food tracking?
  13. Been looking at research here and there. Curious as I know the majority of the diet is fats but I did the keto calculator to the best of my ability following the guidelines and this is what it spit out for me: 1878kcal Daily Calorie Intake 25g Carbs (5%, 100 kcal) 153g Protein (33%, 612 kcal) 130g Fat (62%, 1166 kcal) Surprised to see the protein higher than fat. Initially I wouldve thought Im eating more grams of the fat than anything else but just based on the cals and percentages its showing next to those number, I guess even though Im eating more grams of protein Im not getting nearly as many cals from that as I am from the fat. Im a huge novice and cant really see these numbers and related them to amounts/types of foods so Im sure this is where myfitnesspal etc comes in handy. Also know a bit part of it is supplementing salt, potassium and magnesium (some have even said really being on top of that can really help alleviate the keto flu as much as possible). Any recommendations on supplements? Ive seem people just drinking salt water or chicken broth for the salt. I think Ill be jumping into this at some point next week/weekend so any beginner tips appreciated.
  14. D'oh, howd I miss that. Thanks.