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  1. Finished a 10 team redraft auction last night. Been shopping around for a first baseman, thought I was close to getting Carlos Santana for this same package but he’d do it as it is below. Thoughts on the trade would be appreciated. H2h scoring r, hr, rbi, sb, obp, slg, era, whip, k/9, L, SV, QS. Minimum 35 inning pitched a week. He would give me Josh Bell for Sonny Gray and Mike Minor. Should I take it or hope for a better deal or to snag a FA at some point. Don’t have much hitting depth yet. Wanted Carlos for his obp prowess, Bells cool off period last year and lack of bats around him in the lineup scare me but I can be talked into it. c Will Smith 1b Christian Walker 2b Ozzie Albies 3b Jose Ramirez ss Francisco Lindor of Juan Soto of Nick Castellanos of Cavan Biggio ut Shin-Soo Choo ut Willie Calhoun bn Nick Senzel (May drop for Shogo or someone) SP are Bieber, Paddack, Lynn, Wheeler, Gray, Soroka, McCullers, Odorizzi, Musgrove, Minor. RP: Melancon, H Robles, Doolittle, R Iglesias
  2. Thanks so much. Tried roadkill and had some issues (couldnt seem to get it to even try to take anything from the E: drive since it wasnt recognizing it but it was probably user error). Luckily Puran seems to have worked although it seems that now there are multiple files of the same document (seemingly one for every time the document was saved along the way perhaps?). Ill take this as a win for sure as the documents are now available to me, but out of curiosity is there a way to take only the final form of the documents that are on there? Doesnt seem to be on Puran at least (and I know you havent used that a ton), but either way thanks so much.
  3. I think this is the point we’re at Over here unfortunately. Anyone have suggestions as to a good program? Looking online is impossible since everyone’s trying to sell theirs. Willing to shell out some dough if it’s a program that someone knows will get the job done.
  4. Hey computer whiz guys and gals. Flash drive was working earlier, now when you try to open it it states "You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it". Any tips as to how to save the files from the flash drive without formatting as seemingly all will be lost at that point? Tried to search the forum but feel free to link if theres an appropriate thread I missed. Looked online but there are so many companies pushing their own software to recover files I dont know whats legit. Thanks.
  5. Im in...I saw something about sending to a trusted banker earlier? Or we just sending ours 20s out after?
  6. Just applied, mlbnfl1 on stars. Ill happily donate a few times a week.
  7. Thanks for the replies fellas. Unfortunately this is the hard part of the decision for me. I had truthfully narrowed it down to those six but have just been back and forth on what to do. I’m leaning Hiura over Corbin, hopefully that’s the best value and Keston cuts down on those Ks. Starting with Corbin Castillo and Bieber for ~$10 each would be a nice start too though.
  8. Back for my yearly keeper question, any help appreciated fellas. Standard 5 cat league (obp,slg,sb,hr,r qs,L,era,whip,k/9) ten team auction league ($260 budget). C, 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, of, of, of, util, util. If you keep a player, for the first two years the price increase is 5, the third year kept and beyond it goes up 10 every year. I can pick five keepers from the following list and would love to hear opinions. Player/Price/Years kept (2 means this upcoming season would be the second year Ive kept the player) Christian Yelich / $34 / 2 Cody Bellinger / $30 / 3 Patrick Corbin / $12 / 2 Eduardo Escobar / $6 / 1 Keston Hiura / $15 / 1 Shane Bieber / $13 / 1 Luis Castillo / $6 / 1 Will Smith / $15 / 1 Willson Contreras / $10 / 1
  9. Can someone explain to me the process of getting a pass to the new rise of resistance Star Wars ride? Arrive early to the park and immediately upon entrance have your app open and try to grab a boarding pass is what the GF has been told but if there’s more info I’d appreciate it (or whether it’s realistic to think we’ll get on it).
  10. I’m curious about this as well. I’ve tried the breads and they seem to not work for me, but my understanding is his point is fair, no? Even though the fiber doesn’t “count” don’t you still have to list every gram of fiber you add as an additional gram of carbs? Does the regulatory authority on nutritional info really allow you to add fiber and that, since it won’t truly “count” as a carb, not add it to the carbs? That doesn’t seem likely but I’ve been known to be naive and they seem “too good to be true”.